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Welcome to my model mayhem profile smile
If you would like to collaborate/work together, please inbox me here on model mayhem.

My main interests in photography are to take photos in fashion/clothing brand, magazine, advertising and art styles; be featured and commissioned by reputable magazines & people in these areas, help newcomers and those that have been away from modelling for a while with portfolio photos and create agency portfolios, comp cards et cetera of a good standard in the industry.
I like having time to brainstorm and conceptualise a photoshoot prior to collaborating but i'm also happy to just pick up a camera and make photos on the spur of the moment and I'm also interested in making videos and gifs.

It's not my agenda or in my interests to make money directly from models and i would prefer a signed model release and to make money for us rather than just myself. It is my belief that models, photographers, MUAs et cetera are not the clients or end users of pictures and that Advertisers, magazines, consumers etc are; so I would prefer to make money for both myself, the model and any other people with an input to a shoot and the creative process (including clients of course). As I'm sure most know; this method requires you to sign a model release so that i am legally entitled to use the pictures for commercial purposes. In saying that; I'm happy to split any money made from the pictures 50/50 with models (or otherwise evenly depending on the number of creatives involved and their input).

However, my rates are $75 per hour if you want to pay for a photoshoot / if i can't find (or you can't suggest) a good commercial use for the photos. I accept cash, electronic transfer or if you have another way that you'd like to pay then let me know as maybe I will accept it (e.g. trade). N.b. This rate is with or without a model release and can include editing, location finding & styling.

My rates are $75 per hour and I currently accept cash, electronic transfer or if you have another way that you'd like to pay then let me know as maybe I will accept it (e.g. trade). N.b. Rates can include editing, location finding & styling.

A couple of main things that I would like to know of you if you're contacting me as a model wanting photos are:
- what types of photos you would like/ ideals/ goals/ objectives/ genres
- if you want to pay for a shoot / do TF(P/USB/Submissions etc)

If you have any visual aides that you can show me of the type/s of looks that you would like to do; please feel free to show them to me; I find that it makes the shoot planning process quicker and easier.

Please don't send a friend request to me unless you want to work together soon (within roughly a month or two).

If you like or dislike my photos, please feel free to say so and say why. It helps me to produce photos that you like as well as photos that I like.

My contact / follow details are as follows:

Facebook profile;   https://www.facebook.com/hamish.croker

Facebook page;     https://www.facebook.com/hamish.croker.page

Instagram;           http://instagram.com/hamishcroker

Twitter;                https://twitter.com/hamishcroker

Website;              http://www.hamishcroker.com

For concept pinboards of mine; modelling and photography help boards; style guides et cetera please visit:

My background in this industry started in 2004 as a model / actor /extra for V Management in Broadbeach, QLD, Australia after years of interest in the fashion industry (through primary & secondary school) which led to gaining a position as an admin/junior manager/ regional manager there. I then began modelling for elite model management for a short time before learning photo editing skills, some fashion design, advertising, advertorial styling etc and then picking up a camera as a second generation photographer which is where i am at now.



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Vogue Italia (PhotoVogue)
Beaudesert Times; August 13th 2014
U'NiQ Magazine (Issue 20; Pages 12 & 13)


Jazzercise Brisbane South


Wild Orchid Australia
Rita Petite
Piranha Brazilian Bikinis


Sarah Ham
Megan Dutta
Kirina Rose
Eve Adele
Gemma Elizabeth


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