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HIRE YOUR MODELS, you will get Quality and Professional models that know what to do in front of a Camera, It will make your life Easier.

ADD ME ON INSTAGRAM @oeliapo3xs (kids)  @paynefulljessyka (mine)

I will be moving to Sydney, Australia  2015 Looking for new opportunities, Photographers, Clothing Designers, Models.....

Check out my Music Video I did with Polynesian Artist Trey Smoov, Fiji, Siaosi... and dedicated to my best friend Fred Matua...RIL Hommie

Check out another Music Video I did with 33rd Infantry feat Thirstin Howl

A  M U S T  R E A D before you contact me:


-Yes, I have rates.. They are, however, negotiable..
-Yes, I shoot nudes.. No, not with everyone.. and NEVER on a TEST shoot
-Yes, I will shoot TFP with people that will add to my book, if I am interested I will let you know, or ask if your up for it. Please don't be mad when I respond (I'm only doing compensated work right now)
-Yes, I'm a Mother of 3 and no Stretch Marks (MY THREE BLESSINGS... MADE MY BODY WHAT IT IS TODAY!)
-Yes, My Dream is to become a La Perla Model, Be in a few wonderful photography Books, And to be ART (Simple Right?)

MY KIDS ARE MY LIFE, SEE BELOW (O'syrus is 8 Osheana is 7 and O'nyese is 5)

KIDS ARE Open for TFP Shoots. All 3 Signed with M.O. Kids, LLC.  Please contact me to set up TFP shoots.

**7-29-08 RIP DADDY you will never leave my heart!

09-02-08 Shoot with Jay Reilly - check out the video here

******* Recent Thought******* a little note, I will not shoot the series more than one time.... I will test shoot with all photographers to get a feel for them and let them know if I want to work with them after the test shoot and after reviewing the photos. I WILL NOT work on a test shoot at all NUDE, so please don’t ask, cause it wont happen! Please realize if I shoot with you nude, its cause I like your "nude" work.

Series 3  it will be called Jeans it will be a topless shoot Black and white strong contrasted photo.

RIP 03-07-05
You know its crazy when I heard the news that a 3-year hero to me Scottie from Scotties Bodies died, it leaves me feeling sad but most of all disappointed. Scottie had a great life and so much to live for. I remember when I would go up to casting calls in Hollywood and each time I went up there he would stand out side to make sure I was going in to the right building, and when I got inside and there was a line a mile long. He would pull me to the front of the line and have me audition before the people that where waiting there for 4 hours.  When Scottie called all the girls in to the audition room and look right at me and say Jessyka go spit out your damn gum and the room would go silent.
Even when I went to another casting at Universal Studios and he took one of the little set cars and came and found me and took me to the casting. Scottie was far from a reserved and selfish person this man would bend over backwards for me and that I can always keep in my heart. Scottie you meant so much and the feeling that I will feel when I want to call you and see if I fit for anything, and to think that you will never call me back
All I can really say to you is thank you, for all the things you have done or given me, thank you for knowing me for who I am not just what I look like. Thank you for all the small things that really meant so much! I love you for all that!!

Some people I look like are:
Angelina Jolie
Eliza Dushku
Josie Maran
Some nationalities I can look like are:
Native American
Pacific Islander
Middle Eastern
Puerto Rican.
My Age Range I can look is:
About Me:
I am from Oceanside, which is located in beautiful North County San Diego, CA, but I do travel up to Los Angels quite often. I have had quite a lot of experience but am always looking for a challenge and an opportunity to market myself. Let me start off by telling you a little bit more about me. I am known to have many faces. I don't give one look I have over 100. I try not to do the same thing in every picture. I love working with varieties of HAPPY photographers, I find my self around Happy people cause I start to get bored if they are boring. (So talk to me, make me laugh, make me feel sexy) and you will get just that in the photos. I love coming up with ideas that are off the wall Crazy Sexy some thing no one does. Why have something that makes you like everyone else?

I love to be my 3 Os! (and my kids)


Open minded,


I love doing what I do and I would not trade it in for anything. I am passionate about what I do that is why I love to work with the best. I have to admit I have worked with fantastic photographers. I am inspired by some of the photographers I have been working with and have had conversations for shoots in the future.

Okay before we go any further lets go here.........
1) I do not shoot with photographers that are trying to get photos to rub them selves with. I am not a whore and don't like to have photos like it either?
2) If I tell you I don't want to shoot with you its not that I am stuck up I just don't see any profit for me
3) If you want me to pay you for photos, your photos better be able to pay me with work?
4) If you are a model with no experience please don't ask me to shoot with you, I like to go and get my work done not sit there cause you don't know what expression looks good on your face
5) If you are a model that thinks that nudity is wrong...your in the wrong line of work. Our body is our price tag they wont buy you if your not willing to make the clothes look good
That does mean with a nipple showing.
6) photographers without professional equipment, I can care less I have been shot with a Polaroid that came out better than a 10000.00 camera its the photographers Angle/Light/vision/experience.
Okay continue on.......

I am a laid back girl that is secretly a 45 year old perverted man! Yup I will check out hott girls with anyone, but I don't always make it fair for all the men.... Haha half the time you will see me flirting with girls...hehe!  Guys always want to see more, but hehe, I don't kiss and tell thanks!
I love women, oh god let me say this again I. LOVE WOMEN, yes I am a women and I love women..... Especially women that think. God isn't that just a idea..... ? But why cant all women think....? But yes I love the curves of a woman, but most of all I love a woman that can get me attached, have me hanging off her every me wild with her touch, and make my gray sky blue with her smile. Okay okay see I can keep going and going.....

Photography, I like to take cameras from photographer (no not steal them, well kind, I like to take them and shoot other models) half the time the photos come out great, but I don't want the credit I am just out to take some beautiful photos....

Beautiful Photos? What is that? What makes a beautiful photo?
Well to me it's light and angle. If you don't have them just right its crap. Oh and that's another thing, I don't want to be mean, so please don't make me. I am asking for respect! I am an honest woman with a lot to say, and I may say something that offended you, I, AM!
But if you get a critique and you are not happy with it, I suggest you read it and delete it, don't hate me because of it. I want you to read it to see if you know where i am coming from, and delete it if it is embarrassing to have it up so anyone could read it. All by choices!
Muuuuaaahhh  I love everyone

Hope this gives you a little insight of what I am working with, I love to just go with the flow, and make things mellow, I like to feel the beat, and kick back my feet. Make my work the very best, and try not to mimic the rest. I have my own style with what I do,
Just curious, do you?

I am willing to travel with expenses covered.


You will find my attitude pleasant, refreshing, energizing, and easy to work with.

When replying, please provide the following:
Show sample of work (online or by email)
Project description
Length of shoot
Compensation offered
References (2-3 email addresses)



Promo agencies I have worked with:
In Any Event Promos
Candy Ford
Finest Models
Hot Import Nights
Envizion Models
GM Marketing
ASAP Models
Afinity Model
Events& Promotions
MarketingModels World Wide
MEGA Productions, Inc
CG Marketing
Universal Lifestyles
Clear Channel

Promo Companies I have worked for:
Mossy Nissan

Dermatology Conference
InfoSec World Conference & Expo

Magazine that I have been featured in:
Ski& Sport
Surfer (Wave Girl)

Runway Shows Preformed:
Urban Effect
MaX Bikini
HomeTown Prom
Your Bridal
YR Style Urban Fashion
Who's that Lady (KING&KING)

Trade Schools:
Barbizion Modeling School 2001

Editorial Work:
Hear Muff

Judge Judy
Wheel of Fourtune
Stand in work for Eliza Dushku in Buffy The Vampire Slayer

DVD Work
"How To Get Layed"

Judge Judy
Wheel Of Fourtune

Music Videos:
"Black Cats"
Navaja "Que Pasa?"
Justin Timberlake and Nelly
Frankie J

Print work:
John Hancock
Todd James
Jay Reilly
Rob Martin
Paul Robison
Clark Hampton
Steve Batianga
Mark MaGrath
Orlando Perez
Alan Cunanan
Mike D
Cora Lynn
Different View
Amie Photography
Border Line Productions
WMC Photography
Eckert Photo Imaging
Mark Wangerin Photography
Anthony Moya
Adam Rowell
Robert M
Andy Tran OMP
Sergio Puc
Anthony Cramer
Isreal Colon
Kim Taylor Reece
David Hickey
Lauren Scott
Michael Crouch
Chris Carlo
BDL  *
Alex Hallajian
Lucky Seven Studios
Peter Baratti
Aaron Riveroll
2020 Photography
Douglas Robert
ADOT Photography
Eric Chang
DD Photography
CW Jacobs
K Dolin
Slickforce Studios


Body shots   24 pics
Coutire   47 pics
Group shots   22 pics
Head Shots to cut off a head for   65 pics
Just jeans   13 pics
killer   54 pics
Lost for Screams   3 pics
love designs   2 pics
MEon thier Page   13 pics
mother and Baby shots   4 pics
native ideas   62 pics
Orange u Bright   6 pics
pOSTErS For My Wall   4 pics
rain rain i wanna shoot in the rain   0 pics
Smoke is Legal in CALI   1 pics
Sweet Tatt shots   8 pics
Wikked   33 pics



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