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Rule Number 1 (I Only have two):
Crediting photos. If you use my photos in your portfolio, you WILL credit me and my work with a link below each photo. MM makes it very easy to do by adding my MM# 2637627 in the little "ADD CREDIT" box at the bottom before you originally upload my - I say again MY - photo (not yours). Are we clear? I do it for you, you WILL do it for me. Not properly crediting someone else's work is the most insulting form of laziness and disrespect. If there's anything my portfolio should impart to you, it's that insults, laziness, and disrespect are not tolerated. If you're not sure how to do it, figure it out. MM has dummy-proofed it. The slowest people on this site have figured it out, and you're not dumb. So I have faith in you. If you've sincerely tried and still fail, just ask. I will take care of you.

Rule Number 2:
Image Comments. If you like my work and want to shoot, then I want to see your comments on at least three of my photos that inspire you. It gives me an idea of what you like, and let's face it, public comments are the best validation for what we do. I love commenting on your work. It's not easy, but I do it all the time. I'm requiring that you return that favor before we shoot. Thank you.

In my bondage photos, all we're doing is adding a touch of cinematic thrill to the otherwise very normal, but hardly mundane, nude shoots that we've all already seen and done. Let me know in advance if you're into it for the aesthetic, artistic appeal of the look, or if you're doing it for the submissive lifestyle. Many of my shoots involve no actual bondage, at all. I tie a decorative Karada onto you (plentifully displayed in my portfolio), or maybe a simple breast harness and hip harness, and you're free to move about and pose as you would if you were wearing any other outfit.

We watch TV and movies and it's exciting to see the damsel in distress waiting to be rescued by the virtuous hero. No plot is captivating without a great bad guy. At my shoots, I will tie you up, make some art with you, and I will l set you free! So what can I say, I'm the hero and the bad guy all wrapped into one. ;) And just like TV and the Movies, at the end of the shooting day, everyone goes home happy and unhurt, AND we have something exciting to show for it. Again, no different than Hollywood (except for all that pesky fame and fortune stuff!).

Please don't judge my bondage work as some odd glorification of the exploitation of women. It's not. On the contrary, I couldn't be more grateful for the wonderful women who've chosen to collaborate with me on and in my art! I don't shoot women in order to subjugate them. I shoot women because they want to shoot, and because I find the aesthetics of women to be more artistically pleasing than the aesthetics of men. Surely you don't honestly believe these women would shoot with me if they were truly being abused, mistreated, and exploited? If you check yourself, you'll see how absurd that sounds. It's play-acting, just like on TV and the movies. On the other hand, I do love that this genre shocks the crap out of people! Because I think people secretly LOVE to be shocked and outraged! ;) Better yet, if you do want to judge, please start your criticism with Hollywood. When you convince them to stop (as if you'd really want to), then you can come and talk to me. Deal? :)

I promise: No animals or models were injured or maimed during the production of my portfolio. :D

Some say models are "Fine until 29," and although I love working with younger models, models in their "Dirty Thirties" and beyond have shown a deeper appreciation for my work. Nothing can compare to the life experience and passion you ladies bring to a shoot, NOTHING. In fact, women whose boobs are softer and may not be quite as tight and firm are actually BETTER for certain types of rope work. I can make them look fantastic! Either way, though, younger or older, your age does NOT count against you! Not in MY book, anyway.

I am a VERY capable and experienced photographer with high-end gear. In the era of film, I was a young, aspiring photographe (also playing in a band), mastering my craft, and just beginning to make a splash in the Chicago art scene, when the "Digital Diarrhea Revolution" laid it all to waste. I became a little disenchanted, a few other things fell apart in my life, no job, father died, mom got Alzheimer's, woman of my dreams left me, and I got sent to war for 3 years. When I got back, instead of seeking the middle of the road, I headed for the ditches where I can do what I want and the people are more interesting.

So I can definitely shoot "glam" and "normal"... if you really want to shoot "glam" and "normal," I'm just not sure WHY you'd want to? Do you really think you can climb that narrow beanstalk to Supermodel Stardom? It's better to simply enjoy this for all it really is: a chance to get out there and experience new things (even if others have done them before), explore the various sides of you you never knew existed, live an erotic adventure you only used to fantasize about, or do something, anything, to avoid the mundane and try to set yourself apart from the crowd. I also do all of my own photoshop, retouching, and enhancements... and to do it right is not easy.

Always calm in a storm, I offer a mature approach to sketchy and sometimes chaotic situations. I can handle myself under pressure. People have always told me I'm a steady constant they can depend on. They say they feel safe around me, and seem to value my opinion.

Although very independent-minded, I do care what other people think, as long as they have something intelligent to say. I'm very open to constructive critique, and I'm very hostile to mindless put-downs. We do this to express ourselves and I won't let anyone talk trash about the models I shoot with. In the same vein, it also feels great when people say, "Wow! I Love that Shot!"

Toward that end, I try to create art that others will enjoy, in whatever way they choose, but no one will enjoy looking at it more than we will enjoy making it. I really hope you'll join me in achieving that goal.

I fully cop to the human frailty of ego-stroking. We all need some of it because, at some point, we're all subordinate to something. Trailblazers take the flak and clear the path for others to follow. I do as much of that for you as I can, but even followers STILL require courage to explore the path and discover the new. For that, and for joining me, I admire you. I hope my photos inspire something in you. I create them to stroke both of our egos. That's why comments (in Rule #1, above) are so important.

I'm very open to almost any kind of shoot, and I will always discern between quality vs lack of effort. As much as I've seen in life, not much shocks me. I'm open to whatever suggestions you have. If there's a doable idea that pings your cortex, by all means let's do it! I do hope you think some of my work is good. Actually, I hope you think it's great! If you think it's bad, help me make it better. I'm open-minded and would really love to hear your out-of-the-box ideas.

You can stop reading, here, if you want (if you've even read this far! Thanks, if you have!), and go check out my portfolio or send me a message... or even go away if you'd prefer. The following paragraphs are just some philosophical mind-wanderings about the nature of human "opposites" and thoughts on personal wants that you may or may not find interesting:

I find it interesting how very similar the facial expressions are between opposite emotions: pain and pleasure, anguish and ecstasy, angst and nirvana. Compare the expressions at the moment of intense despair and intense desire, without fail they are one and the same. If you look, you'll see the commonalities. If you practice them right now, you'll FEEL what I mean. Close your eyes and listen to a movie or TV show that has a damsel struggling in distress. Tell me she doesn't also sound like she's approaching climax in the throes of an intensely heated encounter. Why are those two things so similar? Why are fear and arousal so closely related? Why are you drawn to the fire that burns you?

That's not the only place opposites are so closely related, and seem to attract.
Why do people cry when they're happy? Or laugh when they're mad?

This "oppositeness" is as baffling as it is comprehensible (another opposite?). The most bountiful and boundless artists work within strict and demanding limitations, usually imposed by themselves. Fetish models express the feeling of how restraints have set them free, that bondage is "liberating," and that the act of submission actually empowers their desires. Oppositeness is also found in the quaint way the french have phrased, "le petite mort," as a popular reference to a sexual orgasm, and literally means "little death"... yet without it, there is no life.

There is something powerfully philosophical to these opposites, yin and yang, day and night, id and ego, male and female. I'm not trying to unlock their secrets, I simply enjoy the beauty of living within the mysticism of not fully understanding them.

Then there are the give-and-take, offer-and-return aspects of opposites, as in Karma, which can result in a positive upward spiral; or a negative downward one, so avoid those negative paths before they even get started. Remember, there's something one-and-the-same that equates your despair with hope: If you didn't KNOW things could be better, the deep feeling of despair couldn't even be possible. Trust and trustworthiness are of ultimate importance to bondage and submission. You hope the love you give will equal to the love you receive, but it rarely is. That's why we do this. It's why we make art.

Despite how you may be interpreting much of what I've written here, I am a very upbeat, supportive, loyal, and encouraging person. That's why I don't take too kindly to mindless judgment and criticism. Lately, though, I don't like the angry turn our society is taking; being pissed off about what we don't have instead of being grateful for what we do have... and we have A LOT to be grateful for! So don't turn your good experiences into bad vibes by complaining that you have nothing and want more. Buddhism teaches that irrational "want" and "desire" are the roots of all pain and suffering, and seeks for you to diminish your "want" and "desire" in order to attain true Nirvana. Trust me, in this day and age, you have a lot! Wanting more is what's making you miserable. In America, we call it "counting your blessings."

In closing, if you don't want to shoot, then there's not much point in making contact, is there? No need to add me as a friend if it's not going anywhere. So let's shoot. There, that was easy.

Also, if you have a rigid personal bubble and are highly protective of your personal space, then this may not be the genre for you. Just sayin'.

One last time for the Judging Doubters: These shoots are done by consenting adults who seek fun and enjoyment looking for new, edgy life experiences. Like I said above, at the end of the shoot, everyone goes home happy and unhurt.

In fact, I can send you home in the complete opposite of "unhurt." I have formal training in Soft Tissue Mobilization (or "massage" to most people, but the field of Physical Therapy can't bill Medicare for massage). After putting you through the ringer on a shoot, I can give you the most hedonistic 90 minute massage you've ever had! Oils, aroma, music, the whole works!

See? I really am the Hero and Villain all wrapped into one, and it all happens in the course of just a few hours. Better than a movie, though, because you're the actual character! The leading lady! Shooting with me is like feasting on a wide range of art with no boundaries and no calories! Combined with getting pampered at a Swedish Spa! While going home with incredible photos you never thought would look so good on you! How can you say no?

Send me a message and let's shoot.

- Vice Anvil

SOME IDEAS: Be a part of my "Tease the V" series! Also: All-American girl-next-door bikini beach bondage (top of my list), ink or no ink, it'll be great both ways; Seedy whiskey and cigarettes in an alley or in a trashy cheap motel room; Topless or fully nude with ropes and a blindfold; Ask me about my simple, but visually cool idea for electrical tape; Making a mess of cake and ice cream - with your feet; Anonymous body parts with simulated semen oozing over them; Fetish nudes outdoors or in public; Inspirations in front of a fridge; Colorful water balloons; A sexy storyline of exhibitionism and voyeurism; Damsels in desire; and several others; along with any you'd like to suggest.

A Model I Cannot Recommend:
CJSans - Chicago - MM# 1944948

On a side note, please don't contact me for a shoot, send me hardcore pictures of your reddened and abused ass, play the role of submissive and tell me you like it, then start copping an attitude when I'm trying to clarify something, THEN threaten to call the cops because you think I've threatened to "hit" you by sa Ying I'll deliver the spanning you've been pining for the whole time. Thank God I didn't! That's called entrapment! If you're that emotionally unstable and unreliable, please don't even talk to me. There's no way we can shoot together.


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Credit Notes

Violette St Claire MM# 3518223
6'4" Great body! Great attitude! Lots of energy! Loves being nude! And she ties most of the bondage herself! lol! Awesome! :)

feral MM# 3275119
Smart, sexy, engaging, and filled with the most wonderful passion for art! Something amazing happens when she gets in front of my lens! We've shot several times already! Every time is effortless magic! Can't wait for another shoot!

Mallie MM# 3403353
Great friend! Fearless! Totally intimidating photos! A total sweetheart! :)
Moved away to Pittsburgh. :(

Johnae Atlas MM#
The scariest shoot I've even been on! We were setting up to shoot after midnight in a park, when we heard gunshots less than 200' away! From our parking lot, we watched through a single line of trees as the driver crept slowly in front of us at a 1/2 mile per hour or less. It was like living a helpless nightmare. If he'd have turned into the lot where we were trapped, I might not be writing this, now.

Diamond (DiamondintheRough76) MM# 3726707
Sexy, subtle, inspired, and inspiring! I love it when I spot a pretty model, I have a vision, and the shoot comes out much better than either of us expected!! We left so much on the table! It'll take at least 3 more shoots - probably more! - to tame this creative beast we've discovered!

Maeballine MM# 3371937
Very cute, very cooperative, and the sexiest hump you'll ever shoot! Contact her!

The Real Autumn MM# 3420621
Classically stunning beauty and a great sexy attitude! Perfect for modeling!

Violetta Storms MM# 109547
Another great friend with an irresistible body! I need to get her back out this way again! :)

Model Vavra (Changed her Alias. No longer doing nude work)
Fit, beautiful, great body, and a wonderful European outlook!

Patrice (Arizona Model, No longer on MM)
A total goth submissive who portrays amazing looks of fear and plays an eerily beautiful harpsichord at Renaissance Faires!

Casey K (formerly on OMP)
My best, most beautiful webmodel when I was webmastering Maxim-style, non-nude tease websites. She inherited a crap-load of money, left modeling, left town, and I never heard from her again! lol! Awesome girl, though, and pure gorgeousness!

Immateria MM# 227666
Lovely Russian girl with the most extensive nipples I've ever seen! She would have been PERFECT for sexy stringed nipple-leashes, if I was doing that kind of work back then! ;)

Pebbles (formerly on OMP)
Shot with her when I moved to Atlanta for a year. I had some reservations about doing bondage work with a black girl in the south! haha! We both laughed about that, but since it was mutual and consensual, it actually made it a little sexier, too. It was cool.

Karina Model (formerly on OMP)
First nudes I ever shot back in 2001. I learned a lot from her about paid shoots. She met some jealous guy who would have been furious about her modeling, and convinced herself she was in love with him. Then she contacted me and demanded I take down her pictures. Wait a second... I PAID you for those pictures. Now you want to tell me what to do with them? Sorry, it doesn't work that way. You can buy them back, though, at MY rates. I didn't take a financial loss so you can leave me with nothing. Keep that in mind.


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