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Photoshop Wizard: Agata Stasiak MM 13958240
Photographer: Ken Morrison MM 624832

  One day your life will flash before your eyes, make sure it's  worth watching.
Ed Stevenson #113014
DeLushus makeup #1515385

***I dont always get picture comment notification. I do go through them now and again to check, sorry for the delay. I am not just a number to add to your port. Please say hello via tag or picture comment if your wanting a friend request. If I sent a request to you, I am seriously in awe many times over of your work.****

Thank you
LOHKEE #100487

-No spread shots please. No Bondage.
-No porn. No Erotica.
-I love artistic nudes.
-I am alright with standing outside naked in most weather. Just let me know before hand so I can come prepared.
-I am taking a break from doing nudes at the moment. I feel I have enough in my port for now. If you have a very artistic idea please let me know and I may reconsider. 

****                             ****                             ****
I am not here for a career but for the art. I figure you have a day job just as I do, if you want to meet and shoot please let me know. smile

*Willing to travel if travel exp are paid for. Otherwise must stay local to Cali. I am here for the art but sharing in gas exp is very helpful and thanked immensly. 

*****               ************               *********
  Welcome to my journey. I am new, short and older then the average model. I do have chronic medical issues that at times take me away from the path I travel. I cannot snap a picture nor whistle worth a dam. I am not here for riches, fame or notoriety. I am on a journey and by reading this you will choose to either be a part of it or drift on by. I leave the door open for you.

  My deepest passion with in me is art. It steals my breathe when I view it, hear it and feel it. It brings forth emotion from me that cannot always be defined in mere words. It puts me outside the box when I dream and gives me daily challenges when I think I cannot take one more step. It enflames the inner spark of my existence to be a part of an artist's thought. Perhaps he/she is trying to say something. Perhaps they seek that one shot that will define them in life. Perhaps they just want to bring forth beauty and encapsulate it if just but for a moment. I want to be that muse for you should you require the need.

  Again I am not here for riches nor fame. I know who I am. I am not here for a boyfriend but the journey to make a friend, be a part of their life for how ever long I can. and perhaps at the end of the day, know I stood next to a great soul that made a difference to me. Art can say so much of who we are, who we have known and what we have learned. My journey is to walk this road and be a muse to the great artist in the world I have the pleasure of working with. For this I thank you for walking with me if you did. For this I thank you for gift you have given me which is your time, kindness and the honor to work with you.

The choice I now lay at your feet. Best wishes to you all.

Note: One deep scar (belly button to past hair line). Its usually photoshopped out just so you know, its a big one, 6 tats, only ears pierced. Right now hair is black and shoulder length. 4 small scars from belly button to lower ribs..from gallbladder surgery, 1 small scar under each breast from Aug surgery July 2009.


I would like to acknowledge thee finest artists I have ever met. The ones that spoke volumes though they may have only uttered a few words. The dreamers outside the box, the miracle makers I truly believe in. The ones that made the difference simply by meeting them.  Would I be able to have these gentlemen/women as neighbors and friends for life, the honor would be mine. (order of names does not define them in any way)

LOHKEE #100487
John Carman #5961
Ed Stevenson #113014
Faithfulartist #724362
barepixels #1193118
Don Armstrong#751755
Ed Stevenson #113014

Please feel free to contact me for references on photographers.
Not Recommended
Drew Eash #355478
Magic Image Photography #2200 
Redrum Mayhem #226008
contact for details

*I dont just accept friend requests. I look at the port first and read the bio. No offense meant if I do not accept.
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   Before you can inspire with emotion, you must be swamped with it yourself. Before you can move their tears, your own must flow. To convince them, you must yourself believe.
-Winston Churchill
Ed Stevenson #113014
DeLushus makeup #1515385


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