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My name is Monroe Jamison and I'm a REAL competitive female wrestler for the Female Wrestling Channel.

I'm always looking for ladies that:

1. Dare to be unique and a part of something (truly new) that is getting a LOT of new people interested in it daily.

2. Do not apologize being beautiful or apologize for their sexuality or the attention it will most certainly bring.

What we "do" is REAL female mat wrestling. It's not for everyone. However, we have a hungry fan base that is looking to support the heck out of ladies that come on and give it their all.

For years, the most popular form of wrestling has been the stuff you see on TV.

Essentially, every match is man vs man. The women get very little prominence. They will do story angles with them once in a while, but women are mostly the "side card". Even worse, the "bookers" in the back decides what woman will win, and what woman will lose, then they go out and do a little scripted dance (their version of "wrestling) where it's all scripted and predetermined.

Not at the Female Wrestling Channel. That is NOT what we do, and that is why we are gaining so much attention and momentum.

We are trying to bring real competitive female mat wrestling closer to the mainstream.

If we thought we could do this wearing nun suits and basketball shorts, we would do it. However, we do dress sexy. We started all of this out of an apartment. But, at the time of this writing, we have had over 50 episodes!

We have an ongoing soap opera with a lot of twists and turns.

Half of our business is from overseas. I get to skype with people all over the world, and they are ALWAYS perfect gentlemen, because we require it! One guy I talk to is a British submarine captain, he has a great accent, cute, very cool, another guy I skype with often works on video games out in California, another guy I skype with often lives in Florida, another one in Georgia, and they are two of my biggest fans of all time, along with another one I love in Canada!

I could go on and on. How much do I get paid for being a wrestler and having people skype with me? $60 per hour per skype call. I don't know what you consider to be good money, but I think that's pretty good considering they normally ask me questions about my wrestling and what I like and dislike. (And, they tell me a lot about themselves, which I love)

But, back to the wrestling! Yes, of course we get paid every single match, and the money is going up. It averages out to about $50 per hour at the moment, but that will go way higher when we start doing private events, and then way higher again when we start doing big live events, which isn't very far away.

But, I'm getting off point!

What makes us different than the stuff on TV is this:

1. We put the ladies first!

2. The outcomes of our matches are REAL, not fake, not predetermined. Meaning, the best girl wins, the one that wants it the most, works the hardest. That's the way it should be in a company! No glass ceilings here ladies. You create your own and you are the boss.

3. It doesn't take years and years to learn our style of wrestling. We can have you trained on the basics in 1 hour!

I make money on autographs too. I forgot to mention that. And, there is about to be a comic done of us, which will be profitable too.

How much are you making for your modeling jobs currently, if I might ask?

We don't want flaky ladies. You have to do what you say you are going to do. If you have a real desire to be someone, we can probably get you there quicker than most of the carved out, "same ole same" ole avenues you see all the time here on Model Mayhem.

Now, if you are saying, I can't do that, I'm not tough enough, consider this.

I got defeated on the first two episodes by a girl that was 5'3 and 100lbs. I thought I was going to beat her easily. Boy, was I wrong. Thankfully, I did come back and beat her, and I went on a long winning streak after that. I've always been afraid of confrontation, would always run away from a fight, but not now.

This has given me a ton of confidence, and now all of our ladies are training with a local woman named Carla, and she is teaching us BJJ, (Brazilian Ju Jitsu) and a whole host of other martial art and defense related moves.

We are all going to be LEGIT tough and you can too!

You don't have to quit your full time job to work with us. We will work around your schedule as much as we possibly can. All we ask is that you show up on time, try your best, and realize that some of your friends and family are going to say you are doing "porn" when it's ANYTHING BUT!

We do have sexy maneuvers. When two women are rolling around wrestling one another, a lot of people who don't like this type of thing simply put it in the worst terms possible.


Nevermind that the guys on TV wrestle with less than we do..........with kids in the crowd! So, we listen to the double standard imposed upon us, and we realize that anytime there is a new idea there is ALWAYS opposition.

I want to make it clear that what we do is NOT PORN in any sense.

There may be fetish elements, but if you look at the wide list of fetishes out there, almost every single thing in life you are already doing in life already qualifies. So, we accept no double standards and we are not out to please everyone. We have a good growing fan base, they are good people, they love us, we love them, and they can love you too.

Get in now, be a rebel, this is super fun, you can make good money, and we work daily to try to make it more and more legitimate. We have uniforms coming soon, we are getting out of the apartment atmosphere, it's going to take a big turn and it could be a life changer for one of you ladies that take a chance on us.

NOTE: All of our wrestling is done on the knees (no standing up) and we have created moves that are unique and give advantage to the female in wrestling scenarios.

I am not often available for other projects than wrestling, but will be open for limited dates for the rest of 2014 for those of you with creative projects that I find interesting. For a faster response, please like and email me through my Facebook fan page -



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