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I'm Aaron Perala, a.k.a. the Film Freak, and welcome to my page!

I've been making home made movies since 2007, but didn't start presenting them to the public until 2011. I like making "creative comedy" videos and making people laugh. I also make films for fun. To some, my videos come off as cheap looking... But it's the thought that counts. It's the ideas I put behind them that make them entertaining to watch. It's what I think up.

I do a wide variety of films, both live action and animated, but never together like 'Who Framed Roger Rabbit' or 'Cool World.' If I had the strength, I would. Or the patience...

I've joined Model Mayhem because I wanted to expand my ideas with others, get a chance to work with talented and professional actors/actresses and models, as well as having some familiar names and faces in my projects. I've had a bit of success with this site already, but would love a whole lot more!


I may do this part time and have some experience, but I'm a dedicated film maker who certainly knows how to start a project, and when to finish one. I write, film, direct, edit and sometimes feature myself in all of my work, and when featuring others, I'll have our project finished for you to view, 3-5 days after our session.

When it comes to working with others, I like to break the ice. I strike up conversations, crack a couple jokes, yet still focusing on the project. I can be both serious and fun to work with, but mostly fun. Nobody has left a session disappointed, or have had un-happy thoughts after what they've just done with me.

Attitude is also key. I like working with others who are serious about a project, much like myself, yet who are having lots of fun as well. I don't like working with others who take things way too seriously and aren't about having fun. It puts me in a very awkward position. Aside from that, I also treat people with lots of respect. If we're in a session and there's something you don't feel comfortable doing... I won't make it a big deal and have you do it.

Lastly, I never cancel on people. I realize things come up for everybody time to time, and plans change. Whenever anything comes up for me, when I know I have a booked session... I will postpone, but never cancel. If there's a need I have to cancel, I will notify you 24-48 hours in advance, with an explanation. I expect the same courtesy from you too.


I can easily be contacted on the Model Mayhem website via my inbox. I don't give my email out to anyone or personal contact info, unless I need to.

Look at my work before contacting me. Only to get an understanding as to what I like to create, what my filming style's like, and most importantly... If you like my work! I will do the same with you. If I really like your work, I will come to you with an opportunity right away to be featured in a project.

If I come to you with a project in mind, don't respond saying you're interested, and then you don't return any other messages I send regarding the session. I've had so many people do this to me in the past, and not only does it make me believe that you're clearly not interested, but you'd lie to cover up the fact that you're not. If I come to you about a project, I've gotten your full word with a response saying you're interested, or you're not. It's as simple as that... If you're interested, let's do business! If not, just tell me and I'll understand. Don't be rude about it either, otherwise, I will never come to you with an opportunity again.


At this time, I'm ONLY offering filming opportunities for those who are in the province of Ontario, Canada. Whether in Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Toronto, Hamilton, St. Catharines, etc. Anybody who's outside of the province, or even outside of the country... You will not be hearing from me. I'm also willing to travel, but I prefer to do most of my filming in my home studio, or places in and around my area.

Scheduling... I'm best available on weekends to film, at all hours of the day. However, if you can't do weekends... Any day Monday-Friday can work just the same, but my hours will be very limited though.

As for compensation... Everyone's gotta get a little something extra. Now, just to be clear... I'm NOT looking for money, and don't wanna get paid from anyone because I'm only doing this for entertainment purposes! The only person who'd be getting paid is you, the TALENT! I accept all kinds of rates, and either an hourly or a flat rate pay is fine. I don't do any kind of TFP, or in this case, TFV ("trade for video"), as only personal friends who are featured in my projects work for free.


Finally, here are just a few more do's and don'ts you should know about.

- Though I make "creative comedy" videos, I can break into a more serious side and do something different. Depends on what the project would be mostly and what it'd involve.

- The list of genres on the side of my page may be small, but that's not all I like to capture. The list will get bigger when I experiment, or add new genres to my projects.

- I prefer to shoot my own material with ideas and concepts thought up myself. However, if you have ideas you'd like to share, I'll gladly accept them.

- All casting I do is done through Model Mayhem. I don't hold auditions or casting calls, so don't expect any from me. I find they're a waste of time, plus I don't like seeing people hurt or upset when they're not given a part.

- I will not work with just anyone. In order to be featured in a Film Freak production... You must have at least some experience in either acting or modelling, a good work history, or a really awesome portfolio. Have those, and expect an inbox from me.

- If I enjoy working with you the first time, I may have you back for more projects.

- I don't do the same project twice with someone, unless it's a follow up to a previous project.

- I don't like working in extreme conditions too much (freezing cold weather, water, heights, etc.), so keep that in mind.

- I don't work with animals (exotic or domestic).

- I will not work alongside other film makers. Photographers, maybe...

- I don't do live events (expos, shows, etc.), so please don't contact me about those.

- Like most models on here, I too don't shoot nudes. A bit of implied is fine, but full nudity is forbidden. It's not really my thing to capture, plus family and friends view my work. I'm just afraid if they were to see any nudity in just one of my projects... I'd never hear the end of it.

Well... Are you convinced? Would you like to work with me? If so, let's get together and film!!! Feel free to visit my Vimeo page anytime you'd like, where you will come across all of my videos, and be entertained. A direct link is posted up above. I'm also on Twitter, so feel free to follow and receive the latest updates at @FilmFreakProd

Thank you very much for your time, and enjoy your viewing. I look forward to hearing from you, and hopefully getting the chance to work with you, sometime in the future!


Here is a list of models/actresses I've had the pleasure of working with, along with the projects we've worked on. This list will eventually get bigger as time passes, and hopefully someday you'll see your name up here!

Anywhere you see a * before a model's name, I really enjoyed working with and highly recommend you work with too (if you haven't already). Also, anywhere you see "TBA..." Either an upcoming project is in the works, or is scheduled to be worked on, and will not be announced until it's been completed and up on my Vimeo, and Twitter pages.

Nickylynn Riley #2560013

- A Moment of Hotness (Nickylynn) (11/03/2013)

- The Final Moment: A Moment of Hotness 4 (cameo, uncredited, stock footage from 'A Moment of Hotness') (06/27/2014)

* Daniela Cortes #2923044

- A Moment of Hotness 2: Another Moment (Daniela) (11/17/2013)

- The Final Moment: A Moment of Hotness 4 (cameo, uncredited, stock footage from 'A Moment of Hotness 2') (06/27/2014)

Angela Argentina #2607094

- Freestyle Hula Hooping (herself) (02/27/2014)

Megan Sky #2819390

- A Moment of Hotness 3 (uncredited) (03/31/2014)

- The Final Moment: A Moment of Hotness 4 (cameo, uncredited, stock footage from 'A Moment of Hotness 3') (06/27/2014)

Samantha Morelli #2390591

- The Career Choices Video (Fiona Hofstadter) (06/04/2014)

* Danielle Marie K #2619111

- Bad Morning (Girl) (06/23/2014)

- Sore Loser (Lucy) (07/15/2014)

- The Power of Tata's (Girl #2) (09/20/2014)


* Starla Lost #3150262

- The Final Moment: A Moment of Hotness 4 (Starla) (06/27/2014)

- The Power of Tata's (Girl #1) (09/20/2014)


* Brooke Henderson #3391062

- The Present (Rachel) (12/14/2014)


Bri Leeson #1830498




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