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First off (since so many people ask me) I have no tattoos, and the only piercing I have are my ears! I am 100% natural :) [b]Also, I will NOT open my legs or bend over for anyone's camera. Please know that up front... no pink shots... no stink shots :p[/b]

Hi, there! I'm Chosmira! A friend of mine (Scooby), told me about this site so I thought I'd check it out. I've just recently started modeling, and its something that I'm coming to enjoy very much. So, I figure if its something I love to do and if I can make a little money while doing something that I love, why not. I am currently looking for PAID ASSIGNMENTS ONLY.

Yes; I am willing to travel if my expenses are paid. I am open to hear and consider all offers.

Please contact me for my rates.

Also, please be respectful of the fact that this is not a dating site, and nor am I looking for a date... nor a "hook up" lol I am an extremely friendly person, but please don't try to take advantage of that fact. Remember; kindness does not equal weakness. Keep it professional, guys.

Beyond that, I'm really looking forward to working with all of you amazingly talented photographers, MUA's, Stylists, and fellow models out there!

Let's make some magic!




[b]One Further Point[/b]

Here's the deal:

I generally won't read someone's page unless we begin talks to work together. At that point, I will read the person's page to get a sense of their personality to try to be sure they are a person that I might like to work with. Before the point where we might be working together, I could care less what kind of person they are. All I care about is their work. I see something I like, I send a friend request. So, that having been said; if your page says something like;

"send me a message, TAG, or photo comment before sending a FR..." or "I only add people I've worked with or plan to work with..."

I probable won't see it and will send you a FR anyway. I always think of friend requests as a compliment, no?

Besides, this IS a networking site. The more friend's lists you're on the more likely you are to be seen the more likely you are to be hired. I've never understood the people on here who DON'T want free advertisement and networking... staggers the mind. People always say;

"This isn't MySpace or Facebook!"

That is EXACTLY right. If you want to add me on my (personal) Facebook page, then you need to actually know me or be my friend because that's what those sites are designed for... remaining connected with new and present friends and reconnecting with old friends.

Model Mayhem on the other hand has absolutely nothing to do with friendship and everything to do with business. Sure, you can meet and make some friends along the way but and I LOVE the creation of art and "Something beautiful" but, ultimately, this site is for business, and 2 LCD points of business are Networking and Marketing.

I will network.

I will market.

And, so should YOU! :)



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