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I work in and around Indianapolis Indiana, unless traveling. Studio and outdoors ( when weather permits in Indy). I shoot new and experienced models.  TFCD/TEST for new models - just ask and we shall see what we can do. I prefer outdoors with natural light and good settings. Male or female models alike. Age does not matter, but if you are under 18 you MUST have a parent with you. And if you are over 88, please bring your wisdom, I will want you to share some of it.  No offense intended or taken, but please remember I don't shoot nudes or anything close to that. Please don't ask me to shoot you nude, it won't be happening. I know the human body is wonderful and that I have friends on here that shoot and model nudes. But if we work together, I won't be shooting nudes.
  One of my favorite photographers is Michael Rosen - Chicago. So sad that there will be no more of his work. He will be missed.
  Another is Carmine Warren. Amazing work. You should look for his work. I think you will enjoy viewing what he has done.
   My photos are Work Safe. I do not shoot nudes as mentioned above. But a warning follows here:
WARNING: Some photographs in list or of friends contained herein MAY NOT be work safe and are intended for a mature audience 18 years of age or older!


1st and top of my list, Steampunk. Anyone else?   166 pics
1st Who is the model here and 2nd are they on MM.   101 pics
2015 August Likes Here.   823 pics
2015 Elvira Kalviste - Photographer.   8 pics
2015 Extraordinary April Share List.   361 pics
2015 February Share List. Warm Up to These.   997 pics
2015 Incredible March Share List.   512 pics
2015 I want to shoot with you list.   111 pics
2015 January Share List. Watch these for the rest of the Year.   553 pics
2015 July - Like List.   382 pics
2015 June - I Like This List.   604 pics
2015 May Share List ( Because I like them.)   581 pics
2015 Sasha Heist - Photographer.   3 pics
2015 Sept. likes list.   657 pics
2015 The Likes of August.   1 pics
2015 The Likes of Fall. (Oct. 2015)   127 pics
2015 Viewed Costumes, Wardrobe, Outfits and Fashion.   64 pics
A great way to show model and fashion.   2 pics
A little help here.   7 pics
Almost walked off the dock, looking at this one.   28 pics
Amazing Faces List   677 pics
Amazingly Well Done...............   221 pics
Amazing model, Ella Rose Muse   11 pics
Amazing Photos by Roy Cox   19 pics
Amelia Ashley   4 pics
Amina from Spain   2 pics
Art to view.   31 pics
As in a Dream.   10 pics
At the office.   1 pics
August Likes   449 pics
Az models   21 pics
Bald and Bold   37 pics
Barn Shots ( Shot in or near a Barn ).   33 pics
Belly Dance Wardrobe. I always like a good Belly Dancer.   90 pics
Bernadette Newberry's Photos   9 pics
Black and White or Sepia   563 pics
Black Dress, Oh Yes   466 pics
Blue is THE color.   165 pics
Blue is the color of the day.   63 pics
Boots go with anything.   73 pics
Camera in Hand ( or somewhere in the pic).   293 pics
CA Models   117 pics
Car and a Model to boot.   31 pics
Carl Ryan.....Amazing work   19 pics
Carmine Warren   7 pics
Carmine Warren one of my Favorites.   1 pics
Carrying New Life   4 pics
Cat Hedlund Model   5 pics
Caught my Eye in July.   121 pics
Chair, Sofa, Seat, Stool, Bench or Table Shots.   312 pics
Chaps   10 pics
Check this out, Gary Paul Photographer.   3 pics
Chicago and the rest of Illinois Models   4 pics
Classic   2 pics
Coats,Jackets or Hood Shots.   204 pics
Colors to view.   7 pics
Cosplay, Fantasy and such   155 pics
Country Store   1 pics
Cowgirl   31 pics
Cute ( In a grown up way ).   253 pics
Damsels that Dazzle   12 pics
Danailya Model   1 pics
Dance caught for all to see.   3 pics
Dazzling Dresses   41 pics
Don't Touch That   4 pics
Doorways, Gates, Archways,Gardens and Views   179 pics
Dryer Chicks   34 pics
Every Model's Portfolio On Here Should Start Like This   1 pics
Exciting Indeed.   8 pics
Eyes Like These, Should be shot more often.   337 pics
Fall Looks   78 pics
Fanning beauty.   43 pics
Fantasy and art.   46 pics
Fashion and a Pole   8 pics
Fashion at Night   21 pics
Fashion ( Multi-shot ).   205 pics
Fashion Shots and more.   601 pics
Fashion....That's it right there.   24 pics
Fashion Yes Shots   48 pics
Fence, Field or Forrest   86 pics
Flames and Candles Light   21 pics
Florida, US   156 pics
Frames   7 pics
Gold.   243 pics
Got to love the red hair.   132 pics
Great male shots.   238 pics
Green a la mode   122 pics
Guzzz   6 pics
Hair Here   86 pics
Hair Thing   81 pics
Hawaii, I want to meet these people on a shoot there.   50 pics
Healthy and Fit   166 pics
Heroes and Villains   6 pics
Hoosiers ( the people working in Indiana )   127 pics
Horse and Rider.   43 pics
Horses, Models and Spectacular Photos.   164 pics
Hot here in Indy.   46 pics
Hot Suit   1 pics
How'd they do that?   2 pics
Ideas   1 pics
If you have wardrobe like this, CONTACT ME, I want to shoot with you.   206 pics
I just love that look !!!   4 pics
I know Z place.   3 pics
I like it because it's different.   119 pics
I Like This, 1st Edition   917 pics
I like this, December 2014 Listings.   459 pics
I Like This, the 2014 April Edition   355 pics
I Like This, the 2014 June Edition   255 pics
I Like This, the 2014 March Edition   610 pics
I Like This, the 2014 May Edition   481 pics
I Like This, the Amazing 2nd Edition   280 pics
I Like This, the Deluxe 3rd Edition   265 pics
I Like This, the July 2014 Edition   1138 pics
I like this, the November 2014 hit list.   855 pics
I like this, the October 2014 issue.   621 pics
I looked at Vera Belyavskaya, and I Liked it !!!   0 pics
Image in the mirror.   20 pics
Indy artist ( models ).   110 pics
Indy Artist ( photographers ).   3 pics
In Jeans ( And Looking Good ).   261 pics
Inks to View   793 pics
Instrument Included   215 pics
Interesting   111 pics
I really just like this one.   373 pics
It's September and I like these.   74 pics
I want to remember this one.   614 pics
I want to shoot here.   2 pics
I want to shoot with you whenever I'm your way.   55 pics
Just a touch of one of the holidays   27 pics
Kali Placencia, I like this whole port. ( I wish I could see more.)   15 pics
Kaori-Lee Canada model.   0 pics
Knit Work   25 pics
Leesa Hart Model in FL.   3 pics
Legs you'll want to shoot.   246 pics
Light and Shadow   110 pics
Light or sun behind you.   19 pics
Light works here.   4 pics
Likeable in Indy   18 pics
Like to see this shot with a different background.   9 pics
Location or Backgrounds that Work Well   48 pics
Looks good from back here.   200 pics
Looks Like Fun   154 pics
Lopez   51 pics
Lost Highway Imaging   1 pics
Love it !! ( Hearts and such.)   2 pics
Male fashion only.   6 pics
Manzari Photography   2 pics
Masked Makes Great Images.   101 pics
Medieval Warfare and Before   2 pics
Michael R   2 pics
Michael Rosen - Chicago   24 pics
Michelle Devious Dame   2 pics
Michigan models.   1 pics
Model Jackie Stevens. Linden, New Jersey, US   10 pics
Model Lynn W, Denver, Colorado, US   11 pics
Models and Animals   46 pics
Models with Umbrellas or Parasols   333 pics
Model Talya Vylyt of Denver, Colorado, US   6 pics
Model Veronica Ricci,CA   4 pics
More Interesting Work or Shots   554 pics
More than two.   21 pics
Motorcycle shoots with a difference.   14 pics
My Future Muse.   3 pics
Natalie Clark BodyPaint   4 pics
Near a Window   17 pics
Net Shots   21 pics
New life being carried and those beautiful women that carry that life.   56 pics
New Port Richey, Florida, US   1 pics
New York   37 pics
Nice !   351 pics
Nice Head Shot   147 pics
Nice Light Here   2 pics
Nicely Done Leg Up   45 pics
Nice Smile   62 pics
Nobody told me about Rachel Hayashi.....WOW.   0 pics
Now that's different.   74 pics
October likes 2014   10 pics
Off the shoulder   5 pics
Ohio it is.   27 pics
On the beach.   204 pics
On the Rocks.   336 pics
on the street or at cafe.   60 pics
On the Wall   110 pics
Open that car door.   6 pics
Ouch !!!   20 pics
Over a barrel   5 pics
Packed   64 pics
Paint, Light, Make-up or Ink   305 pics
Personality of taking on here really shows.   0 pics
Photographer Juan Prieto   1 pics
Photogs   1 pics
Photos by Sheila Carroll   68 pics
Piano   3 pics
Pink is your   180 pics
Places or backgrounds I want to shoot.   0 pics
Plaid Works   18 pics
Playing with Fire Here.   7 pics
Poolside   56 pics
Post office.   1 pics
Purple Works   365 pics
Quick Like This !!!   7 pics
Quiet on the set.   5 pics
Rachel Hayashi Colorado model.   3 pics
Rebecca Lawrence   1 pics
Red Boots.   10 pics
Red Dress Extravaganza.   358 pics
Red Looks Good on you.   166 pics
Red...........Oh yes !!   61 pics
Remind me to do one like this !!!   4 pics
Retouch amazing   1 pics
Retro or Pin-up   141 pics
Royalty   8 pics
Salute   97 pics
Samantha Phoenix Model   8 pics
Sara Beth Brooks's Photos   1 pics
Sci-fi   1 pics
Share this one, she should be shooting all the time.   3 pics
She knows,. You can tell by the look in her eyes.   12 pics
She's a List Maker   3 pics
Shoes and Boots.   91 pics
Sidhe Etain Model   13 pics
Silver   18 pics
Sing On.   1 pics
Snow Shots   82 pics
Something in the Photo   2 pics
So Sweet.   1 pics
So........when can we shoot.   7 pics
Steps,Stairways or Fire Escapes   275 pics
Steven Jon Horner Photography   1 pics
Strips a la carte   78 pics
Surfboard   27 pics
Sweater Shots   212 pics
Swimwear   180 pics
Swing   1 pics
Tennessee model   18 pics
Thank you.   1 pics
That old truck makes the photo stand out.   11 pics
That's Different.   4 pics
That's Nice !!!   35 pics
The Chain.   34 pics
The Essence of Life Experiences   2 pics
The Feather Well Used   165 pics
The list of Many   1 pics
There's one of those poses I love.   32 pics
These have been shot or uploaded in 2015.   26 pics
This character you've created is amazing.   2 pics
This is cool.   11 pics
This is the real NYC, NY   2 pics
Trees need someone to hug them.   22 pics
Trekkies love this stuff.   6 pics
TX Model   2 pics
Very Sexy (non-nudes)   125 pics
Vest shots   3 pics
Wardrobe for Steampunk or Fantasy and some Fashion   211 pics
Was added to remember ( some 18 + )   273 pics
Washington ( State ) Models   6 pics
Watch the Birdie.   1 pics
Water Reflection Shoots We All Love.   6 pics
Water Shots   143 pics
Well Done........glasses at the right angle.   3 pics
Well Done Indeed   31 pics
Well little lady, I have something to tell you.   1 pics
What's in the water?   1 pics
What's not to like about this? Excellent work.   28 pics
Window Shots   86 pics
Winged Wonders   279 pics
Wisconsin   1 pics
With a Hat   186 pics
Women with Metal   130 pics
Working on the Railroad (Tracks and Trains).   301 pics
Works for me !!!   18 pics
World of Ren Faire   1 pics
Wow.........Look what I found !!!   2 pics
Yellow's Looking Good on You   173 pics
Yes, I do want to shoot one like this !!!   46 pics
YES.....Oh Yes, Fine work.   6 pics
You don't see that everyday.   17 pics
You Know You Like This !!!   17 pics
You Look Great.   61 pics
Young Ladies 17 or Under   32 pics
You should like this.   19 pics
Zaina Gypsy's Photos   7 pics



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