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Karl Yamashita

Irvine, California, US
Los Angeles, California, US
Newport Beach, California, US
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MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/karl

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Hello and welcome to my portfolio. I'm an internationally published glamour photographer based in Irvine, CA.

Models Mania Magazine staff photographer
I'm a staff photographer for Models Mania Magazine. They are currently separating the magazine into two types of publications. One will be non-nude and the other nude. If you liked to be considered to be featured in either magazine let me know. In the mean while enjoy the images!

I also submit to other magazines like FHM and Playboy Venezuela. I have a feature in Playboy Venezuela coming out soon and you can see that I've been published in FHM several times already. If we're shooting then you must sign a model release. I only submit to magazines that are newsstand worthy. With the exception of Models Mania, I don't submit to online only magazines.

No TF unless I contact you
Inquiry about my low rates, usually starting at $150 for the first look. Discounts on 2 or more looks.
I'll shoot TF with you if you have the look I’m looking for. If you have the look, you'll know it. If you want to shoot with me, ask me directly. I don't look at my image comments or lists. Paid work takes priority. If I'm shooting with you then I believe that I have a chance to get you published in a magazine. I'm not here to just update your portfolio. I'm here to get us both published. Also, you will need to hire a mua and hair stylist unless you're exceptionally talented in doing it yourself. If I tell you that you don't have the look I'm looking for, please don't get butt hurt and ask why. Just move on to the next photographer.

My latest shoot
Here is my 3 covers for the July/August mega double issue. The magazine content is the same but sold with the cover of your choice. www.modelsmania.com





Looking to be a glamour model and be known around the industry? Do you want to be paid to shoot instead of shooting for free? High quality images in your portfolio is the first thing you need to get you noticed. Poor quality images will only get you booked with clients that want to shoot for free. How can you make a living shooting for free? It is crucial that you start off your portfolio with quality photos. Having 100+ photos that are poor quality is nowhere near as good as having a few photos that are of high quality. To be a successful model you need to invest in eye catching images.

When you shoot with me, you get high quality photos that will get you noticed right away. Why? Because I have many photographers from around the world that check out my portfolio to see who I have shot recently. You will start to get inquiries about booking a shoot within no time. Are you ready to boost your career and get paid gigs? I have affordable rates so contact me if you like to set up a shoot.

Changed your look?
If we're shooting TF, I'm going off what I see in your portfolio. If you changed your hair color or gained weight then let me know. If we set up a shoot and you arrive not like what I see in your photos I might just send you back home. I'll be straight forward and blunt, I don't shoot overweight models.

Photographer Assistant
I shoot alone and don't use any assistant in most cases. If a photographer says he is my assistant or tells you that he is involved somehow with me then let me know. More than likely that photographer is lying to you and using my good name to get you to shoot with him.

Friends Request
I only accept from most models. If I friends request you then I most likely like your look and would shoot with you.

My logo
If you're wondering why I put my logo across the image, you'd be amazed on how many times I would have social friends say that there is a fake profile using my images. I use to have my logo at the very bottom and the person would crop out my logo and say the image is theirs. Now that I have my logo across the image I haven't had anyone tell me my images are being used on fake profiles.

My professional camera
My camera I use for my beach shoots wink

Playboy model Laurena Lacey behind the lens

Unfortunately I’m the guy on the right. I should have eaten my wheaties in the morning.

Me and Drew Santos

I don't need your services. If I have you retouch my work, then it is no longer my work. If you message me about it, I'll block you.

Male models
I don't shoot male models. I won't compliment on your images either.

Models Mania March 2014 with Shawnee Boze

Girls of FHM Volume 17 Special Edition 8 page layout with Jackie Vidal

Lily Figuera in American Curves Fall 2013 - 10 page spread
Our second feature and last feature. This is the last issue American Curves has published.


Cara and Alyssa Stoody in June 2013 Models Mania Magazine
Shot at Laguna Beach.


The Girls of FHM Volume 15 - Special Collector's Edition, 9 page layout.


American Curves Winter 2012. 9 page layout with Lily Figuera


Models Mania Magazine September 2012 issue. Cover with 18 page feature with Hana Black


FHM October 2012 feature with Claire Muzik





"Karl was an absolute pleasure to work with. I have been modeling for 10 years and I can truly appreciate Karl's level of professionalism, patience and respectfulness of my comfort while shooting. Karl is super easy to work with and does a great job of guiding the shoot and poses while still letting the model be creative herself. Not only was our shoot awesome but Karl also got me published as a cover model for Models Mania Magazine! I am super grateful I had the opportunity to work with him. I look forward to collaborating again in the future." - Amanda Paris 669035 5/26/2014

"I had the privilege of working with Karl Yamashita the other night and I was not disappointed by any means. His work clearly speaks for itself! He is a true professional and makes you feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. He gives direction but also allows the model to do as she wishes while shooting. Being a Professional model myself, I have worked with a ton of photographers and some at the very top of the game…I would say that Karl ranks high up there with the rest. Ladies and other prospective models interested in working with Karl, I can reassure you that he is a total and complete professional. He isn’t a creep! He shows total respect. I also love the fact that he edited my photos in a timely fashion. After I gave him my top picks I received the edited pictures within 24 hours! There are a lot of photographers that will take weeks to get your photos to you…Rest assured that he is not one of those photographers. He delivers! If you’re wondering if you should work with him…the answer is YES! I can and will vouch for him! XOXO," - Jenny Milstead 619407

"Thank you Karl for the awesome shoot! I've never shot with such an easy going photographer. You were accommodating in every way possible, also very patient, very professional, and of course very fun to work with! Looking forward to shooting again." - BrandyAmber 655905

"Working with Karl was definitely a great experience. His easy going personality along with his superb lighting skills really makes him one of the finest photographer. With Karl, I ended up with many amazing photos." - Christi Nguyen 1336369

"I had amazing time working with you. Your professional attitude and your ability to make me feel comfortable and relaxed made this photo shoot a huge success. Your knowledge of the lighting and perfect angle to shoot and bring out my natural curves at its best! Your hospitality and mature attitude towards myself as a model was appreciated and I would recommend you to any model or photographers to work with you!" - Nadia Brewer 2112663

"Karl Yamashita has the most positive and professional attitude, great posing, quick lighting, and most importantly of all...beautiful pictures!" - Mindy Robinson 1024281

"Karl is amazing, comforting and brilliant! Karl does not need to take 200 pictures to capture your beauty he has an eye for perfection. He is extremely professional and I felt comfortable with him from start to finish. He doesnt believe in just taking pictures he takes the time to get to know you, and what you want. He not only works with you, but has plans to get you as far ahead as he can in this industry. If you have the honor to work with karl observe and appreciate every moment!!!" - Bre Tiesi 1530822

"It was a real pleasure to work with Karl! He's calm, cooperative, respectful, easy-going yet very professional. It was also lots of fun to shoot with Karl! He knows how to capture great moments and true emotions. He's an excellent ( and patient:) ) photographer. Thank u Karl for this amazing experience to work with you!" - ELENA 878 1262077

"karl is very fun to work with! He has a sense of humor & likes to crack jokes making the overall experience a comfortable one" - Gabby Jeanne 1485532

"I had an awesome time with Karl. He's fun and very professional at the same time. At times you need to make him laugh because sometimes he's just too serious. I love his creativity. You'll want to shoot with him more than just one time..I know I will. Having fun = beautiful photos........THANKS KARL!" - Genevive V 848438

"I had a great experience shooting with karl. He was very respectful, professional, yet fun. He made me feel comfortable throughout the shoot. He even gave my dehydrated dog water aww. I absolutely love the way the images turned out. His is one of my favorite photographers. I would definitely shoot with him again!" - Joselyn Cano 421608

"Karl is truly the most professional and respectful photographer I have ever worked with. He is so very talented and I am so lucky to have gotten to work with such an expert in the photography feild. I truly felt at ease and had so much fun shooting with him. Thanks Karl. You made me look amazing!" - Julieta Wood 1273735

"Shooting with Karl was fun and comfortable. He had great music, directs you well and is overall a very nice guy..I am looking forward to shooting with him again he is a pleasure to work with and very professional. The photos are amazing!" - Nikki Logan 1031081

"Karl was so much fun in our photo shoot. I had a blast working with him, he made he feel very comfortable throughout the shoot. His a great photographer and I absolutely love the pictures I got out of it. I recommend him to all models as well as I look forward in working with him again. Thank you Karl!!!!!" - Paola C 799133

"Let me tell everyone my experience shooting with Karl. Karl work is incredible. He makes sure all the lights are set up perfectly he takes his time he does not rush your shoot. And makes sure u get ur images after you shoot with him. During ur shoot Karl makes u feel very comfortable and very easy to work with. He's an amazing photographer and his work is fantastic. I highly recommend to all models and photographers to learn from Karl he truly is one of the best Photographers I worked with in California. Models book him now u won't be dissapointed." - SKYLER HAZE 781280

"Karl is a pleasure to work with! He is a creative genius when it comes to working outdoors and setting the lighting for perfect, beautiful results!!" - Sofia Lane 1342940

"Shooting w Karl was so fun and relaxed. He definitely knows his stuff and takes pride in producing great images. Fun,professional, and confident in his abilities...that's my kinda photographer!" - Thao N 813271

"Karl is an amazing photgrapher, with an eye for detail and perfection. He helped me with posing to get the best possible picture. He is extremely professional and I felt comfortable with him from start to finish. He not only works with you, but has plans to get you as far ahead as he can in this industry. Don't waste his time, because there are tons of beautiful girls lined up to shoot with him! I highly recommend Karl Yamashita." - Tiffany_Hope 162086

"It was so great shooting with you in Malibu!! You have a good eye for great shots and I really hope to work wth you again soon. Your frined and fan, Trish" - Trish Richardson 629220

Models I have worked with: 280
(I think i shot over 300 models to date, i'm just too tired to add them to this list, lol)               
Aavigalle         • Adrian Kirk         • Adriana Lynn
Advivum         • Agnieshka         • Ahmay
Aleksandra Vasic         • Aleksandra2006         • Alexis Nichole *
Allissandra         • Alona         • Amanda Carter *
Amanda Newton         • Amanda Pearl         • Amber St James
Amberlove42         • Amelia Talon         • AmyNicole
Ana Jebarie Castellanos         • Anais Gabriel         • Andrea Seagren
angelina_polska         • Anicka Pantano         • Anna Olga Aristova
Annelise H         • Annie Supinger *         • aprilcheryse
Ashley Wasden         • ASTERCHILD         • Aubrey Evans
austynbusch         • Ayanna Jordan         • Babie in the dark
BELLA DEE         • Beth Hagendorf         • Blanca Brooke
BrandyAmber         • Bre Tiesi         • Briana Lee
Brianne Perille         • Brit Weaver         • Caitlin M Adams
CALI-LUV         • California Dreamer         • Cara OC
Carolina Jimenez         • Carolina Rusco         • Carolyn Nayebi
Casi Gray         • Cassandra Duerscheidt *         • Cassandra Fox
Cassandra Krystine         • Cassie Bean         • Catherine Colle
Celsi         • Chanel Rose         • Chantelle Gascoigne *
Charissa Littlejohn         • Charlie Kristine         • Chauntele Lovelyne
Chelsie Farah         • Chrissy Marie         • Christi Nguyen
Christina Eskelson         • Christina Faye         • Christina Joy
Christina Loayza         • Christine Nayebi         • CINDY ESPINOZA *
Cindy-LA *         • cj sparxx         • classick cindyG
CRYSTAL ELAINE MENDEZ         • crystal nicole johnson         • Daniella Bae
Dawnielle Royalty         • Debbie Kanamoto         • Debbie Sath
Desiree Foote         • DianaMartin         • Divinora
Duchess of Spades         • ELENA 878         • Elizabeth Sorensen
Emily H Studios         • Erika Leyva *         • ERiN DAY
Farrah Greye *         • Fernanda Castellanos         • g foxx
Gabby Jeanne         • GABRIELA ROCHE         • Genevive V *
George Kontaxis Model         • Gianna *         • Gianna Giancola *
Giselle Rarinca *         • Gretchen Diane *         • Gulnaz The Model
HallieWood         • Hana Black         • Haydin
Heather Jo         • Honey Dip         • inna007
Irina Sidorova         • Isabella Foster         • Isela_A
Isis A         • Jackie Vidal         • Jade Corinne
Jade Renee         • JasmyneMara         • Jean Copus
Jeannie         • Jenna Wantink         • JENNIFER DE LA ROSA
Jennifer McCowen *         • jenny keffer         • Jenny Milstead
Jeralyn *         • Jeska L Vardinski *         • Jessica Boughers
Jessica Munoz         • Jessica Pineda         • Jessica Trani
Jessika Dorian         • je_martinez *         • Jillisa
Jordan Eileen         • Jordyn23         • Joselyn Cano
JULIE LEIGH BOLENE         • Julieta Wood         • Kari Nautique
Karina Olivares         • Karly Kim         • Kat Riel
Katherine Claire         • Kaya Danielle         • Kimmi Jean
Kourtney Elizabeth         • Kristen Petre         • KristenRae
Kristin Marie Siemion         • Kristy Dwyer         • Kristy-Lei Louise
Krystal - K Stone *         • labexx         • Lainie Danielle
Lana Love         • Laryssa Rose         • Laura
Laura D         • Laura Proudfoot         • laurynne
Layla Luvv         • LEAle         • Leeanne M *
Lena Nicole         • Lily Figuera         • Linzie Nicole
Lisa Michelle Dixon         • Lissa Endriga         • Lizbeth Carino
Lorelen         • LynnD         • Maggie
Mandee Varela         • Margarita2         • Maria Tanova
Marie Alvarez         • Marie Macritchie         • Mary Jane Burthe
Mary Zenani         • Mary-Elaine         • Maya Michelle
MeganCorine         • Meghan Blum         • meghannelizabeth
Melissa K661 *         • Melissa Riso         • Micah Blue
Michele Gill         • MICHELLE FLEMING         • Michelle Leigh
Michelle Tomniczak         • Miiss T         • Mindy Robinson
Miss D Lutz *         • Miss Deja         • Miss Ela Pasion
miss Fanessa         • Miss Leila         • Miss Millia
Miss_AnnaLena         • Miz Huntergirl         • Monica Goe
Monika Ryan         • Monique Cisneros         • MONIQUE MINOR
Monique-Myriah *         • Morgan M Mitchell         • Morgan Mitchell
MzNidia         • Nadia Brewer         • Natalia Churikova *
Natalia_Marie         • Natalie Carpello         • Natalie Corral *
natalie simone         • Naz81         • Nazanin M
Nicole Christine S         • nicole elleee         • Nikki Logan *
Nishelle         • Paola C *         • Paola Shea
Patricia Kathleen         • Rachael Winslow *         • Rachel Leslie
Rachel Shine         • Rachel Stavis         • Richelle Williams
Roselle Mariano         • Rosemary Zapata         • rossie cottrell
Sandra Cisneros         • Sara Cat *         • Sarah Currier
Sarah Jain         • Sarah Luv         • Sarah McDowd
Savannah Ekada         • Seanna *         • sephirot
Shannon Codner         • Shawn M Dillon         • Sherra Michelle
Sherri Tiara Lansang         • Shodire *         • Siray Kong
Siri         • SKYLER HAZE         • Sofia Lane
Sol Reyes         • Sonia Acevedo         • Sophie Sidhu
Spinellie Addict         • Stacy Sinn         • stacy1
stephaniestone *         • Stun Gun Stephanie         • sumlee
Susette Moyers         • Tabetha Angelica         • TAMMY LASHELLE
Tanya Rouse         • Tarisa Wetherington         • TaylorJaymes
Thalia Marie         • Thania *         • Thao N
Tiffany Allison *         • Tiffany de Grasse         • Tiffany_Hope
Tina doll         • Tracey P *         • Tracy Marie Briar
TRICIA L         • Trish Richardson         • Vanessa K Nguyen *
Violet Angel         • Virginia Paniagua         • Viviana Quiroz
xoxo McKenna         • Zara M         • _Amanda
_Amber_ Lynn_ *

Photographers I have worked with or know

- ARIEL - 1025674
Apple Valley Studios 193479
113 Photography 82330
Bright Candle Photo 1232361
Chanel Rene 529684
Chris Santi 247537
DanTheManPhotography 1044412
Dave Contreras 521417
Drew Santos 669241
Ellis - The Cyclops 558495
EonPix 1659623
Field Photo 1571050
Herman lopez 621238
J O S H R Y A N 689419
J Sharp  125222
Jay Suder-JSFOTO 489174
Jim Bonner Photography 96327
John Chennavasin 98710
Jonathan Ocab  1645351
K E S L E R 633776
Key Photography 438050
M Images 379393
Matthew Cousins 2995
Michael Magers 683390
Mission Photography 648724
Nadirah B 272622
Naira Photography 1665452
Natures Lens 1241339
Phillip Faraone 866504
Rey Sison 1001476
Rich Masuda 426988
Robert Alvarado 15033
Select Models 2623
Soft Light Productions 412375
Star Studio 380713
SteveI 376804
Team Strider 382995
Top Dog Photography 1158125
V Studio 854258
Wayne Cutler 33184
William Chik 1277846 

I will accomodate most traveling models with extra room(s) that I have available in trade for a TF shoot.
Models that have stayed at my place:
Julia Rosa - Japan
Anna Agapism - Utah/Los Angeles
Kristy Dwyer - Texas, Las Vegas
Nadia Brewer - Las Vegas
Kaya Danielle - Orange County
Laurena Lacey - Ireland
Melissa Riso - San Diego
Debbie Sath - Australia
Amy Sia - Australia
Blanca Brooke - Czech Republic
Magdalena Brigida - Las Vegas
CJ Sparxx - Northern California
Amanda Newton - Florida
Talor James - Canada

Shawnee Boze 03/01/2014

Katherine Claire Video shoot

Kristy Dwyer Playboy model

MUA that i don't recommend MM#839779

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Concepts i like to shoot   103 pics
Karl Yamashita's models i like to work with   138 pics
My other work   44 pics
Vegas Models   0 pics

Karl Yamashita has 4296 friends.
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