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What differs me from other photographers is that my work as an artist is for a balance of life for me i.e. I shoot photography for fun.  I do not ask models to step on a piece of masking tape on the floor, flash my strobes, and ask, "What was your name again?"  Yes, I am a professional photographer.  Yes, I sell my art in galleries.  But, no, I don't have to.  I do not shoot for a living.  I shoot to live.

Available work

I hire models for nude, fetish, and erotic images for art gallery and on-line exhibitions.  Offering limited paid work starting at $50/hr for 90min.  I can negotiate a bit within reason.  I am easy to reach via the Long Island Rail Road at Ronkonkoma Station, usually reimburse travel expenses from most of NYC.  Ongoing weekends, Saturday's and Sunday's Noon until 3pm (typically).  Contact me for my availability.  Shoots usually last up to 2 hours.  Tattoos are a problem.  Heavily inked models are offered TF* work (trade for images and services) or perhaps fetish gigs.

Current Projects

Oil ice chains messy bondage nude erotic infrared black and white.  This will be in the far, deep IR range into the invisible light spectrum below 850nm combined with visual distortion.  Inquire at hbutz@yahoo.com for details.  Location: Ronkonkoma, NY

SCUBA - underwater nude photography.  You supply the water and the model.  I supply the diver and dive gear.  Will travel to swimming pools in Suffolk/Nassau counties.  I am a certified wreck and rescue diver and experienced underwater photographer.

Who am I?

I am a professional artist from Ronkonkoma.  My personal website is http://www.hbutz.com/ where you can see hundreds of photographs of the dozens of models.

I have been inspired by great photographers such as Ed Weston and Robert Mapplethorpe.  My formal education in photography was at Dowling College and I picked up portrait lighting from a former president of the PPA.  Many of my images have been on exhibition in art galleries in Manhattan and the Hamptons.

You will note mostly nude images in my portfolio.  There is no commercial value in art nudes as a commodity.  I am free to boldly follow this path of economic ruin because I am not motivated by money.  Over the years, I've dabbled in other unpopular genre as well, such as bondage, fetish, spanking, balloons, .. in fact, I do it all.  If you don't see it here, ask.  The answer is "Yes!  I shoot that!" (except for Suicide Girls)

I like wet, wild, sticky, kinky, and all things politically and socially incorrect.  Give me shocking and obscene.  That is the language of art.  What makes this country great is our freedom to express ourselves without oppression.  In practice, we are often oppressed.  If we do not continue to fight for our rights as U.S. citizens and the freedom which comes with it we will be lost forever to the large corporations who seek to enslave us.

Power to the people.

My humble studio


For conventional email use hbutz@yahoo.com
To send me a photograph or file in a hurry, visit http://photos.hbutz.com/

What is art?  Art is the conveyance of intangible ideas, concepts, feelings, emotions through a tangible media.  A photograph of an old building which makes you feel sad is artistic as it conveys the concept of sadness through photography.  But, a photograph of a shampoo bottle is not artistic since it fails to convey emotion.

What is fine art?  Tangible media which is created by the artist's hand, such as a painting or sculpture.  A photograph which is brought to life using hand-developing techniques by the artist may be considered fine art.  Photographs mass-produced by machine are not fine art.

What does it mean that art is in the eye of the beholder?  Can a photograph of a shampoo bottle ever be considered art?  How subjective is art?  Art can be defined.  Art is not as subjective as you might think.  Art is language.  Any sequence of sounds may be used to form language, but there is a difference between noise and language.  There is a distinction as to what makes a photograph artistic.

In any language, the speaker and the listener develop an association between sounds and their meaning.  If I speak the sounds "buh-nan-uh", the image of a sweet, yellow fruit pops into your head.  You see the color.  You know the taste.  For you to know the color, you must have prior knowledge of what a banana looks like.  For you to know the taste, you must have eaten a banana at some time in the past.

Art is the language of ideas.  A photograph of an abandoned building can make you sad, provided you have prior knowledge of abandoned buildings and have a sad association with them.  Many people do, so photographs of abandoned buildings are successful vehicles for artistic expression.  A photograph of a shampoo bottle does not work as art since few people have emotional associations with shampoo bottles.

Is it true that the difference between a glamour photograph and an artistic photograph is the lighting?  Does a nude photograph need to be black and white to make it art?  Are all black and white nude photographs art?  Good questions.  Here's the thing.  When you use a high-contrast, black and white photograph of a nude, you accentuate the curves of the body.  Most people have powerful associations between emotion and the curves of a body.  Glamour photographs tend to have more even lighting, less contrast, which highlights the model, not the model's curves.  This makes glamour photography less artistic.

A photograph of a nude woman invokes powerful emotions and memory association in the viewer.  Photographing the nude is like creating art using an amplifier.  It's loud.  It is challenging to divert the viewer's attention away from the sexual associations of the nude body to focus on emotion and concept - happiness, sadness, abandon, joy, misery; or, tell a story or express a concept.

You will know art when you see it.  It will make you feel something.  If a photograph fails to convey emotion, concepts, or ideas, then it has failed to reach you.  Perhaps others will see it.  When a photograph affects many people the same way, then it may be called "art."

Off Topic My Top 10 Reasons why I hate Fifty Shades of Grey
   (aka that damn book)

1) In the movie, Jamie Dornan is way too young to play the CEO of large corporation and has never before appeared in a motion picture.  His acting is awful.

2) In the book, Grey makes a point about not sleeping with his employees, yet in the very next breath he offers Anastasia a job after he had already slept with her.  He also states that his company does random drug testing, which is very expensive and tends to lead to even more expensive employee turn-over.

3) In the movie, Grey pilots a helicopter from the passenger seat. CEO's are often prohibited from high-risk activities since the injury or death of the CEO would cause the stock price to fall. Insurance companies often will not pay claims if it involves a private pilot who was injured or killed.  And, a CEO would probably not even have the time to learn to fly.

4) In the book, Anastasia comments on how many free massages she received in the first class lounge during several domestic flights, which were paid for by Grey.  Sorry, but you're lucky to get a free beer and some finger food in the domestic first class lounge. You're lucky to even have access to the lounge on a domestic first class flight.

5) The CEO of a corporation would tend to be a weekend submissive, not a dominant.  This is how weekday bosses blow off steam on the weekend.

6) A lifestyle dominant would not be attracted to vanilla virgin such as Anastasia and certainly would not attempt to bring her into the lifestyle.  After a brief conversation, he would either loose interest and move on or would not broach the topic of his kinky lifestyle for fear of scaring her off.  There is nothing about Anastasia which is submissive or suggest that she would respond positively to being submissive.

7) Few would spend much time negotiating dom/sub written contracts considering they weren't even living together.  Not being a submissive, Anastasia would have simply walked away after reading it - ran away would be more likely.

8) A dominant would not behave in such a fashion as to bind and whip a "vanilla" for his own pleasure, hurting a woman who is not into the lifestyle.  In this context, Grey's behavior is simply kidnapping, rape, and sexual torture.  This is not erotic or enjoyable.  It's not even legal.

9) Control is given up by the submissive who sets the limits.  It is the dominant who provides service for the submissive despite outward appearances.  In the context of the book or the movie, this is not even a novel about bdsm.

10) Both the book and the movie fail on so many levels.  As a romance novel, the man beats and abuses someone he likes but not loves.  There are inaccuracies about airline travel, corporations, and piloting small aircraft which demonstrates the author knows nothing about anything.  As for insight into the bdsm lifestyle, it's a total farce and perpetuates misconceptions about kinky sex and those who participate in it.  It's a pointless fantasy which has no character development, does not convey any message, is poorly written, poorly acted, and insults the intelligence of anyone who looks at it.


1991 - Studied basic photography at Dowling College, Oakdale.
1992 - First Place Fire Island Photography Contest, black and white division.
1994 - Sayville Summer Festival Art Show
1994 - Internet website publication, hbutz.com.
1997 - World Fine Art Gallery Group Show.
1998 - Solo Exhibition, Nicholas Joseph Art Gallery, Penn Plaza.
2001 - Sayville Summer Festival Art Show (expunged because of content)
2001 - Bond Con Fetish and Bondage Convention NYC
2002 - Double Exposure Group Show, Soho Photo, Tribeca
2002 - Through the Lens of 9/11 Group Show, Soho Photo, Tribeca
2002 - Clouds Solo Show, Soho Photo, Tribeca
2003 - EEPG Group Show, Image Gallery, Riverhead
2003 - Reflections Group Show, Image Gallery, Riverhead
2004 - EEPG Spring Group Show, Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton
2004 - EEPG Blue Moon Summer Celebration Exhibition, Southampton Cultural Center, Southampton
2004 - EEPG Holiday Exhibition, Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton
2005 - EEPG Waiting for Summer, Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton
2006 - EEPG Chasing the Light, Ashawagh Hall, East Hampton
2007 - The Kinsey Institute 2007 Juried Art Show, Indiana University
2008 - Book publication Reflections
2009 - http://giclee.hbutz.com/ fine-art prints for sale
2012 - http://www.henrybutz.com/ Banished From Sayville solo show
2013 - Artist Choice group show, Huntington, NY
2014 - Harvest of Artists, Huntington, NY

Testimonials from Models I have worked with
see http://blog.hbutz.com/


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