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My name is Lauren Babrée (pronounced Baw-bray). I am a singer, actress, dancer and model. I am bi-coastal working in Los Angeles and New York City. I lived in NYC for 10 years (9-4-2004 to 10-31-2014), and just recently moved to LA (on 10-31-2014), but am back and forth working on both coasts.

My TRAVEL SCHEDULE is as follows:
* NEW YORK CITY: 02-27-2015 & 02-28-2015
* BOSTON / NEW HAMPSHIRE: 03-31-2015 to 04-07-2015
* NEW YORK CITY: 04-07-2015 to 04-17-2015
* NEW ORLEANS: 04-17-2015 to 04-20-2015
and leaving back to LA on 04-20-2015

***PLEASE READ BEFORE CONTACTING ME!!!!*** - First off please don't contact me unless you are serious. Next, I do NOT do TFP unless you are a high fashion photographer that is agency worthy and could easily or has been published on a national ad in commercial print, fashion catalog, maxim magazine, sports illustrated, etc, or a really good headshot photographer and can use your images to book legit work with agencies. I have no problem getting work, in fact this is my only job by choice because I make enough income off of it so PLEASE NO EXCEPTIONS WHAT SO EVER!!! Please don't waste my or your time by asking or dissing my photos for whatever reason you have to try and get me to shoot for free with you if you don't fit the above requirements, aint happening!!! This is my career, so I really can't work for free when I've made lots of sacrifices for it already.

I've been modeling since the year 2000 and do this as a professional career solely since 2008. I respond very promptly since this is my career so you will always get professionalism and speedy replies that same day or the next from me unless I am extremely busy and I expect the same in return especially if its the day before the shoot and I still don't have specific information such as time and exact location. I need all details as soon as possible and expect timely replies.

I don't have an exact set rate that I always go by. Please provide your rate of compensation for the project in the email. Please also include all information so there's no going back and forth on what the project entails, specific location of shoot, date, time, duration, and anything else I should know. Thanks.

If you have a specific type of shoot in mind and don't see examples of those type of photos on here, you can always message me and I can see if I have anything like that to email you. Once I have emailed you, unless it is something really specific, please do not keep asking me for photos. I do not have the time to send you numerous amounts of photos, nor should I have to once I have already sent quite a bunch. It is quite clear you can see how I look. Don't be greedy please.

Also, if you cancel a shoot, I will not reschedule with you. There's too many flakes out there and I don't have the time to deal with those types of people. Even though this is model mayhem, please be professional and respect people's time they may have set aside to book that day with you when they could have booked something else that day.

I don't mind booking in advance, so please don't message me saying you're interested in scheduling who knows when in the future but don't want to schedule yet. There's no point to messaging me if you're not ready so either just message me when you're ready to schedule, or let's book a date on the calendar in the future coming weeks or months.

I do NOT book via phone. Please contact me on here ONLY. There is no way I'd remember everything talked about if I talked to everyone on the phone each day. I need a solid record of what's been said for reference.

Also, please photographers, if you don't know the difference between a model, porn star, and prostitute, I suggest not even messaging me at all. There is a HUGE difference, and trying to get a legit model to do these other 2 acts for you is just uncalled for. If that were the case, people would not be calling themselves models. Those other 2 categorizes exist for a reason, because they are completely different! Don't try it with me (you know exactly what I'm talking about). I will screenshot whatever you said and block/report you. If this happens at the shoot, I will end the shoot, never work with you again, and make sure every body who I know knows about you (and I know a lot of legit models and photographers). I love what I do, but I will not have sex with anyone or do sexual acts/favors for anyone to get to the top and/or get great pictures. Just because this is model mayhem doesn't mean you can pull that with me. Modeling and acting are my passions and that is IT. I was raised from a very good upper middle class family who put an intelligent head on my shoulders. I don't need to sulk down to trash level sex acts. Find your nearest strip club to do that at.

Also please no drive by friend requests. I will assume you want to work with me if you friend request me, in which I will message you to make such arrangements.

I love what I do, and unless you are a creep, we will hit it off and have an amazing shoot, and I have plenty of references that can verify that if you need. Sorry if all this information I wrote sounds harsh, but unfortunately for some people you need to be very direct lol smile

To see more of my photos go to
You can also scroll down and click on my list "Photos of me that photographers have in their portfolio" to see which other photos of me are on here.

Other frequently asked personal questions and fun information:

My background is American, but my great grand parents on my mom's side are from Norway and Germany, and on my dad's side are Czechoslovakian, so I am a European mix, but an all American girl.

My natural hair color is blonde, the color you see in my photos, and I do not dye my hair at all, nor do I wear colored contacts. I am a natural blonde and blue eyed girl.

I am a huge animal lover, especially dogs, and especially golden retrievers. I have a golden retriever actually and he is available for photo shoots or filming too.

I was a gymnast since I was a kid and still know how to do a back handspring.

My favorite types of food are anything Spanish or Latin American, and Asian fusion food like Japanese and Thai, but I try and limit these occasions and keep to a healthy diet of protein and vegetables.

I walk 4 miles every day for an hour and also do 100 crunches a day as my workout.

Somewhere I've never shot before where I would love to sometime is near the Hollywood sign in LA and Times Square in NYC.

I have a great eye for which photos are best from the shoot, and I edit a lot of my photos on my own. I am a great editor, so if you aren't great at editing, you can always send the photos to me after a shoot and I can pick out which ones I think are best if you can't decide (I actually prefer to pick them out myself if I'm allowed since a lot of the times the photos I pick out, most agree with me they love, and a lot of times the photos I get sent from the photographers a lot of people including myself wouldn't agree are the best ones, not sure why, but a clash in eye happens a lot between model and audience preference and photographer, but usually the audience preference is right, which is also the models preference lol) and edit them and send back to you. The 2 photos in my profile picture are both edited by me, (along with most of the photos in my portfolio actually, but those are my most recent edit) and look a lot different than how it was sent to me straight from the camera, so that gives you an idea of the skill level I have.


*Photographers I've worked with:
-David Beyda (
-Prestige Modeling (Manchester, New Hampshire)
-Mark Lawrence (
-Leslie Hassler (
-Callimachus Images (*
-JT Fontane (New York, New York)
-Anthony Masino (
-Marc B Weiss (*
-William Hill (
-Michael J. Berkowitz (
-Eduard V Naish (Jersey City, New Jersey)* 
-Ben Pintor (
-Asael Dror (
-Coco Martin (*
-Joe Nye (*
-Henry Davis (
-Cody Burch (*
-Franco Napoli (*
-David Deen (
-Bloodstein Studios (
-Lou Benjamin (
-Brian Jacobson (*
-Michael William Paul (
-Alexander/Lightbox X Photography (New York, New York)
-Bertrand Roberts (*
-Raj Photography (
-Steven Simone (Brooklyn and Staten Island, New York)*
-Love Septus (
-Kevin Hayes (
-Saswat Pattanayak (*
-David Martin (*
-Kevin Foo (
-Anthony Alberts (Brooklyn, New York)*
-Paul E. DuBois Jr. (
-Tipity Top Stop Photography (Pompton Lakes, New Jersey)
-Costas Photography (Yonkers, New York)*
-Jeffrey Leung (
-Fernando Ulloa Jr. (*
-Mark B (Fairfield, Connecticut)*
-Taylor Brandt (*
-Mike55 Photography ( and*
-John Gloster (*
-Henry Butz (*
-Mitch (*
-Tre Styles (New York City)*
-Matt Farrara (*
-Desmond DiSalvo (Brooklyn, New York)*
-Orlando (
-Yury Lafontaine ( … s/44955472)
-Bobby Maxxx (*
-William Efinger (*
-Gregg Overton (*
-Alain Suero (
-NYCPhoto212 (*
-Graeme Malcolm (*
-Tommy McNeil (*
-Carney Malone (*
-Ben Bun (
-Collwyn Cleveland (New York, New York)
(* = have worked with more than once, or on a consistent basis)

*Artists I've worked with:
-Aindrais (New York, New York)*
-Jonnie Pangyarihan (*
-Adam Schultz (Yonkers, New York)*
-Daniel Steinberg (*
(* = have worked with more than once, or on a consistent basis)

*Published print work:
-Online catalog for Wilda Leather ( - (,,,

-Lisa Yamasaki's "Avant Garde" Hair Show at International Beauty Show NY 2013 & 2014, Jacob Javits Center, New York City ( - 2013, - 2014)
-Bridal Show with Elegant Bridal Productions at Dyker Beach Golf Course (Brooklyn, New York City)
-Bliss Bridal runway show (Excelsior Grand, Staten Island, New York City)
-Lisa Yamasaki's "Avant Garde" Hair Show at International Salon & Spa Expo 2015, (Long Beach Convention Center, Long Beach, Los Angeles, California)

*Music Videos:
-Zoe Getta "Get It In" (
-Lauren Babrée "Searching" (
-Necro "She's Got Great Assets" Parody Video (
-Lauren Babrée "Come Check Me" (
-Lauren Babrée "Nothing Else"
-Hybri2 "Fabuloso"

-Body Dryer (

*Film Credits:
-The New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts graduate (
-Daughter's Of America (Directed by: Mitchell T. Holmes)
-Jealous Revenge (Directed by: Richard Jordan)
-365 Days With An Egg (
-Green Inferno (Directed by: Eli Roth) - in theaters September 5th, 2014!!!


*Off Broadway:
-Jury Duty (Directed by: JD Lawrence)

*Promotional Modeling for:
Paul Mitchell
KMS Hair
Slim Fast
Britney Spears fragrance Curious*
Bank of America
Mens Groom
Concord's cigar events*
Vesica Vodka
Bartenura Moscato wine
Bartenura Moscato Rose wine*
Bartenura Rosso Toscano wine
Jeunesse Cabernet Sauvignon wine
(* = have worked event more than once)

*Models I've worked with:
-Sativa Verte (*
-Beki Powell (
-Jennivere ( and*
-Suzika128 (*
-Masha (
-Liberty Press/oh suzanna ( and*
(* = have worked with more than once)


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