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(124) Portfolio
US (lbs/inches)
Metric (kg/cms.)
Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 170 lbs
Neck: 15"
Sleeve: 35"
Chest: 39"
Waist: 30"
Inseam: 32"
Shoe: 9.0
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Bald
Eye color: Brown
Ethnicity: Black
Skin color: Brown
Shoot nudes: No
Tattoos: None
Piercings: None
Experience: Very Experienced
Compensation: Any
Genres: Acting
Fit Modeling
Parts Modeling
Performance Artist
Promotional Modeling
Spokesperson / Host

Last activity: Sep 16, 2014
Joined: Feb 17, 2007

JaBari Ajee

42 years old
Houston, Texas, US

JaBari A'Jee Closet

Mayhem #347758

MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/JabariAjee

About me

I will not apologize for being me for who I am for what I am and what I will continue to be. You have within you right now, everything you need to deal with whatever the world can throw at you.
No day is wasted in which I touch another person's life in any positive, meaningful way. And so it is that I enrich my days by giving something of myself whether through a warm smile, a kind word, a sympathetic ear, a gentle embrace, or a helping hand.
If you're looking for a model that will give you that edge, that spice, and a professional that can push it to the limit look no further.

JaBari A'Jee


I travel frequently so can be available in other cities in Canada, US and International.
I am primarily booking paid shoots, however I will make some exceptions depending on the project and the ( selective ) photographer's portfolio for TFP / TFCD.


Current Status:
Height:6' Weight: 170 Chest: 39 Suit: 39L Shirt: 15.5 Sleeves: 34/35 Waist: 29 Inseam:32 Shoes: 9.5


With the deepest gratitude I wish to thank every person who has come into my life and inspired, touched, and illuminated me through their presence. I would also like to acknowledge and express my gratitude to the following people for their magnificent support and contributions to my journey and creation of my work.. For generously sharing their wisdom, love, and divinity, I pay homage to the featured Photographers, Models, MUA's and Stylist.

http://www.blurb.com/books/4973894-intimo-2 Jay Plogman INTIMO 2 2014
http://homografias.tumblr.com/post/1435 … rson-photo
http://vimeo.com/18220020 OFFICIAL 2(x)ist's BEST OF 2010: Contributing Photographers Part I
http://vimeo.com/18260299 OFFICIAL 2(x)ist's BEST OF 2010: Contributing Photographers Part 2
http://PrymeTimeOnline.com/Casting.html 01/13/12 Website / Casting
http://jayplogmanphotography.blogspot.c … -work.html Blogspot 09/01/11
http://jayplogmanphotography.blogspot.c … james.html JaBari A'Jee Closet http://www.2xistence.com/2011/01/29/sna … graphers-9    Website
http://jayplogmanphotography.blogspot.c … 2xist.html Blogspot
http://jayplogmanphotography.blogspot.c … eview.html Blogspot
http://jayplogmanphotography.blogspot.c … ed-at.html Blogspot
http://jayplogmanphotography.blogspot.c … -ajee.html Blogspot
http://jayplogmanphotography.blogspot.c … green.html JaBari A'Jee Closet
http://jayplogmanphotography.blogspot.c … hotos.html Blogspot
http://jayplogmanphotography.blogspot.c … field.html Blogspot
http://www.2xistence.com/2011/01/23/sna … ay-plogman Website
Jay Plogman proves that SLIQ is the ultimate in comfort … so much that it’s the highly recommended thing to wake up in on a low Sunday. In this editorial shot, model JaBari A'Jee wears SLIQ Sport Briefs in White.
http://www.2xistence.com/2010/11/23/sna … ay-plogman Website
Jay Plogman finds a new angle on SLIQ Trunks, as seen in this editorial photo with model JaBari A'Jee.

www.Talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/pre … riajee/218 Model Search
Black Men 2011 Calendar Print   http://www.cafepress.com/pvphoto.471373899
Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week Presents ALISA MARIA FALL 2011 FUR LAUNCH
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PP4OLqFtMf0 Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week
http://www.2xistence.com/2011/01/23/sna … ay-plogman 2xistance 2011
http://www.modelmayhem.com/JaBariAjeeCloset " Step Into My Closet If You Dare"
www.youtube.com/watch?v=bQmzHiKNjEw 2010
www.2xistence.com/2010/11/23/snaps-jaba … ay-plogman 2xistence 2010
www.talenthouse.com/jabariajee Model Search
www.triangleblackpride.org/index.html Robert Anthony Kerr
www.maleinventory.com PhotosByMukasa
Prairie Visions new calendar featuring JaBari A'Jee, David, Champ!
www.cafepress.com/pvphoto.412984547?pid=2529374 Black Men 2010 Calendar
JaBari A'Jee @ NEXT Hottest Model October 17th 2009 Photo's By Jay A. Rickard's / LightWeaver
http://nextmodelmen.typepad.com/hottest €¦ model.html
Featured in Exposure Online with Photographers / Models Used:
JaBari A'Jee * Clarence H * Kate Erlick * Arteo Photo Kevin Moore
Leonard Imagery * Brandmodel * Rodney Washington

ExPosure Online - Flip to Page 40 Website
www.lightweaver.net Website
www.Thicknsassy.Com Website
www.TheNudeBook.Com Website
www.PhysicallyBlack.Com/ March 2009 Issue Q Magazine
www.Lyricist-Magazine.Com April 2009
www.JaBariAJee.Com Under Construction Be up Soon ( Website )
www.Thedeninc.Com PhotosByMukasa Website
www.Gigophotography.Com Jacob Gillison
www.BigRogerEvents.Com/gallery.php Leonard Imagery
www.TheBleuMag.Com Monthly Ad / PhotosByMukasa
www.HumpWednesdays.Podomatic.Com Tony DJSOUL Dobson
www.Studioguyz.com/Confessionspreview Rodney Washington
www.beautifulmag.com/beautiful/2007/05/ … hingt.html Rodney Washington May 08, 2007
www.Muscleheadgraphics.Com/models.asp?modeldir=jabari JaBari A'Jee

Harry Leonard's Black Men 2012 Calendar Print
www.blurb.com/books/1490481 " JaBari" NEW RELEASE BOOK By Melchor Ruiz
Michael Christopher www.michael-christopher.com
Kissed Sensuality in Gay Art September 2010 By Bruno Gmunder
Featured JaBari A'Jee * Clarence H * Arteo Photo Kevin Moore Published
Black Men 2010 Calendar Cover Prairie Visions Phtgy Print
The Bleu Mag Ads Published
The Nude Book Vol. 1.0 Black Is Beautiful 2(x)ist Essential Mocha Page 25 Brandmodel Published
2010 Wall Calender Black Men Leonard Imagery Print
Cowboy Fantasy A picture Book Prairie Visions Phtgy Published
Extarordinary Men of Colour 2009 Calendar Leonard Imagery Print
Plains Song Review Vol. X 2008 Pge26 UNL (Cowboy Rest Stop) Prairie Visions Phtgy   Published
Big Roger Events  Sweat Under Gear - Pride 2008 Vancouver, BC Web
Classy Tuxdeo Vancouver, British Columbia Tear Sheet
Circuit Noize Magazine # 52 Summer 2007 ,LLC. Page 13 Published
Forbidden Fruit By GREGORY PRESCOTT 2007 Published
Simply Ourselves Calendar 2005/06 Mr January 2006 Print
8x10 Magazine Vol 2003 Cover The Fire Island Special Edition By SylvesterQ Photography Published

Cornell Simpkins: Fashion Resort 2012 Fashion with a Cause, New Jersey 6/10/12
http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=pl … PhY5FVcSs
http://www.philadelphiaweekly.com/arts- … Slave.html Philadelphia Weekly
http://www.tomoffinlandfoundation.org/f … Dragan.htm Gallery Showing
http://www.a-x-d.com/gallery/current Gallery Showing
http://blogs.phillymag.com/gphilly/2011 … dern-slave Philadelphia Magazine
http://axdblog.wordpress.com/2011/06/11 … hy-exhibit Philadelphia News
http://epgn.com/view/full_story/1400439 … =main_page Philadelphia News
Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week Presents ALISA MARIA FALL 2011 FUR LAUNCH
Cornell Simpkins: Fashion Resort 2011 Fashion with a Cause, New Jersey 6/12/11
Cornell Simpkins: Fashion Resort 2010 Fashion with a Cause, New Jersey 6/13/10
Cornell Simpkins: Fashion Resort 2009 Fashion with a Cause, New Jersey 6/07/09
The League Of Extraordinary Men Of Colour Photo Exhibition Vancouver BC 5/22-9/30/08
Big Roger Events  Sweat Under Gear: "Global Pride 2008" Model & Dancer, Vancouver BC 8/03/08
Cornell Simpkins: "Fashion with a Cause", Newark New Jersey, 6/08/08
Pat Brown "Mother's Day's  Extravaganza Show" Newark New Jersey 5/11/08
Marcy Enterprises Presents "New Jersey's Next Top Model Competition  Fashion Explosion" 7/13/08
2008 - BOMA Group Shoot (Featured Model) Columbus Ohio
2007 - Big Mac Shoot Out (BMSO), Lake McConoughy, NE

Many thanks to all the Great Artists I've worked with:

Anthony Luensman http://www.anthonyluensman.com
JD Dragan http://www.jddragan.com
David B Smith http://www.davidsmithprints.com/index.html

Many thanks to all the Great Photographers I've worked with:

Creative-I Photography MM# 2457677
Simons Studios MM# 509693
Hobson Fotografie MM# 344439 
John Gress MM# 585541 
Justin Thai MM# 18452
Lenny Hamilton Photo MM# 9430
LeeStudiosNYC MM# 106303
J Rickard MM# 25387
Dante Photography MM# 24948 
Gregory Prescott Photo MM# 18728
SlyvesterQ Photography MM# 373215
Photos By Rich MM# 298365 
Roderick Cumming MM# 1385081
Charles Archer MM# 104388
Sprouse Photographic MM# 107775
Shawn Lee Photography MM# 71519
Prairie Visions Phtgy MM# 103677
Stillman Photography MM# 1172530
Rodney Washington Photo MM# 49643
FYF Photography MM# 648551
Absolutphotos MM# 1300401
People 1st Photography MM# 523300
Mike Photo Design MM# 512357
Trey Paul MM# 270129 
Bmar Matrix Imagery MM# 400627
David B Smith MM# 265858
Braddock Photography MM# 114360 
JD Dragan Photography MM# 110502
Tropical Shoot MM# 106795
TI Photo By Phil MM# 28790   
Mark Bower Photography MM# 384323
David Gomez Photography MM# 151784 
Sherry Parker MM# 248800
MichelleLynn Photography MM# 604807
Steven Blank MM# 250958 
Arteo Photo Kevin Moore MM# 292794
Photosbymukasa MM# 680109
Leonard Imagery MM# 151773 
Kurt R. Brown MM# 11525
UNI Photography MM# 224426
Christopher Hall MM# 433671 
Bmell MM# 29145
LonDaw MM# 451792
Tim Richardson MM# 625898 
Gat1 MM# 669084
Parisian Photography MM# 403236
Inattrin MM# 1305306
Mario Stamas MM# 511049
Jarriel Jones MM# 522040
Jay Plogman Photography MM# 808917
J M A Photography MM# 745965
Jnawsh Images MM# 291524
JR Williams Photography MM# 640039
MC Enterprises MM#538597
Noire3000 Men MM# 865402
Noire3000 MM# 520517
Ken Kavanagh Photography MM# 797032
Leonard Imagery Fitness MM# 1053041
Lens Focus MM# 226789
RiluFoto MM# 1147086
Fabio Xavier MM# 1205405
TR Pics MM# 1073886
Melchor Ruiz MM# 365251
Troofire Photo MM# 1308567
Soundview Photography MM# 836299
Paul Charles Studios MM# 445471
Lucilio MM#187776 R.I.P
Wendell Huffin Photography R.I.P
Toni Currin Photography
Jim Schwarz Photographers
Rick Archibald NOIR HERITAGE Photography
Don Sherrill Photography
Kevin Johnson Photography
Tajaie Tisdale Photography 
Bertron Anderson MM# 810982
Jimi Sweet NYC MM# 95248 for Inferno Model Search Atlanta Ga 
Stress Free Photography for Inferno Model Search
Tajaie Tisdale Photography
Getty Images www.GettyImages.com Alisa Maria Furs - Fall 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Wil.Maldonado Photography MM# 1417287 Alisa Maria Furs - Fall 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week 
Doroc Photography MM# 258520 Alisa Maria Furs - Presentation - Fall 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
John W. Ferguson Alisa Maria Furs - Presentation - Fall 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week
Signature Hits Magazine www.signaturehits.com Alisa Maria Furs - Fall 2011 Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week

Many thanks to all the Awesome Models I've worked with:

Daryl Washington
Norman Nu-Soul MM# 264472
Rico Ordonez MM# 96547
Allyson V MM# 453018
RobnSD MM# 99722
Simplytabu MM# 373159
Rev Combs MM# 362344
Catlynn MM# 581475
Li Ve MM# 517085
Lady Quique MM# 817588
Kate Erlick
Clarence H MM# 238427
Jermanie Taylor MM# 743886
Amaya Tomas MM# 1154185
Qunique Diamond MM# 1255147
Lattimore MM# 1137720
Fresh MM# 699320
Vaughinj MM# 432708
Sofia Plotnikova MM# 867435
Kage Green MM# 1656282

Many thanks to all the Fierce Makeup Artist / Wardrobe Stylist / Designers I've worked with:

WESTON Atelier MM# 366915
Darwin Paul- Darwin Paul
Lenny Hamilton MM# 9430
Romell Duresseau MM# 414421
Muum 2007 MM# 392697
Rick Mondragron MM# 494033 
Fantasticplastic MM# 1370360
Ka ! Boom Hair Co. Michelle Style W / ! MPACT 1129 West Pender, Vancouver BC V6E 2P4
Valerie Gobert - Jewerly Designer / DesignedbyV@hotmail.com   


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