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About Me

[b]YOUR MODEL PORTFOLIO "GO-TO" PHOTOGRAPHER...[/b] [i]I am an accomplished AND published modeling industry photographer. More models choose to work with me for their portfolio shoots over any given time period than any other photographer in the Northern Nevada area... take a look at this small sampling of images below from recent shoots... then contact me to arrange for a shoot... you will not be disappointed with the results... no matter who's work you compare it too! I let the other area photographers that are the self-proclaimed "Voted Best in the Area" photographers rattle on about their "superior quality"... you can judge the quality of my work right here... if you are good at what you do it's easy to mix quality AND quantity in your approach to model photography. I am not going to charge you $ 250 or more to shoot with me, nor am I going to make empty promises to try and get you published or get you into magazines such as Playboy. I'll leave it up to other "professional" photographers around Reno to make those empty promises to you. What I will do is provide the most professional-level experience you have ever had while shooting and give you some of the best images that you have ever received from any photographer that you have worked with... and that's a promise...[/i]

[b]Specializing in digital photography for models of all ages & experience levels...[/b]

No matter what your age or level of experience may be in the modeling world, I can help you get that special shot or look that can really add to your portfolio and give you something truly unique to help you stand out from the rest. I love to work with brand new models on their "first shoot", and I am equally comfortable working with models that may have dozens of shoots to their credit. No matter what your age or experience level, I would be delighted to work with you on your next shoot.

[i]You can see much more of my model photography and other work at the link below under photographer name "J Michael R". I am the founder and organizer of this group, and we regularly hold organized paid model shoots. Check us out and join the group if you are interested in some fun shoots! You can find us at...
http://www.meetup.com/Northern-Nevada-Photographers/ . We're always looking for new models for the group!

Professional Photographers of America (PPA) profile...

For the very latest photo updates... you should also visit my Facebook profile....

[b]Model portfolio building... TFCD and paid studio & outdoor sessions...[/b]

I am doing limited and selective TFCD shooting these days, and mostly with select more experienced models. Where the shoot is interesting to me... and if it is with a model that I have not yet worked with (regardless of experience level), I will strongly consider it for a TFCD shoot. If you are a model that is interested in talking about a TFCD session with me, please do not hesitate to contact me and inquire. Let's discuss what your concepts and portfolio needs are!

My two-hour paid studio portfolio shooting sessions, with images supplied on CD, cost as little as $ 150, and you will have your edited and processed images (along with a full set of proofs) within a few days of the shoot. Just contact me if you are interested in talking about or setting up a session to enhance your portfolio. I am always open to suggestion for combination TFCD and fee paid shoots, so if your concepts and ideas are interesting to me, or if I am in need of a particular type of shot for my portfolio and you are also interested in doing these, we can certainly negotiate pricing for the right shoot and content.

[b]My portfolio and credited photos from models that I have worked with...[/b]

I rotate the images contained within my portfolio periodically, and replace older ones with images from more recent shoots on a fairly regular basis. You can also check out the "Credited Photos" from within my portfolio for photos that have been placed within the various modeling MM portfolios by models that I have recently worked with. My MM VIP account only allows posting of 200 images, and I have many thousands of images in my overall portfolio library that span just about every theme and genre you can imagine. So if you do not see a particular style image and are interested to see if I am engaged in that particular type of shooting, please feel free to contact me and make inquiries.

[i]You can see much more of my model photography and other work at the link below under photographer name "J Michael R"...
http://www.meetup.com/Northern-Nevada-Photographers/ [/i]

[i]Model: Crisha Crame, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Mercedes Lehrer, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Logan Nash, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Keira Bivins, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Jenna Sliger, Reno, NV[/i]

[b]Always looking for shooting opportunities & new models to work with...[/b]

I am actively seeking all types of shooting opportunities and themes, and I am looking for both fee-paid and TFP / TFCD (on a limited basis... mainly with models that I have not worked with before) work to build a more complete portfolio for my own use, while providing new images to the model for her own portfolio. I am comfortable shooting in-studio, outdoors, and on-location.

[i]Model: Jackie Piazza, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Dannah Debel, Truckee, CA[/i]

[i]Model: Ana Sanchez, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Alexandria Luckadoo, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Leza Daishes, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Ashley Marie Evdokimo, Reno, NV[/i]

[b]Studio shooting in Carson City and Reno...[/b]

I have a 350+ sq-ft home-based indoor climate-controlled studio (it's not in my garage... so it's warm in the winter months and cool in the summer months!) here in here in Carson City, NV complete with a private powder room / changing room, sitting / waiting room , multiple shooting areas, and a working fireplace which can be used for certain types of shoots and themes. Studio lighting and other resources include multiple Novatron power packs and a variety of heads, multiple Paul Buff Alien Bees and Einstein monolights, soft boxes of various sizes, umbrellas of various sizes, octagonal soft boxes, beauty dishes, strip soft boxes with grids, various paper and muslin backdrops, green screen technology backdrops, real sheepskin rugs, satin bed sheet sets of various colors, etc. The list is constantly growing. We even have the music of your choice available for playing while we shoot, courtesy of Pandora Radio!

I also have access to a rental studio in Reno as needed. During the cold months, or whenever the Northern Nevada weather decides to be uncooperative regarding outdoor shooting, I shoot here in the studio. Certain themes or types of shoots that require a heightened level of privacy for the model are also routinely shot here in the studio, no matter what the time of year.

[i]Model: Breanne Gaines, Stead, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Desislava Nacheva, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Tiffani Focha, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Alissa Zamboni, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Amber Jentik, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Amanda Dominici, Reno, NV[/i]

[b]Shooting in the great outdoors in beautiful Northern Nevada and California...[/b]

Depending upon the type of theme or shoot, I actually prefer shooting outdoors locally when temperatures and weather conditions permit. The Lake Tahoe area has many beautiful areas to offer for the right kind of shoot. Locations such as Virginia City, Washoe Lake, the Nevada Railroad Museum grounds and the Capitol Building grounds here in Carson City, Fort Churchill, Sand Mountain, Bodie, CA, Old Sacramento, etc. also offer unique settings for outdoor shooting.

[i]Model: Velvet Bernhard, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Barbie Roxy Hagar, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Kimberlee Edwards, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Bree Nicole, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Krisna Fretwell, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Fayette Mariposa, Salt Lake City, UT[/i]

[b]Traveling and shooting on the road...[/b]

I routinely travel to various locations throughout Nevada, Arizona, California, as well as other areas of the country, and I always have my camera gear with me. I am ready to shoot whenever the right opportunity presents itself. Any model that views my profile and portfolio here on MM, and who has an interest in working with me should feel free to get in touch with me through MM, regardless of her location. You never know where I might be next, or where I might be willing to travel for the right shooting opportunity!

[i]Model: Audrey Seth, Santa Rosa, CA[/i]

[i]Model: Alexandria Henson, Sacramento, CA[/i]

[i]Model: Bridgette Durante, Verdi, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Hailee Vogt, Verdi, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Corinna Osgood, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Damiann Howard, Sacramento, CA[/i]

[b]Constantly trying to improve and enhance my own skills as a photographer...[/b]

I'm one of those people that truly believes he can always improve and get better with dedication, lots of practice, and trying new things. I regularly attend various types of photography workshops and training sessions in an effort to keep up on new techniques, fine-tune existing skills, and learn a new one whenever possible. That's what life is all about. No matter how much we may know about what we do, we can always learn something new and improve our abilities. The models that I work with benefit from this desire to constantly improve my skills and techniques, and the hunger to keep trying new things. I invite each and every model that I work with to challenge me to try her "dream shot". If we do not at least try... we will never have the opportunity to realize the dream!

[i]Model: Hannah Wilroth, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Jessie Shirley, Fernley, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Jessica Dickey, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Kaci Torrisi, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Lela Carrera, Dayton, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Katie Olivier, Reno, NV[/i]

[b]Challenging myself by working with professional models from time to time...[/b]

I like to challenge myself from time to time by doing some serious studio work with professional models... models who make their living within the industry. There's nothing like working with someone that's at the top of their game to get a reality check on your own work, and "compare notes" on the quality of your photography work, your lighting setups, etc. I do this from time to time by working with a professional level model that's "been there and done that" with some of the industry's best photographers. It can be a humbling experience, but it's also one that offers a lot of learning opportunities if you look at it the right way. Below are a few shots done with a few professional models that I shoot with from time to time, just to keep myself honest with my real abilities, and keep track of my own opportunities for improvement.

[i]Model: Tonya Petersen, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Sarah Shoup, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Cassey Allison Church, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Kindra Lee Delano, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Krystal Anson, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Lindsey Lepire, Carson City, NV[/i]

[b]Models who desire references from other models...[/b]

If you are looking for references from other models that I have worked with in the past, please feel free to contact any of the models here on MM that I have listed below in the "Credits" section. They will all be happy to provide positive references regarding both my photographic abilities and my professionalism. Several of these models have actually stayed in my home during multi-day shooting projects. Also, please be sure to read the growing listing of positive comments offered by some of the models that I have worked with. These comments are further testimony to my professionalism and even more so, to the level of comfort and relaxation that I am able to achieve with a model during a shoot, both in the studio and on location shoots.

[i]Model: Mariah Estes, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Mariela Salazar, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Tonya Petersen, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Berly, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Emmalyne Musser, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Mariesa Yeoman, Kings Beach (Lake Tahoe), CA[/i]

[b]Bringing a friend or companion with you to your shoot...[/b]

If we schedule a shoot, whether it is in the studio or outdoors on location, you should feel free to bring a friend or companion with you to assist in your feeling safe and comfortable while we are shooting. I will not be offended in any way by this, and it is a standard industry practice. It's just a good idea to do so, at least until you feel 100% comfortable with our working together in any particular setting. It's always your option, and you do not need to ask if it's OK with me to do so.

[b]Your privacy in my Carson City studio...[/b]

Your privacy in the studio will be given the utmost attention, especially if your shoot involves certain types of themes. Other than the model's chosen escort or companion, the only people allowed in the studio at the time of shooting will be the model and the photographer. No one else will be allowed into the studio until the entire shoot is completed. The combination changing room / powder room is right off of the studio and has a locking door for your comfort, and the studio itself is draped off from the rest of the building. Your absolute privacy during our shoot is guaranteed.

[b]Happily respecting your boundaries and limitations...[/b]

Every model has her likes and dislikes, and her boundaries and limitations for the types of shots or themes that she is willing and/or eager to do. I typically ask a model that I have never shot with before several questions before we actually start shooting, in order to establish these clearly in my own mind. As a shoot progresses, I may ask if you are receptive of a certain concept or shot, and at all times, the model is the one that is asked to make the decision to go down that path or not photographically. It's' your shoot as well as mine, and I want you to leave the shoot with a smile on your face and feeling good about what we accomplished together. I like to establish long term relationships with the models I work with and shoot with them numerous times. I am very respectful of every model's boundaries and limitations for each and every shoot that I do. So if we shoot together, all I ask is that you are totally honest with me when I ask these questions, and that you are willing to say "no" if a particular shot or concept is not consistent with what you want to accomplish or the way you want to be seen. Mutual respect, trust, and honesty between photographer and model are the three most important ingredients to a successful shoot.

[b]Professionalism, comfort, trust, self-confidence, & relaxation can help promote transition to that next step in your modeling career...[/b]

Most of the models I've worked with to date come to me with a history of having done casual, fashion, lifestyle, head shots, portraits, and perhaps maybe a little swimwear, etc. They may have only one shoot to their credit, or they may have many. For some, I get the honor and privilege of doing their very first shoot with them. But very few of them overall come to me with any history, or even a desire, to shoot anything like glamour, lingerie, or beyond. For many of them, it's a situation where they have just not yet had the opportunity to have worked with a photographer that they feel truly comfortable with to extent that allows them to feel good about "showing their secrets", not only to the photographer, but to the camera and the rest of the world. For others it may be a lack of self-confidence in their ability to look the way they think they should in such shots, or a lack of trust in general. I have worked with a fair number of models over the years that have overcome these barriers at some point while working with me, and have asked me to help them make this transition and step through to shooting in new areas such as glamour, lingerie, implied nudes, and perhaps beyond. When I ask why they suddenly experienced this change of heart and mind, most of them attribute it to an enhanced feeling of comfort in the studio, a totally relaxed and private environment, absolute trust in the photographer, the high level of professionalism while shooting together, and even perhaps the model's enhanced sense of self-confidence through the quality of the images that we have produced together up to that point. Whatever it is, I am happy to assist both new and more experienced models with their "stepping forward" into new areas of modeling, but only "IF" and "WHEN" they may be ready for it. I will never push or entice them into these areas on my own. Perhaps that is one of the big differences between their experiences in my studio as compared to some others.

[b]Models under age 18 and proof of age for all models...[/b]

I am happy to work with models that are under-age, but ONLY in the presence of a parent or legal guardian, and only on select types of shots. The parent or guardian MUST be present at all times. If a model looks like she is under-age, regardless of the age she claims to be, I may ask for proof of age before I agree to shoot with her. Please respect this if it happens, as it is for the model's safety as well as mine.

[b]Wardrobe, hair, MUA, etc.[/b]

At this time, I generally rely on the models that I shoot with to provide their own wardrobe and do their own hair / makeup. But I do currently have a growing supply of wardrobe items here in the studio, which consists of various style tops and blouses, some Victoria's Secret items, an assortment of dresses (a dozen or so), some general lingerie items (including considerable amounts of panties of various styles, thongs, etc.), some over-sized button-down shirts (men's shirts), an assortment of vests (fabric and leather or faux leather), a few stylish and glamour style jean jackets, a few short cut-off style jean skirts, some T-shirts, a nice selection of scarfs, etc. This is not an extensive wardrobe by any means, but it is growing slowly over time, and I generally add to it with each new scheduled fashion type shoot that I schedule. Sizes are typically S-Small (5) or M-Medium (6), with a few larger and smaller sized items. Currently, no swimsuits, bras, camisoles, bluejeans, shoes (flats or heels), so please be sure to bring your own for the shoot if you intend to use them. You should ALWAYS bring at least one pair of bluejeans and jean shorts (two of my favorites for shooting in - the more worn and "tattered" the better!). Models with questions regarding these items should check with me prior to arriving for a scheduled shooting session.

[b]Have fun... it's your shoot too!...[/b]

I try to keep every shoot that I do very relaxed and comfortable for the model, regardless of the theme of the shoot. Typically, I have music playing during a studio shoot to help set the mood, and I invite the model to bring CD's with any music on them that she chooses for playing during our shoot. I emphasize having fun during the shoot, and feeling free to act a little crazy in front of the camera if that's what you want to do. After all... it's your shoot too, so why not have as much fun with it as you like! Isn't that why we are shooting anyway?

[b]Model releases...[/b]

Unless we discuss differently in advance of a TFCD shoot, all models will be asked to sign a promotional model release on the day of the shoot, to cover any and all shots taken on that day. This release grants the photographer (me) the right to display images on Model Mayhem or similar modeling photography related websites, for the purpose of showing the quality and diversity of my work. This release also covers printed images for the same type of use. The model will be provided with a CD within two weeks (typically a lot sooner) of the shoot that contains all un-retouched images from the shoot, as well as any re-touched or processed images that the photographer works on. The model is also free to use any of these images for the same type of use as the photographer, provided that the photographer is properly credited with the images displayed or printed by the model for her promotion and publicity. If any of the images are shown in the model's portfolio here on Model Mayhem, the photographer must be listed under the "Credits" section of the model's profile, including my MM ID # 2457176. A sample copy of the actual model release used for this purpose is available for your review if you desire. Just contact me through MM and send your email address.

[b]Courtesy, professionalism, and keeping scheduled appointments...[/b]

I make every effort to be prompt and give my undivided attention to each and every shoot that I schedule with a model. I anticipate the same level of professionalism and courtesy from models that agree to shoot on specific dates and at specific times. If something comes up that requires a re-scheduling of a shoot, all that I ask is that you contact me as soon as you are aware of the situation so that we do not waste each other's time on missed appointments. I will do the same for you. Let's just respect the value of each other's time and effort regarding scheduled shoots, and treat each other professionally.

[b]Casting calls & travel notices for 2013...[/b]

Be sure to also check out my various casting calls and travel notices below for both TFCD and paid shooting opportunities. If you are interested in any of these opportunities, please leave a comment in the casting call or travel notice and also email me through MM concerning your interest.

[b]TFCD shoots with beginning and intermediate models...[/b]

I specialize in working on a trade basis with beginning and intermediate models, and eagerly look for opportunities to work with models on their very first shoot. Each model I work with receives a CD with all images taken, plus a selection of processed (cropped, color balanced, etc.) images for their own promotional use. It's a great way to start a brand new portfolio, or enhance an existing one.

[i]Model: Samantha Beierle, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Mariesa Yeoman, Kings Beach (Lake Tahoe), CA[/i]

[i]Model: Hanna Claire, Davis, CA[/i]

[i]Model: Samantha Beierle, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Katelyn Laney, Sacramento, CA[/i]

[i]Model: Allison Pheleita, Sacramento, CA[/i]

[b]Fun and creativity in the studio... that "dream shot"...[/b]

I like to challenge myself and the models that I work with to come up with concepts for really fun and creative shots, and sometimes these are based upon images that we may have seen done by other photographers and models, but perhaps with a slight twist to the basic theme. If we shoot together, I will ask you for ideas such as this, so you might as well start thinking about it now. Below are a few shots of collaborative efforts with some of the models that I have worked with recently. What's your "fun and creative" dream shot?

[i]Model: Mercedes, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Cat Murphy, Truckee, CA[/i]

[b]Member: Local Meetup group of Northern Nevada Photographers...[/b]

I am a member and one of the organizers of the Northern Nevada Photographers (and models too!) meetup group. You are encouraged to take a good look at this young but quickly growing photography and modeling group, and whether you are a photographer or a model looking for group shoots, I encourage you to join in the fun! It's the one and only active group of its kind in Northern Nevada, with something to offer everyone. Here's a link to the Northern Nevada Photographers (and models too!) meetup group...


I routinely post a lot of the modeling photography that I do on this site as well as here within my MM portfolio.

[i]Model: Liindsay Ann, Cleveland, OH[/i]

[i]Model: Sophie Daniels, Sacramento, CA[/i]

[i]Model: Shannon Bliven, Sacramento, CA[/i]

[b]The never-ending nudity, art, and pornography argument...[/b]

Yes, I shoot tasteful and artistic nudes from time to time, with the right models and in the right settings. But I do not focus on them to any great extend (I shoot nudes less than 5% of the time that I spend shooting overall), and I am very selective about the work I do in this area, and the models that I do it with. Most of the time it is with a model that has approached me to do her nudes, mostly because of the referrals I get from other models that I have worked with in the past, on any type of shoot. Other times, I may approach a specific model that I have an interest in working with for some reason. In all cases, the shots to be taken are discussed in detail with the model before we even schedule any studio or location time to shoot them.

A model's comfort level in the studio (or on the location set), and an absolute trust between photographer and model are the two biggest ingredients when shooting nudes with any model, and especially if it is the model's very first time shooting nudes of any kind. I shoot ONLY artistic and otherwise tasteful nudes (Playboy style is as far as I go... and I leave the Penthouse and Hustler style stuff to others that are happy to do it). I AM NOT into pornography or explicit nudes that have no artistic value. I leave these types of shoots to the many other photographers out there that are happy to do them for the models that want them or get paid enough to make it worth their effort to shoot them.

So if you are a model that is even just considering some artistic or tasteful nudes, please be assured that we can talk about your interests in total confidence. One of the very first things I will tell you if and when we have that discussion, is that if you do not feel 100% comfortable with me as your photographer, then do not consider shooting nudes with me. But if you want to explore the possibilities, and perhaps do a few non-nude shoots with me as a "warm-up", then I strongly encourage that approach. Implied or covered nude shots are a great warm-up to shooting full nudes, and we can talk about that any time you are interested.

[i]Model: Emmalyne Musser, Reno, NV[/i]

[i]Model: Brittany, Phoenix, AZ[/i]

[i]Model: Crisha Crame, Reno, NV[/i]


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[b]What do some of the models I have worked with say about their experience?...[/b]

[u]Katelyn Laney, Sacramento, CA (MM # 2347959)[/u]...[i]I just wanted to let you know it was soooo amazing working with you!! I love all of the photos that we had taken and I can't wait for many more shoots too come!! See you soon! Xoxoxo ...Katelyn Laney [/i] :)

[u]Azaylia Sen, San Diego, CA (MM # 178756)[/u]...[i]Michael... It was great working with you :) You are very easy to work with and enjoyed the images we got :) Best wishes to you and can't wait to work with you again[/i] :)

[u]Liindsay Ann, Cleveland, OH (MM # 1139375)[/u]...[i]Glad we got to shoot together Michael. :) You are professional, and fun to work with! I'm looking forward to our shoots in the near future! :) PS- I have a pic up in my port now from our shoot![/i] :)

[u]Azaylia Sen, San Diego, CA (MM # 178756)[/u]...[i]... It was great working with you! Images from Benson are great! I enjoyed all the photos you posted. I will post them on my profile. We have to work together again some time. You are a fantastic photographer!!![/i] :)

[u]Noel Elizabeth, Reno, NV (MM # 2498583)[/u]...[i]... {Comments from Noel's mom, who accompanied us on the shoot since she is under 18 years of age}... J Michael R was awesome with Noel and I. He made us feel comfortable and he was really interested in Noel's comfort level. The wind was a bit cold and he kept making sure that she could go on. And, knowing that Noel would go on forever he ended the session professionally. I give him a strong recommendation.[/i] :)

[u]Noel Elizabeth, Reno, NV (MM # 2498583)[/u]...[i]... It was so great to shoot with you! You're very talented!![/i] :)

[u]Shaeva, Carson City, NV (MM # 2569145)[/u]...[i]... Hi Michael... I love the photos from the Virginia City shoot last weekend! I'm really looking forward to our next shoot on March 28th! [/i] :)

[u]Ellie Ortiz, Reno, NV (MM # 2551310)[/u]...[i]About Jeff Michael... Where to begin!! The photo shoot was amazing and everything was perfect. Jeff is such an amazing photographer, his work is fantastic and he is very professional. Not once did I feel uncomfortable. It was a great shoot we have already set up another one and I can't wait!![/i] :)

[u]Bryanne, Reno, NV (MM # 1787631)[/u]...[i]...Hi Michael... Thank you for the shoot the other day! I had a great time and the pictures turned out beautiful! Can't wait to shoot again![/i] :)

[u]Hanna Claire, Davis, CA (MM # 2540935)[/u]...[i]...Hi Michael... It was so great shooting with you! I really appreciate how comfortable you made me feel and I really look forward to working with you again![/i] :)

[u]Miss Luci von Rose, Reno, NV (MM # 2523336)[/u]...[i]Hey Michael... I had so much fun shooting with you earlier today it's ridiculous! You are so much fun to work with and I can't wait for our next shoot! It was well worth it and exciting :) Thank you again! The pictures are great!... Miss Luci von Rose[/i] :)

[u]Kayla Powell (kmp1212 on MM), Reno, NV (MM # 2292634)[/u]...[i]Hi Michael... Thanks so much for shooting with me... I love the photos! I cannot wait to shoot with you again! You made it comfortable and fun. Thanks again! [/i] :)

[u]Samantha Beierle, Reno, NV (MM # 1801140)[/u]...[i]Hi Michael... I had an amazing time working with you! LOVE the shots! Hope to work with you again.[/i] ;)

[u]Mercedes (Sexiicedii86 on MM), Reno, NV (MM # 2268633)[/u]... [i]Hey Michael... I had an amazing time shooting with you today! Can't wait to see all the pics. Thanks for making me feel so comfortable. I didn't feel awkward at all... you were very respectful and kind. I can't wait to shoot with you again! [/i] :)

[u]Aisha Mary, Reno, NV (MM # 2494038)[/u]... [i]Hi Michael... Shooting with you in your studio was beyond a blast! You were very patient and the way you shot came so natural! I am definitely looking forward to shooting with you again sometime soon. You're photography is amazing! My parents and I love the pictures! They're amazing, and the backgrounds fit the outfits so well. I hope to shoot with you again real soon! [/i] :)

[u]HarmonyHeywood, Reno, NV (MM # 1536677)[/u]... [i]Hey Michael... I had a blast shooting with you yesterday. I can't wait to work with you again. [/i] :)

[u]Katrina Cantwell, Carson City, NV (MM # 796613)[/u]... [i]Hi Michael... Thanks for the additional pictures... I love them all!... I really think you're an amazing photographer. ~Katrina Cantwell [/i] :)

[u]Liv Love, Fontana, CA (MM # 1901532)[/u]... [i]Hi Michael...Thank you for the great shoot in Brea last week! You are truly an awesome person to work with... and very talented![/i] :)

[u]Mariesa Yeoman, Kings Beach (Lake Tahoe), CA (MM # 2202659)[/u]... [i]Hello Michael... Just want to say the pics you shot are amazing and I love them! I also would like to say I enjoyed working with you and I would love to shoot with you again any time. I would also like to tell any models out there you are very professional, fun to work with, and you take great pics.... Thank you so much!!... Mariesa[/i] :)

[u]Cat Murphy, Tahoe City, CA (MM # 2481095)[/u]... [i] I worked with Michael in his studio and we had an amazing shoot! Not only did he show the utmost respect and professionalism as well, but he helped me with creating some great new ideas for my portfolio.... I strongly recommend working with him!! I am looking forward to our next shoot!!! Thanks Michael !!! :) [/i]

[u]Korina Lay, Huntington Beach, CA (MM #2423306)[/u]... [i]Hi Michael... I just wanted to say how grateful I am for having the opportunity to have a photoshoot with you. You made me feel super comfortable and it was an all around fun and efficient shoot! My photos turned out so beautiful, they are the best I've taken in years! And I cannot wait to take some more!! Thanks so much! :) [/i]

[u]HollyAnn, La Habra, CA (MM # 2377586)[/u]... [i]Jeff Michael was great to work with! He brought his ideas to our shoot, and I brought mine, and it all worked out! He is really comfortable to work around and I can't wait to work with him again. :) [/i]

[u]Katrina Cantwell, Carson City, NV (MM # 796613)[/u]... [i]Michael - NVphotog... he is a great photographer with an eye for lighting and posing. He knows how to bring out the true beauty in the people he shoots with, and makes them feel very much at ease.... which makes for a really great shot. He's 100% professional and very respectful of the model's limitations. I would highly recommend shooting with Jeff Michael to anyone wanting great portfolio shots or simply wanting to capture some memories on camera. ~Katrina Cantwell [/i] :)

[u]Mrs. K., Reno, NV (MM # 2493604)[/u]... [i]Hi Michael...the photos from our session this afternoon turned out amazing and I think you do fantastic work! I enjoyed shooting with you and would like to shoot again. We had talked about you wanting to have a model or models on hand to use on a monthly basis and I would be happy to work with you that way. I was very comfortable with you in the studio today and I absolutely love your work!! :) [/i]

[u]Peggy Harroun, Reno, NV (MM # 1820240)[/u]... [i] Hey Michael... Thanks for getting the images back to me so quickly! They look awesome! I really appreciate how courteous you were and how you let me bring my infant son with me. Thanks for being so understanding! You are fun to work with and very professional. I was totally comfortable the whole time, and I look forward to working with you again soon!... Peggy :) [/i]

[u]Ciara Harmonie, Reno, NV (MM # 1743153)[/u]... [i] Hey Michael!! I had a great time at our shoot! Thank you so much for providing such a comfortable shooting environment and getting the pictures back to me so quickly!! You are awesome to work with. :) [/i]

[u]Emerald Fawcett (a.k.a. XOXO Peach), Carson City, NV (MM # 572550)[/u]... [i]I had a wonderful time shooting with Michael at his studio. This was my first time working in one, and seeing the results I am more than surprised. Comfortable, fun, artistic atmosphere... anyone would be crazy not to work with him. I look forward to working together again soon. :) [/i]

[u]Alexandra Duinbaugh, Mounhouse, NV[/u]...[i]Hey Michael!... I had a good time at our shoot last night, even though it was my very first time shooting. I know if I keep going at it, I will open up more in future shoots. Your studio was a good environment for my first shooting experience, and you made things feel really comfortable for me, especially since it was my first time. You have the right personality for that, and if I shoot again I would definitely go back to you. I would also recommend you to anyone. Thank you for the great experience!... Alex[/i]

[u]Catherine Brekken, Carson City, NV (MM # 1765815)[/u]...[i]Michael... It was great working with you... I really enjoyed how comfortable you made me feel and the interesting shots you captured! :) [/i]

[u]NicoleElise, Reno, NV (MM # 838671)[/u]...[i]Hi Michael... I had a great time working with you in your studio! Your passion for photography really shows when you shoot. I really appreciate how professional you are along with your positive attitude and creativity. I'm looking forward to working with you again soon and creating some even more amazing images. Thanks for everything! :) [/i]

[u]Crista McEwen, Reno, NV (MM # 1633651)[/u]... [i]Hi Michael! Thanks so much for the last minute photo shoot! You were very accommodating and were easy to work with! You made my friend and I feel very much at home and very comfortable in your studio! I would love to work with you again, as you are very talented and have a real passion for photography! Thanks so much! :)[/i]

[u]Bella Von Ecstasy, Sacramento, CA (MM # 1484466)[/u]... [i]I had a real blast working with Michael in his Carson City studio! He's a super sweet guy, makes you feel very comfortable during a shoot, no matter what kind of themes you are shooting, and has some great and original ideas for shots :) . The images we took in our most recent studio shoot turned out great as usual. Thank you Michael for yet another great shooting experience! Let's do it again some time soon! :)[/i]

[u]Danielle Quinn, Reno, NV (MM # 2285263)[/u]... [i]Michael... Thanks so much for incorporating me last minute into your shoot with Crista! It was a pleasure working with you, and your experience shows in your ability to capture some really great shots. Thanks for your professionalism, and the great pics :) . Hope to work with you again soon when we have a little more time to create some more super images!..... Thanks so much for the quick print turnaround! I love some of the shots, and I'm excited you were able to capture so much in such a short time. Would love to do another shoot sometime that is not so impromptu for me :) . Thanks again for your time and patience with all the outfit changes, I'm really happy with Crista's look, and glad you made it look so great!! Thanks again! :)[/i]

[b]Other credits.....[/b]

Bill Lemon Workshops (www.billlemon.com)... a fantastic and fun way to learn new photography skills and/or fine tune existing ones! Bill is a master at conquering harsh outdoor lighting and turning it into studio quality balanced light. No matter what your level of experience is, you can benefit from attending one of these fantastic workshops. I certainly did! And I plan to keep polishing them every chance I get!

In Northern Nevada and Northern California.... we have a local photography and modeling group that puts on regularly scheduled shoots of all types, including group model shoots (both studio and outdoor locations). Visit us and consider signing up to join in on the fun....... photographers, models, MUA's, hair stylists, etc. are all welcome!

[b]Avatar photo.....[/b]

Simply put, Rachel Kers (MM # 3066521) is my muse. Our creative work together has inspired each of us to continuously strive for bigger and better things, and to keep "raising the bar" on our own expectations for our collaborations. She is the most pleasant and unique individual that I have ever had the distinct pleasure to work with. As a model, her talents are exceeded by very few, and by none with any similar level of experience. She is also a photographer, and enjoys the experience of a creative model shoot from either side of the lens. She has become a very good friend and collaborator, and we have done well in excess of 30 shoots together to date (November 2013). And I look forward to many, many more with her...

[b]One of my favorite shots of with Rachel under our Project Metamorphosis theme. (Avatar model)...[/b]

[i]Model: Rachel Kers, Reno, NV (MM # 3066521)[/i]



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