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About Me

LOCATION: Studio located in Phoenixville, PA 19460 (west of Philly, near King of Prussia Mall and Valley Forge Park).

ALSO: Part-time resident of Great Barrington, Berkshires, Mass.

SCHEDULE: Booking weeknights after 7pm. Some weekends are available, too.

ESCORTS: Chaperone always welcome. I prefer that the chaperone sit in a room that adjoins the studio with the door open. In my experience if a model can see the chaperone there is a tendency for the model to look toward the chaperone occasionally.

REFERENCES: Model references available. Email any model linked to my port. I do not provide contact information to anyone.

PURPOSE: I am an amateur photographer creating a personal portfolio composed of fine art nudes. I am currently working on a "coffee table" photography book. I am very much interested in shooting different types of women, including groups of women.  I appreciate all body types and ages.  I like tattoos and piercing when they help tell the viewer about the woman--if you like it enough to permanently change your body, I want to show how it looks.

I shoot nudes--tasteful nudes--artful nudes--and sometimes erotic nudes.

I'm willing to work with models with very little experience that are willing to take chances for a shot.  I really like the freshness that comes from new experience. What I really like is to create a moment for the model to reveal her inner self.  That moment is priceless.

PAID or TFP: I generally offer PAID or TFP: the main difference is that for a PAID shoot I will pay you cash at at the shoot and send you a few images to post a few weeks after the shoot (if you want them) but you do not get all of them.

If we shoot TFP you get your images FAST (guaranteed within 2 weeks). I provide edited JPG images from our shoot on a CD or DVD via US mail. You will get an edited copy of virtually every pose I shoot of you (not every shot), minus the blurs, blinks, duplicates and screw ups. Selection and editing of the final images you receive is at my discretion. I will not provide original RAW image files. I will provide selected non-edited images for your review but not to post. I will also give you a release allowing you to use the images for your portfolio and self-promotion. (If you see an image that you like among the non-edited images I will try to edit it for you when I can find the time.) If you know how to edit, I can give you permission to edit for your own use. I usually still pay your transportation.

EROTIC: Many models ask about what I mean by erotic images. Erotic is about attitude. I like erotic but it is not mandatory.

If you look at my portfolio you will see lots of "open leg" shots. Most of these are NOT erotic; they are nudes that show the vulva as part of the whole woman. I do not think of "open leg" as "erotic" but I guess it's definitely not closed leg. Open leg is not automatically erotic--it's just a fact of some poses.

Erotic can be as simple as a mouth sucking on one finger (not even showing the body). Erotic means it is designed for arousal; it means sexy; it can include masturbation, real or simulated. It does not cross over to porn. There is one group of erotic images in my port.

RELEASE: I am delighted to modify the release to prevent posting "erotic" or "open leg" images on the Internet but I insist on retaining the right to publish in my book.

PROJECTS: (for my book) The idea is for a book with several chapters--each with one theme.  The theme will be developed or explored using several different models and points of view. 

I am looking for models that are interested in the following themes:

Objective is to create a very bright ring-halo around the model by using lighting behind the model.

Objective-To capture two or more women together in interesting poses, frequently combined with BACKLITE and/or PUZZLE. Models can be disconnected and remote from each other OR connected, maybe even engaged in hugging or kissing. May be interested in adding men to the mix.

Objective-To create a Hockney-like single collage from multiple shots of one model. The model remains still while multiple close-up shots capture a portion of her body. The resulting images are combined in Photoshop.

Objective - use a classic pose from painting or sculpture as the basis for PUZZLE. One pose is the nude statue Andromeda by Daniel Chester French or FLIGHT, like on an old car hood.

Wearing a vintage garment from 1920's, create an striking avatar for MM.

Objective-To capture a woman’s body in such an abstract way that it almost seems to be an abstract painting.
Inspiration-Classic art nudes.

Objective-To use the prop to vary the normal body attitude to see the breasts shift in how they fall.

REAL Landscape (Outdoor)
Objective-To capture a woman’s body in such a way that it almost seems to be part of the land.
Inspiration-Hills of northern California

Objective: To create a fruit salad incorporating real fruit with the models anatomy. Say a mound of strawberries between her breasts.

To add to the possibilities from FRUIT SALAD, drizzle Chocolate syrup down the model's chest, dripping from her breasts onto her stomach & drizzling downwards.

Objective-To capture one or more women CONFINED using duct tape or big rubber bands; strapped to wooden stakes with duct tape/rope; taped to the wall/floor. ALL IN A PLAYFUL MANNER. Maybe instead of a mouth plug, with a donut or apple in her mouth.

EMERGENCE (or Wrapper)
Objective-To Show Women EMERGING from being Wrapped Up; Inspiration-The Emergence of women into every area of modern life.

MULTIPLES (or Spinner)
Objective-To capture Women in motion using multiple exposure/multiple flash Inspiration-This needs a dancer's grace & fluid movement. I love the liquid feeling that comes from multiple exposures.

PACKAGE (Woman as a product)
Objective-To capture one or more women as a product or gift. Model is packed in a box ready for delivery. Or parts of her body are shown inside a small box or package.

DISSONANCE (What’s that doing there?)
Objective-To create an image with dissonance caused by something out of place.

VINTAGE (Kiss the Century Goodbye)
Objective-To Pay Homage to Classic Images of Women from the 20th Century.  Inspiration-Alfred Stieglitz 1919 Photographs of Georgia O'Keeffe.

All images/photographs on Model Mayhem profile/portfolio page Jack4Photos #17492 will remain COPYRIGHT Jack Musgrove. All images/photographs contained within this page are the sole and exclusive property of Jack Musgrove. They are protected by Federal and International Copyright Laws & Conventions. All of the images/photographs contained within this web page are provided strictly for your viewing purposes, exclusive to this web page. None of the images/photographs contained within this web page are within public domain nor are they royalty free. None of the images/photographs contained within this web page may be reproduced, copied, transmitted, altered or projected in any way alone, or with other images/photographs, by use of computer or other electronic means, without a prior written and signed licensing contract between you and Jack Musgrove. You may not save to disk, reproduce by any method, or distribute to others any of the images/photographs contained within any section of this web page for any purpose what-so-ever. Violating Copyright Law is punishable by fines of up to $100,000.00 US, plus all associated court and attorney’s fees.


One man show: Kiss the Century Goodbye, 1999, Ashland, OR


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