Elena Bathory

Model Female Brooklyn, New York, US

My MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/metalmistress Website
Mayhem # 607726

About Me

Hi there! To check out more of my nude work, take a look at my nudes port listed under my top friends.

IMPORTANT: I'm sorry but I am only doing tf work for tear sheets and clothing designers. This is my profession, not a hobby. My rates are reasonable I promise!smile I will also shoot tf if you have a crazy concept in mind.


Any new models out there, feel free to message me for any advice on modeling. I am on the 3rd list of mentors here on Model Mayhem.

I am an alternative model who enjoys shoots with crazy, twisted concepts that both the photographer and I can have fun with. I love shooting at abandoned locations. If you are an experienced photographer, or beginner,  who is new to alternative modeling or want to add a darker element to your port, I would love to collaborate with you. My rates are reasonable, You'll see just ask;) I definitely do tf* shoots if the concept of the shoot interests me enough. I will also shoot for clothing trade. I am dying to do an underwater shoot, any photographers specializing in this please contact me, I'll be your best friend forever!!

ABOUT NUDE WORK: I only do nudes for paid work and no porn. I do nudes for tfp only if the photographer's work is exceptional and for concept shoots. I am experienced with fine art and posing for paintings and drawings.

I do not give my phone number out until a shoot date is set. It's important that I keep a written record of shoots that I do. In this industry it is smart and best to keep everything in writing.

I am not on here to "hook up" with anyone. Please keep it strictly professional. I am a nice, friendly person to work with but please do not even try and cross the line with me. I am happily taken by a great guy so don't bother trying to "hit me up". Messages pertaining to anything other than modeling work will be ignored.

I am very friendly and easy to work with:) I am very professional but I do like to be silly and joke around at shoots;p Looking forward to working with different, experienced photographers in the NYC area. Will travel anywhere as long as it's a paid shoot with transportation covered.

I am also a certified makeup artist.

Types of modeling I am interested in:
-Alternative Fashion
-Fine arts
-Fetish and bondage (anything with chains, I love chains;)
- swimsuit
-Anything controversial that makes people's jaws drop:p

Two on each lobe



Facebook: http://facebook.com/metalmodel1313
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/elenabathory

Elena is a beautiful model, with an amazing natural sex appeal. Whether you are looking for a metal/goth look or straight up glamour, Elena consistently comes up with the most remarkable poses and expressions. I truly appreciate all the creative ideas that she conjures up and her ability to take any one of mine to new heights. She is always professional and is a delight to shoot with. I am pleased to call her my friend and recommend her to any photographer, at any level of experience.
- Zeno, UrbanEyeful Photography  MM #724705

Elena is my muse. Why? She is a photographer's dream. Gorgeous, talented, fun, punctual and never misses a chance to be photographed. Her look rocks. I have shot with Elena many times, and each time I get amazing photos. Keep up the great work, Elena. Photographers, get in touch with Elena.
-Jon Mann, JMPhotoWorks MM #2705822

Elena Bathory is an absolute pleasure to shoot with. She comes on time, is friendly, and always prepared. She has a great energy and has her own unique style of creative poses that bring personality to the shoot. I highly recommend her!
-Candylust, MM # 159152

I have worked with Elena many times. She is reliable, always on time and ready to work. Elena needs no direction, her posing skills are excellent and I always get outstanding results. The best part about Elena is that she is delightful to work with and makes the shoots fun and exciting. I highly recommend Elena if you want great, professional results.
-Boris Mirkin, Kaos Studios MM #34520

Elena is a fantastic one of a kind person and model. She exudes a sensuality and sexuality that sneaks up on you, grabs ahold and bashes you over the head like a really fine whiskey or rum will. Just try to reign in that aura. Impossible. Like reigning in the wind. You can only let yourself get sent to further, better places by its power.
Elena does not like the plain.
Elena does not like pink.
Elena does not like the boring standard shot...even if you think she looks gorgeous. All the usual stuff applies to this goddess. Professional, knows her self, knows her limits but is willing to listen to ideas and experiment in the quest for bigger, hotter, edgier expressions of visual art.
-Niel Galen, MM #2557806

Photographers and artists I have worked with:
*Indicates more than once, not how many times-
Michelle Baxter of Classically absurd Photography, MM#13981*
Scarred Karma, MM##359022*
David Velez MM#4194, myspace.com/6of7, www.6of7.com*
LC Wilson of Misfit Studios MM#500407, www.lcmisfitstudios.com
David Lawrence MM#73382, www.shibariartphotography.com
Aesthetic photoworks, MM #192815*
Kristian Cadavona (not on MM)*
KingZombie Photography. MM #21053*
Damien Maurer, (not on MM)
Zoom Society, MM #575177
Flybynightstudios, MM# 591356*
Ira Monko, MM# 780004
Dengrove Studios, MM# 893466 *
Jon Kristiansen, (not on MM)*
Patrick D Wade, MM #71784
CandyLust, MM# 159152*
MB Photo 13, MM# 3579
Gil Rivera, MM# 692434*
Eduardo Suarez, MM# 509449*
Michael Drew, MM# 112760*
Anilom Nor, MM# 46443*
Homeofsource, MM# 1034351*
Retinal Fetish, MM# 547657*
Pat Cotillo Jr., MM# 755567*
Mechanical Whispers, MM# 148383*
BAC Art, MM# 1077188*
PNB Photography, MM# 451947
Solace Studios, MM# 1282315
Alan Pedroso, MM# 391166*
Irvin Bomb, MM# 655139
Sean Ranieri, MM# 1268697*
Andre Schneider, MM# 161713
Bob Coulter, MM# 55039
Kaostika Studios, MM# 306344*
PhantomMission, MM# 1908414*
Maximo WS Group, MM# 1334764
Hypnotica Studios, MM# 873890
el Jong, MM# 699348
Magical images of PA, MM# 43003*
Bradley Thornber, MM#143916
Dave Foss, MM# 27536*
Jose Miguels, MM#536732
Jeremy Saffer, MM# 17427
Carbon Decay, MM# 1246579
MattM, MM# 1908414
Obscure Alternatives, MM# 1985309
Swankorama, MM# 1848976, 2777304*
Michael Edmonds, MM# 2336124*
vkphotography, MM# 349145
mfgfoto, MM# 1059475
CDE foto, MM# 318131
Vincent Castiglia* (Not on MM)
Berto Hull, MM# 315917
Mike 55 Photography, MM# 1278625
ArgentiumAstrum, MM# 1826752*
Cire Studios, MM# 1362514
The Wolf, MM# 313124*
Jolly Roger Imagery, MM# 1407063*
UrbanEyeful, MM# 724705*
Jon Mann, MM# 1690569*
Adam Image, MM# 2945844*
Michael Stearns, MM# 26001
dennis j c, MM# 1226724
Tiano, MM# 120965
JimPixLA, MM# 2219021
Eric Mayr, MM# 581505*
NJamesStudios, MM# 2357932
PVDA Studios, MM# 2180613
StarFlower Media, MM# 95225
Kaos Studios, MM# 34520*
DOP Studios, MM# 1560819
Sexybeasts, MM #1171602
Lost for Words, MM# 1136596
PRD Photography, MM# 1897017
Thomas Lee, MM# 6200
Nexus Photography, MM# 1955063*
jmusse, MM# 2801959
AWHill Photography, MM# 2724513
NYC Mann photography, MM# 2373193
f2k Photography, MM# 2460124*
Black Star photography, MM# 73645
Neil Galen, MM# 2557806*
NGNphotos, MM# 894061
The DollHouse project, MM#1594371*
JQuest, MM# 55589
Marcus Evans, MM# 30045
ShortCat Productions, MM# 2792719
tasteofwine, MM# 1625891
Johnnys Eye Photography, MM# 123934
Harlem Photo, MM# 558858
-fpc-, MM# 1761301*
FR ImageMagic, MM# 1760980
M P Taylor, MM# 1660585
MAS Productions, MM# 2202475
ThruTheLens, MM# 1368230*
Kenn Lichtenwalter, MM# 738018*
Heather Hunter, MM# 1468891
Ink Photography, MM# 2766045*
MaxNY, MM# 1624441
RawMaterial Photography, MM# 2749225
Reka Nyari, MM# 260429
Yassir Ketchum, MM# 1766248*
Mete Ozeren, MM# 140627
The Ink Project, MM# 828453
Rene Clement, MM# 773800
Lurid Motif Photography, MM# 1374352

Make-up by Maheen, MM# 758473
Christina Vega, MM# 806456*
Helen Yakir, MM# 352390*
Dani Marie, MM# 1234538
Joanna Dee, MM# 1395578
SFX MAKE-UP:Christopher Jager, MM# 1627585
Alex (not on MM)
Venus Alers, MM# 1575487
Crystal of Metamorphosis New York
ARS Makeup Artistry, MM# 2787517
Makeupbychanel, MM# 1540222
Sasha Mac, MM# 1241590
(Many more that I either forgot their names or didn't catch their names)

Keila Sone, MM# 1441112
PAS Hair Dressing, MM# 1029443
(Many more that I either forgot their names or didn't catch their names)

Jenn (not on MM)
Laurel Aslaksen, MM# 1534519
Jasmin Hernandez, MM# 762733*
Cake Knife, MM# 1878245
Angel Raven, MM# 1605326*
Shandra Stark, MM# 101286
Johannie, MM# 1457488*
FallenAngel529, MM# 149839
Jackie Adragna, MM# 1048886
Lee Lo La, MM# 814736
Noemi Belle, MM# 2696151
Nadine Theresa Stevens, MM# 2886266*
Rebecca Lawrence, MM# 155507
Kerri Taylor, MM# 982*
Daniella Rose, MM# 2362243*
Anthony Catanzaro, MM# 543053
Actor Dean Winters
(Many more that I have worked with in group shoots. Too many to list)

http://www.brokendollz.com, http://brokendollhouse.com

New York Undercover extra, season 3 episode 4 "Blue Boy" 1996

Promotional model:

Bands (merchandise model):
Verkrag (Album artwork and voice appears in two songs),www.verkrag.com/elena.html
Dark Funeral, www.diaboliswear.com
Devian, www.devian.se
Blood Red Throne
Palkoski (formerly The Seventh Gate)

Featured in:
www.fixemagazine.com (Interview)
METAL QUEENS, VOLUME I NUMBER IV (Interview)http://rymfireebooks.com/carnifexmetal/ebook.html
Featured model on Serpentine Promotions www.serpentinepromotions.com
Mutilador e-zine IX (Spanish Interview, cover girl) www.mutilador.com
WWS Online magazine interview http://wwsmag.com/updates/wws-mod-elena-bathory/
Steff Metal Interview http://steffmetal.com/real-job-elena-ba … tal-model/
Subexistance Interview http://www.subexistance.com/models/elena-Bathory

Clothing lines:
Isabelle Batz, MM# 1548643
www.diaboliswear.com (clothing line for Dark Funeral)
Timeless trends corsets www.timeless-trends.com MM# 1013896
TrashGlam, MM# #760941
Lethal Ware, MM# 1586091
Vengeance Designs, MM# 1614085
Exposed Lingerie by Magic Silk Inc
Skull and Bone Clothing www.skullandboneclothing.com

Dark waters Fashion Expo modeling for Lethal Ware, MM# 1586091

Jewelry companies:
Eternal autumn jewelry

Maximo WS Group, MM# 1334764*
Hudson Valley workshop (Run by Jon Mann, MM# 1690569)
Workshop run by UrbanEyeful, MM# 724705*
Manhattan figure study and lighting workshop
Photographer and model Photo shoot Society, (Run by Fernando Andrade, MM# 2922653)*

"Upskirts, panties, & girls oh my!" by LC Misfit Studios
"Rebound" by David Lawrence
"Metallion, the Slayer Mag Diaries" by Jon Kristiansen

Kerry King tattoo featured in special Slayer edition of Revolver magazine Septemeber 2009
July 2010 Issue of Girls and Corpses Magazine
Bizarre Magazine issue 167, appeared as an Ultra Vixen
Bizarre Magazine issue 175, appeared as an Ultra Vixen
Bizarre Magazine issue 219, appeared as an Ultra Vixen
Bella Morte Magazine Alt. girls December 2011 edition
Metal Hammer Magazine Greece June 2012, ad for Bowel of Noise Records
Terrorizer Magazine issue 226 and 228, ad for the band Palkoski
Decibel issue 98, ad for Palkoski
Surreal Beauty Magazine April 2014, Cover model
Riot Vixen May 2014

Dark Funeral
Blood Red Throne
Many more...

Music videos:
Beast in the Field, "Wakan Tanka"

Modeling contests I have won:
Dark funeral merchandise model
Devian metal model contest

Troma Entertainment (DVD cover for the movie "Purge" and poster)
Palkoski (metal band), CD artwork.

Places and events I have Go Go Danced:
Lucky 13 Saloon
Paradise Lost, gothic/industrial event, Club Rehab
Don Hill's Salvation, gothic/industrial event
Blackthorn 51 (formerly Arena)


Designers I would love to work with   23 pics
Makeup artist's I'd love to work with   13 pics
Photographer's I would kill to work with   27 pics

Casting Calls

Casting Call
Jun 9, 2014 Alternative model looking to update my port with clothing designers



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