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IMPORTANT NOTICE: I keep getting emails from traveling models asking if I would like to book them for a shoot (and pay them of course). I want to make this clear: I DO NOT pay models for shoots unless I have a specific client who wants a certain product and is willing to provide me with a budget to hire models and MUAs. Otherwise, I am the one charging models to do portfolio shoots for them (with the occasional, very rare TF work exceptions). I GET PAID for creating images, that is my business model. Nothing personal against models making a living, just know that I make money the same way and it wouldn't work for me if I pay somebody for images I will not be making money on.

I'm a very experienced photographer based in the Puget Sound area.

Throughout many years I have honed my craft to what it is today, perfecting my lighting technique with much practice.

My photography is about capturing the image for my client, in whatever media and by whatever means. I like to think of myself as a guerrilla photographer: pursuing my assignment relentlessly, improvising when needed, and getting the result by unconventional means when necessary.

I seldom work for trade any more. However, my rates are quite affordable, both to individuals and commercial clients. Every once in a while I will make an exception and work for trade if I find the concept unique and challenging.

My personal portfolio website is Or follow me on Twitter @CarlosCruzTrab and on Instagram @carloscruzphotog.

I'm also a Zivity photographer, so if you are a Zivity model or are interested in becoming one, I'll be more than happy to set a collaboration up so we can both generate content for the website!

***Concept Ideas for future shoots***

- Alpha, Lambda and Gamma: the constellation Orion has been imagined throughout the ages as a hunter bearing a sword (or club) and shield in the right and left hands respectively. For this concept shoot, I would need three models to represent Orion's upper body. Orion's "right shoulder" is the star Betelgeuse (A.K.A Alpha Orionis) which holds the sword. Orion's "head" is Meissa (A.K.A Lambda Orionis). And Orion's "left hand" is Bellatrix (A.K.A Gamma Orionis) which holds the shield. For the shoot, I would line up the three models to represent Betelgeuse (holding a sword), Meissa (with a war helmet or something like that) and Bellatrix (holding a shield).

- Alter Ego: this should be a fun shoot for a model that wants to try something different. Alter Ego is made up character that is as far from the model's actual personality as we can get it. She can come up with a name for her alter ego, an accent, a background story, or anything else that helps her get into character. This alter ego can allow the model to do or say things in front of the camera that would normally not come out. If a model is sweet and mild mannered, her AE can be mean and dress wildly! If the model is tattoo'ed and doesn't give a s**t, her AE can be a southern belle with proper manners. It doesn't matter what the AE is, as long as it is as far from who the model is as possible. If a model is interested in Alter Ego, send me a message briefly describing yourself and how you see your AE!

- East meets West: a shoot with a model from Russian or Ukrainian ancestry together with a Latina model.

- CSI: a shoot about a crime scene, with dark undertones but not necessarily gory.

- Scar of Life: a collection of images from one or more models showing their c-section scars proudly.

- Ring Girls: a shoot with two models pretending to be boxers in a match, complete with sweat and blood (fake of course) dripping down their faces with some edgy lighting.

- Cigar Girl: a shoot in a tropical setting (a beach maybe?) with a girl of Cuban or Dominican ancestry (or that can appear to be from these regions) smoking a cigar. A play of light with smoke and perhaps some low-key portraits.

- WTF?: A collection of images of models in dissonant wardrobe/make-up/setting combinations that leave the viewer confused (e.g. a ballet dancer in a hospital surgery room, a bikini-clad beauty on a roof top, a model dressed on a beautiful flowing dress in a janitorial closet, etc.).

- Chug!: as you can probably tell from my concept ideas, I really enjoy concepts that are "out of the norm". So how about two beautiful girls chugging beers with they rock band t-shirts on - something you associate with college men rather than women. This could be done au naturale (no make-up) and could spice up an all-glamour portfolio with something a little different and intended to be fun and playful.

- Cluing you in: a spin-off of the CSI idea, a model is dead in the middle of a room. What happened to her? What lead to her demise? You have to figure it out by looking closely at the things in the image!

- Birth of Athena: my portfolio includes an image called "The Birth of Venus" inspired by the Greek mythology on the birth of Aphrodite (Venus in Latin) from a clam shell (and painted by Boticelli). Greek mythology also says Athena (Minerva in Latin) was born fully grown from Zeus' head! Interesting concept to put onto an image, wouldn't you say?

- Laundry Day: our model is in a casual home setting, next to the washer and dryer doing laundry. What's so interesting about that you ask? Sometimes there is beauty in things we presume are mundane.

- Lady of the Lake: medieval legend has it, that the beautiful Lady of the Lake, the ruler of Avalon, gave king Arthur the famous Excalibur sword. Only a few have gazed their eyes on this mysterious entity as she comes out of the water bearing the famous sword.

- Hell Hath No Fury...: I have been thinking about this short motion picture project (my first) about a woman who hires an assassin to kill her unfaithful husband (a very sexy female assassin I might add). The film shows us how the assassin poses as a one-night-stand with the unfaithful guy and delivers retribution in the shape of a picture of him cheating on his wife, his wife's wedding ring, and the business end of a .45. This project can either be shot on a digital SLR in HD format or in old-school celluloid with a super 8 camera and fresh Kodak film stocks. This project would be ideal for those models who also want to exercise (and show off) their acting skills.

- Patient 187: this is a more ambitious film project than "Hell Hath No Fury" and would require a few actors to complete, but the story is riveting in my opinion. The black and white super 8 film, with a very found footage feel to it, pertains to a mysterious female patient at a mental institution. Not much is know about her, except she endures abuse at the hands of the institution's staff and particularly by a doctor. But who is she? Why is she the subject of abuse? (Hint: she has an ulterior motive for being in the mental hospital, as is revealed in the short story).

- Frauleinstein: Everybody is familiar with Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, right? Well, what if Dr. Victor Von Frankenstein created a female "monster"? And what if she wasn't a "monster" at all, but a work of art that the good Dr. created as a counterpoint to his own shortcomings? What would Frauleinstein (from the word Fraulein, german for miss) be like?

- Peep show: before movies ever existed, the concept of motion picture started with the development of the kinetoscope. You can read more about the kinetoscope here:, but basically it was a short strip of film that the customer would watch by looking through a small port in a box with a handle that turned to create the illusion of motion. Some of the early "movies" were simple somebody sneezing or dancing for a few seconds. I happen to have a modern version of the original kinetograph (used to record the kinetoscope movies) and I would like to recreate the look and feel of the old movies by filming a model dancing or doing a burlesque performance for the kinetograph.

- Motel Hell: this editorial follows the life of an escort living her own hell in a motel room. Obviously some acting is involved, as we would stage the whole thing. The lighting and mood will be ominous and the viewer will be left feeling sorry for this poor soul and her own personal hell.


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"Carlos is talented and was fun to work with! Very laid back and easygoing, and when we ran into issues with the weather he didn't let that phase him!"

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