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Photography was a hobby of mine for almost three decades, but since 2003 it has been my profession. I have photographed hundreds of events and thousands of people. As a freelance photographer I have shot with several companies besides shooting for my own company (b)Ken Tiscenko Photography LLC(/b). My photographic skill lies in capturing people’s true beauty and personality. If you like the pictures you have seen on my profile, please contact me and we can set up a shoot.

I host a monthly photo event at various locations that pools the talents of Models, MUA, Hair Dressers & Photographers. I have an [b]EXTENSIVE[/b] wardrobe to choose from for the events that includes several sizes as well as a huge shoe/boot collection. If you are interested in attending one of my monthly events please contact me here on MM or email send me at The events are creative, fun and a GREAT networking opportunity.

There just isn't enough time in the day for me to post all my pictures on all the websites & groups I belong to. If you would like to see other photos I have done please go to [url=][/url]

NiN4 PAR-The Big Shoot was AWESOME! If you missed it sorry for your bad luck. NiN5 is tentitive and on the books. Like to be there? Shoot me a email and I can fill you in on the details.



TotalDiscretionPhoto - [url=] 458339 [/url]
Larry Bradby - [url=] 1505 [/url]
Stan Goldstien - [url=] 2427 [/url]
Kent Potter - [url=] 456754 [/url]
Dana McGuire - [url=] 1480907 [/url]
Carl Blakeman "Klix Images" -[url=] 2007911 [/url]
Red Stockman - [url=] 2031829 [/url]
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David Gagliano "Fotoplus" - [url=] 1295457 [/url]
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Sarah Sertic - [url=] 2005395 [/url]
John Andrada "JP Illustrated" - [url=] 2572016 [/url]
RNM Photos - [url=] 102345 [/url]
DC Director -[url=] 35974 [/url]
Photohispania - [url=] 547663 [/url]

Kerri Taylor - [url=] 982[/url]
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Evie V - [url=] 539357[/url]
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Christine Hodges "LIW" – [url=] 360006[/url]
Amber Collins "Adora Celeste" – [url=] 2272355 [/url]
"Adora Celeste" - [url=] 2272355[/url]
Ashley Yates "ADTates07" -[url= 2095504] 2095504[/url]
Julia Wall "Stixxx" - [url=] 1478257 [/url]
Arizona Pratt - [url=] 2267936 [/url]
Jaylynn Dee - [url=] 1944911[/url]
Aaron J Clark- [url=] 1713572[/url]
Miss Cristina Brown - [url= 1964503] 1964503[/url]
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Leeza K Bella - [url=] 1984625[/url]
Jeisha Ramirez - [url=] 1984140[/url]
Alla Kravchenko - [url=] 1967736[/url]
Laura Hartman - [url=] 321015[/url]
Victoria Reedy - [url=] 1863336[/url]
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Tyler Lerh - [url=] 1915804[/url]
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April Ashcraft "Aprila252" - [url=] 1980635 [/url]
Deanna Deadly - [url=] 377063 [/url]
Leeza K Bella - [url=] 1984625 [/url]
Sebastine - [url=] 1522420 [/url]
Ruby Rock - [url=] 359502 [/url]
Cecilia Sequeira - [url=] 361170 [/url]
Shelly Guy - [url=] 272785 [/url]

[b]MUA & Hair:[/b]
Jesseca Pruner - [url=]1823313 [/url]
Qiana Sharese - [url=] 1726520 [/url]
Tenisha Dotstry - [url=] 1956377 [/url]


Lingerie   1 pics
Color Black IV   1 pics
Thong VI   44 pics
True Beautiful Nudes X   118 pics
Faces III   53 pics
Topless IV   155 pics
Color Purple II   17 pics
Color Pink III   70 pics
Thong V   188 pics
Girls with Guns & Blades III   32 pics
Color White III   116 pics
Bikini   155 pics
Topless III   235 pics
Topless II   251 pics
Color Yellow II   37 pics
Color Black III   198 pics
Faces II   224 pics
Wet & Beautiful IV   81 pics
Topless   239 pics
True Beauty Nudes IX   233 pics
Wild Ones III   67 pics
Faces   234 pics
Silver & Gold   131 pics
Thong IV   211 pics
True Beauty Nudes VIII   167 pics
Favorite Color - RED IV   181 pics
Color Blue II   154 pics
Color Black II   212 pics
Color White II   205 pics
True Beauty Nudes VII   218 pics
Thong III   213 pics
Color Black   234 pics
Color Orange   143 pics
Color Pink II   180 pics
True Beauty Nudes VI   218 pics
Bath Tub or Shower II   162 pics
Truly Beautiful IV   130 pics
True Beauty Nudes V   229 pics
Color Green   140 pics
Color White   242 pics
Color Blue   241 pics
Color Purple   215 pics
Favorite Color - RED III   208 pics
Color Yellow   219 pics
Color Pink   242 pics
Thong II   210 pics
Wet & Beautiful III   216 pics
Girls with Guns & Blades II   209 pics
US Marine Corps   70 pics
Truly Beautiful III   240 pics
Girls with Guns & Blades   246 pics
Favorite Color - RED II   250 pics
Thong   253 pics
Favorite Color - RED   256 pics
True Beauty Nudes IV   255 pics
Wild Ones II   226 pics
Truly Beautiful II   140 pics
True Beauty Nudes III   224 pics
Wet & Beautiful II   245 pics
Bath Tub or Shower   245 pics
True Beauty Nudes II   256 pics
Truly Beautiful   255 pics
Wild Ones   238 pics
True Beautiful Nudes I   225 pics
Wet & Beautiful   242 pics



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