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About Me

Dear everybody, glad you could make it!

Let me save us both a lot of time right away...

(so you now have absolutely NO excuse to not book me immediately! borat )

I do not care all that much for pecan pie, caution tape, angel wings, bunny poses, hand bras, railroad tracks, merlot, bathroom shots, cruelty to animals, and anything war/Nazi/gas mask related, ( ask me about my great-grandpappy's POW diary ) religious themes, (ask me about my experience with Catholic School) or too much glitter (cause I mean, when is any amount of glitter ever too much?!?).

Thank you, but No.
Image by Sean Matthew Photos, MM# 2399714
Nix with the retouching. This is what you're gonna get!

No trading at this time, unless you are superduperawesometastic (sorry, I mean in MY opinion, not yours), and come with a team, or we have already worked something out in a previous life ( you know who you are)
No trade for art nudes or outdoor shoots. No never, no more. I have art nudes and bug bite scars to last me a few lifetimes.
Trade for accomodation means a hotel room. *

Currently I'm after high fashion/beauty/unusual concepts and underwater.

Of course you will go ahead and skip straight to where you can see my tits, or maybe you'll skim this or not, and then form your opinion on yet another not-so-sensibly-ageing, naked, money-grubbing wannabe-diva (yah, I sing! Loudly, off-key, and with enthusiasm! Who's up for karaoke? ), who's trying to hold off on getting a real job for just a while longer if she can...

Or, if your attention span can be measured by more than mere nanoseconds, you can take the stuff below with a bag of salt (like one does with Fox news and such) and a sense of humor and drop me a line after...
Your tags, comments and messages are very much appreciated!

Wish you were here
I'm punctual, easy to work with, I know my a** from my elbow and take directions well (or if you prefer just 'do my thing'). Please get in touch with me via pm, and give me everything you got: what, when, where, how, for how long and with whom. And possibly what's difficult to determine rates without basic info

Alan H Bruce: "Amadea is a true pleasure to work with… if you have the chance you should act on it."7

Taking care of business
I will show up ready, willing and able, but there's not a whole ton of wardrobe to speak of, as you can possibly tell from my port... you are welcome to supply one, of course. (There are a few designer pieces, please inquire.)

Lost Photo: "Amadea is a consummate professional. And a damn fine model. And a damn fine dame."

Unless otherwise instructed, I will come with a fresh face, "nails did," and unstyled hair, so you can decide there and then what and how much you'd like. Or have the MUA do it. I clean up real good by the way.

I connect with my photographers well. I always give my 100% to help realize your vision and am usually able to deliver what you need out of your project in 50% of the expected time if you can communicate what you want the first twelfth of our time. (Have I also mentioned that I am a genius at math? Bill, my accountant, told me so! lol )

Philipp Ritchie: "It would be hard to say what is a perfect model for the style of photography I create, but Amadea comes close.
A beautiful model is just a beautiful model if she cannot create the feeling and mood I need. Amadea does. Every time I book her for a selection of ideas to be done in a certain time, she comes through, understands my concepts and makes them work for me."

Da ya think I'm sexy?
Ink: three small ones, edit them out, cover 'em up or...not.
Piercings: have pierced ears and a metal allergy. I'll wear earrings for short amounts of time if required.
Scars: only on the inside. smile

I am high energy, (but low maintenance, best of both worlds!).
If I'm fed with enough sugar and/or caffeine, almost anything could happen.
( "Life-A.D.D.", I  had it added to the DSMIV)
I am an experienced traveler, internationally published, and have so far visited 25 States, 24 countries, lived in 4, and should maybe not attempt to return to... nevermind.

I am originally from Vienna, Austria, my manners are impeccable (until I turn them off), I speak with a slightly British accent, (until I change it up a little) and I will get very effing offended if you ask me a bunch of stupid s*** about Germany/ say "G'day, mate!"

I sit astride life like a bad rider on a horse. I only owe it to the horse's good nature that I am not thrown off at this very moment. Ludwig Wittgenstein

Money for nothing

Money can't buy happiness, but it can buy..
*An 8-ball of bl*w
*$50 down on #7
*The latest edition of Sl*t World
*Imported beer
*Thirty-year-old Scotch
*Votes in the Senate
*Votes in the House, for that matter
*Fast cars
*H**kers who drive fast cars while doing an 8-ball of blow and reading Sl*t World out loud to me while I smoke a cigar and drink scotch with a beer chaser on the way to the track.
Who knows,  maybe the Senator and I will stop for Cappuccinos on the way home. 

Don't give me no lines and keep your hands to yourself
I do not offer adult stuff (that's where Erotica ends and Porn begins), Gonzo or Guerilla photography. That means I don't want your parts on my parts in a photo. Or period.
That also means that if I am posing nude outdoors for you, you will have one of three things:
1) A permit.
2) A reliable lookout, equipped with plenty of bail money, an attorney (Bill, of course.) on speed dial and open-date business class tickets on Delta for me and my five cats for our trip to Mexico after 'they' deport me. Pm me for my frequent flier number.
3) A private property where a chicken can cross the dirt road without having its motives questioned.)
References available upon request, or just check out my tags. borat
(Believe everything you've heard )

Thank you, come again!

* The sofa/bed/hammock-in-your-studio/garage/spare room issue and why I'm insistent:
..I like my room at a certain temperature, privacy after a long day and not having to worry about tiptoeing around your stuff.
..Insomnia has me do strange poses after midnight that I don't care to share.
  ..Sometimes kind folks who have previously offered me accommodation at their dwellings kinda sorta forgot to mention that...
    ..there's a three-year-old in the house who has not learned how to knock
     ..their house is haunted or something cause some of my things mysteriously disappeared..
          ..the shower is broken
            ..the toilet is broken
                 ....they are pimping out of their house (I wish this was a wisecrack..this really happened. All of it..)
               ..someone needs the space at the buttcrack of dawn
          get the picture.

So... You'll want me to look rested, I want at least a halfway realistic attempt of a good night's..umm.. sleep.
Also, despite my good rep for going streaking at certain public beaches with a certain Alan H Bruce photographerdudeiloveyouforversothere at said buttcrack of dawn, I'll shamefully have to admit that I'm not a morning person. Glad we cleared all that up.
There will be a quiz shortly.

PS: eat your greens!


A poem, inspired by one of my images, courtesy of BodyPainter Rich, MM# 54:

The Lady of the Lake
you've given up your sword
your name is lost
your cover is gone
even the mists have left you
what is left?
floating in silvery reflection
what is left?
the ripples seek you
the breeze caresses you
you claim your place
in silent feminine power
The Lady of the Lake

Tearsheets, books, videos, other publications: … nm#actress ( Superwink, mm# 2506822)   (Patricio RD)  (The Book. Nude, Nature, Aaahhh.. )

Annnd the obligatory NDR (do not recommend) list, to be updated as I find the cuprits :



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