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"Tav gives it like a Queen and takes it like a Princess." —Marsha Hamer ♔

***NOTE*** I have a deep passion for modeling, and a deeper passion for travel. I would go to GREAT LENGTHS for an amazing image, so if you live on the other side of the world, just remember... It's not like a whole 'nother world altogether. No assignment is too big, or too far away for me!! :))

My name is Taversia! In my free time I like to sit on my butt and play videogames, draw and write, go to gaming & comic conventions, and dance around in my underwear to my music (alone in my room, of course). I aspire to become a successful comic book artist, and performer. Should you wish to see some of my work, my current comic project can be read online at the following address:

As for me, I have bright, flaming red hair and I'm hard to miss in a crowd. Oh... And I should also add that my hair is 100% AU NATUREL~! I get asked about my hair *constantly*, and even when I divulge the fact that it is, indeed, completely real and all my own, some people still insist that I MUST dye it, because of how conspicuously vibrant it is. I don't. =)

Though, I used to be extremely self-conscious of it back in the day... The only time I've ever dyed my hair was when I was trying to do something to keep from standing out so much. I made the attempt to dye it jet black. My hair is so bright that the dye did not take... LOL...

But now, I endeavor to use this to my advantage, here, on this site! =)

I look forward to networking, and making new friends who are interested in modeling, photography, and other such things. Drop me a line; I'm very easy-going! I am also, however, very driven, and completely devoted to the assignments I commit myself to.

• Something involving squid/octopi
• Veiled, in the desert
• ANYTHING underwater!!!
• Businesswoman running through a fountain/street hydrant
• Mascara running, whilst standing in the rain!
• Carwash, in daisydukes & heels
• Pirate VS Ninja
• Windblown, flowy gown (lots of electric fans?)
• Nude back/backless dress (vintage Hollywood starlet)
• ✔ Suburban housewife in a sunflower dress sitting cross-legged while drinking tea on a man's back as he does pushups in leather pants and a leather bondage mask, on his knuckles.
• ✔ Damsel in distress; tied up in a princess dress!
• ✔ Wearing high heels in a bubble bath.
• Two women dressed in big, poofy, elaborate victorian gowns looking very prim and proper, but makeout-kissing like there's no tomorrow!
• Licking the back of a bald man's head.


Just a FEW of those whom I've had the pleasure of working with...

#3033697 - Roger Alan
#1519631 - R. John Ferguson
#394088 - Louis Tenney
#777492 - Chris Bucher
#1296180 - Daniel Cheung
#279369 - Michael Trace
#169386 - Gary Carbon
#1541530 - David A. Geary
#1935423 - Eduardo Izquierdo
#1897391 - Randall Hawkins
#391166 - Alan Pedroso
#730683 - Pitchfork Studio
#341521 - Oneleven Photography
#1993165 - Plexippus Photography
#1669666 - Shannon Zahnle
#2016657 - Sabot Images
#356471 - Arielle S
#1950275 - AtomX
#296656 - Jason Girard

#1801117 - Stephan Wahl
#1644843 - Scott Maymon
#2220328 - MetalArtisan
#1103642 - David Zen

#1636813 - Tiffany Rusin
#1826473 - Keera Ford

#1241353 - Julia Popova
#1322234 - PhatPuppy Art
#1252332 - Ni Anluain


Taversia would travel long-distance for AMAZING shots like this!!! ♥   43 pics



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