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Model Female Montreal, Quebec, Canada
New York, New York, US
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
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About Me

''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''' (14 000 followers!)
On tumblr finally!
Working on my own website. To come soon!

Upcoming Trips :

November. Dates to be confirmed.

Postponed until end of November / beginning of December

Later in 2014:
Ottawa and maybe either Chicago, Los Angeles and Vancouver
P.S. I'm willing to travel to your area whenever you are as long as travel expenses are taking care of.

***HAIR BACK TO BLACK. Wigs upon request (long black, red, light blue and white wigs and a pink bob)

I am an experienced model from Montreal, Canada. I speak French (c'est ma langue première) and English.

A few words to describe me: Creative, Versatile, Fearless, Friendly, Reliable, Strange (but a good strange) and Hardworking (I give my 110%!)l smile.

------------------------------------------ Genre ------------------------------------------

I am very versatile. I have over 300 shoots under my belt. I easily adapt to the style you are looking for.

Although my specialities are Acting, Conceptual, Artistic Nudes, Quirky and Sensual, slightly Erotic, Dark Imagery, High and Funky Fashion and mild Fetish.

Strong points:
- Expressions
- Unlimited poses
- Adaptability and gets easily into the character
- Remarquable creativity
- Great butt (they say) and not too bad boobs (even if small yeah yeah tongue )

Concepts I might consider in TF:
- Bodypainting
- Funky High Fashion
- Digital Artist
- Bridal
- Publications for Magazines
- Posing with live animal
- Collaboration with Clothing Designers
- Artistic Beauty Shots with a MUA and Hairstylist

--------------------------------------- Compensation ---------------------------------------

I am a full-time model and I am travelling a lot to make a living out of it. Paid work is my priority. I am very selective when it comes to TFP, but I still do from times to times
- My rates are affordable. Ask for them!
- No porn. No Nude TF, please
- No, I do not think I'm a princess or a diva and I am definitively not a drama queen
- I'm honest and reliable and I take my job and other people's time very seriously
- I work very hard, I'm very experienced and I have a wide expression range and posing
- I can work with no direction at all, but can easily follow directions if asked

------------------------------------------ Styling ------------------------------------------

I can do my own makeup, hair and styling, but for professional result, MUAs, Hairstylists or Clothing Designer are always welcome.
Pascal Duchene
photo chosen for Silver vs Pix, exhibition 2013 in Besançon, France
Pierre Joosten
Artistic Nudes By Ian


Comments from artists I've been fortunate to work with:

''Thank you for such a great experience. With all the technical glitches I encountered during the shoot your professionalism, your dedication, your patience and your help was invaluable. I must also tell you how impressed I was about your physical endurance in working such long hours in that cold (10-12 degree Celsius !!!) environment. I look forward to have the chance to work again with you and would highly recommend you without any reservation. Thank you again!
sommaphoto, #2826045

I usually don't tag on MM, but really appreciated your outstanding gift for modelling yesterday! U were a pleasure to work with and did an outstanding job! I would highly recommend you for any modelling job.
Looking forward to posting our images and working with u again, once we book a workshop date. Simply Outstanding! Thanks again!''
Jim Hagen, #2481771

''What a lovely day working with you!!! You are so committed to all of your poses and expressions. I was so inspired by you and that's how our poses worked so well together! It still blows my mind that you have only been modeling for such a short period of time, you are definitely a combination of natural talent and real commitment! Can't wait to work with you again, or show you around in Toronto big_smile''
Kandy Vert, #3201033

''I was lucky enough to shoot w Minh-Ly over the weekend. She is so lovely to work with, easy going and friendly. Her posing and expressions are great. Her imagination and willingness to try anything to get that shot are fantastic. I truly look forward to working with her again.''
Knight Vision Imaging, #2830316

''Minh-Ly and I have spent a week of hard work in Nevada/Utah. I do recommend her for all kind of work, from fashion to delicate artistic nudes. Best of all she is very intelligent and drama free.
Merci Minh-Ly.''
O K A N E Photographe, #49982

''Thank you for a fun and inspiring collaboration! You really added a dimension to my concepts, and the pics came out great. I hope we'll work together again!''
Carlis Fridlund, photographer, #3758

''Creative. Driven. Energetic. Reliable. These are words that describe MLT's modeling ethic. More than just a pretty face, she is a consummate professional, able to adapt to nearly any style, display any emotion, no matter how dark, and provide photographers with the kind of experience that truly demonstrates why she is one of Montreal's best new models. Hire her!''
Karl Barbosa Photo, photographer, #129973

''MLT Model is exceptional to work with! Not only did she do all the dirty work in planning an amazing shoot, but she was well prepared, organized, creative, and friendly! She even came shopping with me to help me pick out wardrobe. Not to mention, it's amazing to watch her work - her poses are fantastic!

I definitely recommend working with MLT Model. You won't be disappointed.''
Melissa Sawatzky, model, #3150262

''Working with Minh-Ly was a great experience. She is very open minded when it comes to concepts and ideas. She is amazingly comfortable in front of the lens. She is very collaborative which makes working with her an easy task. Her wardrobe is excellent and she would be your best bet as a clothing adviser. It was a great pleasure working with Minh-Ly.''
_BlossomFairy_, model, #2979175

''What a wonderful model she is ! I had the pleasure and the chance to work with her today and she was amazing. I really recommend her to everyone who wishes to do amazing photography.
Elle est sublime comme modèle ! Quelle chance j'ai eu de pouvoir travailler avec elle aujourd'hui et quel plaisir. Je vous la recommende car elle est exemplaire comme modèle. Vous ne le regretterez pas !''
Stephane rock Laroche, photographer, #2363554
***Map and flag counter since August 10th 2014


(*) Artists I've worked with several times
(-) I don't recommend

Mike Giovinazzo #779785
Dragon Lily Photo #316
Revprint #391258 (3x)*
Provocateur Images #2370034


- In Quebec-
Constantin Iosseliani #710033 (4x) ***
Mathieu Genest
VeePhoto #1066498 (2x)*
Pierre Joosten (5x)***
frscote #3451186
sommaphoto #2826045
Ben Chenier #1045933 ***
Fischer Fine Art #101363 (9x) ***
Laetitia Orsini #2587914
The Last Laugh #378711 (2x)*
Proginor … 17?fref=ts
O K A N E Photographe #49982 (3x) ***
fotovation #37262 (15x) ***
Karl Barbosa Photo #129973 (12x) ***
Magic FineArts … ?ref=br_rs
carusophoto #1642733
Blakberi Photography #211888
Espresso Photo #1240153 (3x) *
Vincent the photog #3459577 (3x)*
Photographe Jean Goulet #3461700 (10x) ***
Eric Daoust #37548 (2x)*
Paul Brutal #2116728 (2x)*
Victor Vargas V #1901937 (3x) *
Jerome Bertrand #3265800
Arte Lumen / ArteLumen Nude #1018641 / #1470525 (4x) **
Julie Laurin #2604943
Mlle Chevre #1100248 (2x)*
Romantic Photographic #1897008 (6x) ***
wls photography #1845952
Andre Roussel #179822 (2x) *
Decibel Photo #1693279
Luc Delorme #3159822 (4x) **
Jobinfoto #1161644
david epstein studio 77 #286540
JSinSH #2713406
Denis Laperriere #1210119
Arian #134131 (4x) **
Martin Boulianne
Gabriel Talbot #2797214 (2x) *
Carlis Fridlund #3758
Roland Worms
Focus Photo Productions #2926040 (2x) *
FotoShooter #2696782 (-)
IN-NO-V8 #200232
Roberto Chavarria
Robert Chouraqui #80877
Chris Szmytkiewicz #3080494
Alexandre Trudeau-Dion #3106396
Line Lamarre
xxDogmaxx #707643
UlyssePhoto #677531
Lawrence Photographies #2445042
Dunter Franck #594645 (and awesome bondage artist)
Claude Campagna Lupien #2621043
jean-marie lanlo #1248875
Frederic Deschenes #2997489
Denis Bussiere #1961453
Stephane rock Laroche #2363554
Bruno Gallant #855710
PphotoNewB #2963333
MattArchibald #2861567 (-)
Duchene Pascal #2265574

- Toronto and around -
ArtistiCurves #2557904 (3x)**
Watika Lemon #2873364 (4x)**
Jim Hagen #2481771 (2x)*
PHOTONE #2712092 (3x)**
AMPhotos #2984355
Lookbookxxx #2844036
DWS Photography #1617421
Knight Vision Imaging #2830316 (9x) ***
Figure Nua #3180076
A R T I S T E #1092775
Artistic Nudes by Ian #1400629 (2x)*
Ian Donaldson #1179023 (2x)*
Justitium #1725674 (2x)*
ZKAt #1852057 (2x)*
Anthony Gordon #140482
TwistedAngel Imaging #3453026
BoldDaniel #1464770
David D Photography #2027035
Jesse Bard #621040
Justitium #1725674
SMarsh Photo #2465231
WallyPhoto #1065956
Geoff Larkin Studio #2607988

- Ottawa -
RW Photo Art #804191 (2x)*
Bert van der Plas #1895050 (2x)*
snakes and mangoes #2587885
Mario Radovnikovič
Dragon Lily Photo #316
Marc Lavergne #2629495

AC Bodypainter #3263673 (3x)**
Skin Detailz #2842118 (2x)*
Carole Duchesneau (3x)**

William Lazos Artist #3342026 (3x)*
jacek tomczak #1821967 (2x)
Jean Gladu #2505906 (-)

Beauty by Masayo #2836947
Liya (4x)***
Marie-Eve Chartrand MUA #3170039
Salon Bellina … 64?fref=ts
Kat Crazyk Nails
Marian la Maquilleuse
AudreyLa #2900492
Painkiller Penny #3051986 (3x)**
Sandy Sarkozi
Sidonie Makeup #2954667
HarleenBMUA #3009178
Anne-Sophie Casabon
Anca Trifan #3280892
Marie-Claude Laporte
Stéphanie Guida #1026230
Christale Makeup #2831836 (2x) *
Ems makeup (2x) #3141069
MakeupKat #2496039
Emily Darling Makeup #2237448

Chantelle Kidd
Manue L.

Clothing Designers:
Les Artisans d'Azure
Jeffrey Cummins
Go West (free access to shoes) ***
Tamakhi #2626851
Tarte Nouveaux Designs #1847206
Amesika (Accessories)
Dorisdey (Clothing)
JOLIK #2434022

Pierre Chassé
Cult Sirens

Models I've collaborate with:
Derek Knight
Kandy Vert #3201033 (3x)**
Lilly xo #3375873
Kelli #10449
Leona88 #1432294
Asteria #3459920
CyberpunkDoll #2547468
TwistedAngel44 #2883926
Carmelia L #3366272
Meesh C #2714194
Melissa Sawatzky #3150262 (5x) ***
Jenny_Kitty #2143608
Dansabulle #1720100
Jean R M#2996712 (2x)
Inf3rna #2443765
Rosibel #1399746
Orange Beams #1164676
Mylene L
Nickie Cevilia #3158635
Phylactere #1154401
alice merveille #2952963
AudreyJade #3091880
Gem Wonder
_BlossomFairy_ #2979175 (5x) ***

Live Model:
Nepean Sportplex Live Model
Antonio Cerdan
Joseph Dunlap Art (2x)* … 8254112163
L'Atelier-Galerie Simon Dupuis … 17?fref=ts

Publications and Exhibitions:
Nepean Visual Arts Centre Gallery in Ottawa (September - October 2014) with RW Photo Art
Pretty Poison Magazine Issue 3 (September 2014) with Artisticurves
FETFAN Magazine Issue 6 (August 2014) with PHOTONE Photography
Xpressions Magazine (July 2014) with Artisticurves and Skin Detailz
Exhibition Silver vs Pix in Besançon France (April 2013) with Pascal Duchene

Un dimanche sur l'herbe (Livemodel workshop) - July 2014 - Bellefeuille, St-Jérome
Redken Fusion Hair Show - June 2014 - Fairmount Queen Elizabeth
Amesika & Doris Fashion Show (Fro Foundation) - February 2014 - Musée des Beaux-Arts, Montreal
ABA Hair Show (Patrice Beauté) - March 2013 - Palais Des Congrès, Montreal


Artists I admire   1 pics
Clothing Designers I admire   1 pics
Fabulous MAKEUPs   72 pics
HAIR Goddess   134 pics
Hair Stylists I admire   3 pics
Interesting CONCEPTs   210 pics
Mind-blowing CREATIONs   448 pics
Models I admire   42 pics
MUAs I admire   7 pics
Photographers I admire   39 pics
Sublime PORTRAITS   636 pics
The Magnificence of the HUMAN BODY   702 pics
Treasures among NATURE   421 pics
TWISTED Beauty   528 pics
Wizards of Shop   2 pics

Casting Calls

Travel Notice
Oct 25, 2014 Unique and Experienced model in NYC - Oct.25th-Nov.4th



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