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About Me

I began modeling in Jan. 2009. After my first year, I stopped showing my face in NSFW content for professional reasons. Anything that is not 100% SFW simply cannot show my face in an identifiable way.

I am available on an extremely limited basis for paid shoots only (unless we've already spoken or you have a truly amazing concept that i just can't ignore). Your best bet will be Sunday mornings. Please inquire directly.  As of 12/02/2014, I am going to be unavailable until Spring. Sorry. sad

Right now what I really want to shoot is:

*more figure study/bodyscape shots to replace my old stuff
*more moody lingerie shots to replace my old stuff
*my latex wardrobe                    *pole/chair dance poses
*creative/sexy/moody (not DiD) bondage                    *candles
*new implied nudes                    *silhouettes                    *mirrors

~*~ABOUT ME~*~
Background: 14 years in ballet and tap; 13 years in jazz; 4 in Pointe; periodic belly dance since 2010; periodic pole dance, concentrated since Winter 2013; and a lifetime of different styles yoga styles; modeling all styles since January 2009; modeling anonymous for NSFW content since June 2010.


The information below addresses my physical statistics, escort policy, background, shooting interests, communication, compensation, travel, and availability. ***PLEASE READ***. It will save us both a lot of Email time and I promise you will rock my socks if you actually do read my profile. smile

If we are discussing a shoot, I WILL HAPPILY PROVIDE A MEANS OF IDENTIFICATION. Please view my images prior to sending me an Email asking about what I shoot.

Interests include but are not restricted to:

*lingerie                    *latex                    *masks
*vintage clothing                    * vintage-look photography
*fetish/kink/bondage imagery                    *nudity
*implied nudity                    *colour                    *costumes
*dance          *human doll          *dark/horror
*corsets                    *fantasy (faeries, mermaids, etc.)
*rope art                    *body paint                    *indoor
*outdoor                    *couples/groups (gender irrelevant)

The more artistic and creative, the better, but I am interested in shooting just about any style.

Other things I want to shoot (or shoot again):

*black light                    *barbed wire                    *swords & knives
*thorns                    *my bondage gear                    *my faery wings
*under/in/on/with/using water                    *beads                    *liquid latex
*playing in trees                    *"junk" locations                    *artsy fabric & lights

I PREFER TO RECEIVE MESSAGES ON HERE OR ON FETLIFE INITIALLY. THANK YOU. I get back to initial messages within a few days. Once we are discussing a shoot, I will gladly provide my regular email for direct contact.

If you want to hire me for or work together on a project, please send me a message on here including at least the following information:

*What concept(s) do you have in mind?
*What type of compensation are you offering? (Refer below for preferences.)
*Where/how/to what extent do you intend to use the images we produce?

You can also find me on FetLife by clicking the link at the top of this profile.

I think it is safe to say that I have an extensive wardrobe.

*casual                    *semi-professional                    *formal
*lingerie                    *latex                    *stockings/tights/nylons
*fetish                    *WetLook apparel                    *gloves
*wings                    *costume masks                    *corsets
*shoes                    *random fabrics                    *PVC apparel
* wigs          * cat costumes          * maid costumes

I come prepared. Let me know what sort of style you want and I am confident that we can make it work.


-Hair: Presently falls to mid-back and is dyed auburn, naturally plain brown--will not dye just for shoots; wigs are a great alternative (own one purple bob, one dark blue long, one bright blue long, one red long, one curly blonde long, and one pink/purple long with attached pink cat ears)
-Contacts: No experience but willing to try
-Waist: Tight lace to 22"
-Ink: One, as shown, will be added to when I can afford it
-Piercings: Ears only, additional forthcoming when I can afford it
-Scars: I have one small scar that is usually visible (on my bum) and it can easily be accentuated or covered on request.

Times are hard for everyone. My rates are reasonable (I know, I know, that is what we all say) and somewhat negotiable. I accept CASH ONLY, unless we agree to shoot in trade.

SPECIALS (monthly content-/theme-specific discounts):
November: fetish, especially holiday themes
December: latex
January: pole/chair/belly dance
February: anonymous pin-up

I am available for work within a reasonable distance of the Chapel Hill area. Long distance shoots (35+ total miles) will require travel compensation. If you are in Greensboro, Charlotte, Wilmington or other popular but far-away locations, I will need my travel covered.



TBA--feel free to ask


Between NC, VA, DC, MD, NJ, PA, and NY I have worked with:
*92 photographers, many of whom have done multiple shoots with me
*15 other models
*2 body paint artists
*3 make-up artists
*1 liquid latex artist
*2 artists

*# times worked with
~ worked with multiple times and lost track
- do not recommend

Those on Model Mayhem
Erotic Visions--MM#3402125 (NC)*1 - 2014
Nuance Artistry--MM#3279534 (NC)*1 - 2014
thomas lee--MM#6200 (NY)*2 - 2014
Sedney Studios--MM#1879026 (NC)*1 - 2014
Ray E. Garner--MM#57763 (NC)*1 - 2014
Imagesbydon Photography--MM#863026 (NC)*1 - 2014
Rob Randall--MM#1624319 (NC)*2 - 2013/2014
HKN Photography--MM#3210140 (NC)*1 - 2013
F L A S H Photography--MM#2820306 (NC)*2 - 2013
Ansco Adams--MM#2282027 (NC)*1 - 2013
Inked Body Art--MM#1016264 (NC)*2 - 2013/2014
Chris Brooks--MM#840110 (NC)*1 - 2013
IraG37--MM#2193717 (NC)*1 - 2013
AlinHell Photography--MM#700538 (MD)*2 - 2012/2013
EyeofRa--MM#125719 (VA)*2 - 2011/2013
HenryJay--MM#2663497 (MD)*1 - 2011
WLC Photography--MM#1337 (MD)*2 - 2010
GWR Productions--MM#140814 (VA)*1 - 2010
Mark Saint George--MM#1557013 (MD)*1 - 2010
-DNice Photography--MM#585373 (MD)*1 - 2010
io house ltd--MM#1136598 (PA)*1 - 2009
Steve Lease--MM#1255528 (PA)*1 - 2009
Black Room--MM#275631 (NJ)*1 - 2009
-Simple Exposure--MM#655506 (PA)*1 - 2009
Backwoods Photography--MM#1025131 (PA)*2 - 2009
Creative Lens Photo--MM#453220 (PA)*2 - 2009
-Michael Joseph--MM#1042678 (PA)*1 - 2009
James Perrin--MM#41908 (NY)*2 - 2009/2014
C Russell Photography/Pocono Photography--MM#1127905/MM#139893 (PA)*1 - 2009
nycbodyart/nycbodyart-bodypainting--MM#572278/#580295 (NJ)*1 - 2009
Lord B--MM#1270987 (NJ/PA)*1 - 2009
BSTING--MM#MM#638067 (NJ/PA)*1 - 2009
-Chance/Ideal Images-PA--MM#196195 (PA)*2
Decent Exposures--MM#177321 (PA)*1 - 2009
HotRodBlondie--MM#1196913 (NJ)*1 - 2009
Wolffoto--MM#546622 (PA)*1 - 2009
DvFly3--MM#855835 (PA)*2 - 2009
Kris Enos--MM#1011832 (NY)*1 - 2009
C. Everett Geist--MM#1321761 (PA)*1 - 2009
-Fun Photographer--MM#794401 (PA)*1 - 2009
Meko--MM#6291 (NJ)*3 - 2009
Alvaro Alcaide--MM#180508 (NY)*1 - 2009
Elaine Hudson--MM#745705 (NYC)*1 - 2009
Leslie Mackin--MM#855219 (NYC)*1 - 2009
Storyteller--MM#1055561 (MD)*1 - 2009
Advanced Photography--MM#1028568 (MD)*2 - 2009/2011
LR Photo DesignWorks--MM#56076 (NJ)*2 - 2009
Richard Blackwell--MM#743759 (NY)*2 - 2009
Ottofocus/Ottofocus69--MM#5492/#689771 (PA)*2 - 2009
J2 Portraits--MM#566394(PA)*4 - 2009/2014
EA Photographics--MM#21 (PA)*3 - 2009
-Ssmithart--MM#18965 (PA)*1 - 2009
Bill Tracy Photography--MM#7204 (NJ)*2 - 2009
Lannemezan--MM#320049 (Philadelphia)*2 - 2009
-David Cajio Photography--MM#1096184 (Philadelphia)*1 - 2009
Secret Images--MM#1091367 (NJ)*1 - 2009
JMH Images--MM#524445 (NJ)*1 - 2009
-Talan--MM#1254656 (PA)*1 - 2009
Sean Turrell--MM#1074541 (PA)*1 - 2009
Saw Digital Images--MM#789323 (PA)*3 - 2009
Classic Beauty Studios--MM#731032 (PA)*3 - 2009
Enchanted Vanity--MM#1160388 (PA)*1 - 2009
-Mariee Etouffante--MM#769665 (PA)*1 - 2009
ShadowSpawn--MM#237600 (NJ)*2 - 2009
River Grizzly, LLC.--MM#458745 (NJ)*1 - 2009
Steve Ostrander--MM#719965 (PA)*1 - 2009
JLC Images--MM#253615 (NJ)*1 - 2009
Michael P. Randazzo--MM#91966(NJ)*5 - 2009
AMViews--MM#63049 (NYC)*2 - 2009
-Medium Photography--MRG Photography--MM#149372 (PA)*1 - 2009
SpudBoyBeta--MM#859780 (PA)~ - 2009/2014

Phoenix K Rose--MM#2413108 (MD)*1 - 2013
RubyJune--MM#1809136 (MD)*1 - 20010
Angelina Eden--MM#1314600 (PA)*4 - 2009
Essex Machina--MM#354701 (PA)*1 - 2009
Laragh--MM#367701 (WV)*1 - 2009
Lady Pixie--MM#1063752 (PA)*1 - 2009
Mel Heflin--MM#1056023 (VA)*1 - 2009
Stormy Amaretto--MM#870857 (PA)*1 - 2009
Anya Imashev--MM#255263 (PA)*1 - 2009

MUA, Body Painting, and Other Artists:
MUA: Amari Glamour--MM#1015749 (PA)*1 - 2009
Body Painting: nycbodyart/nycbodyart-bodypainting--MM#572278/#580295 (NJ)*1 – 2009

Liquid Latex: Wolffoto--MM#546622 (PA)*1 - 2009

Curt Russell--MM#2146614 (PA)~ - 2009
Omni Parker--MM#1051128 (PA)~ - 2009

Those Not on Model Mayhem:
SirTrainer40 (PA)*1 - 2010
MAD Bondage Productions (NY)*5 - 2009-11/2014
Vann Godfrey (NY)*1- 2009
QuadraMedia--OMP#10822 (NJ)*1 - 2009
Reed (PA)*1 - 2009
Stu S. (PA)*6 - 2009/2014
-Jerry Rome (NY)*1 - 2009
-GNPROD (NY)*1 - 2009
ModaStudio7--OMP#74745 (NJ)*2 - 2009
Laddie (PA)*1 - 2009
-Kevin Marcus--OMP#220739 (NJ)*1 - 2009 (Philadelphia)*1 - 2009
-Matrix Pixs (Philadelphia)*1 - 2009
-Blue Moon Productions--OMP#201980 (Philadelphia)*1 - 2009
-StockModelphoto--OMP#202313 (NYC)*2 - 2009
-Tony Girard (NYC)*6 – 2009

Models: Electra (NYC)*1 - 2009

MUA, Body Painting, and Other Artists:
MUA: Rachel (NC)*1 - 2013
(and 1 in Philadelphia whose name I can’t recall)*1 - 2009

Body Painting: Vann Godfrey (NY)*1 – 2009

Those at a Meet & Greet:
Fine Art Portraiture--MM#356177 (PA)*1 - 2009
Christopher Lee Davis--MM#1032443 (PA)*1 - 2009
Christoper Cherubin--MM#439175 (PA)*1 - 2009
EMB IMages--MM#13661 (PA)*1 - 2009
John Wyatt Samson--MM#1366319 (PA)*1 - 2009

Mel Heflin--MM#1056023 (VA)*1 - 2009
Trinity Chevalier--MM#1101777 (PA)*1 - 2009
Stormy Amaretto--MM#870857 (PA)*1 - 2009
(and 2 others whose names I cannot, for the life of me, recall)


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