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I'm workin' this site as hard as I can!
Who's gonna be my first taker on my recent comeback?
(It was Merrique! Thank you very much! Miss Feminis, you're next!) :)

About me: I'm just getting active again on MM after a fairly long hiatus. More focused and determined, now. With my fresh start I have some fresh ideas and stories we can tell! Let's put our creativity together!

Right upfront, here, I think that lean fitness models would be perfect for many of the role-playing ideas I have! If that's you, please give it some thought!... and contact me! :)

They say models are "Fine until 29" and although I do love working with younger models, it seems that models in their "Dirty Thirties" and beyond have a deeper appreciation for my style. Nothing can compare to the life experience and passion you ladies bring to a shoot... nothing. So please don't think that your age counts you out of anything. On the contrary. It definitely counts you in.

I wonder if I'm working too hard, here! Look at the views in my portfolio! After all the work I put into creative finishing, trying to be artsy-fartsy, adding my own vision, trying to be a little different, and you guys click on the regular untouched one the most! Which is fine, really. She IS gorgeous and graceful! In the name of art, though, I thought I should try to aim away from center-mass.

I am a VERY capable and experienced photographer with very high-end gear. And just so you know, I can shoot "normal" if you want "normal," I'm just not sure why you'd want to? :)

Always calm in a storm, I offer a mature approach to sketchy and sometimes chaotic situations. I can handle myself under pressure. I endeavor to nurture tranquility, and I'm pretty good at peacefully disarming violence. People have always told me I'm a steady constant they can depend on. They say they feel safe around me, and seem to value my opinion and my words. The Army wanted to keep me because they said I have great leadership potential. I'm very proud of my service and there are many positives to be derived from it, but military life isn't the path for me. I respect the discipline they instill, but I'm too independent-minded to devote a career to the regimented ways of military life. Although independent-minded, I do care what other people think. I try to create art to express myself, and I hope some of you like what I express.

Maybe I can instill some caring discipline in you. ;)

I can shoot beauty, if that's what you'd like.
It's all about indulging you, in your fantasies, with our ideas.

I'm not a professional, but I conduct myself professionally, and I like to participate in gallery showings and exposés. One of the goals I'm focusing on this time around is to produce a book... or two... or three. I have the title, how would you like to be the subtitle? (pun intended)

Regarding Art: I think people use their art to express what they are not. Some of the most beautiful art I've ever seen has been expressed by some of the craziest people I've ever met. Conversely some of the craziest art I've ever seen has been expressed by some of the most together, down-to-earth people I've ever talked to. Maybe it's simply our way of finding balance.

I'm very open to almost any kinds of shoots. After what I've seen, not much shocks me. But I still try to discern between good work and bad work, and I think you should, too. I hope you think some of mine is good. If you think it's bad, then help me make it better. I'm open-minded and would really love to hear your out-of-the-box ideas.

It's all in the name of depicting fantasy, not necessarily in capturing reality.

Please don't be upset with me for my no-nonsense honesty. Would you rather have me display vanilla glam photos, then try to talk you into doing fetish at the shoot? I've heard plenty of stories. Where would the trust be in a person who does that? I understand if you don't like my style, but I hope you can appreciate my integrity.

In images of bondage - which are not the only thing I shoot - I'm more concerned with the aspects of emotional intensity instead of physical pain. I try to use color, composition, location, anything available to depict these feelings. You don't have to pose nude to shoot with me, but when I do shoot nudity, I choose to because of the unique honesty and vulnerability associated with being completely naked. It's when people are really themselves - with nothing to hide. And it's not merely for the jollies of gratuitous nudity, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I guess. But I'd like to be a little more artistic than that. Again, it's the depiction of fantasy, not the capture of reality.

I find it interesting how very similar the facial expressions are between opposite emotions, pain and pleasure, anguish and ecstasy, angst and nirvana, heaven and hell. Compare the expressions at the moment of intense despair and intense desire, without fail they are one and the same. If you just look, you'll see the commonalities. If you practice them yourself, right now, you'll FEEL what I mean. Listen to a movie or TV show that has a damsel struggling in belivable distress, then close your eyes and tell me that she doesn't also sound like she's in the throes of a heated session. Or go the other way, click on a porn clip (don't act shocked, you know you've done it), close your eyes and tell me if the woman doesn't sound like she's struggling (well, okay, maybe she is! but you know what I mean!). Why are those two things so similar? Why are fear and arousal so closely relared?

Either way, both versions should be taken very seriously as important aspects of the human experience.

The "oppositeness" is as baffling as it is comprehensible (another opposite?). The most bountiful and boundless artists work within demanding limitations. Fetish models have expressed the opposing notion of how restraints have set them free, that bondage is actually liberating, and that submission empowers their desires. It's also in the quaint way the french have phrased, "le petite mort," as a popular reference to a sexual orgasm, and literally means "little death"... yet without it, there is no life.

There is something powerfully philosophical to these opposites, yin and yang, day and night, id and ego, male and female. I'm not trying to unlock their secrets, I simply enjoy the beauty of living within the mysticism of not fully understanding them.

Then there are the give-and-take, offer-and-return aspects of opposites, as in Karma, which can result in a positive upward spiral. Trust and trustworthiness (of ultimate importance to bondage and submission). The love you give will hopefully be equal to the love you receive.

I recently moved back to the Chicago area, staying with a friend for now (so no place to shoot except outdoors or if you have a place), and I have to admit that I like being back. I travel so much that it's hard to call any one place "home." Home is generally where I go to do nothing. As such I get nothing done at home, so I prefer to travel a lot. I do much of my updating in Starbucks (and I think I'm breaking their terms of service at this very moment by uploading some recent nude images! Who says I'm not edgy and wild? C'mon! ha! Come to think of it, no one - lol!). I'm definitely willing to travel to you for a shoot. It keeps my locations varied and I'm much more alive when I'm circulating out and about. Therefore, my recent motto is, "I Hate Home!"

I'm kind of fascinated with "flyover" country, but I'd prefer to call it "drive over" country, because I love driving over it! I feel a sense of earthiness and a connection to the land that I don't always feel on the shores. It's interesting to me. Some people feel "landlocked" by it, but to me the oceans are limiting; natural boundaries that cut my landscape in half, and it's all flat water everywhere you look. In the heartland you can travel a thousand miles in any direction and who knows what you'll find when you get there? I also just learned that Michigan has more shoreline than Florida, much of which has dunes over 300 feet! So there's plenty of sand and coast if I need it! How can you not be fascinated by that?

If you're worried about being tied-up around a perfect stranger, well, you probably should be. heh. But there are many ways of making you LOOK "secured" without actually BEING secured. For example: one short length of rope around a wrist with a longer length tucked-into it and tied at a distance, and you can look like you're tied to a bedpost or a gate, but done so you can pull out at anytime. OR you can hold your wrists and ankles together with ropes wrapped independently around each, as if they're tied, and no one will ever know the difference. It's all illusion and fantasy just like you see on TV. :)

If you don't want to shoot, then there's not much point in making contact, is there? So let's shoot. There, that was easy. :)

I've had a few pieces in Detroit's "Dirty Show" and I love the venue, but I felt the crowd there could have held themselves in a little higher esteem.

Even if you're poor, you can still have dignity, conduct yourself with class, and hold your head high. For that reason, I will never understand this incessant, seemingly insistant correlation between poverty and crime - but I won't deny that it exists. Maybe it's merely a reminder of how pervasive corruption is at all levels of income, but none of it is acceptable, nor should it be justified or tolerated, on any level. It can't be enforced with laws, though. It can only come from pedsonal responsibility, accountable conduct, and sound solid judgment.

Also, you don't have to be rich to look good. In fact, most artists aren't rich. Still, I prefer semi-formal affairs where a suit-and-tie are warranted for men, with the women wearing long sexy elegant evening gowns. All it takes is an eye for class, and you can make yourself look good by shopping from the cheapest of stores. It helps if you exercise and stay in shape, too. How you look and carry yourself says everything about you.

I hope my images and my words resonate with you enough to make you feel at ease in contacting me.

Thank you for visiting. Maybe we'll cross paths on one of my excursions, or one of yours.


Escorts are fine and your creative input is welcome.
Please bring your own ball-gags and any other personal accessories
(you wouldn't want to use someone else's, would you?).
Ask me about my idea for electrical tape, making a mess of a cake - with your feet; interesting inspirations in front of a fridge; colorful water balloons; a sexy storyline of exhibitionism and voyeurism; damsels in desire; and several other ideas, along with any you can suggest.


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