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Navarre, Florida, US
Particle9 Productions.com

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MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/particle9productions

About me

Place: Oxnard CA.  Time: now
Place : San Francisco. July 2nd - 6th


Liberty Belles 2016 Calendar
Ongoing casting for  Liberty Belles is under way. If you are interested in being a Liberty Belle get in touch with me. This is TF work, and you may make it into a future Calendar, magazines as the centerfold or even on an assault rifle. This is a highly selective project, so if you are not picked it is not personal we are just aiming for very specific looks. But you never know, so please do inquire.

At this time I am not considering Tattooed / alternative or plus size/ BBW's for this project. I am only casting for physically fit females. Natural chests are fine if they are Lower than a C cup. If your breast size is higher than a C cup, I am only looking for augmented breasts as these make the tactical bikinis look best.


It's really sad I should have to make this clear since really its an obvious fact, but here it goes...  Unless there is a monetary arrangement between us for a shoot, or unless it's for my Liberty Belles calendar project where money is also involved and typically limited to one or two shoots only, I will not consider your photoshoot a job! in simpler to understand words this means that your shoot is NOT considered work. And if I am not working, I am using my personal time to do something personal for FUN! What I do in my personal time is still personal regardless of how YOU want to think of getting a free shoot out of me. Contrary to popular belief I really don't need you to better my folio. So if by chance I do decide you are cute enough to do a shoot with without charging you because sitting here for 8 hours editing your face and body won't be an absolutely horrifying process.. it's probably because I think you are cute enough to spend personal time with. A single guy wanting to hang out with a good looking girl. go fig! Incredibly scary too eek! Thus... never ever ever ever make the statement to me " I don't mix business with pleasure" I have made this painfully simple. If you are not paying me, if I am not making money off of our shoot, and if I am not providing you client work so you can be paid out of it... It is not business. Boom! Simple.

To the uninitiated, my name is Chasen Grieshop. Those who know me understand I like to take photos but I don't consider myself a photographer. Those who do NOT know me make the silly mistake of thinking photography is my passion and my job. I will make this clear right now. I am not a photographer, I am a visual artist. I make pictures, and photography is just another way I can make a picture. So the truth of the matter is, I am a commercial artist, that owns a camera because it is a tool to get me the kind of images I want. In most cases, the photos you see in my folio are images I wanted to create because I really wanted to make them. My photo work is not here to bend to your visual imagination but my own. You just get to join me on my adventures in image making. Lucky you!  I do it all in the hopes that maybe other people will like it too.  I have worked for VH-1, the United States government, MGM, and in another career field, a comic book cover artist, and I live and shoot here on the gulf coast because it rocks, duh!

I don't normally do TF shoots except in the cases where I actually want to shoot with you. Normally a really pretty face, or big boobs, or both MIGHT get you there. Sad Panda face awwww! sad! If you adore my work so much that, "DARLING! you simply MUST have it in your folio," contact me. We can always work something out for my, countless hours spent in your service, hard work, and inhuman amazing technical know how that took me 3 lifetimes to learn from the Gods on Mount Olympus. Yes! Zeus too was a glamor photog, which explains why he had so many kids! O_o I myself was also born from a lightening bolt on the top of mount st Helens, a fact few know about me. I know you feel this to be true in your very soul. Never the less, I just thought I'd share so you know just what kind of prehensile being you're dealing with here is all.

To answer your most asked question...No! I am not looking for you to take your clothes off in front of my camera!  NO... I won't pay you because 50,000 classless horny men and a few women who's sexual orientation I must call into question said you were drop dead gorgeous and should model just to get into your pants at one of those clubs you hang out at. Oh don't act all innocent like you don't know that's what men; and those few aforementioned women, were doing! You believed them, and now you want to capitalized on it and make money! I understand you little wingless bird, but That's why God made modeling agencies! I myself am quite man pretty and gay men love to hit on me (uh.... ew!) However, I don't expect some poor innocent little photog who holds down eight jobs to pay for tiny Tim's medical bills to pay me to work his butt off to give me pictures so I can gawk at how awesome I look. I'm also a kick ass ninja model so I know what's up.  -_- So no money from this photog....except in some rare cases when I feel bad and want to give you gas money to be nice. I'm rarely nice so don't push it... :p Typically a bad case of Lupus, polio ( not polo the game), or shingles must be involved!  ewwww groady! Yes I'll need a Dr's note for this (no not really silly guirrel).....Hey it happens! Just watch, "House" Don't act like benevolence is not in my vocabulary just because you're jealous of my swagger...

So there you go, please DO write me. I can't take your birthday away, the worst I'll do is say, " no can do" but you might get a yes. So you never know until you ask. I hope you had a fun time reading through, and hopefully you have enough of a sense of humor to where this whole thing didn't offend you away smile

(the short version for those who don't want to read the little adventure book above)

In summary it says, I'm not paying you to model for me.

:::Shoots coming soon:::
I am currently either casting for, or getting ready to shoot the following... If you are interested in either of these themes, and Look the part for any of them, let me know.

Who framed Jessica Rabbit (casting)
Supergirl ( I need a blond for this)


I DO NOT TOLERATE IT. If you flake on me once you either get black listed and I start talking to myself first and then my friends about you... or you better have A GOOD WAY TO MAKE IT UP TO ME. Bribes in none laced brownies are acceptable


P9P web pages







My texting and cell phone numbers are different from one another, so pick your poison. Please don't get them confused or I won't get your texts smile thank you.
Cell: (850) 803 7859
Text: (702) 687 0372


(website) Motley Vixens ::: photos featured 2013
(T- shirts) Up Promotions :::T shirt photography and graphic design 2013
(calendar) Clips and Hips ::: nationally published calendar for 2013
(billboard) Clips and hips ::: Photography and graphic design
(website) US AIR FORCE TACP association::: photos and graphic design
(Newspaper) Showcase entertainment::: Cover photo, and photos featured in article
(magazine) Tactical Milsim Magazine ::: Photos featured with article and centerfold
(website) JSClaw.biz ::: http: photos featured
(newspaper) The Beaches ::: cover photographer
(film) Stranger Things ::: production photographer
(film) Scorpéo ::: production photographer
(magazine) Biker magazine ::: photos featured
(magazine) House of Style Magazine::: Photos featured
(magazine) Wizard Magazine ::: photos featured
(billboards) pensacola wedding guide ::: photographer
(flyers) Salem's club DARQ ::: photos featured
(website) Boo For You Bamboo Garden ::: photographer
(website) Zenescope entertainment ::: photos featured
(website) rapmodels.net ::: photos featured
(Website) MTV.com ::: Photo featured
Crestview Highschool drama team::: acting headshots
South Walton Highschool drama team::: acting headshots
University of West Florida ::: acting headshots

Model Mayhem Pic of the Day -  TIE - August 5, 2010
The Night Sorcerer: Photography by Tim Golden MM# 429821 . Editing, wardrobe and modeling by Chasen Grieshop MM#59438


Other photographers I've worked with...
Travis Patterson ::: MM#328378
Gary Stevens ::: MM#737445
Dylan Cowels photography :::
Manic photography ::: MM#237289
Tim Golden Photography ::: MM#429821



1. Sarah Fehlberg ::: MM# 3220099
2. Sarah Belle ::: MM# 3016228
3. Mallory Clark ::: MM# 397994
4. Candy Woodward ::: MM# 54850 
5. Carly Spade ::: MM# 56852
6. Rachel Chambliss ::: MM# 531133
7. Atarah Strange ::: MM# 1047760
8. Jacqueline Claire:::MM# 858049
9. Bianca Burgess ::: MM# 1671225
10. Terra Bryant::: MM# 214699
11. Katrina Mcfadden ::: Myspace
12. Briana Lynn:::MM# 546051
13. Lauren Leigh (playboy model):::MM# 312975
14. Melissa Cordell ::: MM# 468190
15. Samantha Sizemore :::MM# 547209
16. Irina:::MM# 552153
17. Heather Mohr::: MM# 1159224
18. Katheryn Ledbetter ::: None MM
19. Callie June ::: MM# 2494929
20. Britnee Leigh ::: MM# 1044672
21. Amanda Rae ::: MM# 2763158
22. Jerrica Faye Martin ::: MM# 1342073
23. Brittney Crowell :: MM# 1517247
24. Erin Lee Holland:::MM#877118


25. Adrienne Skeen ::: MM# 26951
26. Hope M.::: MM# 740977
27. Tori Lane::: MM# 772613
28. Jasmin combs :::MM# 458380
29. Raven Pabilonia ::: MM# 275900
30. Brittany Winchell ::: MM# 667922
31. Ashlee Compton ::: MM# 390842
32. Travis Kelley ::: MM# 653652
33. Travis Patterson ::: MM# 328378
34. Natalie Patterson ::: myspace
35. Monica Borawski :::  MM# 374570
36. Heather W ::: MM# 673168
37. Jessica Vickers::: MM# 719666
38. Lasha ::: MM# 227720
39. Crystal Hatchett::: none MM
40. Brittany Blake ::: none MM
41. Megan Cameron ::: MM# 737850
42. Ms Chassidy::: MM#67884
43. Mischja Moreau :::MM# 383205
44. MarleeMcAlister :::MM# 707962
45. Miranda Mcabre:::MM # 6495
46. MinDeliciousXO::: MM# 763088
47. Quill Loyd::: MM# 1214623
48. Chelsea Darling:::MM# 395940
49. Erica Cacho ::: none MM
50. Glenda Gillyard ::: MM# 563417
51. Xana ::: MM# 248433
52. Heather Sosbee ::: MM # 378009
53. Emma Carter ::: MM# 1547933
54. Vlada ::: MM# 1667685
55. Heather Lynn ::: MM# 552797
56. Angel Doyle ::: MM# 731241
57. Brittney Noel ::: MM# 460007
58. Mz.Korea ::: MM# 1579218
59. Kimber Lee ::: MM# 1831905
60. Shawnda ::: MM# 666432
61. Vanessa Carla ::: MM# 818507
62. Chelsea Cooper ::: MM# 2361992
63. Ashlee Carpentier ::: MM#
64. Bella Deville::: MM# 895909
65. Shirley Sullivan ::: MM# 2102744
66. Nancy Cowles ::: MM# 1758581
67. Jamie Kirk ::: MM# 2444649
68. Marika Maris:::MM# 752735
69. Aileen Antoinette ::: MM# 696802
70. Sarah Lanning ::: MM# 599045
71. Amber Reynne ::: MM# 2457033
72. Cala Doll ::: none MM
73. Michelle Wilcoxon ::: none MM
75. Summer Thorn ::: none MM
76. Chon Chon Moriarty ::: MM# 2423494
77. Briella B ::: MM#1304817
78. Joanna R::: MM# 800351
79. Kayley Burdine ::: none MM
80. Kristen Breedlove ::: MM# 672969
81. Jacklynn Newton::: None MM
82. Emily B89::: MM#2841607
83. McKenna Lee::: MM#
84. OhMiss Tiffany::: MM#
85. Natalie Ittu::: None MM
86. Candra Nightown::: None MM
87. Wrenn Colliatie ::: None MM
88. Amanda Chown::: MM# 2677799
89. Alexa Lynn ::: MM#
90. Patricia Jay::: MM# 2868178
91. Kayla Brooke Campbell :::MM#
92. Kim Bentz ::: MM#
93. Heidi Jo :::MM#
94. Mercede ::: MM#
95. Jennifer C :::MM#
96. Bruk Hancock::: MM#
97. Sam Zuniga ::: none MM
98. Donna nightown ::: None MM
99. Kayla Brooke Cmapbell ::: MM#
100. Desiree Niemann::: MM# 1038237
101. Kayla Rendell::: None MM
102. Kayla Tomlinson::: None MM
103. Evie Darling:::  MM#
104. Samantha Picou::: None MM
105. Natasha Coulter::: None MM
106. Lakyn Sellers::: MM#
107. Anna Paulina ::: none MM
108. Kristen:::MM# 1195119


Shear Terror Hair Designs ::: MM#555155


Keri Jones ::: MM#681182


killer work   1 pics
Local models I like   17 pics
models Id love to shoot with   23 pics
Models Ive shot with   14 pics
Orlando models I like   1 pics


Chasen Grieshop


Britt Crowell

Jerrica Faye

Lauren Leigh - Model

Erin Lee Holland

P Jay

Sam Zuniga

Candy Woodward

Callie June

Michaela Christine

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