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(71) Portfolio
US (lbs/inches)
Metric (kg/cms.)
Height: 5' 4"
Weight: 125 lbs
Bust: 36"
Waist: 27"
Hips: 37"
Cup: B
Dress: 4
Shoe: 8.0
Hair color: Auburn
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Other
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Skin color: White
Shoot nudes: Yes
Tattoos: Some
Piercings: Some
Experience: Very Experienced
Compensation: Depends on Assignment
Genres: Art
Parts Modeling

Last activity: Sep 18, 2014
Joined: Jun 05, 2010


26 years old
Chapel Hill, North Carolina, US
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Mayhem #1709079

MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/Anguissette

About me
I began modeling in Jan. 2009. After my first year, I stopped showing my face in NSFW content for professional reasons. Anything that is not 100% SFW simply cannot show my face in an identifiable way.

Right now what I really want to shoot is:
*more figure study/bodyscape shots to replace my old stuff
*more moody lingerie shots to replace my old stuff
*my latex wardrobe                    *pole/chair dance poses
*creative/sexy/moody (not DiD) bondage                    *candles
*new implied nudes                    *silhouettes                    *mirrors

~*~ABOUT ME~*~
Background: 14 years in ballet and tap; 13 years in jazz; 4 in Pointe; periodic belly dance since 2010; periodic pole dance, concentrated since Winter 2013; and a lifetime of different styles yoga styles; modeling all styles since January 2009; modeling anonymous for NSFW content since June 2010.


The information below addresses my physical statistics, escort policy, background, shooting interests, communication, compensation, travel, and availability. ***PLEASE READ***. It will save us both a lot of Email time and I promise you will rock my socks if you actually do read my profile. smile

If we are discussing a shoot, I WILL HAPPILY PROVIDE A MEANS OF IDENTIFICATION. Please view my images prior to sending me an Email asking about what I shoot.

Interests include but are not restricted to:

*lingerie                    *latex                    *masks
*vintage clothing                    * vintage-look photography
*fetish/kink/bondage imagery                    *nudity
*implied nudity                    *colour                    *costumes
*dance          *human doll          *dark/horror
*corsets                    *fantasy (faeries, mermaids, etc.)
*rope art                    *body paint                    *indoor
*outdoor                    *couples/groups (gender irrelevant)

The more artistic and creative, the better, but I am interested in shooting just about any style.

Other things I want to shoot (or shoot again):

*black light                    *barbed wire                    *swords & knives
*thorns                    *my bondage gear                    *my faery wings
*under/in/on/with/using water                    *beads                    *liquid latex
*playing in trees                    *"junk" locations                    *artsy fabric & lights

I PREFER TO RECEIVE MESSAGES ON HERE OR ON FETLIFE INITIALLY. THANK YOU. I get back to initial messages within a few days. Once we are discussing a shoot, I will gladly provide my regular email for direct contact.

If you want to hire me for or work together on a project, please send me a message on here including at least the following information:

*What concept(s) do you have in mind?
*What type of compensation are you offering? (Refer below for preferences.)
*Where/how/to what extent do you intend to use the images we produce?

You can also find me on FetLife by clicking the link at the top of this profile.

I think it is safe to say that I have an extensive wardrobe.

*casual                    *semi-professional                    *formal
*lingerie                    *latex                    *stockings/tights/nylons
*fetish                    *WetLook apparel                    *gloves
*wings                    *costume masks                    *corsets
*shoes                    *random fabrics                    *PVC apparel
* wigs          * cat costumes          * maid costumes

I come prepared. Let me know what sort of style you want and I am confident that we can make it work.


-Hair: Presently falls to mid-back and is dyed auburn, naturally plain brown--will not dye just for shoots; wigs are a great alternative (own one purple bob, one dark blue long, one bright blue long, one red long, one curly blonde long, and one pink/purple long with attached pink cat ears)
-Contacts: No experience but willing to try
-Waist: Tight lace to 22"
-Ink: One, as shown, will be added to when I can afford it
-Piercings: Ears only, additional forthcoming when I can afford it
-Scars: I have one small scar that is usually visible (on my bum) and it can easily be accentuated or covered on request.

As of June 2009, I am RARELY scheduling TF* shoots for NSFW images unless I contact you about a shoot or respond to your TF* ad.

Times are hard for everyone. My rates are reasonable (I know, I know, that is what we all say) and somewhat negotiable. I accept CASH ONLY, unless we agree to shoot in trade.

Trade options include but are not limited to:
* latex wearables          * corsets          * acupressure/massage          * good quality prints

SPECIALS (monthly content-/theme-specific discounts):
September: Halloween themes
October: pole/chair dance
November: fetish, especially holiday themes
December: anonymous pin-up
January: latex

I am available for work within a reasonable distance of the Raleigh area. Long distance shoots (35+ total miles) will require travel compensation. If you are in Greensboro, Charlotte, Wilmington or other popular but far-away locations, I will need my travel covered.



19: open (no nudes)
20: after 1p (no nudes)
21: until 6p (no nudes)
26: after after 3p
27: after 1p
28: open

3: open
4: until 11.30a & after 3p
5: open
17-19: TBA
24: open
25: open
26: open

Between NC, VA, DC, MD, NJ, PA, and NY I have worked with:
*90 photographers, many of whom have done multiple shoots with me
*15 other models
*2 body paint artists
*3 make-up artists
*1 liquid latex artist
*2 artists

*# times worked with
~ worked with multiple times and lost track
- do not recommend

Those on Model Mayhem
thomas lee--MM#6200 (NY)*2 - 2014
Sedney Studios--MM#1879026 (NC)*1 - 2014
Ray E. Garner--MM#57763 (NC)*1 - 2014
Imagesbydon Photography--MM#863026 (NC)*1 - 2014
Rob Randall--MM#1624319 (NC)*2 - 2013/2014
HKN Photography--MM#3210140 (NC)*1 - 2013
F L A S H Photography--MM#2820306 (NC)*2 - 2013
Ansco Adams--MM#2282027 (NC)*1 - 2013
Inked Body Art--MM#1016264 (NC)*2 - 2013/2014
Chris Brooks--MM#840110 (NC)*1 - 2013
IraG37--MM#2193717 (NC)*1 - 2013
AlinHell Photography--MM#700538 (MD)*2 - 2012/2013
EyeofRa--MM#125719 (VA)*2 - 2011/2013
HenryJay--MM#2663497 (MD)*1 - 2011
WLC Photography--MM#1337 (MD)*2 - 2010
GWR Productions--MM#140814 (VA)*1 - 2010
Mark Saint George--MM#1557013 (MD)*1 - 2010
-DNice Photography--MM#585373 (MD)*1 - 2010
io house ltd--MM#1136598 (PA)*1 - 2009
Steve Lease--MM#1255528 (PA)*1 - 2009
Black Room--MM#275631 (NJ)*1 - 2009
-Simple Exposure--MM#655506 (PA)*1 - 2009
Backwoods Photography--MM#1025131 (PA)*2 - 2009
Creative Lens Photo--MM#453220 (PA)*2 - 2009
-Michael Joseph--MM#1042678 (PA)*1 - 2009
James Perrin--MM#41908 (NY)*2 - 2009/2014
C Russell Photography/Pocono Photography--MM#1127905/MM#139893 (PA)*1 - 2009
nycbodyart/nycbodyart-bodypainting--MM#572278/#580295 (NJ)*1 - 2009
Lord B--MM#1270987 (NJ/PA)*1 - 2009
BSTING--MM#MM#638067 (NJ/PA)*1 - 2009
-Chance/Ideal Images-PA--MM#196195 (PA)*2
Decent Exposures--MM#177321 (PA)*1 - 2009
HotRodBlondie--MM#1196913 (NJ)*1 - 2009
Wolffoto--MM#546622 (PA)*1 - 2009
DvFly3--MM#855835 (PA)*2 - 2009
Kris Enos--MM#1011832 (NY)*1 - 2009
C. Everett Geist--MM#1321761 (PA)*1 - 2009
-Fun Photographer--MM#794401 (PA)*1 - 2009
Meko--MM#6291 (NJ)*3 - 2009
Alvaro Alcaide--MM#180508 (NY)*1 - 2009
Elaine Hudson--MM#745705 (NYC)*1 - 2009
Leslie Mackin--MM#855219 (NYC)*1 - 2009
Storyteller--MM#1055561 (MD)*1 - 2009
Advanced Photography--MM#1028568 (MD)*2 - 2009/2011
LR Photo DesignWorks--MM#56076 (NJ)*2 - 2009
Richard Blackwell--MM#743759 (NY)*2 - 2009
Ottofocus/Ottofocus69--MM#5492/#689771 (PA)*2 - 2009
J2 Portraits--MM#566394(PA)*4 - 2009/2014
EA Photographics--MM#21 (PA)*3 - 2009
-Ssmithart--MM#18965 (PA)*1 - 2009
Bill Tracy Photography--MM#7204 (NJ)*2 - 2009
Lannemezan--MM#320049 (Philadelphia)*2 - 2009
-David Cajio Photography--MM#1096184 (Philadelphia)*1 - 2009
Secret Images--MM#1091367 (NJ)*1 - 2009
JMH Images--MM#524445 (NJ)*1 - 2009
-Talan--MM#1254656 (PA)*1 - 2009
Sean Turrell--MM#1074541 (PA)*1 - 2009
Saw Digital Images--MM#789323 (PA)*3 - 2009
Classic Beauty Studios--MM#731032 (PA)*3 - 2009
Enchanted Vanity--MM#1160388 (PA)*1 - 2009
-Mariee Etouffante--MM#769665 (PA)*1 - 2009
ShadowSpawn--MM#237600 (NJ)*2 - 2009
River Grizzly, LLC.--MM#458745 (NJ)*1 - 2009
Steve Ostrander--MM#719965 (PA)*1 - 2009
JLC Images--MM#253615 (NJ)*1 - 2009
Michael P. Randazzo--MM#91966(NJ)*5 - 2009
AMViews--MM#63049 (NYC)*2 - 2009
-Medium Photography--MRG Photography--MM#149372 (PA)*1 - 2009
SpudBoyBeta--MM#859780 (PA)~ - 2009/2014

Phoenix K Rose--MM#2413108 (MD)*1 - 2013
RubyJune--MM#1809136 (MD)*1 - 20010
Angelina Eden--MM#1314600 (PA)*4 - 2009
Essex Machina--MM#354701 (PA)*1 - 2009
Laragh--MM#367701 (WV)*1 - 2009
Lady Pixie--MM#1063752 (PA)*1 - 2009
Mel Heflin--MM#1056023 (VA)*1 - 2009
Stormy Amaretto--MM#870857 (PA)*1 - 2009
Anya Imashev--MM#255263 (PA)*1 - 2009

MUA, Body Painting, and Other Artists:
MUA: Amari Glamour--MM#1015749 (PA)*1 - 2009
Body Painting: nycbodyart/nycbodyart-bodypainting--MM#572278/#580295 (NJ)*1 – 2009

Liquid Latex: Wolffoto--MM#546622 (PA)*1 - 2009

Curt Russell--MM#2146614 (PA)~ - 2009
Omni Parker--MM#1051128 (PA)~ - 2009

Those Not on Model Mayhem:
SirTrainer40 (PA)*1 - 2010
MAD Bondage Productions (NY)*5 - 2009-11/2014
Vann Godfrey (NY)*1- 2009
QuadraMedia--OMP#10822 (NJ)*1 - 2009
Reed (PA)*1 - 2009
Stu S. (PA)*6 - 2009/2014
-Jerry Rome (NY)*1 - 2009
-GNPROD (NY)*1 - 2009
ModaStudio7--OMP#74745 (NJ)*2 - 2009
Laddie (PA)*1 - 2009
-Kevin Marcus--OMP#220739 (NJ)*1 - 2009
MPFetish.com (Philadelphia)*1 - 2009
-Matrix Pixs (Philadelphia)*1 - 2009
-Blue Moon Productions--OMP#201980 (Philadelphia)*1 - 2009
-StockModelphoto--OMP#202313 (NYC)*2 - 2009
-Tony Girard (NYC)*6 – 2009

Models: Electra (NYC)*1 - 2009

MUA, Body Painting, and Other Artists:
MUA: Rachel (NC)*1 - 2013
(and 1 in Philadelphia whose name I can’t recall)*1 - 2009

Body Painting: Vann Godfrey (NY)*1 – 2009

Those at a Meet & Greet:
Fine Art Portraiture--MM#356177 (PA)*1 - 2009
Christopher Lee Davis--MM#1032443 (PA)*1 - 2009
Christoper Cherubin--MM#439175 (PA)*1 - 2009
EMB IMages--MM#13661 (PA)*1 - 2009
John Wyatt Samson--MM#1366319 (PA)*1 - 2009

Mel Heflin--MM#1056023 (VA)*1 - 2009
Trinity Chevalier--MM#1101777 (PA)*1 - 2009
Stormy Amaretto--MM#870857 (PA)*1 - 2009
(and 2 others whose names I cannot, for the life of me, recall)

One List to View Them All   383 pics

Local Availability Notice
Jan 1, 2015 Latex Latex Latex
Dec 1, 2014 Challenge: Anonymous Pin-Up
Nov 1, 2014 Fetish Work, Especially Holiday Themes
Oct 1, 2014 Pole Dance/Chair Dance
Sep 2, 2014 'Tis the Season: Halloween Themes


Inked Body Art

Chris Brooks


ALinHELL Photography

Alexander's Fine Art


Eye of Ra


WLC Photography

Mark Saint George

Black Room

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