Mea Culpa

Model Female Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
My Website: Mea Maxima Culpa
Mayhem # 1728082

About Me

Currently in Brisbane.

I am an experienced and creative model, as well as being an avid fan of the artistic and fashion photography genres. I'm inspired by photography, and my motivation for doing what I do is to create beautiful and strong imagery. I have worked across Australia and Japan, and have been published in Australia, in the US and in Europe.

I work predominantly as a life model for artists, painters, sculptors, educational institutions, and commercial projects. Modeling for me is a job, and as such I take professionalism very seriously and I value what I bring to the table.

I take paid assignments, and my rates are both reasonable and flexible, on a sliding scale, depending on content and use. Do let me know what your budget is and I will try and accommodate for you as much as I can. Please note that I only very very rarely agree to TF work with photographers whose work I admire on shoots that can add significantly to my portfolio. I don't work for free.

I am happy to travel to you. If you want me to come to you, book me! I don't take "maybe one day when you're in town" requests seriously.

I have worked with seasoned professionals and amateur students, and I love the experience either way. I bring an ability to pose, an understanding of light and a friendly, patient personality to the table.

I am capable of doing my own hair and make up, in a natural or simple style, should that be required, and I am equally capable of cooperating effectively with a full team. I prefer to have a team to work with when we have a complex idea in mind.

I have no body piercings and no tattoos. My skin is very pale.

I am growing out my fringe. The length of it is still waist length. I keep my hair very long and hennaed red. I do not cut my hair since my photographers prefer it long, but I will allow it to be colored with temporary dyes. It cannot be bleached. I often model for hair styling assignments and really enjoy seeing what hair stylists can do with my tresses.

What I am interested in: figure modelling, artistic nudes, beauty, fashion, editorial and runway.

What I will not do: fetish, glamour, erotic nudes, open leg, porn, men's mags, subscriber websites or anything that looks like it belongs in these genres. I don't do "striptease" type shoots.

Please be clear about your ideas, location, duration, and budget for a shoot when you contact me. Thank you for taking the time to view my portfolio. :)


Please feel free to speak to any of the people I have worked with if you would like a reference, and do also feel free to ask me about any of the people I have worked with.

This list is seriously out of date, sorry!

*people with whom I work often and highly recommend



*Clarissa Bones / Raw Bones Photography #47237
*Fetigraphy #1707883
Jen Dainer (MadHouseStudios)
Norm Murray / Outside the Norm #34088
Boris Day / Stills by Hill
Peter Stanton / Mastertouch #381
Sleek Images #641299l
IC Pool #67956
Sooty Bradwell #1778732
natural beauties of qld #1414954
ScottB #7351
Serpentinekiss #13106
The Harlequins Mask #1577956
Polar Impressions #862891
Dark Cherry Photography #1451500
Sara Fable #547282
Dwayne Adams #1677295
Saul Sheldrick and Jamie Sutton / JnS Photographics #1934255
Fearnley Photographer #882163 AKA True Colours Photograph #1589573
Marla Singer
Allyson Alapont
Christine Dengate and Len Metcalf #211462
Nina Dos Santos #2204306
*Cam Attree #34127
Anne Duffy #23637
Garth Knight #1163321
*Phil Chaplin / PC Photos #259143
Roberto Duran #1197478
*Malcolm Grant #260193
andre-j #471944
Mark Greenmantle #31074
Troy Hanson
Pretty Toy Images #2246869
Rod Talbot #476001
Talitha Rice #1362721
D-eye #758409
DarkFlame Images #1988406
-JIM #856048
Yasmin O'Brien
*Edmund Thommen
Anthony Samra
Scott Hartog
Chris Barlow
She Images #1394555
Jade Martin Photography
*Seung Rok Baek #781049
Iain Burgess
Steve Fitchett
Martin Buckingham
Steve Roy
Clinton Hastings
Chris Anderson
Ky Webb
Shaun Miles
Grace Benitez Photography
Kate Granzien / Gun for Hire #2281907
Peter Matheson
*Dawn Webb
Emanuel Karpouzis
Vivienne Ward
Anthony Hallett #733237
DJenkins #754967
Owen James #513794
John Kantek / In Frame #382778
Daniel Klaas #1519538
*Kohii Love
Aryan Agajani #509577
Michelle Grace Hunder
Giuseppe Dante Sapienza #206101
Adrian Carmody #1883710
Greg Desiatov
Frank Sartori
Sebastian Tan Eng Dee #1601206
Vanessa Caitlin Goh
Ian Poole
Tony Holden
Nicola Poole
Art Form Brisbane #2492140
Life in Images Photography #2139018
Brendan Allen
Melanie Wilkes Photography
Nikki Anici
Jessica Ramsey #2518960
Southern Light #69660
Jesse Mullins #1044917
Daren Phillips #129963
David Leane
Michael Clements #634212
Millie Tang
Malin Viktoria Photography #479318
Un Jour Photography #2543640
Ari Hunter Photography #2228212
Megan Popelier #2325969
Matthew William John
SteveMPhotos #2350327
Brad Mawby #1254934
David J D #2598016
project11 #2445577
ensofoto #1582384
Mike Lohan
ThinkingBig Photography #637719
*Steve Wall #49031
Joel Stafford
*Glen Krohn
Lance Balchin #2637136
Yazzi Williams
Melly S Photography
Renee Bisley
*Jay Romero #1362558
Warren Jopson
Steve McMarsen
Bella Pictures
Braeside #1402278
Kahlia Litzow
Cassandra Ladru
Thomas James #2783219
Thea Tulich
Selby Pearce of Spotting Street
David Alexander of Flagstone Images
Suzanne Deng
Kate Benfer of Forget Me Not Photography
Michelle Timotin of Kirra Sun Photography
Christiano Normano
* Callena Brenchley
Natalie McKain
Logan Shaw
Anthony Byron
Christiano Normano
Steve Lin
Pete Dunne



The Frail Marys
Shunyata - Wearable Art #2214534
*Kathrin Longhurst / ArtbyKat #1892533
Shep, Jake, DK - Waylay Suspension Force
Adele Varcoe



Lolita La Tex
Kalyss Mercury #1635135
Rita Fontein / Johnny Castrati
Lita Lynx #1330746
*o Sophie o #693587
*Jett de Lighte #1331875
Haywire #1833775
Pixie Dust #253868
Dead Cute Model #1358915
Amelia91 #2097428
Bettie fever #2014537
*Laloba Leukos #509507
Chloe Lee #184814
Cat Delany #2238188
Anne Duffy #23637
*Red Devotchkin #751365
Violet Vex #1382269
Miss EmmaJane #2155513
*Jaysee Sunapho #2101867
Becstacy #1884319
Miss Julz #1113869
Christine Watts
*Caitlin Farren #2116231
Ruby Reginato
*Juliette Oddie #1457221
Joel (STONE Model Management)
Jack (STONE Model Management)
Meluxine #796671
*Anoush Anou #1507992
*Frankie Vandellous #2252672
Natasha Nolan
Kaneesha Nama
Paige Craswell
*Alicia Miller
Dee Elsie Herewini
Hannah Pereira
Eliza Hall
Annika Forsberg
Elaina Noir #2146856
Berenice Humphrey #1468311
*Elizabeth Vogel
*Leilani Alisia Van Rooyen
*Faith Strube
*Jessie Sander
*Emilie Kathryn
Caity Holland
Brayley Taylor
Akemi Oo
Nicola Ní H Eáchaidh
Cammie Nott
Cassie Green
Annie Anderson
Jean Pierre de la Vega
Jessica Brown
Claire Cheshire
Loana Mertens
Danielle Sloane
Jessie Ellings
Marissa Descovich
Dmitry Korueov
Jana Robinson
Danielle Willett
*Mary Hecker
Esteban Calvo
Ben Truesdale
Jade Cooper
Adam Hamilton
Sofie Pringle
Chelsea Trask


Make Up Artists:

Josleen Hawas #1568908
MakeUp by SNOW
Amelias Aesthetic MU #1099099
gamusharamakeup #1987354
Jade Baird
Violet Morphine
Jessica Dally-Butler
Tyneale #2338544
Bek Cullen #2285766
Rebecca Rachael Holack #1151359
Sylwia Lukosz
Kylie Stewart
Constance Bailey
Harshini Ravindran
Sophie Leganza (Blush all over)
Artist Min
Kohii Love
*Anannya Artiste
*Jessalee MakeupArtistry #2202974
Candace Frost
Nikki Anici
Make up by Sarah Jane #2204713
Jingjing Hang
Patricia Amadio
C. Jones
Katey Dee #2625432
Rebecca James Keenan
Antonia McGrane #2591247
*Tracie Weaver
Amy Hyslop
Love Yaz & Academy Of Makeup
Tammy Nguyen & Academy Of Makeup
Emily Kayte
Jennifer Holt and her team at JB Just Beautiful
Maria M Rivera #2727294
Nina Nguyen #2723970
Rebeckah Wurzbacher
Chloe Grant
Eloise Sarah
*Renae Michel
*Nikki Matthews
*Tamika Hudson
Chanel Loveridge
Elizabeth Crossley

Hair Stylists:

Amelias Aesthetic #1099099
Jessicah Ferguson
Jason Whitford
Kulture Shock
MakeUp by SNOW
Tim Thadontree
Amanda (FLUID colour salon)
Artist Min
Kohii Love
*Anannya Artiste
Candace Frost
Nikki Anici
Jingjing Hang
Lita Cathcartv
KDelme #1189086
*Craig Hislop (George Salon)
Rebecca Hubbard
AKA togninis
Tammy Nguyen & Academy Of Makeup
Jennifer Holt
Alarna Swinton
Cara Robinson
Marcus Edward
Cara Robinson
Klairissa Ruhe
Helen Powell Ice Hairdressing
Renae Michel
*Nikki Matthews
Kate Blore

Body Painters:

Sandra Temple (Australian Body Art Carnival, Eumundi 2011)
Shelley Chalmers (Australian Body Art Carnival, Eumundi 2011)
Laura Bell


Madame Frock
Emmajane Couture
Scarlet Menagerie #2223027
Kornelias Kloset
Electric Ibiza
Thousand Dancers
Pleasure State
Deer Couture
Jessica T
Neon Heartache
Fabled and True
Scarlet Merletto
Maria Phuong
Black Milk
Kitten d'Amour
Dragonberry Stride
Lyn Marionette
Off Beat Design
Joseph van Vuuren Couture
*Blync Lashes
Honey & Beau
Rosy Ruby
Little Dancer
Faith & Lola
JK Couture Designs
The Last Romantics
Saucy Rose
Killer Queen Boutique
Killari Qld Jewellery
Evelyn Curtis
Jodie Sue
*Nicki Derrick - The Label
Ties and Whimsy
Alexandra Mcguire
Erin Hassall
Story of Seven
*Jessica Tovey
LIPOA Threads
The Sedgwick Way


Carlotta & Amber
Abbey-Leigh Hood
Stefania Duncan
Ashleigh Kelly
*Tamzen Holland
Lexi Wittke
RWR Image Consulting
Jodie Sue
Jennifer Holt

Artistic Directors:

Amy Hyslop


EmmaJane Couture Catwalk show at Apex Australia AGM 2011
MODA Creative Luxurious Lingerie Edition at Zuri October 2011
Drobe Winter Fashion Show at Zuri April 2012
Blossom and Fabled and True Fashion Parade at Kerbside April 2012
Ladybird Runway Fashion Society show at the Met August 2012
Daffodil Runway Fashion Society show at Iceworks August 2012
EAST presents: Painted Doll - "Modern Bride" September 2012
EAST presents: Painted Doll - "Runway Inspired" September 2012
RAW Brisbane Presents: Ensemble at OH Hello! September 2012
RAW Brisbane Presents: Provocations at OH Hello! October 2012
Passion Fashion Event May 2013
Raw Brisbane Presents: Expressions at The Arena June 2013
Emerging Fashion Designers Showcase July 2013


Rockstars, Heretics and Catalysts by Mastertouch August-October 2010 Solo Exhibition, Abode Gallery, St Kilda Melbourne
Flesh by IC Bones 2011 Collaboration between Clarissa Bones and IC Pool Alibi Room, New Farm Queensland
PANTY RAID by Clarissa Bones September-October 2011 Brunswick St Gallery, Fitzroy Victoria
The Accidents of Beauty by Christine Dengate and Len Metcalf featuring Mea Culpa September-October 2011, TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst Sydney
Slow Photography: Visions from the Real World by Mike Stacy, Len Metcalf and Ian Brown October-November 2011, Braemer Gallery, Springwood New South Wales
DEPARTURE - Queensland College of Art Graduate Show by Talitha Rice November 2011, South Brisbane Queensland
Forget Me Not, Celebration of Arts by Clarissa Bones December 2011, Fringe Bar, Fortitude Valley Queensland
Illuminado - Graduate Exhibition by Jade Martin December 2011 Sun Studios, Alexandria New South Wales
Finding Beauty Exhibition by Christine Dengate and Len Metcalf, January-March 2012, Mercure Hotel, Potts Point New South Wales
Queer a Photographic Exhibition by Christine Dengate and Len Metcalf, February-March 2012, Tap Gallery, Darlinghurst New South Wales
2012 Josephine Ulrick and Win Schubert Photography Award Finalist by Garth Knight March - April 2012, Gold Coast City Art Gallery, Gold Coast Queensland
Almost Famous Artists Exhibition by Edmond Thommen March - April 2012, TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst New South Wales
The Enchanted Forest Exhibition by Garth Knight April 2012, Private Gallery Waterloo New South Wales
2012 Sir John Sulman Prize Finalist by Kathrin Longhurst March - June 2012, Catherine Asquith Gallery, Victoria
New Work by Kathrin Longhurst March - July 2012, Catherine Asquith Gallery, Victoria
2012 Nudes on TAP Photography Art Prize Peoples Choice Award at the Nude Portraiture Photography Exhibition and Competition by Christine Dengate May - June 2012, TAP Gallery, Darlinghurst New South Wales
2012 Mount Eyre Art Prize Finalist by Edmond Thommen June - July 2012, Rex-Livingston Art Dealer, Surry Hills New South Wales
Dear Comrade by Kathrin Longhurst July 2012, Catherine Asquith Gallery, Victoria
Exhibition by Andre J August 2012, Studio Gallery adjacent to Gosford Regional Gallery, New South Wales
In The Night Garden: A Glowing Reprise by Garth Knight September 2012 Tortuga Studios, New South Wales
Portia Geach Memorial Award Finalist with Kathrin Longhurst September - November 2012, S.H. Ervin Gallery, New South Wales
A Fine Line between Pleasure and Pain group exhibition with Kathrin Longhurst October 2012 Newcastle Art Space, New South Wales
Children of the Revolution with Kathrin Longhurst May 2013 Art Equity, Sydney New South Wales
Naked Lens with Len Metcalf and Thea Tulich May - June 2013 Mercure Hotel, Potts Point New South Wales
Women of the Revolution by Kathrin Longhurst August - September 2013, Catherine Asquith Gallery, Victoria

Art Performances:

Imagining Chanel Salon Fashion Show directed by Adele Varcoe 21st June 2012, 13 Cambridge St, The Rocks, New South Wales
Yakimochi: a kinbaku performance with Nawa-kun 25th August 2012, Hellfire Club, Queensland


Dextress SS2012
Tigerlamb SS2012
Marcus Edward SS2012


The Sio Experiment with Peter Stanton
DEPARTURE - Queensland College of Art Graduate Show
Nudes and Heels with Peter Stanton
Food Gone Nude Magazine Issue 12 2011
Raw Ink Magazine Issue 5 January 2012
Blended Nudes with Edmond Thommen
Secret Magazine Issue 36 January 2012
Blended Nudes 1 Revised Edition with Edmond Thommen
Blended Nudes 2 with Edmond Thommen
Blended Nudes 3 with Edmond Thommen
Reflections and Shadows of the Female Form by Cam Attree
Wolf Magazine USA Issue 1 December 2012
Frisor Magazine Norway August 2012
Australian Image Magazine April 2013
PowderZine with Lee Nutter May 2013


Short film for the Murder Ballads Event 2011 filmed and directed by Marla Singer
Music Video for The Frail Marys song Wasted Years 2011 filmed and directed by Allyson Alapont
A Fashion Film - Soundwave by Greg Destiatov 2011
Music Video for GIMPUS's song Chandelier 2012 filmed, directed & produced by
Wendy Law, Mitchell Gibson, Andrea Crabbe & Tami Tacklind
Behind the scenes video of my shoot with Jay Romero, make up artist Emily Kayte and designer Evelyn Curtis


Erotic Photo Salon Nude Photography Shoot presented by Christine Dengate and Len Metcalf with Mea Culpa October 2011
Lens School Model and Nude Photography Shoot presented by Len Metcalf with Mea Culpa October 2011
Erotic Photo Salon Nude Photography Shoot presented by Christine Dengate and Len Metcalf with Mea Culpa and Meluxine January 2012
Art of Nude Photography Workshop presented by Cam Attree featuring Mea Culpa and Frankie Vandellous March 2012
Lens School Model and Nude Photography Shoot presented by Len Metcalf with Mea Culpa June 2012
Erotic Photo Salon Inner City Penthouse Shoot presented by Christine Dengate and Len Metcalf with Mea Culpa June 2012
Art of Nude Photography Workshop presented by Cam Attree March 2013

Photographic Competitions:

Shooting Raw 2011 with MeaCulpa as model



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