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Euphoria: A state of intense happiness, well-being, and self-confidence.

Ethereal: Light, Airy, or Tenuous. An ethereal world created through the poetic imagination.

Hence the name: Euphoreal

I also like the moments of "Real Euphoria" that beautiful images and the process of making them can bring.

Welcome to my page.
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Well, isn't this a nice surprise to wake up to:
WINNER! POTD18+ Contest! My second one!
Huge Thanks to the Beautiful Merrique! MM# 772043
xoxo! :)
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My First One! WINNER! POTD18+ Contest:
Thanks to Brianne Blu! MM# 2647335
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And thanks to everyone who voted!

If you're curious about my avatar/logo, it's my version of a blocky letter "E" influenced by a blend of Mark Rothko and the Bauhaus school of art. Some people don't see it, others don't even care. :)

An interesting, somewhat odd, and often awkward phenomenon has started happening to me over the last couple years. People I barely know from workshops and shooting events are recognizing me in public places, and introducing me to their friends and wives as "one of the best photographers in Chicago!" I'm stunned every time it happens. Me? I just shoot photos. I like the way I see them, and it's nice that others do, too.. I definitely feel complimented when this happens, but I have no idea what to say! Then, when they leave, I find myself having to explain what just happened to a waitress, cashier, or total stranger who may or may not "get" the kind of art we do... and I never know how they'll respond. :)

I shoot almost exclusively outdoor urban nudes in public and semi-public situations. I'm quick and I'm good! (which are usually two traits you don't often want to see in the same sentence!). If you don't have at least a little exhibitionist streak in you, then shooting with me will definitely be a challenge (but what model isn't at least a little bit of an exhibitionist?).

I DO have very specific methods and techniques that allow us to shoot quickly and safely, and I teach those methods in my one-on-one workshops. Model or Photographer, contact me if this is something you're excited about trying!

Any photographer who treats an outdoor nude shoot like an indoor nude shoot, and expects you to stand out there for an hour - or even for 5 minutes - clearly doesn't understand the levity of what he, and more importantly what YOU, are doing! I can make my art in less than 60 seconds! THAT, and several other very important nusnces, are why you should shoot with me.

I actually work better and faster within the limitations of outdoor photography. It forces you to be decisive and rapidly plan your shot without over-thinking. I instantly apply everything I've learned through 20 years of photography in the course of about 5 minutes time. I've been happily blessed with incredible models (yes, with very strong exhibitionist streaks!) who "get it" and think and thrive on this style as much as I do! I've been doing this a long time, I'm quick, I'm very experienced, I'm safe, I've gotten pretty good at it, I love the results, and contrary to all the paranoia stories people like to share about shooting public nudes, in over 14 years of shooting outdoors, I've never had a single run-in with the "authorities" regarding my specific public genre. Mainly because I'm not stupid and I actually like to use the brain I've been given to reduce the risk to an absolute minimum.

If I comment/tag/FR you, it means I'm interested. It's a valid means of expressing interest. If you want me to work harder than that to book you, then you have that backwards.

Personally, I don't think of my photos as "sexy," per se, but they do have an intensely exciting quality all their own. Shooting my style isn't exactly easy, but my experience, my manner, and my technique make it entirely doable and wonderfully enjoyable! I think you'll love it!

Ask me the backstory on how my "Crafty Beaver" series got started - lol. It's pretty good! :) I hope to do a book of it someday, but I need A LOT more shots for it!

I'm very selective about trade shoots. I will do trade, but if you want my eye and my experience in your photos, I'm not in the habit of having extra work demands placed on me for free. Especially for custom-finished, artistic edits. But my rates are more than reasonable.

Definitely agreeable to helping you with travel expenses.

People continually ask me, "How do you do it?" My answer is: It's not easy, it takes practice, but it can be learned, and I can show you. There definitely are specific techniques that have to be developed and mastered. I do live, one-on-one real-time urban nude workshops. Let me know if you're interested. (Models too!)

I love getting comments. Making people say "Wow" is a huge motivator for what we do. But I don't like getting "Yummy" as a comment. It sounds like a 4th grader who's just been told he's getting ice cream for desert! Not really the greatest comment given the thought and effort the models and I put into our art. Thanks. :)

Check out my credits section below.
Also, ALL MM models are always linked under their photos inside my portfolio.


Please don't use your credits as weapons of leverage to get your way; or worse, to put someone down. Don't power-trip over what you've done, alright? (and I thought the male ego was bad - lol!). It's nice that you've done some beautiful and exciting things in the past. I have, too... but that's all in the past. They are not predictors of how things will go, nor are they guarantors of success in the future. That's why I keep shooting and trying new things.
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My credits are a way of acknowledging my thanks and expressing my gratitude for the wonderful people who've helped me. They've earned their place in my work and in my heart, and they deserve to be mentioned here.
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Melissa Jean! - MM# 546548
The Fearless Exhibitionist! I have yet to shoot my Urban Nude style with this public model of my dreams - lol! - BUT she was the model for the most recent one-on-one Urban Nude workshop I conducted with David J. Photography! (MM# 3143908) If you're interested in learning my style and you can do it when Melissa Jean is in town, it will be an experience you will never forget and change the way you think about nude photography forever!

Kylie Kohl! - MM# 2294526
There is nothing more exhilarating than a spirited photo shoot, and shooting with Kylie is AWESOME! I love shooting with models who have totally intimidating portfolios and finding out how sweet and friendly they really are in person! It's also such a joy to work with a woman who has gone to great lengths to understand her art, to the point where she can flow so effortlessly in front of a camera! Trust me, I know that skilled, "effortless" movements like hers don't come without incredible prior effort and experience!

Bailey Daniels - MM# 2298715
Talk about a "Bucket List" shoot! Put her on yours and don't effin' cancel! She is delightful, mature, adaptable, capable, beautiful, and has possibly the most amazing body you will ever... could ever... shoot! It was a riot coaching her and coaxing her in the ways of public urban nudes! It's not what she expected (it rarely is!), but she was a total trooper and pulled-through like the champ she is! I look forward to our next drop in the bucket! ;)

Vassanta - MM# 209943
She paid me one of the highest compliments I've ever received when she said, as far as she's concerned, I "own Chicago," and described me as having "no ego, whatsoever." But about her: Can we talk about the consummate professional?? There really is no substitute for experience! I've crowned her "Queen of the Sexy Face!" In 10 clicks of your shutter, you will get 10 incredible photos! One half-day session with Vassanta will give you a full winter's worth of photos to edit (and keep you warm - lol)! Striking an amazing variety poses and sizzling expressions with no direction, this voluptuous beauty will risk setting your camera on fire from the speed of the shutter release!

Maeballine - MM# 3371937
One of the most amazing first shoots I've ever been on! We clicked and hit our stride right from the very start! Had to boost her confidence and expand her comfort zone for the project we were working on, but she followed through with style and grace! Looking forward to more incredible sessions! :)

Malgorzata Argasinsks - MM# 3168152
Sheer magic just to meet her! Even more wonderful to create beautiful art with her! How many photographers can say they have the approval of the model's mother to shoot artistic nudes? Shooting with Gosia, I never felt more blessed and complimented in all my life! What a lovely experience.

Model Vavra - MM# 3227138
Such amazing talent, ease, and grace in front of the camera! Especially at the young age of 23! Nothing but high quality art with this girl!! Do yourselves a huge favor people! Be a gentleman and hire this gorgeous model for your portfolio! You will not regret it!

Mila - MM# 3010174
Mila is a beautiful free-spirit who will keep you smiling the entire shoot! Not to mention getting you some of the most uniquely beautiful images you've ever shot! I asked her to pose in some places she'd never posed before, and after a little convincing, she shined like the star that she is! :) [we'll never forget the creepy dude who tried to follow us, though! Uchchh! Gross!]

Collete Stone - MM# 2376794
As is often the case with public nudes, we had a little trouble finding the right place! But once we found a cool spot on a sidewalk under the "L," she turned-on her charms and took off her clothes and we scored some very exciting shots! What a riot! I love it when models have more fun with my art than I do! :)

Cameo Michelle - MM# 1875179
She moves like no one else in front of a camera! What more can I say about a model who has become a close friend, is a one-of-a-kind beauty, and is a never-ending student of her craft? She lives and epitomizes art! Your camera was made for her!... and she can cook, too! :)

Anna Hodges - MM# 1800952
A long time friend! Anna and I have been shooting together over 10 years! We just shot again and it surprised us to realize that! 10 years and we've only gotten better! And laughed about where we were and what we were trying to do 10 years ago! haha! She is the one who convinced me how beautiful anonymous nude art can be! Her sheer elegance and eye for beauty have always been top notch!

D E V I - MM# 2686156
Artistic, personable, creative, engaging... a tremendous model to collaborate with! "Devi: She is the female counterpart without whom the male aspect, which represents consciousness and discrimination (that's definitely me), remains impotent and void."

Natalee Hawthorne - MM# 1706273
My longest and dearest friend on MM. I wish more of you would work with her! If you like a glam look, you're all missing the boat if you don't shoot with her! She has the passion you're looking for! But I'm more than happy to let you overlook her and keep her as my own creative secret! :)

St Merrique - MM# 772043
Probably the greatest single hour of photography I have EVER experienced! The Zen of Art! No time to think! No time to overdo anything. We put our abilities together and lightning struck!

Kristy Ann - MM# 632357
OMG! The epitome of art, beauty, talent, always a positive attitude!... and just undeniably S E X Y ! :)

PetulaV - MM# 779165
You will NEVER meet a nicer, sexier, friendlier more talented model! Amazing in front of a lens! She also introduced me to the most unforgettable model I've ever worked with!... and we couldn't speak a word to each other! I felt like I was shooting someone historically famous the whole time. It's a feeling I live for at every shoot. I have to get back to Bohemia!

Christie Gabriel - MM# 489446
Ideas abound! If you haven't shot with her, your camera hasn't achieved its full potential!

ISM - MM# 1820135
Two of the most electrifying shoots I've ever been on! Buzzing for HOURS after each one! So much fun and felt true fulfillment as a photographer!

Liz Ashley - MM# 26159
Experienced, adaptable, grace and beauty in any and every situation! Her artistic wonder is far greater than my words can describe! Talent as big as Texas!

Jess Robinson - MM# 539418
She is the perfect mix of incredible beauty, great sense of humor, definitely smart, and guaranteed FUN! You don't need me to tell you how amazing she is! I gotta get back to the Longhorn state!

Modella-Nudes - MM# 2354504
Such incredible beauty and form! A great artistic mindset! Perfect proportions for a model! Enthusiastic and wonderful to talk to between shots! :)

Brianne Blu - MM# 2647335
Just Wow! Bri and I have created some... check that... LOTS of amazing art together! She is incredible to shoot with. Got me my first POTD 18+ winner, too!

Violetta Storms - MM# 109547
If you want the shot, Violetta will get it!... and keep you laughing the whole time! Amazing body and amazing fun! :)

Rain Model - MM# 2236581
An artist in her own rite with strong ideas and her own unique style! :)

Mizz Amanda Marie - MM# 1289955
Beautiful look, easy to talk to, and just look at her portfolio! Her creativity speaks for itself and her fantastic photos say more than my words ever could!

Chantelle Marie - MM# 2876436
We had time, we got together, kind of impromptu, and we had a fantastic shoot, almost effortlessly! The way I love to shoot!

Deja Mone - MM# 2594334
Lovely artistic look and eager to help you get your shot!... and it WILL be great!

Traci Matthews - MM# 2426439
Very kind and beautiful. Knows her own direction!
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Michael Rosen Shooting Event
(a happy friend who will be dearly missed, may he RIP):
Anna Niebrdyzowski - MM# 2200292
Brandi Huffines - Facebook
Tanah - MM# 1556939
Gina Monteleone "GiGi" - MM# 714208
Hannah Peltier - MM# 2910694
Niecce - MM# 1352067
Holly Kirby - MM# 2294195
Heidi Fahrenbach - MM# 760258
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Models without Online Porfolios:
Shay Elise - Chicago
Lucia - Prague
Amanda W - Wisconsin
Dani Dank - New Orleans
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As well as a variety of professionals, lawyers, students, nurses, salespeople, etc; who choose to shoot artistic nudes anonymously, whose generosity and beauty have graced my art, for which I am truly blessed and deeply grateful, and whose identities shall respectfully remain forever nameless and anonymous in my works.

Thank you... to ALL of the above!

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Lastly, I think you can tell a lot about a person's intent from the lists they display in their profiles. If you want to be blown away by the greatest images and models this site has to offer, click below on my list for - E u p h o r e a l : D e f i n e d

Scroll through it and prepare to swoon with desire!... and drool with envy! :)
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