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J Pleasant Studios


J Pleasant Studios

Mayhem #2225803

MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/pleasantj

About me
Thanks for visiting my port.

I’ve always had a passion for photographing people.  In high school, I had my own darkroom where I processed and printed black & white photos for the school newsletter and yearbook.   In the many years since, my photography has changed to photographing kids, sports and other family events.   During a recent photo shoot in Maryland, my passion for photography was re-kindled.  During the two day event, I learned volumes from the photographers and models I worked with.  Going forward, I am actively working to develop my portfolio and photography skills.  I would love to work with models new to the industry that are looking to develop their portfolios as well as the more experienced models that can help me further my skills.

Gabby Leigh MM# 1353291 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Sharah Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Katya Zvantseva art MM# 2552910 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Cadence Lux MM# 3249524 & Laci Star MM# 2313840 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Endie #2849471 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Floofie MM#65089 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

LA McKenzie #3339867  Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Lauren on Facebook Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Briana on Facebook Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

LokiModel Wise MM# 3268339

Mika MM# 838234 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Emilee Rae  #2886395 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Raven Shadow art MM# 2906207 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Tiffiney C art MM# 881727 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Keely Madison MM# 3235513   Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Mei Lin #2776165 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Jojo West MM# 2817543  Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Anedj-Ra Hetheru Seshat #2711009 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

viktoria1989 #2454407 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Gazelle Powers #3092915  Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Samantha on FaceBook

Click here to go to the Breast Cancer Awareness Project 2013 Site.

JoJo West #2817543 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Chanel 5 #429646 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Marzi Marz #2364090

My goal is to create images that capture the human experience.  Human beings have the capacity to create art that captures the imagination and move the spirit.  My inspiration to create is rooted in photographing women.  For me, this inspiration can be found in the swollen female curves of the buttock, belly and breasts of a plus size woman or the petite chiseled and less pronounced features of a smaller woman.  This inspiration can also be found in the daily condition and lives of women at home, at work and at play.  It is a blessing that women come in all shapes, sizes and colors and for me, that is what makes them perfect.  I want to capture the physical and spiritual beauty of women that speaks to the full range of emotions that we as human beings experience:  Extreme joy to profound sadness, basic sexual instincts to spiritual enlightenment.  I want to capture it all without apology.

TPeterman  #3025105 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Gwen Nova  #2757904 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

To this end, I would like to pursue projects that capture women performing daily activities where the focus is on the woman’s experience.  Again, I want my images to capture and convey emotions such as joy, happiness, and passion as well as some of the darker feelings of sadness, grief and despair.  I’m not there yet, but that is where I want to be.  I’m a half baked photographer that is still evolving.  Therein lays the joy of it all; not the arrival, but the journey.

Melissa Jean #546548 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Sydney Jasmine #2645538 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

As I browse through model mayhem, I’m fascinated and amazed by the many talented photographers and models.  I’m convinced that there is no end to the human imagination and the capacity to create.  I want to develop and tap into my creative spirit.   I’m looking for models with imagination and ideas that also seek to create images that tell stories and convey emotions.  As I mentioned earlier, age, size and color have no bearing on beauty.  Life experience and the desire to create are what count. 

Crimson Reign #273458 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Vella Rich #2775754 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Vicky Marc MM# 2782277  Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

I will always respect you as a human being and model and expect the same.  I will never put a model in a situation or ask a model to pose in a position that makes them uncomfortable.  No one likes surprises unless it’s winning the lottery.  The matter of compensation and shoot requirements will always be communicated before the shoot.  I believe managing expectations is key to a smooth and relaxing shoot.

A list all of the models that I have worked with can be found in the credits section of my profile.  Please contact anybody who has worked with me if you are seeking references. I do not filter them and encourage you to do your homework.

NiNoPants #1636982 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

I really look forward to working with you and creating something wonderful.  I can be reached through Model Mayhem or directly through my email pleasantj@comcast.net.

Thanks for stopping by!

2014 calendar printable

Since December 26, 2012

Wonderful Models and Makeup Artists that I have worked with in the past.

Hannah Perez  #1236287 Click image above to view more pics of the shoot.

Amanda Finesse #735981 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png – Dark and Lovely Complexion Swimwear Shoot-out II, Body Painting at the Gaffitti Warehouse
Adrina Lynn  #1017067 Very nice figure. Nudes In Nature-3 Montage
Alexis Menke Plus Model #2739003 --  Gafitti Warehouse
Anastasia-O #2609771 – Beautiful Hair Montage
Anedj-Ra Hetheru Seshat #2711009 – Statuesque Carriage House
Blueriverdream  #225550
Bonsai  #183392 – Talented and Capable Male Model Adam & Eve
BrooJe  #2265807
Brooke Loko  #1038298 – Ripped Swimwear Shoot-out II
Cadence Lux #3249524 -- Great Figure. Cadence & Laci
Camilla Luv #2431580 – Eye Candy Montage
Chanel 5 #429646 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png --  Total package:  Gorgeous Model, Accomplished Photographer and Makeup Artist.    She does it all. Nudes in Nature
Chocolate Kriss #2471889 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png – Lovely and Sweet. Montage
Crimson Reign #273458  http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png -- Striking model that is easy and wonderful to work with. Montage and  Tubblr Site
Cupcake Princess #2553074  -- Dark haired Latin beauty.  Pocahontas State Park
Devilish Delusions #521061 --  Pool Party
DMV Deb #2921015 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png -- A beautiful, mature curvy plus size model who enjoys making beautiful images. Great to work with.
Eddy Lix #3111634 --  A Filipino/Portuguese/Irish/Scottish/German/Cherokee Indian beauty Fall Bike shoot
Ella Clair   #347669
Emilee Rae  #2886395– Gorgeous Model Latex Shoot
Endie #2849471 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png -- Pregnant and Beautiful  Art Nude at the Gaffitti Warehouse Roanoke,
Ferrum, 12 Weeks
Faith Creed on Face Book -- New Model from PA. Carlise Shoot
Farrah Elizabeth #2471784 -- Easy to work with even after an exhasting day of shooting. Montage
Gette Black #1990135  -- Beautiful Eyes.  Montage
Gwen NOVA   #2757904 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png -- Hot new model Breast Cancer Awareness Photo Shoot, Body Painting, Fashion at the GH 
Hannah Perez  #1236287 Bright Eyes and Beautiful Smile Visiting Fredericksburg
Henna N   #1630018 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png
IvoryMistress #447289 – A real angel with milky white skin. Union 206 II
JadeXO   #2184460
Janakhte Page  #2722702 Bright Eyes and Beautiful Smile Breast Cancer Awareness Photo Shoot
Jezlin Moore  #2952365 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png Bright Eyes, Beautiful Smile, Gorgeous Figure  Graffiti Warehouse, Union 206
Jinae Spencer #1775689 -- Tall with beautiful smile and curves. Breast Cancer Awareness Photo Shoot
JoJop West #2817543 Awesome beauty and perfect skin!
Kallia  #825555 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png
Katya Zvantseva art MM# 2552910  -- Russian Classic Ceasar Workshop
Keely Madison  #3235513– Gorgeous Model Latex Shoot
KendaylB #2836433 -- Alternative Model with great curves. Art Nude at the Gaffitti Warehouse
Kris London   #1630062
Kistina Collins on Facebook -- Tall full figure beauty. Montage
Leah Hilton #1708069 --Solid Fitness Model  and Accomplished Singer     Nudes in Nature
Laci Star #2313840 -- Great Figure. Cadence & Laci
LA McKenzie #3339867 -- Drop dead gorgeous.  Nuff said. Montage
Lenore #8919 -- Great Figure. Montage
Letisha Washington #1956935 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png -- Beautiful skin.  Makeup not required. Montage
Lii Lii  #642079 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png  -- Inked and can really strike a pose.  A real professional and great to work with. Montage
Loren Bray #892515 – Pure Energy.
Macey Brook  #2242431 – Creative New Model Montage
MaryCeleste  #1509848
Marzi Marz #2364090 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png -– Inspiring: The world is a better place because of the this rare jewel. Breast Cancer Survivor
Mei Lin #2776165 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png– Physically Fit Jewel. - Montage
Melissa Jean  #546548
Melissa Trout  #752466– Super Model Nude In Nature-1
Mika Lovely  #838234– Gorgeous Model Fun Shoot
Model Vision  #1759877 -- Tall and slim beauty  Gaffitti Warehouse
Naeria   #2576691  -- Blonde, blue eyed beauty.  Montage
Najibah Almahdi #799904– Stunning Fitness Model and Art Nude Model NinjaPrincess, Carriage House
Nedah Oyin   #1440365
Nicholemarie47   #1181211-- Great Curves.  Body Painting at the Gaffitti Warehouse
NiNoPants  #1636982  -- Great Curves.  Montage
Pinkies Lash Boutique #2935207 – Talent and Beauty.
PinkTiger  #2486620 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png -- Great Curves. 
PinkTiger and Tuliprosie, PinkTiger
Plus Model Adeline #2986489 -- Beautiful and Bountiful Icelandic Jewel. Farm Shoot
Plus Model Classy Dame #110912 --  Pool Party
Rebca Corrine #2321316 – Dark, Lovely and Fit.
Rebecca Lawrence #155507 -- Top Model.
Rhea Griffin  #2352685
Rahyndee James #3142943
Raven Shadow #2906207  -- Beautiful eyes and petite,  Martinsburg, WV
Roslyn D #1825952 --  Montage
Sahhara Doll -- Beautiful complexion with wonderful curves.
Samantha Britell on FaceBook -- Gorgeous and talented brunette.
Samantha TheModel #3037930 -- Girl Next door with lovely curves. Beautiful implieds
SaraH Lynn Nudes #1312469 -- Great Artistic Model (My First Nude Shoot) Nude and Nature-1
Sarai O  #2856005 -- Dark Hair Beauty.  Grafitti Warehouse
Shirelle Harvey #2305242 -- Tall with beautiful smile and curves. Breast Cancer Awareness Photo Shoot
Sydney Jasmine #2645538 -- Tall with beautiful smile. Union 206
Tabatha Miami  #94964
Tiffiney C #881727 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png– Gorgeous and tall. Swimwear Shoot-out II, Bodyscapes
Tj Dimps -- Up and coming Plus model. Rock Creek Park
TPeterman #3025105   – Beautiful Eyes. Walk in the Park
Tuliprosie #1438406 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png  – Eyes and Curves. Montage
Valerie Whitaker #5028  Fantastic Model Montage
Vella Rich #2775754 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png --Wonderful smile and beautiful eyes. Body painting, Christmas Shoot, Nudes
Vicki Vixxen #2512351  Beautiful model and actress.
Viktoria1989 #2454407 http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png Strong, Graceful and Incredible Flexibility, Graceful
Voluptuous Joie -- Up and coming Plus model.
Zinn Star #407611 Creating a miracle Montage
Zoha #630043 – Girl next door glamour with energy and infectious smile. Swimwear Shoot-out II

Makeup Artists
Carolina Molina #2537079 – Top makeup artist Makeup and Hair Montage
Makeup by Tonette #2794840 – Does wonderful work – Grafitti House
Pinkies Lash Boutique #2935207 – Talent and Beauty.
Jamal Tendajii Lee – Does wonderful and creative body painting a the Grafitti House 1, Grafitti House 2

http://mms.ibsrv.net/images/smilies/big_smile.png -- Worked with on multiple occasions.

Artistic Curves   21 pics
Black and whites   16 pics
Bodies in Motion   16 pics
Bodyscapes   35 pics
Breast Cancer Awareness   12 pics
Chocolate Beauty   15 pics
Color   16 pics
Couples   27 pics
Creative Lighting   2 pics
Dangerous curves   35 pics
Exotic   11 pics
Faces   16 pics
Favorite photographers   16 pics
Funny   1 pics
Great Glamour Nudes   4 pics
Great Lingerie   12 pics
Ink me   5 pics
Iron Men   1 pics
Iron Queens   19 pics
I want to shoot this   18 pics
Like a fine wine   1 pics
Maternity Wonders   60 pics
Model I like to shoot Ohio   5 pics
Models I would like to shoot   104 pics
MoMo List   3 pics
Natural and Comfortable Figures   11 pics
Natural Lighting   11 pics
Nudes In Nature   3 pics
Photo I want to take II   58 pics
Shots I want to take   94 pics
Shots to take   9 pics
Smiles   4 pics
Studio Lighting   17 pics
The Interesting Edge   36 pics
Urban   0 pics
Very Nice   22 pics
What a concept   1 pics


Marzi Marz


Jojo West

My Gorgeous Curves

Chanel 5

Makeup Artist
Carolina Molina MakeUp


Anedj-RA Artistic Nudes


Tiffiney C

Amanda Finesse


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