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Peter Manik

Montgomery, New York, US

Mayhem #509013

MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/petermanik1

About me
** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** ** **
"It is good taste, and good taste alone,
that possesses the power to sterilize
and is always the first handicap
               to any creative functioning"
                                                   ( Salvador Dali )

Yes....This is ART here.... nothing else, but art.
The second collaboration between the famed Cheirodon (MM#86428) and the fabulous Me ,
is a collaboration between the United Kingdom and the United States of America
in times when world peace is very much in need,
.........this special art book is out on the shelves for strictly adult audience.
Buying this great work you will make a step to achieve Peace On Earth.
Get it...  Got it?

You will enjoy yourself...looking at this adult rated book
...released from London, UK with no American Censorship !


We have also made available a PDF CD version for those wishing to buy the book to view on their
iPads, computers etc. Please contact either me or Sir Cheirodon himself
through Model Mayhem. PDF CD price is US$7.00 plus shipping.

Carbon Footprint Of Erotic Art vol. 2
by Cheirodon and Peter Manik
http://www.blurb.com/b/5220055-carbon-f … erotic-art
Please Note: Interested parties can view more of this book from the first album.

However, this is protected with a pass code, please ask!

Our book coauthored with famed UK Surrealist artist Cheirodon(MM#86428)
       Carbon Footprint Of Art & Photography

is out on the shelves and can be ordered on Blurb.
www.blurb.com/bookstore    and enter either the title or his or my name
in the search box.
Preview the book....buy the book..... ENJOY ART FOREVER

http://www.blurb.co.uk/b/4661041-carbon … hotography

My latest collaboration has long been overdue but has finally matured into
a working model for future photographers and artists alike.
A great friend and photographer/artist from the United Kingdom and
I have finally teamed up to produce our carbon footprint of art and photography.

The well known and respected Cheirodon and his work is well documented
in illustrating and complementing my own style of work that it was just a
matter of time before "minds across the ocean" finally
worked in harmony, proving such cooperation from different cultures and
lifestyles is more than possible.

Our first book is out on Blurb and is 130-pages packed with visionary works,
many of which have never been released before and forms the backbone of our
global assault on cooperation between likeminded people.
Our future carbon footprint is available today for tomorrow's artisans.

Contents include 130-pages, 70-images and around
16,000 text words that is fully indexed.



ORDER my book GlamourHorror that I created with Alane Deviare
(and published byGoofyRoosterPublishing on AMAZON.COM
http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss? … mourHorror

Get it on Amazon.com and Have Fun

( Miss Deviare is a jewelry designer as well and the owner of DeviareDesigns
Check it out here: http://www.modelmayhem.com/2854018 )

GlamourHorror IS FUNNY !!!!
It has 4 pages of text ....
......and the rest are fun fun pictures.... Making fun of glamour
....and making fun of the sex oriented male mind..... 
This is a must for everyone who loves to laugh... and enjoys glamour at the same time
                     ISBN 978-0-9843940-0-5

The book is sold all around the world:
The best deal is to get it on Amazon.com

United States: 
http://www.amazon.com/GlamourHorror-Pet … amp;sr=1-1
http://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/glamour … mourhorror

http://www.betterworldbooks.com/glamour … ersion=Alt

http://www.booksamillion.com/product/97 … 36=1586698

http://www.amazon.ca/Glamourhorror-Pete … amp;sr=1-1

http://www.amazon.ca/Glamourhorror-Pete … amp;sr=1-1
http://www.amazon.de/Glamourhorror-Pete … amp;sr=1-1

http://www.amazon.co.jp/Glamourhorror-P … amp;sr=1-1

http://www.amazon.co.uk/Glamourhorror-P … amp;sr=1-1

The easiest way to get GlamourHorror is to ordering
on Amazon and they even offer FREE shipping.

Inquiries (ordering reprints of my photographs
or prints of my paintings or to commissioning art work for any reasons)
message me here.
[b]Thank you.

And here I am and the bacon.....


      WoW WoW WoW  DJ/Musicproducer M A N I K
M A N I K played in Brazil, Australia, China, Japan, Africa,
and of course had several European Tours
(playing from London thru Moscow and many
cities between....)
As young skyrocketing music artist MANIK was inducted into the
MUSIC HALL OF FAME at his former college SUNY Oneonta.


This is the official music video titled NEED YOUR LOVIN
It based on one of the numbers from the new album
ARMIES OF THE NIGHT by M A N I K and released by Ovum Records, London, UK
M A N I K performs on Los Angeles rooftop... ENJOY
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zW8er_XeftAMusic Producer M A N I K


http://www.google.com/search?source=ig& … NIK+Armies

M A N I K  : The Armies Of The Night album is out.
One from the many reviews (exclaim.ca)
By Sarah Ferguson
The latest release from Josh Wink and King Britt's Ovum imprint launches with airs of street wisdom via samples from 1979 cult film The Warriors. Songs such as "My Hood ― Armies of the Night" and "We're From Coney" link to that cult flick about NYC's underground gang world, while Manik's mid-tempo deep house with breaks acts as a solid audio root structure for the inner city vibe sprouting throughout. The Queens, NY native has a strong ability to create emotion from sound, as demonstrated by "Don't Stop Don't Run," a tense track opening with a wavering siren, then moving into a motion of drum noises and vocals saying "not to stop, not to run and not to hide." Beautiful transitions exist amongst the songs. Hype vocals and jazz horns decorate steady urban beats on "Nightfall," while deep house synth rhythms spread warmth amongst the soulful vocals on "Lose My Mind," "Delorean Soho" and "Talk To You." Manik extends devotion to the streets via an urban sound sophistication that's equal parts deep and funky.
http://www.plainandsimple.tv/2011/05/24 … the-night/
http://www.juno.co.uk/search/?quick_sea … re_id=0000
FYE  For Your Entertainment:
http://www.fye.com/Armies-of-the-Night- … ewprod.htm
http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_noss? … +the+night

Interview in Glasgow's La Cheetah Club:
http://pulseradio.net/articles/2011/06/ … -interview

And here are some sound tracks:


A typical American diner.... The Yankee Clipper in Beacon, New York



Here I am....bittersweet......and in Gaylordsville.....
What a handsome gaylord, eh.....?
( The "eh" was aimed to please Canadian visitors )                                 
INQUIRIES for ordering prints of my photographs or inquiries to commission paintings
or murals should be sent to:


To love and be loved is to feel the Sun from both sides   
(Quote taken from a Fortune Cookie slip)


The Epic is a story of trust and betrayal and being human with ups and downs of life.

Picture previews from TheEpic




As they say: No good deeds go unpunished.


                                   Samples from
                          [b]F a s h i o n A n d S u c h




ThatModelJackie arrives in style......   afterall Jackie always had style and
modeling magnitude for sure. She was and is a classic.



ALANE DEVIARE  Ready for my close-up
       is out and can be purchased on Blurb

An excellent book by Diana Widmaier Picasso
                 P  a  i  n  t  i  n  g  s     a     l  a    c  a  r  t  e

Untold Stories Series  :  Desires, Love,..and being Human
Dance Of The Red Hair Angel
Funny: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UdbHiDnbhb0

One of my very recent work:
Details of the Universe (  The Elements of Fake Love ).


( from The Origin Of Meaningless Series)
My Beautiful dog and the Ugly Me.
My dearest and very best daily partner (besides my guns)...
in case if someone try to rob me....or kill me...lol
http://www.youtube.com/user/maniknyc1#p … eKjOFRwI0w
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cmLrqGI0 … re=related

"About me" ???? Oh Geee...pay attention to the the links...
and have fun listening to the music and the lyrics...
...and you will understand my art, which is way more important than me.
Thank you.



  PartyTimes at Ghoa Beach Club,  Barcelona, Spain , July 23
                    Music by M A N I K



***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***


Selfportrait in New York City.......
Don't worry about a thing,
cause every little thing
gonna be alright....
( Boys from Montgomery, New York)

Paul Senior and I made this picture together to make Florida model
Betty Jo (MMayhem # 544974) happy, because she was (still is) sooo into
Orange County Chopper's bike stuff deserving
the best for her southern kindness. Paul admired Betty's picture I created
and Betty Jo admired all of his bikes visiting Paul's OCCh place tour guided by me
as homeboy.
(Paul has bullmastiffs so do I....and whoever loves Bullmastiff...
....understands Love ...and understands the World out there.
Paul is the kindess guy ..and Betty Jo is the .... ahh full of Southern Kindness.

Click on the links and enjoy the music,
then open this port again in another window,
and walk around to see the pictures while listening to music you chose..

I am not really around here nowadays.
Art related email should be sent to pictureperfect201@yahoo.com


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RqKakS5EH8E  (Black Rebel Motorcycle Club)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZXuG3zQmbI (The Von Bondies )
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iL4mywCOJXA ( Elbow )
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUx2qjwJows  ( Franz Ferdinand )
and for you:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hL8MYFBtV0  ( Primal Scream )
and especially FOR YOU
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CzHLTy33qWM  ( Super Furry Animals )


Am a registered and proud member of several American artists associations.

...and from the life of two great DJs
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SSZwe_no … re=related   Steve Bug in Leeds
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8pyIU4lmIk          Josh Wink (giving
massage interview....  hillarious)
This painting titled Dancers was the very last I was working on....
...still working on.

Now I try to do something entirely different than art to
refresh the mind, though I started to work on three photography books,
with three models. These books are in all different
phase in regards to planning, scripting, shooting, editing...but all will be out
at the end of summer.)
Some of the books I created through the years:
http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/146105   Jackie Blue Eyes A glamour series of ThatModelJackie
http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/327900   Number One  Photography essay about the gem of Florida, Betty Jo
http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/356681   The Model and The Woman Model Julie Christine on the road
http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/391513   Mixed Pickles Random selection from my fine art and erotic fine art
http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/619868   Lizzii About an Australian model   
Monique, Joie De Vivre An elegant lady from the North of Canada
http://www.blurb.com/bookstore/detail/2004299 ALANE DEVIARE Ready For My Close-Up About model and actress Alane of Hollywood,she is really something..lol

They are all available at www.blurb.com online bookstore.
Julie Christine  (#  516482)
Alane Deviare coauthor and creative partner of the famed GlamourHorror series:
( MM #596635 )
Quote from the Dalai Lama. Something to learn:
My other painting that was under construction, titled
Modes Of Perception had to be changed to title: Hot 'n Cold

Titled: The Rooster                  (40x30)
This image of Rooster symbolizes of freedom and the brave and proud fight against enemies,
and intruders of the 'territory' of place, time and mindset.
The strong red colors are the symbol of the constant revolution in the heart of the young
mixed with the hot color patches that only can be found in the joy of flawless tropical fun.
The abstract lineage of the feather valves is a reminder of a trumpetlike instrument
that will sound out loud and will call upon for the March of Happiness to celebrate
the victory of life in every circumstances.
The Rooster guards over love, family and freedom of the mind.

Painting #0    The Original Disintegration Of All With My Glass Cup in The Lower Right Corner )
Ohhhhh....beautiful winter times...
it was so cozy and warm INSIDE.....
with warm fireplace and a glass of......watching the falling snow.... 
...and the air was the freshest.....
(MM# 749972)
Another painting, titled: DISINTEGRATION #2
If you have any comment on this painting, please leave a tag. Thank you.


Portrait of a DJ
( ThatModelJackie who introduced me to ModelMayhem years back.......    MM # 159789 )
Manik-Deviare :  GLAMOUR HORROR     
In 2007-2008 with the absolutely awsome ALANE DEVIARE,
we designed and shot a series of glamour horrors images.
Through the long months
we worked hard on these registered and
copyrighted images to create a new
approach for glamour.
Samples from the book are shown
on the ports of both of us.
The GlamourHorror Series was be presented
to the public in 2011 by GoofyRooster Publishing Company, Texas.
Alane is an absolutely kind person
and she is an excellent actress.

Alane moved to Hollywood, California to pursue her dreams.
This image of Alane was shot at 5:32 am on the morning she
left. Everyone from the village came to wave good bye
to her, the priest, the policeman, the baker, the taylor
and all the village people were there
standing around crying.
We were waiting for hours for
any bus to show up with the sign on: To Tinseltown

Alane in the character of sexy law enforcement

Alane in her Glass Coffin, waiting for the kiss from a Prince
Characterplay by Alane Deviare  MM#596635

My Canadian expartner and co-founder of HamiltonDreamLaunch Julie Christine.


Fashion shot

After sunset minutes on the Hudson at the station in Beacon, New York.

Looking for antiques and for whatevers in little towns....
Here, I am at Pebble Beach, California, having happy days at the Pacific Ocean...between Los Angeles and San Francisco

( I will explain the pink fabrics when we meet... ... lol
Hello SanFrancisco... my favourite Castro area... wink wink)

Actually Pebble Beach is the place to be....
....here even the public clock is made by Rolex.


This is another painting:
D I S I N T E G R A T I O N  #1    ( painting series )
" Imagination is more important than knowledge. " said Albert Einstein.

lol lol lol just joking... ... no company stands up for freedom...

Geometrical Approach to the Conception of the Universe, Commonly Known Big Bang
(working title)  painting size: Quite big             .............Bang!
" Imagination is more important than knowledge. " said Albert Einstein.
Well said Mr. Einstein.


Some other random samples from my paintings.



Another painting from me, titled: MY HERITANCE

My "Mural Studio" is closed. The town bought the building where
I rented the studio.
Thank you to all who helped me to create some of the best images in this beautiful room.
This is the mural I painted for the building between 2005-2008. Size approx. 30 feet by 7 feet.




Please email your inquiries to pictureperfect201@yahoo.com
with all the relevant information (artistic idea, time, place, specials )

If you are looking for a TF session you must have recommendation
from a reputable photographer/artist besides fitting into one of my
projects that are under development.
( If I contact you for TF it means TF. It clears your way to the studio.
I am not interested in the line up of boobs but rather and most definitely
in characters with brain.

I am obviously very modest and very beautiful and very brilliant and....
I..I.....I am a very excellent artist, one of the very best in the East. Really.
ohhh  whatever...
I am passionate and enthusiastic towards all kind of art.
I respect my peers and my fellow artists and all who are truly into creativity.
In good days, I even able to respect almost all the human beings.... (though always yield to animals...dogs..)

Good luck, and God blessssss..

                                    * * *
If all goes well..... and we will meet at the first time
please dont feel overshadowed by my utter beauty,
.....please just dress casual for the event.

The very last painting of the BlueTulip series,
The Forbidden Dance to The Gods

I dont believe that creating art or expressing thoughts have to be tasteful.
The meaning of tasteful always different
in every society and in every era.
So don't be bothered with the pressure being "tasteful" by your present surroundings. Change it if you wish.
(Can you imagine having miniskirts in the Victorian era?
...or ..Is there a thong under the burka?... I don't think so.
If yes there is a thong, well, it would just prove how schyzophrenic the situation is...)
We all know equally what is good and what is bad to not hurt others existence. Live and let live.
It is called the manner of behavior of living side by side in a society.
But "taste" is sooo personal... be who you can be, with your own tastebuds.

" He is a man of great common sense and good taste,
        meaning thereby a man
        without originality or moral courage" 
      ( George Bernard Shaw )

RULE #1 :
Don't say you care, 'cause then I tend to take you seriously.
..and I know you don't give a damn.
Just lie to me that you love my art and therefore you love me,
and tell me how brilliant I am smile))
blah blah blah.... and then we are okay.
See...I make it easy for you.

Oh well, I am a generous man.  Seriously. smile

Sometimes I dont like Uncle Jamie...   ...but why do you hate Uncle Sam?

This painting is titled: MY LIFE . Its a visual autobiography.
It is a pen drawing/painting that took years to do.
This work includes elements and memories
from my life...
..events, happenings, history, love affairs , family, etc. 
If you ever care, I am in the left lower corner of the painting, photographing YOU, look.
And right there nearby there is an old alley entrance, and as you can see,
I am having my first kiss...standing at the door....right there.
Ahhhh......that girl was climbing on me... ..wow very accurate illustration there.
You might find moments from the historics and nasty politics of Europe,
things and events and artists that had influence on me...
There you can find friends, grandparents, even important dates
like Oct 13.......or Nov 3...etc.
It's all meaningful and quite interesting..... at least it is for me.
So I figured, I will share it.

It's a triptych, i.e 3 paintings in meaningful correlation.
(The triptych form was popular as altar piece in Medieval times, painted on wooden panels.
This is an altarpiece of my life and of the special ones who are part of it.
This work is done on 3 huge canvasses placed side by side)

IMPORTANT (repeating again)

"It is good taste, and good taste alone,
that possesses the power to sterilize
and is always the first handicap
               to any creative functioning"
                                                   ( Salvador Dali )
Ladies and Gentlemen let me present you
Tomato Romeo & Tomato Juliet

Title: LOVERS,
The Story Of Premature(tomato)Juice 
from the Funny Fruits Series

I do art because I have passion for it.
My passion is creating while listening to music.
I do paintings not just photography. I hope that the
music I listen to and my ability to paint reflect
in my photographic images as well.

The End Of Existence: Exodus Of The Soul
( from the book Manik-Deviare: GlamourHorror )
Model: # 596635
***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***
I finished my Blue Tulip Series that consist of 7 paintings.
This painting is:
The Purgatory Of Dancing Alone
(from the BlueTulip series)
The entire sum of existence is the magic
of being needed by just one other person.

(Quote from a Chinese Fortune Cookie)
Well, most of you dont care about all the details
of crap..of how artists deal with creation, dont feel bad.
Life is short, and then we die.

However to the one who does really care:
Your unconditional support makes
my art happen.
Your influence on Modern American Art
are noted in the chapters written about me.
You know I'm talking about you...
It's too bad you afraid to leave a tag.
No TF unless I offer because I imagine that you
would fit in my projects somehow...

This painting is titled: Waiting. (It's is about the state of
being alone and being exploited by a crushing society, but
still not giving up hope, waiting for a better future.)

Emancipation Of The Blue Tulip, the Elevation to the Gods

And here I am from the Equus series:
Me and the canvas,

forgotten and abandoned
by the trusted
and loved ones........


Julie Christine acting Japanese:


To the few, (you know who you are): you have my cell number, call...text...knock...

To the rest: have fun, and leave msg and
I will return it while the paint getting dry...
.......see ya later.

This was the first result of the Blue Tulip series.

(...and if you like this painting, leave a message..)

This is a diptych ( 2 boards placed
side by side are telling a story together...
like triptych..usually found as altarpiece )
This one is about couplehood...marriage...
partnership and the likes....

If you get it, leave a tag or message...
This is one of the best inspirational music
for my shoots (youtube or google this great artist)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWt2pJbP … p;index=27


Wowww, very very good looking...........       
(Yeah, yeah, that's me, but it's all about the bacon...  Really.
And you saw this picture up at the start of this page...already )


And if you ever get a bit close to me, you might will have
the privilege smile) to see me like this, sitting with you in a good restaurant:
***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   *** 

I have created images for a long time.
Worked with celebrities and VIPs.
Have degrees in Fine Art and Photography.
Specializing in top magazine level Glamour and Fine Art.
I do creative photography;

I do the planning, designing, styling,
shooting, and finalizing of
the picture in order
to provide the best image for the person.

I develop outstanding modeling portfolios,
create images for ads, prints, books,
posters etc.
for any form of publication.

Not too expensive but worthy
( you get what you paid for),
and I am willing to make a deal.
I also try to help new ones in this field.
I like create classic, painting like images


Fashion ad samples
(Model: Kristin Paxton (MM# 596123 )
Accessories and jewelry by Julie Christine, makeup and hair by Peter Manik


Canadian Memories:

November 2008  Loose Canon Gallery Party
Hamilton,Ontario, Canada
Closing event of the HDL photography exhibition.
That beautiful one in the middle is me, surrounded by
Stephanie, Maria, Julie Christine, Anne, Elizabeth, Jennifer.

The HamiltonDreamLaunch (HDL for short)
held in the outskirts of Toronto
was about to bring some
new gems to the colorful cultural
events of the area.
A series of glamour sessions were
offered for interested Canadian models
while the show was on.
The event also intended to bring attention
to the hidden beauty of 'next door' women
and to encourage all the
people to achive their dreams.
The first HDL was an absolute success,
gathered many art lovers
and reached out to a wide range
of people, professionals and
amateurs as well. We all made many
many new friends and we built
a loving, caring circle for each other.
The HDL was covered by the media
and that fact put the event
and it's participants into
higher professional level.
Thank you to all the models
and all the people
for their helping hands.

***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Model and web designer Jennifer (MM # 537118 ), one from the HDL line
became the owner of Kushlife... a Canadian fashion and apparel company
in Toronto. She is a vibrant, perfect , amazing fashion person...born to rule the world.



Alane Deviare

One of the most upcoming model from HDL is Kristin Paxton (MM#596123)
She became quite successful participating in many venues today.
My very first model from MMayhem, who introduced me to ModelMayhem
named ThatModelJackie was an absolutely reliable model. Unfortunately she retired for good.

From the long line up of models I highly
recommend the most amazing person
from the South, Florida based Betty Jo
(MM# 544974). Her style and attitude
will bring only success to each photograph
taken in a session. She has an extraordinary
personality and a non stop working style .

Betty Jo
WARNING: Stay aways ModelMayhem#2798358 titled "Legalcutie"
(real name Patricia Bowers ) because she is not a model but flake AND a thief)
She stole $160 from me. If you need details please contact me.

I always look for new faces and for new characters. I am constantly
expanding my portfolio and always working on some projects.

...and NO, I do not sell, show or publish any of  the images I created
without the permission of the participants.

I don't like people who are ignorant and flake.
I don't like the "mass of people" because I did find that
whenever many people gathered, they could have been easily misguided
by one of their loud ones ( Nero, Hitler,  Stalin, Mao, Yoko......
okay, okay...I was joking about Yoko....        not...lol)
I respect the individual in every living creature.

Within my ability I always try to help my
models to achieve their goals and help them to climb to the top.

HOWEVER: If I don't know you and you
haven't taken the time to contact me
in some way don't send FRIEND REQUEST,
I will DELETE the request anyway...

....And please don't tag saying only
"Thank you"...or 
" Thank you for your comment, you are also beautiful.."
...send a postcard instead.
If you want to boost my ego with "meaningful" thoughts, like
"You are the best" ,
or " Your work is phenomenal"
or " I am soo much in love with you
that I want to marry you".....
These would be all welcome because
these are tag worthy thoughts...   lol...... wink)

...or just send a check or money order
to your favorite charity, me.
(and to all: if you leave comments on the pictures that I did for
models, it will show appreciation and acknowledgment for their
great work, they deserve it)


Send email for inquiries and to set up an order at

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