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~ a list of veteran photographers dedicated to helping "new" models build their portfolios. Current international membership is 600+.[/b]
Current Projects: Non nude high exposure website, I do TFCD for this site all the time. No contract, no conflict, and no nudity :-D  models, and remote photographers needed! This is always going on, I have been running this site for about five years now.

Gallery Exhibit: Every year... ask for more information

Book Series: volume 1 is out... still searching for models for the next 9

MUA: I am looking for a couple of stable MUA's that would like to help out either for barter (website) portfolio (pictures) or cash (money)... I guarantee you this will be worth it
UPDATE: Ive been super busy moving the studio and what not... then noticing how EVERYONE is now a photographer I got a little moody and took a break booking individual shoots and have been doing catalog and product shooting, (objects are easy to shoot) but im kinda getting back in the swing of things here!

My name is Eric. I am a professional Photographer. Yes, PROFESSIONAL. I have my own business, Tax ID, resale license and everything (gasp!)
     I have been using a Nikon SLR camera since 1997.  I got my first paying gig in 2001.  I am not stuck up or conceited about where I've been and who I have worked for.  I do what I do because I love making art, and making photos.  I am polite, prompt, easy to work with, and down to earth.  I have plenty of references and I am always available to shoot with anyone who has good ideas!

Side note: I also do web design, marketing materials, comp cards all that.  I have an advanced knowledge of SEO. So if you are looking for a site that will actually go somewhere and do something I suggest you hit me up
What I'm here for
1. To collaborate with models, to get my projects done and to give some work to models who don't normally get a chance because they don't know how to.

2. Network with other people.  Make up artists, hair dressers, models, and of course meeting new people and making new friends is always a blast!

3. Creating art.

4. Working with newbies, old-bies, and bumblebees. (see what I did there)

What I'm not here for
1. To shoot pictures for your boyfriend for his birthday present.  Glamour shots in the mall does that and its a lot more affordable than me.

2. To start drama with Diva's who want to talk about how fat another girl is... Or boy...

3. To have my work judged by amateurs.  I've been published in more places than you read.  So STFD and STFU (MsG. me for acronym)

4. To hear how much work you've done or how much your rate is... Read my profile first :-D

5. To look at over photo shopped crap.

6. Or join any model mayhem "clicks"

7. to talk trash about someone anonymously........(more dots!)


My rules:

Don’t flake… Seriously, that makes you a terrible person, like a real terrible person, someone that doesn’t think of anyone but there own self and those people have no place in the world. So do us a favor..(Finish with your imagination)

If we schedule a shoot a couple weeks away, I require a confirmation 48 and 24 hours before the shoot (I have important things to do) this gives me time to replace you if I need to, also I don't remember everything I'm doing (sorry)

The ever so fun ego chop!
If you aren’t doing this as your income you aren’t a professional model, don’t expect me to treat you like one if you don’t act like one. Here are perfect examples of this…
     1.being late to a shoot
     2.Not being ready to shoot
     3.Wasting my time
     4.Being completely ignorant (or stupid, for those without a thesaurus)
     5.Talking about your boyfriend
     6.Using your cell phone during a shoot. (trust me I have much more important people to talk to, your MySpace friends can wait)
     7. Being completely useless
     8. sending 50 fucking messages BASICALLY asking the same thing. At this point, I know you are going to flake, go back to myspace its easier to get attention. (by the way I do web design, and a myspace isn't a portfolio...neither is facebook)
     9. little things bother me, I don't know; I think I wear my emotions out on my sleeve.  It's funny to see "be professional when contacting me" then sending a message saying "interested" about a casting call I posted.... It drives me absolutely insane


Things that make me giggle on model mayhem
(Side note: ALL of these quotes I have gotten on ModelMayhem)

1."I got accepted into Suicide Girls but I don't want to get naked" yeah everyone gets accepted sorry hunny you aren't special.  Not only thaat weren't you aware it was nude BEFORE you applied?"

2. Diva's with only cellphone pictures on their profiles.  "I'm professional but I can't use my pictures because they are in esquire.." It's called a tear sheet.  Look it up...

3. Girls who think they are better than other girls because they have more "experience" yeah well you know I'd rather shoot a nice newbie than an experienced snob any day.

4. "I'll do implied if it is paid." Why if it's paid? are you giving us a show while you're at it?  If you are looking to make money being "Edgy" try go go dancing..Just no (read between the lines)

5. 40+ year old GWC's calling themselves photographers who just shoot young girls naked as a "hobby".  Seriously... Go shoot a mountain scape and go to the strip club, save yourself from being called a pervert.  Chris Hansen called he wants you to take a seat on that stool over there.

6. putting the word, studio, production company, talent agency after your name.  If you don't have a studio.... Why? Production company means you Produce and create things.  Sure Photograph's are part of that.  But.... this is Model Mayhem not production company mayhem.  Talent agency?  Don't make me laugh.

7. "My manager wants to talk to you first."  Sorry but your boyfriend does not qualify as your manager...

8. "Can I tape the shoot so I can sell the video to my fans later?" You have fans?

9. "I'm a professional model" oh yeah what's your day job?  "I work at The Gap" well then you aren't a professional are you.  Webster defines the word professional as participating for gain or livelihood in an activity or field of endeavor often engaged in by amateurs so that means if you don't make a living off of it....Eh I lost my train of thought

10. "That no TFP sign" It makes me laugh every time I see it. And as each day passes photographers message me saying "HAHA I AGREE WITH NUMBER 10 LOLOLOL" (just like that). Everyone does trade work, regardless of how popular they are (and trust me i've shot more popular people than MM#?????)

11. More than one location listed on your profile. example: San Diego, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Baltimore.. how... Are you Dr. Manhattan? I don't think so....List your PRIMARY location please, its really less confusing

12. Using "Myspace,facebook etc as a portfolio" MYSPACE isnt a portfolio myspace isn't a portfolio myspace isn't a portfolio I don't have one, I don't want to "log in" to view more pictures of you, nor do I want to see pictures of you drunk with your friends in San Diego peeing on a wall..

13. Models who think they are photographers because they can use auto focus on their Low end Canon/Nikon. Yep.. Hey I'm a model too... Here's my picture, my rate.... half a subway sandwich and I'll do nude!


Take on Photoshop
Photoshop is a tool, its not used to ruin images that otherwise could have been good. Honestly they need to change the license agreement. "If you plan to abort pictures with this product it will stop working"


I think that pretty much covers it. I guess in other words, I’m looking to work with people who are passionate about making art, images and getting somewhere in life whether this is your hobby or dream in life I’m here to help! Just try to keep your head straight! So if you are interested in working wit me let me know wink

big PS Don't take yourself or me too seriously...  Things happen in life that change your perspective on everything, so have fun am I right?



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