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About Me

My name is Amarantha LaBlanche,
a feisty Irish girl that currently lives in Holland.
Not cocky, not difficult, not skinny, not your average.
You may know me as a fetish model, but that's definitely not all I am about.
It's up to you to figure out what's under those layers of rubber.
I do not model, I express my feelings.
I strictly perform what I love the most, hence I am a performer at heart.
I don't really like to call myself a model, I consider myself more of a performer (stage and video) that does photo shoots as well mainly for the fun of it.
My main focus has been on fetish video work for the last 5 years, I have made about 40 videos by now and I am totally not done yet.
Most of my images are either stills or a snapshot part of a video somehow.
My passion truly lies in video work but I started to miss some more professional, glamorous and glossy type of photos in my portfolio.
Anybody up for combining heavy rubber (lots of shiny latex, gasmasks and cool locations) with a more artistic and fashionable type of thing should definitely drop me a message!

A little more about me then.
Art, music & performing are the main topics of my life.
It's what I live, breathe, and am.
I'm a very inquisitive person, I'm eager to learn about anything that interests me and get off on professionalizing my skills.
I cannot do anything I am not into myself, I am only highly disciplined when it comes to fulfill tasks I like. If it got me, I am fully dedicated to it and you will get to see the best of me.

To work with me:
Personally I don't care if you make your living with a full blown career as pro-photographer, or that you just have a huge passion for photography and love to take some shots.
What I really care about is your work, and if it moves me in any way.
I am very patient, I am not complaining (much), and I am also up for helping out new(er) photographers to explore their creativity.
The only thing I ask from you is that even when you are not a so called professional, I do expect you at least have a professional attitude, drive and knowledge to work with me. 
I will offer you the same from my side of course, and you will get the best of me. 
I'm energetic, I'm a little silly, I'm pretty easy going and I like to ACE IT!
You may notice that I don't have an endless list of photographers I have worked with. I always work with the same small selection and love it.
This is because I usually prefer to build up a real good connection and professional friendship with a photographer and work with the same people over and over again, rather than shooting here and there with strangers.
I like to know what to expect and find my comfort in shooting with a small selection of nice people. That does not mean I would not want to add YOU to this list though, so don't let that hold you back.

Photoshoots that I'm especially looking for rightnow are:
- Heavy Rubber/ Fetish Bizarre (Inflatables, vacuum, masks/hoods, full enclosure etc)
- Fetish/Latex fashion in a crazy cool location
- Bondage (ONLY performed by prof experienced bondage master!!)
- Highclass burlesque/Pinup (Nylons, corsets, glamour, heels etc)
- Artsy Fartsy stuff that is too crazy for your eyes (Extreme makeup/Extreme hairdos etc)
- Avant-Garde-like fashion assignments with a twist

I usually am booked for the more alternative kind of jobs which are definitely my thing, but I'd really like to expand my skills and do something more "mainstream" or commercial, haute couture, strange artsy Vogue-ish images and styling now and then as well.
I am aware of my deviant looks, I do have quite a few tattoos.
But I have many different faces, depending on how make up is applied and clothing/styling that is being used on me, apart from my own contribution in expressions and posing.
I want to show the world that I am not a one-trick pony!
So please also feel free to book me for any jobs outside of the whole gothic, fetish and alternative scene!
I'd be delighted to do something completely different for a change.

::Personal infos:: 
Hair: Ever changing, currently black/dark blue and medium long with side bangs.
Eyes: Light blue
Skin: Pale, fair.
Shoesize: 37,5 (UK 4,5, US 7)
Height: 1.69cm
Weight: 58kg
Bra size: C75/C80
Dress size: S (Sometimes M depending on the item)
Tats: 6x (Groin, Lowerback, Chest, Ribs and both sides of my ass) easy to hide with the right clothing if needed.
Piercings: Stretched fleshtunnels in ears (9mm on each side)


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What is this?

Credit Notes

Photographers I have worked with so far: (Counting from the last years more worthy shoots and not all the crappy TFPstuff coming before)

Kink Canary (TF) (Monthly so a dozen times)
Spo Pictures (DE)
Cyber Angels (NL)
Diamond Photography (NL) (Multiple times)
M.A.S.T.R. Photography (NL)
Beauty in Darkness (NL) (Multiple times)
Ron H. (NL) (Multiple times)
DigitalXtreem (NL) (Multiple times)
Virginie Notte (FR)
Mannixx Fetish Pix (FR)
Stephane Serdaru Barbul (FR)
Peter Diablow (NL) (Multiple times)
Chris Lans (NL)
Lexie Molotoff (NL)
Me-Chiel (NL) (Multiple times)
Julien "Überdog" (CH)
Run Paint Run (NL) (Multiple times)
The Daily Photo (NL)
WOD Photography (DE)
Roman Kasperski (DE)
Heiko Laschitzki (DE)
Uwe Rose (DE) (Multiple times)
Rhein-Neckar Photography (DE)
Beartrap Design (NL)

MUAs: (I am usually my own MUA!)
Foxy Chrys (FR)
Stephy Starlight (NL) (Multiple times)
Mari Kitten (NL)
Palapa (NL)
Pierôt Hair & beauté (NL)
Azwera Blokland (NL)

Demask (DE)
Absolute Danny (NL)
Cyberesque (DE)
SublieM (NL)
Breathcatchers (NL)
Attitude Holland (NL)
Stephy Starlight (NL)
Mannixxx Fetish Pix (FR)
Jeroen Kamphorst (NL)
Rubberdoll (For liveshow) (USA)
Scotch & Pepper Latex couture (NL)
Bizarre Design (NL)
Demask (NL)
Libidex (UK)
Fetish Universe (DE)
Alterpic (USA)
M.A.S.T.R. Photography (NL)
Diamond Photography (NL)
Kink Canary (TF)

Other models/performers I worked with:
Morrigan Hel (UK) (Fire twirling show)
Rubberdoll (USA) (Rubberdoll Vs. FAQ liveshow)
Ancilla Tilia (NL)
Alia XXX (IT)
Miss Suzn (NL)
Dana_Deadgirl (NL)
Aphasia (NL)
Eiskalte (NL)
_Kitsune_ (NL)
Nathalie Ronja (NL)
D-Su (NL)
Faun (NL)
Mari Kitten (NL)
Grottic (NL)
Bloodsquad (NL)
CoCo Katsura (JP)
Diva Nova (DE)
Nikla Black (IT)
Valentina FetishDoll (IT)
Pupett (DE)
Miss Mirjana (NL)
Dante Posh (USA)
Model Liena (DE)
Issis Solide (BE)
Jade Fetishlady (IT)
Xarah von den Vielenregen (DE)
Miss Temper (NL)
Zidarlys (NL)
Lady Onna (UK)
Lady Naminia (DE)
Cyberesque (DE)
Minerva (DE)
Bambi Lovedoll (DE)
Miss Victoria Deluxe (DE)
Narunda (DE)
Baroness Bijou (DE)
Andy (DE)
Lillith (DE)
Lilahdoll (UK)
Maaike FX (NL)
Lolita (NL)
Anna Rose/Alterpic (USA)
Venus Black (GC)
Alexis (DE)
Katharina Flughorn (DE)

Engineers Of Desire Posters
Club Midnight Flyer/businesscards/posters
SublieM Fetish store spam/flyers/posters
Dominatrix Flyer
Lust Magazine
FATE01 Flyer (3x)
King Locust CDcover (2x)
The Clinic Magazine
Fetish Project Flyer
La SexorCisto flyer
La Sexorcisto website promo contents
100% Elektronik flyer
Metal Messiah Radio ad/promo-girl
Fetish Sins Flyer/Posters
Revue article
Fixe Magazine (interview)
Coiffure Awards 2009 (model for Pierôt Hair & Beauté)
Attitude Holland Clothing interview
Time-Out! magazine
Cult magazine
Panorama Magazine cover + two pages
Nieuwe Revue 3 pages
Heavy Rubber Magazine


Code 37 "Jane"
Videogallery/visuals for Wasteland(NL) (Multiple)
Plastic Fantastic LIVE@Extravaganxa (DE)
XDivide musicvideo by Destroy Productions (DE)
Alterpic (USA) (Multiple)
HouseofGord (USA) (Multiple)
NakedGord (USA)
Clinical Torments (Multiple)
BloodAngels (Multiple)

My credits as performer (past events I performed):

Dominatrix (NL)
Nuit Demonia (FR)
Scandal (NL)
Siberia (NL)
B.I.T.C.H. (NL) (6x)
Crazyland (New years edition, NL)
Matrixxx (NL)
Boudoir Bizarre (NL) (5x)
Fetish Evolution (DE) (6x)
The Clinic Weekend (NL) (4x)
Fet-X Revolution (DE)
Manifest Copenhagen (DK)
Bal Du Masque (NL)
Amsterdam International Fashion Week 2008 (NL)
The Opposite Haarlem (NL)(2x)
Castlefest (2x) (NL)
Summer Darkness (3x) (NL)
Fetish Evolution Clinic Hell (DE)
Extravaganxa (DE)
Halloween @Boterwaag (NL)
Noir Bizarre (CH)
La Sexorcisto (CH)
Fetish Sins (NL)
Obscene (3x) (NL)
Ritual (IT)
Wasteland (3x) (NL)
Elixer (NL)
Be Shameless (NL)
Club Midnight (Nl)
Golem (NL)
Gothic Crush (NL)
DK Dance (DE)
Cyberia (2x) (NL)
MAD club Lausanne (CH) (2x)
TrueBlood FoxTV Events/ Expornstar (NL) (2x)
Club Insomnia (DE)
K17 Berlin (DE)
Club Engel07 (DE)
Zeche Carl (DE)
Viper Club (IT)
SubRosaDictum / Boundcon (DE)
Europerve (NL)

I stopped counting 2 years ago, I am performing in another city/country every weekend. Sorry about that!

Fetish Fashion Labels I have worked for:
Kaori's Latex Dreams (sideline TortureGarden) (UK)
Breathcatchers (NL) (Multiple times)
Libidex (UK)
Fetish Universe (DE)
Demask (NL/DE)
Brigitte More Fashion (NL)
Engineers Of Desire (UK)
The Black Rose (NL)
Higher-heels (DE)
La Rose Couture (NL)
Attitude Holland (NL) (Multiple times)
SublieM Fetish &SM wear (NL) (Multiple times)
Zero Shop (ES)
Pierôt Hair & Beauté (NL)
Cyberesque (DE)
Absolute Danny (NL)
Bizarre Design (NL)
Scotch & Pepper (NL)
Mico Couture (UK)


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