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About Me

Modeling is a vital part of me as a person and for my health and well-being.

Note: I donated my hair to Wigs for Kids in Dec so it is currently around shoulder length, my avatar is recent, taken Mar 16, 2016.

Pudge, my seal point ragdoll kitten, is officially available for shoots smile He will be traveling with me on most tours that I will be driving to (if you want to work with him though please make sure to ask if he will be with me). His photo can also be found in my images.

Cinnaminson Creative Studio! This is a perfect place to shoot! Her monthly and hourly rates are very reasonable smile I have a key as well so it is very easy to book with me here smile Let me know if you want to shoot here and I can check the availability against mine to make things easier. Please note: this is not MY studio and it is in Cinnaminson, NJ.

My wedding gown (a princess corset back ballgown) is officially available for shoots! So if you need any bridal photos I can handle the works for myself. I also have a groom if you need one, he just needs a tux smile We do have plenty of photos like this so unless you have an extremely unique idea I do have a slightly higher minimum to cover care, time, and cost of the gown.

2015 travels:

June 11-17 - Texas tour!
June 23-24 - MD/North VA
June 25-27 - Williamsburg/Richmond/Newport News VA

Unfortunately I am very sensitive to dry smoke (cigarette smoke, cigar smoke, etc), so if you smoke or allow smoking in or right around your studio I likely can not shoot there. I am sorry, but my health takes priority.

Male models need not apply!

New! Wicked Weasel gear! 7 bikinis, monokini, 2 crop tops,  mini dress, 2 mini skirts, bra/panty set, and 4 panties

Pink and White Golf Club set! *still learning lol*

Completely change my look! Wigs in Short Black, Short Hot Pink, and Very Long Pink.

Friend requests are accepted/given after we work together. If you are not ready to schedule, but want to keep in touch, Facebook (I keep this the most updated), Tsu, Tumblr, Instagram, and Twitter are where I accept most friend requests.

Where else can you find me?
OMP 480800 - photographers ONLY - for everyone - a little video blip about my modeling
Instagram: @modelstathena
Twitter: @modelstathena
TSU: @Stathena … l#/A344478
plus you can find video clips of me on various sites

The cliff notes of why you should hire me:

-I'm reliable (I show up on time and ready to shoot)
-I arrive OVER prepared (make up, hair needs, and more outfits than we will have time to shoot)
-All the photos in my port (unless otherwise specified) I handled my own hair and make up (even any updos that you see)
-I look like me! I come photo ready and require very little Photoshop if at all (many of my photos here are not retouched, see my unedited album)
-I bring ideas
-I have over 7 years of experience
-I freepose very well, but easily take direction too
-I do not smoke or excessively drink, plus I lead a fairly stress free life so no excessive lines and bags to cover up in post
-I do not stare at my phone during shoots
-Bonus! If you have a tight studio I'm only 5'4 so I will fit with heels on and no one has to know smile
-I take my modeling professional and seriously, but I'm not a serious person, I actually engage in conversations with some serious energy

Phonetics: Take Athena and put a St before it, so "sta-THEE-na".

The Full Details (some of this may seem strict, I am very easygoing and sweet, but very professional):

I work well with brand new beginners up to well regarded professionals, but please leave your ego at the door, I treat all of my photographers equal and ask that you treat me the way you would like to be treated in return.

A note about food: I truly do appreciate when photographers treat me to snacks and meals when we shoot, but I have a very sensitive digestive system anymore so please do not be offended if I turn down your offer. I usually will bring my own snacks to avoid allergic reactions.

If you rock enough to read my port, I already like you, if you don't read ports, you won't see this anyhow. I have this awesome ability to read and will read yours if you contact me or if I contact you. Though it helps if you use proper grammar. I have a bubbly, easily excitable, and chatty personality so I apologize in advance if I talk and write too much, too fast. MM Messaging/Email is the only way to book me. I keep everything in writing to avoid confusion. I have PLENTY of references below, so you will not receive my phone number until we have discussed all details in writing and the shoot is booked. My phone number is to be used for emergencies only (running late for the shoot, etc), not to chit chat. If you need to meet before we shoot please contact me for my consultation fee.  

I'm from the Philly area...rain, freezing rain, a little bit of not bad weather for me and I will drive in it no problem. Technically I am in the 'burbs near Sesame Place.

Deposits: Unless we have previously worked together without issue I require a 25% deposit through Google Wallet, Giftrocket, or Dwolla to hold your slot (minimum $75) and to guarantee my lowest rate, the remaining balance can be paid at the shoot. If you do not wish to guarantee with a deposit, I can pencil the shoot in without a deposit, but this will be at a higher rate, and if someone wishes to shoot during your slot and is willing to put down a deposit I will contact you to reschedule (shoots with a deposit, or guaranteed salary, take priority). My reputation is very important to me, please check my friends list, I do not cancel.

For all local shoots I will confirm 48-72 hours before all local shoots. I usually use email to confirm so that there is backup. Except for emergencies please do not call the day of, I will be getting ready to make sure I am punctual for the shoot, this is why I confirm. I must know ALL details for the shoot no less than 48 hours prior to the shoot. This includes gear I need to bring, location, start time, approximate end time, and payment.

All traveling shoots that I drive to I will typically confirm 24-72 or so hours before I leave for the area. If you cancel 15+ days before I leave for your area I will refund your deposit. Without deposits I reserve the right to cancel the trip or book another interested party with a deposit over your slot. I will let you know if this happens with as much notice as possible.

Cancellation policy: If you cancel 7 days or less before a local shoot, while I am in the middle of traveling for our shoot, or you are a No call, no show my cancellation fee is 50% of the shoot total (or $100, whichever is greater) and you will lose any deposits (these will be included as part of the cancellation fee). If you cancel 8 - 14 days before I LEAVE for a traveling shoot (this means if I am leaving Sun for your area and our shoot is Thurs you must cancel 15 days or more before the Sun I'm leaving), you will forfeit any deposits for the cancelled shoot. I.E. my cancellation fee is a minimum 25% of the shoot or $75 (whichever is greater). I DO NOT cancel. Aside from the fact that this helps pay my bills, I also realize that you are planning around me, so I will not cancel and ask that you do not either. If I do cancel with less than 48 hours notice, unless I have a documented reason (police report, death notice, or hospital/doctor's note...these apply as proper cancellations for you as well to avoid paying my cancellation fees) I will pay any kill fees to cover a studio, rented equipment, etc (the documented reason usually serves as a cancellation at a studio and other places without having to pay a fee as well). But don't hold out hope for a cancellation, in 7 years I have cancelled once and it was due to a car accident on the way to the shoot with a police report.

Where I go I do drive and can travel up to 6 hours round trip for a shoot in a day. I also have my passport if needed. I can pretty easily travel by car from MA to VA and as far west as Pittsburgh. If you are in any of these areas please contact me, let me know what you have in mind, & when you were hoping to shoot by & I will prioritize that trip.

I do visit other areas, but I visit these the most:

Shoots that I need to fly to will be discussed as plane tickets will be bought well in advance. I visit TX once a year.

Outdoor shoots: I prefer you to have permission or a permit for the location for me to shoot with you there (whether we are shooting clothed or nude). If not, the location must have a single access point (not out in the open, unless I am clothed) and my escort will remain at the entrance to the area as a lookout (or you may hire a lookout). I will leave my phone on so that in case someone heads down that trail I have time to put a dress on. Some areas are very strict about shooting in public places, even when you are clothed, and I can NOT risk getting fined or worse having something on my record. Even when there are no signs posted (like there are supposed to be) you are still dealing with the authorities who are not always nice in these situations.

Payment: I accept cash, Google Wallet, Giftrocket, Dwolla and sometimes Paypal, Credit Cards, and checks. If you choose to pay by credit card or any method that charges a fee I will do ask that you cover that fee to help keep my rates low. Depending on the item(s) I may accept lingerie, bikinis, shoes, leather, corsets, etc as payment or partial payment. Sorry, but I will not pay you, I understand why you charge, but I am past this point in my career. If I have a chance for TF (usually weekdays during the day) I am happy to discuss trade for submission to print or well-known online publications (foreign editions of popular names are totally acceptable). I am interested in Playboy Mexico, Maxim, and FHM.

All releases must include that only the name Stathena will be used or you must use a 2257 form. Everything in writing.

Rates: Please let me know what you are paying for your project or contact me about my rates. My rates are pretty standard, I may negotiate on longer 5-8 hour shoots, I do not negotiate on erotic shoots. My shoot minimum if you are within an hour from me, or I am traveling through your area already, is 2 hours. If you are further away my shoot minimum is usually a total of my round trip travel time. Shooting at my house is a minimum of an hour at $100. Lower rates are with a deposit only (local and traveling). I am sorry but unless you can match my standard photography modeling rates I do not hold poses for artists anymore.

Current Availability:

Fri May 27 Philly area
Sat May 28 (3+ hours)
Sun May 29 (3+ hours)
Tues May 31

Wed June 1
Thurs June 2 [Baltimore and Frederick MD areas]
Fri June 3
Sat June 4
Sun June 5
Mon June 6
Tues June 7
Wed June 8 before 1pm, after 6pm
Thurs June 9
Sat June 11 [fly into Dallas]
Sun June 12 [Dallas to San Antonio, available in San Antonio after 7pm]
Mon June 13 [San Antonio]
Tues June 14 [San Antonio to Houston, available before 5pm]
Wed June 15 [Houston]
Thurs June 16 [Houston to Dallas]
Fri June 17 [Dallas, currently booked]
Mon June 20
Tues June 21
Wed June 22 before 1pm, after 6pm

My schedule is practically a living organism and changes daily. It is best to have a couple days in mind when contacting me in case someone else beats you to a date. I do my best to keep this updated.

Just because a date is not listed does not mean I absolutely can not do something, it just means that day is pretty limited. Definitely don't hesitate to ask about an unlisted day though, I might be able to make something work.

About me as a model: I shave my underarms, lower legs & bikini line (I am currently sporting a thick landing strip). I only trim my pubes, instead of completely shaving. Upon request (and proper compensation for lost work) I can short trim, but I will not completely shave unless the shoot literally covers roughly 3 weeks salary, I can also completely grow out at the same rate. The rest of my body hair is blonde & does not appear in photos so I will not shave it. If you couldn't tell from my nudes, I am tattoo, piercing (except one standard in each earlobe), and modification free. I do however get minor blemishes that are easily covered up with make up or photoshopped out in seconds.

What I do: Modeling primarily with lingerie, bikini, and nudes since July 2008. For nudes, I work with Bodyscapes, parts modeling, partial nudes (topless, etc), Glamour, Artistic, and Erotic. Leg spreads if artistically done are usually ok, pink spreads are not in my comfort zone unless for a private collection (I have pubes for a reason). As much as I love the look of Bodypaint, I am usually allergic to the ingredients, so if you are interested in using me for this I need you to send either the brand name you are using or the ingredient list. Touching me during a shoot without permission is NOT ok...moving a strand of hair, fixing a piece of fabric is normally fine....putting your hand on my thigh while you take a picture of my privates is NOT! My fetish work is very mild: light bondage with cotton or silk rope (no ball and/or tape gags, cleave gags are fine usually so long as it doesn't restrict breathing), suspension on a rigging machine (prefer upside down due to complicated wrist/hand size), body parts solo (foot, leg, etc), pantyhose, ENF, WAM, inflation, shoes, and balloons to name the ones that I have worked with comfortably or have heard enough about and would be comfortable with. I am interested in corset, leather, and clothing fetishes. I really am not mean enough for dom work, my mean face is terrible lol. I'm not ticklish and will not do anything that will leave marks on my body or will be harmful to my health or well-being (no spanking, pain infliction, duck tape on my skin, etc).

For those who do not know:
    Of, relating to, or tending to arouse sexual desire or excitement
    Evoke or awaken (a feeling, emotion, or response)
    Excite or provoke (someone) to anger or strong emotions

Id Est (that is): I will not have sex with you or anyone/thing else on camera. I will however look to arouse a sexual response from the end viewer. I appreciate all the emails I get that I would be great for masturbation or sex videos/pictures, but it just isn't what I am comfortable with.

Girl/Girl art/sexy/erotic is fine with me (I have worked with it before & actually prefer it to solo erotic), but I am sorry I will not work with most males (this should go without saying if you read the top). I will work with animals on artistic and glamour nudes (fuzzy and scaly...I happen to love ball pythons). I do NOT shoot pornography (for me this includes toys, masturbation, foot/hand jobs, and anything else where myself or someone else is getting aroused on set), smoking, drugs, guns...or anything that portrays these. I do understand the need for these, but I am not interested in modeling for it.

I bring plenty of ideas. Though due to past photographers stealing ideas I will only give you a small portion of my full idea, the rest will come out at the shoot. I often bring ideas specific to a photographer's style.

I come prepared: I bring props, sheer fabrics, etc even to nude shoots. Just because I am nude does not mean the photo has to be too. I am happy to use your wardrobe too, but I will supply my own shoes and panties unless yours are brand new with tags still on. If even your outer wardrobe, like dresses and shirts, are not washed after each shoot I prefer to keep to my wardrobe.

I have Costumes to liven up the shoot!: I Dream of Jeannie, Princess Leia Slave girl, Playboy Bunny, Sexy secretary, Supergirl, Emma Frost, Madonna "like a virgin", Fluttershy cosplay, Purple Belly Dancer, Saloon Girl, Sexy Nurse, Sailor Bikini, Short Geisha Robe, Sexy Green Elf, Santa Lingerie in pink and red, Indiana Joannie (sexy female Indiana Jones), sexy train conductor (yup I said it lol), Medieval Dress, Civil War settler dress (think Little House on the Prairie), Authentic Sari, Authentic Kimono Robe...not to mention a giant wardrobe to mix & match & create many other costumes. If you want me to bring specific items please let me know, my wardrobe is far too large to bring everything.

I have a dance background (if you couldn't tell from my photos) - Irish Step, Basic Ballet, Very basic Jazz, Self taught pointe. I have plenty of outfits to go with these, but no professional tutus as I did not do recitals/shows & my training was very minor. I do have leotards, tights, a small white tutu, and a small black tutu. I have 10 years of competitive figure skating under my belt as well. Please remember I no longer train so I will happily hold poses, but can not leap or do anything that may put me in danger. I do have professional figure skating dresses.

As for hair and make up I have professional products and can usually manage these on my own unless you are looking for something very unique and specific, in which case I just ask that your stylist/artist use my products to avoid allergic reactions.

Escort As a fair heads up though, someone accompanies me to ALL shoots! They do not sit in on the shoot, they carry my bags, introduce themselves, make sure everything is ok, get a rough estimate of when we will be done, & find a local Starbucks/coffee house to wait at during the actual shooting. If you are not ok with someone knowing where I am then I am sorry but I am not ok working with you. This is also how I am able to travel further for one day shoots and travel for a week to areas, they also serve as my ride in these instances so I can arrive fully rested and at my best. Yes, I can drive, but it is very stressful for me. My escort(s) is/are drama free, please feel free to ask past photographers for references.

And for those who ask, my little personal bio. I grew up as an only child with a single mom who took a LOT of photography courses, so I was her favorite subject for many years (and still am). My grandfather, (who I am very close with and I still share most of my work with, except my nudes haha), was a professional photographer for 16 years when my mom was a little girl. My initial goals were to go into Mechanical Engineering or Physical Therapy and I mostly followed the latter. I currently run a Neuromuscular Re education Therapy business (it sounds more lucrative than what it is lol). But if you are a model or photographer with musculoskeletal pain/injuries contact me big_smile


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  • Photographer
  • Male
  • New Egypt, New Jersey, United States

"Stathena is a true pleasure to work with. She is very reliable and personable with great communication along the way. She provides great posing skills with or without direction and understood our wardrobe needs perfectly. She provided valuable support at every level throughout... the entire process. Highly recommend." more less

Worked together 1 times; Most recent: January 2016

Touched by Gray Photos

  • Photographer
  • Male
  • Fredericksburg, Virginia, United States

"Stathena is great model! Always a pleasure to work with and I can't wait to work w/her again."

See Sample Worked together 2-10 times; Most recent: April 2014

EA Photographics

  • Photographer
  • Male
  • Reading, Pennsylvania, United States

"Stathena is professional and always prepared to give her best for a shoot. She is experienced and wonderful to work with. I look forward to out next shoot!"

Worked together 2-10 times; Most recent: October 2015

Krizanek Photography

  • Photographer
  • Female
  • Brookhaven, Pennsylvania, United States

"Stathena is always on time and prepared to shoot. She's very reliable and always positive. She has a stunning figure and I've always gotten great images with her!"

See Sample Worked together 2-10 times; Most recent: June 2015
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Credit Notes

Most recent achievements:

Tease Magazine Feb 2015 with Krizanek Photography

Wicked Weasel bikini contest winner week of Dec 24, 2014 … 6-stathena

2015 Fine Art Calendar with Krizanek Photography

Blue Skies Art Gallery in Hampton, VA Nov 2014 2nd Place

FemmeXposure Thanksgiving 2014 issue with Krizanek Photography

Contemporary Art Gallery Online April 2014 3rd Place

Cover Model for March 2014 issue of Sensual Woman Magazine! … 13&s=w

Red Skye Model

Photographer references available upon request! big_smile

I have worked with various websites, workshops, commercial projects, stock, art galleries, print, and video.

I would not recommend these photographers/videographers. Feel free to contact me if you want to know why. Any of the below marked with an asterisk (*) should be considered A VERY BIG NO and potentially dangerous!
NCNS - No Call, No Show - I will generally give No Call, No Show's a second chance, if you show up I will consider the first instance to be a fluke and will happily reference for you after that and remove you from this list. I am not unreasonable I just ask that you please stay in contact with me and let me know what is going on, I will always do the same. Avoiding me is not a professional approach.

Tx11photographer #3811865 - vanished less than a week before shoot, seemed to be because I wouldn't shoot porn
Munro #64192 - last minute cancellation, no cancellation fee
LDU Photography #3717933 - last minute cancellation, no cancellation fee, when I asked about this he asked me for a private dance.....
Michael Enoches #1344221 - did not receive full payment, please contact for details
Prince Young Photography #179696 (DC area) - NCNS, no cancellation fee
Timballi #2831539 (Ithaca, NY)
Airborne Productions #2940512 (Ephrata, PA)
Bwhstudios #2672869 (Boston, MA area) - last minute cancellation, no cancellation fee
Charles Phox Photography #1287099 - intentionally published my picture with a name that was not my own nor my alias
*****Charlie Polaroid (New York, AC) #3051905
*****Tyler (Syracuse) 347-714-7887
Secondwave #2541475 - Gave 3 ATTEMPTS - lack of communication and a NCNS
Aaron Moore - Moore Photo Graphix (MD/VA area) - last minute cancellation, no cancellation fee
Joshua Berdecia (jbphoto22) NJ/Philly area - NCNS
Box Ink #2904677 - 2 attempts - lack of communication and NCNS
*****Jimmy Watts - #1807279  - contact for details
The Dollhouse Project #1594371 - Rich/Judas - NCNS
Artistic Glamor - Joe Anthony #2252333 - violated contract, contact for details
Kristina Beese - sheer nudes #99210
Wet Behind the Ears - Chris Augustine - casual #129234
Jamie Cocco - NCNS
*****Jerry Rome (Jakaub) (Scranton/Wilkes Barre, PA) - bondage
*****Sinful Illusions - Lee Joseph - short test #278166
*****Bruce Malik - New Kingdom Promotions (Lancaster, PA area) - NCNS
*****Jack Whitner (Newtown, PA area) - test
*****Thomas Markle (KOP area) - did not shoot
*****Joey Mas - did not shoot
*****Donatelli Modeling (Randy) - did not shoot


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Travel Notice
Jun 2, 2016 Day trip to DE & MD
Jun 11, 2016 Yearly visit to TX, this time in June :)
Jun 10, 2016 Yearly visit to TX, this time in June :)
May 19, 2016 Adding Michigan to my OH tour! Expired
May 17, 2016 West PA/OH in May! Expired
May 17, 2016 West PA/OH in May! Expired



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