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About Me

Go buy my coloring book!


Take your clothes off, suck my dick, Baby I'll make you a star!

For those that I havent scared away yet....

Who are you?
An international threat to The Industry. I am the most amazing thing to ever fall from the heavenly skies above and hit the ground running...Im a complete hack.
Sorta-retired model
All the times generally awesome motherfucka

Why would I want to work with you?
For the ART of it.

That line HAS to work on somebody...

How does a shoot with you usually go?
You take your clothes off, I take less than 100 photos (I cant be bothered to do more than that) hopefully its as good for you as it is for me.

Your portfolio is all over the place, you dont shoot anything consistently!

Its a direct reflection of my brain. Cool, huh?

How will my photos turn out?
Who knows!
No really. I make no promises.

Why is that?
I don't know what I'm doing.

(I really mean that)

How do I benefit from shooting with you?
By simply associating with me you've added a metric fuckton of AWESOME into your life. You know you want some of this.

Well, since you admittedly suck, will you pay me?

Why the hell not?
Im not a nice person. Im also broke. Most importantly, I dont actually need to work with you, so youre either in it just for the hell of it or youre not, and thats fine by me. By no means do I kid myself that "the hell of it" is actually worth much, but maybe you like to take a gamble when your spare time is on the line? Who am I to tell you how to waste it (though you probably should waste it with me, just saying)

You read my message but didn't answer me, I even told you that I WANTED to work with you! Why are you so mean?
Im not. Well, I am, but in that particular instance Im not aiming to be mean, I just dont currently have something Im working on and I think that rather than chit chat for the next forever and ever, the both of us would just prefer it that I get back to you when I actually have a plan. I dont like to waste time, I dont like idle bullshitting, and I especially hate planning a hypothetical shoot for eons and it never actually happening. If it was meant to be, I WILL message you back, and hopefully you dont remember that I didn't answer you.

Are you ready for the best shoot of your life?

You bet your sweet ass you are!

This is an accurate representation of what a typical shoot with me is like. Im the one in the socks.

I clearly dont take myself, or my work, very seriously. I'd like it if youd do me the honor of not taking me seriously either. It harshes my mellow.

*I dont actually pay any attention to friend requests or tags. If youve fallen on your head recently and want to work with me, youll have to speak up*


Star Child once told MM I've got talent. I'm on a mission to prove him wrong.

-JAY- says I fumble well.


Laura wants to shoot you in the face   9 pics



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