Ritual Muse

Model Female Los Angeles, California, US
San Diego, California, US
San Francisco, California, US
Mayhem # 2350

About Me

I have been modeling since I was 4, I love fashion, fine art, sensuality, luxury anything that looks like it belongs in a old hollywood film naked or not.

I am based in LA travel internationally have two less then one inch tattoos inside my wrist and that is all. I have very clear skin, blond hair, green eyes and love to create. I am 100 percent natural and 99 percent organic . If you want to see more candid shots of me please check out the links below. I love being healthy and having fun, and bringing visions into life as a model actress and creative being.

My tumblr!
My instagram!
My personal facebook add me

TRADE: Only shooting for Editorials, tearsheets, fashion films or music films via tfp

Professional. That means: clear communication, on time, no underwear lines, hair & makeup ready to shoot, & requested wardrobe in hand.
Happily Engaged. Please respect this and keep tags/messages appropriate!
Music on set: I cant shoot without it I will bring it
I've been shooting professionally since I was 4
I drink lots of coffee and tend to love talking, I love meeting new people and visiting new places
Pubic hair: currently one tiny line

What I Do
Fashion nudes
Natural light glamour
Commercial beauty
Glamorous old Hollywood style pin-up
Fashion fetish" like pantyhose, stockings, corsets, heels, blindfolds, latex
Light Fetish aka some rope,handcuffs, corsets, etc, for art or personal use only
Sheer black anything
Lingerie & heels
Outdoor nudes at private locations
Outdoor nudes if its legal and removed from children if I can hear people I am not getting naked unless its a nudist resort
Bend-y yoga poses
Working in a studio/hotel location/private property
Smoking cigarettes for effect
Taking your creative idea and making it 110%
Coffee with coconut milk, veggies & fruit!
Coconut oil on skin for that shiny look
Corsets and Latex
Shooting with other women
Climbing things
Shooting with silk, leather, fur,

-What I Don't Do:
Met-Art style nudes (aka explicit spreads & "pink" shots)
BabyOil I will use coconut oil
Posing Nude with male model unless its my fiancé
Gore/horror/zombie/deathe/fake blood themes
Nudes in urban locations unless its legal and you can show me the law and its 5 am

I travel worldwide for bookings and love meeting new people and doing new things it inspires me in all forms of my artistic expression.

If you want to learn more or book me please just message me here or email me
Thank you for your time and energy


Festivals and venues I have Played
Electric Daisy Carnival
Lure – Los Angeles
Abundance – Los Angeles
Abraxas Dragon
Envision Festival
Enchanted Forest
Deep Green Festival – Headliner
Basscamp , Burningman
Nexus , Burningman
Hookadome, Burningman
Sacred Spaces, Burningman
Fractal Nation , Burningman
Bassdrop Seattle
Enchanted Forrest
Harmony Festival
The Big Bounce
The Honda Ski Tour
Lightning in a Bottle Festival
Symbiosis Festival
Shambala- Festival Canada
Ultra Music Festival- Miami Florida – Featured Guest with Kevens
Skinny Kitty – Burningman
Roots Society – Burningman
Summer Circus Festival – Oregon
The Temple Los Angeles
Vessel SF
Mighty SF
Mezzanine SF
The Independent SF
WakaRusa Festival
Hodis Half Note
Annual Ragga Muffins Festival – Long Beach Arena
1015 Folsom SF
The King King, LA
House of Blues LA
House of Blues Chicago
The Fox Theater CO
Sonic Bloom Festival CO
The Wicker Park Festival Chicago
Uncle Uncannys Salt Lake City
Oregon Country Fair Festival OR
DubStep Kings LA
Shore Ultra Lounge Long Beach
Wurk Reno
The Crystal Bay Club Taho
Stilldream Festival CA
The Emerlad Cup CA
How Weird Street Fair CA
Beatnik Studios CA
Vodoo Lounge San Jose CA
Eugene Celebration Eugene
Esylum Austin TX
Point Arena Theater
Veni Vidi Vici – SF
Gladstone Hotel -Toronto Canada
The Roosevelt Tavern – The Ski Tour- Sun Valley ID -
Salt Creek-The Ski Tour – Breckenridge CA-
The Boulder Theater – Boulder CO
Sean Paul Vip Party- The Ski Tour- Aspen Co
Beats for Peace @ 1015 Folsom – San Francisco CA
Zenbu Lounge- The Ski Tour- Squaw Valley
The Ski Tour Ice Breaker Vip Party – Tahoe CO
Spectra Ball@The Regency Center – San Francisco CA
Trilogy Lounge- Boulder CO
Sebastopol Brewery – Sebastopol CA
Groove Garden – Fairfax CA
Reggae Rising – Humbolt CA-
Northwest Reggae – Eugene Oregon
Shambala -Nelson, British Columbia Canada
MEZZANINE-Power To The Peaceful-San Francisco
Earthdance– Diner Divine -Laytonville CA
Earthdance- Taj Mahal Laytonville CA
Earthdance – Main Stage
Cervantes Ballroom, Denver Colorado
Monks- Salt Lake City,Utah
Whiskey Jacks – Ketchum (Sun Valley) Idaho
Neurolux -Boise Idaho
Porterhouses Avalaunch – Missoula MT
Porterhouses Avalaunch – Jackson Hole Wyoming
Zenbu Lounge – Squaw Valley California – Bozeman, Montana
The Green Room – Reno Nevada
Zebra Cocktail Lounge -Bozeman, Montana
Whiskey Jacques – Ketchum Idaho
The Knotty Pine – Victor, Jackson Idaho
Club Six- San Francisco California
People I have Made music with and labels I have worked with
Simplify Recordings
Beta Recordings
Prime Dub Recordings
Gruntworthy Records
Olaris Recordings
Sony/BMG Records
Eyezcream Recordings
Collborators People I have written with sung with produced with or who remixed and or used my work
Eric Hart
John B
Blunt Instrument
Bruce Somers of Kidney Thieves
Love & Light
Nit Grit
Auditory Canvas
Alexis K
David Starfire
Knight Riderz
Stylust Beats
Shock -N Rock
John B
Heavyweight Dub Champion
Robert Vadney
Royal Sapien
Great Scott
Jens Gad (Enigma)
Henry Strange
Rabbit In the Moon
The Abominable Twitch
Adrian Carter
David Kira
DJ Vapour
David Kirby
Fredrico Epis
Meredith Chinn
John O
Alexander perls
Albums Singles and Others
Passes Away EP – Simplify Records
Enemy – Phuturprimitive – Simplify Records
Light Speed- John B – Beta Recordings Spring 2012
Confess 2.0 – Simplify Recordings Spring 2012
Quiet Riot – Prime Dub Recordings – Summer 2012
Beauty & The Bass – Gruntworthy Recordings – Spring 2012
Set it Off – Simplify Recordings – Summer 2011
Love Again – Beta Recordings – Summer 2011
Know Us EP- Simplify Recordings
Ravager Remixes – Simplify Recordings
The Art Of Drumstep – Simplify Recordings
King Of Solitude EP – Olaris Records
Confess EP – Mental Sanctuary Recors
Know Us – Fredrico Epis remix Bellarine Recordings
Beta – Mental Sanctuary Records
King Of Solitude – Single – Mental Sanctuary Records
The Fallen – Mental Sanctuary Records
Eden – Mental Sanctuary Records
Soul in the Machine – Mental Sanctuary Records
Everything Else – Mental Sanctuary Records
Punk Meditations – Mental Sanctuary
Know Us remixed by Federico Epis released by Bellarine Recordings
King Of Solitude Produced by Jillian Ann/Andres Karu Executive Produced by Meredith Chinn and Mixed by John O
Prisons Produced by Jillian Ann/Andres Karu Executive Produced by Meredith Chinn and Mixed by John O
Love From Nothing Produced by Alexander perls
City Lights Produced by Chris Young
French Kiss Produced by DJDL( Eyezcream Records)
Lost (single) Performed by Jillian Ann; written and produced by Jillian Ann and David S. Kirby (Mental Sanctuary Records)
Neverland Written and Performed by Jillian Ann; produced by Jillian Ann and David S. Kirby (Emperor Penguin Recordings)
Moab Written, Performed and Produced by Jillian Ann and Sage
Soul Rebels, a multi media sound/visual project produced by Larry Carlson
Have we, Love you, for an album by Joshua Gabriel, Produced by Zack Orion
“Cold”, to be released through Metropolis Records/ BLC productions
“Sunlight” (featuring Jillian Ann), single produced by Sean A. Fenn
“in the flesh” encryption ( digital hardcore )
“Have No Fear,” single produced by David Abraham
Confess Writter and Performed by Jillian Ann, Produced by Bruce Somers , Co Produced by Jillian Ann, Mixed by Bruce Somers http://www.brucesomers.com/
Confess (Auditory Canvas Remix) Written and Performed by Jillian Ann Remixed by Auditory Canvas http://auditorycanvas.net/
Confess David Kira Remix Written and Performed by Jillian Ann Remixed by David Kira http://davidkira.blogspot.com/
Confess Henry Strange Remix Written and Performed by Jillian Ann Remixed by Henry Strange http://davidkira.blogspot.com/
Confess Jens Gad Enigmatic Remix Written and Performed by Jillian An Remixed by Jens Gad http://www.gadmusic.com/
Confess Protilius Remix Written and Performed by Jillian Ann Remixed by Protilius http://protilius.com/
Confess Adrian Carter Remix Written and Performed by Jillian Ann Remixed by Adrian Carter http://www.myspace.com/adriancarter
Confess Robert Vadney Remix Written and Performed by Jillian Ann Remixed by Robert Vandey http://www.robert-vadney.com/
Confess Robert Vadney Dub Remix Written and Performed by Jillian Ann Remixed by Robert Vandey http://www.robert-vadney.com/
Confess Robert Vadney Radio Remix Written and Performed by Jillian Ann Remixed by Robert Vandey http://www.robert-vadney.com/
Confess The Abominable Twitch “Seven Year Plan” Written and Performed by Jillian Ann Remixed by The Abominable Twitch http://abominabletwitch.wordpress.com/
Confess – Say It Remix Written and Performed by Jillian Ann Remixed by Purity Control http://members.shaw.ca/puritycontrol/
Confess – A long dark Night Written and Performed by Jillian Ann Remixed by Purity Control http://members.shaw.ca/puritycontrol/
Confess Remixed by DJ Vapour – Written and Performed by Jillian Ann remixed by DJ Vapour http://www.36hertz.com/index.php?page=dj-vapour
Soudtracks Compliations Etc
“Prince & The Pauper” Bonus CD Featuring King Of Solitude by Jillian Ann Sony Pictures & Sony/BMG Music
“Gargoyle 52” (Compilation) featuring Ministry by Jillian Ann
“Spotless” By James Anthony Kelsey Featuring Inside out, Vapour, and Never Enough by Jillian Ann
“Protesters” Music By Jillian Ann
“Lost,” a short film produced by Invisible Productions, Colorado Springs, Colorado
“Season of the Hunted,” a feature film produced by Alexis Entertainment, Inc., New York, New York HBO
“Voodoo Warriors,” a feature film produced by Purgatory Blues, L.L.C., Fort Lee, New Jersey
“Spotless,” a feature film produced by Downside Productions, Denver, Colorado
“Kliq Diva,” a feature film produced by Cannon Romanticism Entertainment, Skillman, New Jersey
Live Musical Performances:
King Of Solitude was chosen by to be the theme song for Melissa Marrs book “Radient Shadows” Harper Collins
“The Art Of Drumstep” – Simplify Recordings
“Breaking Point “from Ben Mallaby
Glamorous Noise Using Comfort from Beta
Other Stuff
Quiet Riot – Top 100 for over a year on Beatport
Know Us – Simplify Recordings Charted in the top 10 on Beatport Charted at Number 2 on Additech
Know Us – Ravanger Remixes Charted in the Top 10 on Beatport
Has been featured in countless music blogs
Is Currently featured in Nikki Sixx New Book and Documentary
Played the lead Beside Gavin Rossdale in the End of me Music video by Apocalyptica
Has been in various print magazines and books from Photo, FHM, Soma, Pig, MIT Magazine,
and so on
Has played the lead in various music videos and independent films
My music has been supported by Dj’s such as Paul Okenfold, DJ Storm MetalHedz, etc
Artist I toured with shared billing with or played festivals with
David Starfire
Heavyweight Dub Champion
Freq Nasty
Auditory Canvas
Ana Sia
Beats Antique
Tommy Lee
Thievery Corporation
Lucent Dossier Experience
The Glitch Mob
Pretty Lights
Michael Franti + Spearhead
Nosaj Thing
Rena Jones
Fort Knox Five
Sly and Robbie
Heavyweight Dub Champion
Beats Antique
Ill Gates
Nick Warren
Sean Paul
Three Days Grace
Tommy Lee
The Wailers
Swollen Members
Don Carlos
Kamphire Collective
DJ Laura
Love & Light
Nit Grit
Random Rab
Damine Marley
Stephen Marley
March Fourth Marking Band
Print Clients and Magizines that I can Remember
RITUAL Fashion
Auxiliary Magazine
S&G Clothing (US)
Melodia Designs (US)
SUST Clothing (US)
Astaro Clothing (US) Campaign
Raven-Wearable Art (US)
SUST Clothing (US)
Audio Vox Campaign
FILLES : CLIN D’OEIL(French) Editorial
The Serpent Editorial
Metro News Paper (US) Editorial
Bonita Campaign
Narcisse Designs (US)
Dirty by Anthony Defranco Campaign
Pig Magazine
Jay Mccarroll – editorial
MIT Technology Review -cover and 14 page feature
Media Plus Magazine — Cover and Feature
SOMA Magazine
Midwest Beat
Amplifier Magazine
Outburn Magazine
Photographic Magazine
Photo Magazine
YRB Magazine
Lament Catalogue (Milan,IT)
Francesco Guerra (Milan, IT)
L’Oreal Editorial beauty (Milan, IT)
Vintage, Ad Campaign/Editorial (Milan, IT)
Lunatica By Linfleur, Catalogue (Milan, IT)
Blend Magizine
Shutterbug Magizine
Photo Magizine
Skin Two
Gothic Beauty
KA Jani, Look Book
Chanel Beauty, Editorial
Select Magazine
Modern Salon, Editorial
The Scene, Cover
Toni and Guy, Ad Campaign (UK)
Total Coverage (US)
Jokers Wild, Ad Campaign (US)
Colin Turner, Ad Campaign (US)
Jezebel Magazine, (US)
Fi Fi Mayhons (US)
Big Magazine, Editorial (US)
Garo Sparo, Fashion Story (New York, NY)
Playgrounds (US)
Demask ( US)
Salon Magazine editorial ( New York, NY)Photographers, Fashion
Lots of Art Books and Galleries
Acting Credits – When I am not musing making music or performing
Apocalyptica “end of me” Featuring Gavin Rossdale “Lead Girl” Directed by Lisa Mann/Revolver Films/Jive Records
Krister Linder – Broken Horses – Lead Girl
Griffith Frank “Unusual Way” “Violinst ” Frank The Plumber/Geffen Records
“Portrait” Lead “Julia” Directed by Fabrice Grange
“The Chauffeur”For Sleepthief Music Video
“Radient Shadows” Book Trailer Directed by Fraasa
‘Once Upon A Time In New York” Lead Directed by Fabrice Grange
“Beauty” Directed by Billy Sheahan
‘Onion Underwater”Techno Dancer Directed by Paul Yates / AFI
“Futbaal: The Price of Dreams” Bartender Traveling Show Productions Directed by Eric Labale
“Lift Me Higher “Moby Principle/Feature/ Production Bungalow 7/ Mute Records 2005
“Nintendo Commercial for Japanese Market ” Dancer/Rockstar Hideoko Productions
“Life in Motion” Lead Autobiographical Filmed by Jillian Ann; Produced by Jillian Ann and Glenn McAlpine (www.LodgerProductions.com)
“Coming of Age” Maria, Lead Female Directed by Michael Watson
“The Last Way” Girl in Cafe Punk Directed by Austin Redding
“The Donkey Show” Dancer Off Broadway Production (dancer)
“The Best Christmas Pageant ever” Lead Beth Bradley Theater
Black Wings” directed by Argang Karmiza (lead role)became an underground
Runway Credits
S&G Clothing
Diva Mode Fashion Show
Colin Turner
Jokers Wild
Toni and Guy
Paul Mitchell
Wayne Van Nugyen
Blue Peacock
Charleston Pierce
Member of BMI
Music Video Direction/Production/Art Direction/Styling
Confess – Jillian Ann
Katy Come out and Play – Esza Kaye
Higher – Jillian Ann
Precious – Jillian Ann
Vapour – Jillian Ann
Speaking Engagements:
Global Entertainment and Media Summit Panelist (Artists in a Digital Age),
Woodside Elementary School, River Vale, New Jersey
Dancer Modern/Ballet/Improv/Performance Art
Kevens, New York, New York
Fusion Nightclub, Atlanta Georgia
Tounge and Groove, Atlanta Georgia
Chilli Pepper, Atlanta Georgia
Nomenclature, Atlanta Georgia
Backstreet, Atlanta Georgia,
Limelight, New York, New York
Crobar, New York, New York
Supperclub Los Angeles, CA
Music Achievements:
Grammy Award pre-nomination in Best New Artist category by the National Academy of Recordin Arts and Sciences
Feature in MIT Tecnology Review and Cover
944 Magizine
Feature in Pig Magizine ( Italy )
Featured on MSN Just enough TV
Featured in countless blogs yahoo news etc
Played on many radio stations both through space and on earth


Voice Training:Education
Craig Derry, New York, New York present
Badiene Magaziner, New York, December 2002 to present
Producing/Arranging 2002, David Kirby
Voice 2002 to present, Badiene Magaziner
Voice 2002 to present, Hope Reyes
Piano, Classical 1993-1997, Abby Keller
Vocals 1994-1998, Judy Dodd
Vocals 1994-1998, Paul Durgin
Theater Training, Atlanta Theater Company, 1995-1998
Ballet, Atlanta Dance Company 1993-1996
Tap, Atlanta Dance Company 1993-1996
HB Studios, Summer 2003


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