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                   Latest update: 22/04/2014 GMT 12:00
                  Location: Leicester, UK - Available

Please note: I usually need at least 48 hours notice prior to the shoot date, exceptions can be made on occasion. Usually I advertise any last minute availability on my profile.

I will be relocating to Spain from the 2nd week of June and will be residing there permanently.

Friend requests...

I usually only accept requests if you have made some form of contact with me or commented on my work. Alternatively I may accept your request if I think there's a possibility of us working together. But please do not add me just to bump up your friends list.

Upcoming Availability

25th & 26th April: Bookings available
27th - 30th April: Bookings available
6th May: Flying from London, UK to Amsterdam, NL
7th May: Morning - Afternoon available. Evening slot booked.
8th May: Bookings available
9th May: Reserved
10th May: Bookings available
11th May: Flying from Amsterdam to London.
15th & 16th May: Bookings available
18th - 23rd May:  Bookings available
27th - 30th May:  Bookings available
11th May: Relocating to Spain


Instagram: @demarivs
Twitter: @demarivisyth
FB Page:


Black Ballad's Day look hair tutorial - shot by David Long … xed-locks/


'Light & Dark' BTS video from my fashion nude shoot with Mark Fiddian
July 2014:


Signed non-exclusively to Sparkzuta International Modelling Agency … encyLondon




-Pure Space (London)
-Studieau photography & Design (London)
-Eat cake & Worship Satan photography (N Wales)
-Marie G.C photography (London)
-Cindy Frey Photography (London)
-Mark Kirby  (London)
-Peter Whitfield photographer (London)
-Phillip Marco Vallentin (Copenhagen, DK)
-D.Strange (Manchester)
-Mike Durrent (W Wales)
-Junhino  (Manchester)
-Atti Zsargo (Manchester)
-Sean O'Malley (London)
-PhotoStevo (London)
-Andy Bennett (Essex)
-Kestrel (W Wales)
-Jim Rowbotham (Cheltenham Spa)

Bunker no.5 group shoot

-RoninUK (UK)
-DigitalDave (UK)
-Shaun Hodge (UK)   
-BobtheBoulder (UK)
-Rob Gallop (UK)
-Rik Franks (UK)
-Victor Kurzweil [MM:308619] (UK)

-Darren Birkin (St. Albans)
-GothX (London)
-Nardip Singh (London)
-John McIntire (Barnsley)
-True Spirit photography (Mansfield)
-Blinding Light (Warrington)
-JY Marquis photography (West Wales, UK)
-Kainine photography (West Wales, UK) 
-Des Barry (Dublin, IRL)
-Simon Richardson (Bedford)
-Shaun Hodge (Brentford)
-Fast Eddie (West Wales, UK)
-OTN photographics (West Wales, UK)
-Syess (London)

Rowbotham's Dance stills Workshop Autumn 09

-Shaun Hodge (Cheltenham Spa)
-Adrian Lowe photography (Cheltenham Spa)
-Peter B photography (Cheltenham Spa)
-James Tate photography (Cheltenham Spa)
-Nigel Brett (Cheltenham Spa)
-Stephen Cottle (Cheltenham Spa)
-Paul Trask (Cheltenham Spa)

Kaz Studio's Lighting Workshop

- Clive Austin (Rayleigh)
- 7 photographers (details unknown)

-Lawrence Jessop (Stratford-upon-Avon)
-Bryon Paul McCartney (Winterthur, CH)
-American Peyote (Oberwinterthur, CH)
-Stephan Brauchli (Basel, CH)

Kaz Studio's Lighting Workshop #2

-Clive Austin (Rayleigh)
-6 Photographers (details unknown)

-Alec D (Norwich)
-Mikko Summala (Wokingham)
-Simon Howard photography (London) x3
-JBurman (London)
-Fragiled / David Wingate (London)
-Toxic Imaging (Nottingham)
-Steve Rogers (London)
-Haringman (London)
-Vjmatt (London)
-ASYLUMseventy7 (Lincoln)
-Xavier35 (Hove)
-Brightonian (Brighton)

Banana Studio's Open Weekender

Saturday 20th March

Alex Perry
John Beilby
Richard H photography
Nikon Freak
Yvette Bessels
David Scott
Nicholas Ainsley

Sunday 21st March

Stu Glen
Carol Jeffery
Steve Thompson
AMG photography
Grime and Glamour
Edition of You
Rob Makin
Debbie Todd
David Ayre

-Scott Chappell (Bournemouth)
-B. Matthew (London)
-Robert Poll (London)
-Piotr Stryjewski (Wolverhampton)
-Mark Fiddian (Cambridge)
-Gerry991111 (London)  x2
-The Beauty of Light (Maidstone)
-Applephoto (London)
-Ralf Mitsch (Amsterdam, NL)
-Mango14 (Heerlen, NL)
-Studio VC Photography (Sittard-Geleen, NL)

BananaStudios Tribal Fashion Workshop

-Eric Murphy (Newcastle)
-11 photographers (details unknown)

-Allan Jenkins (London)
-Mark Berriman (London)
-The Visual Artists (London)
-Dr Thomas (London)
-GDS Photography (London)

John Barone Studio Day

- Clphoto
- Martin_M
- Davefish
- Jann Wassell

- Douglas de Rossi (London)
- Herman Haye (London)
- Simon Fairclough (London)
- Matthew Newcomb (London)
- Martin Nenov (London)
- Gregory Miles Brown (London)
- John Dickie (Norfolk)
- Terence Almond (Didcot)
- Rob Steele (London)
- Tom Potisit (London)
- Intense Puppy (Brighton)

Hotel de Vie Shooting event

- Derek Waldron
- Brian Brown
- Jason Parlour
- Rob Hill
- Az Rehman
- Ray James
- Paul Smith

-Crouch Studios (London)
-Dekker Photography (Reading)
-Brian Brown (Dover)
-James Kavanagh: Video Producer (Essex)
-Jean-Christophe Hermier (London)
-Julian M Kilsby (Birmingham)
-ADH (London)
-Adam Rowney (London)
-Glamshots (Essex)
-Twan J (Delft, NL)
-Light the Munkler (Druisberg, D)
-Unshaken Photography (Kent)
-RDX Photo (London)
-Luke Sharratt (London)
-James Bell (Milton Keynes)
-Paul Beard Visual Arts & Photography (London)
-Laura Earl (London)
-Steffen Bottcher (Accra, Gh)
-FASHIONgh in-house photographer (Tema, Gh)
-Selasie Kwame Atitsogbui (Accra, Gh)
-Apagnawen Annankra (Accra, Gh)
-Ben Hopper (London)
-Dave Barcs (Essex)
-David Long (London)
-Elena Isac (London)
-Follyhouse (Leicester)


-Ludus Dance (UK)
-George Piper Dances (UK)
-MTV One (UK)
-Dynamite Models (UK)
-Ed Stone Rockwear (UK)
-Scuzz TV (UK)
-Toni & Guy Belgium
-Toni & Guy London
-FixeMagazine (US)
-Fetish Cult Sirens (US)
-Dark Arts (UK)
-Kaizo hair salon (UK)
-InDesign Magazine (UK)
-UrbanJungleWear Ltd (UK)
-iCandy Online (UK)
-Flavour Magazine (UK)
-Make Up Store (UK)
-Luv Play (UK)
-Mary Kay Cosmetics (UK / US)
-Ultra Vixens (UK)
-Girl GUAP (UK)
-HairIdeas Magazine (UK)
-XO Magazine (UK & US)
-Diyiaa Cosmetics (Mary Kay supplier, Gh)
-Black Ballad (UK)


-Pure Space
-Le Studieau
-Toni & Guy Studios (London)
-Mad Dog Studios
-2nd Floor Studios
-Adrian Pini studios
-Swindon Dance
-Beaumont Valley studios
-IModel Studios
-Cheltenham Film Studio
-Kaz Studios
-Banana Studios
-Pro Imaging Studios
-Village Studios
-Riverside Studios
-Dock Road Studio
-iCandy Studios
-Brighton Media Centre


-Ivy Grant
-Caperucita Roja
-Dani Strange
-Roze Thorn
-Thamiel Kain
-Giselle Bourignon
-Simon Howard
-Miss Pixie
-Violet Raven
-JD Rose
-Vivienne Zheng
-Stephen Kojo Owusu
-Karolina Majoravičiūtė
-Ivana Petriiski
-Jessica Van Twuiver
-Katerina Christo


-Raphella McNamara
-Lauren Okadigbo

Music Artists

-Tall Dark Friend
-Create To Inspire

Graphic Illustrators /
Retouchers / Artists

-Dominion Art
-Anima Retouch
-Greg Allen Design
-Terence Almond
-Ange De
-Toby Mulligan

Make-up Artists:

-Stacey Frow
-Michelle Webb
-Beth Harris
-Alex Collins
-Di Dakin
-Magika Make-up
-Patrycja Firmanty
-Laura Tallentire
-Claire Bradshaw
-Alex Gillot
-Becky Hunting
-Ellie Taylor
-Hayley Fell
-Liz Samways
-Gerda Miller
-Jasmine Laura Rosso
-Raji @ Diyaa Cosmetics
-Amina Faith
-Caroline Kent

Hair Stylists:

- Marino Lambrix (Toni & Guy Belgium)
- Tommy (Toni & Guy London)
- Beth Harris
- Sammy (Sam Agnew team)
- Di Dakin 
- Laura Tallentire
- Lorenzo Comparelli (Kaizo Salon)
- Yuka Ito (Kaizo Salon)
- Ellie Taylor
- Lathaniel Chambers
- James Catalano
- Jadoy Hair
- Paulina Bajalyte
- Sherry Harkisan

Wardrobe/ Designers:

-Chan Chan
-Catherine Griggs
-Etheral Designs
-Jane Doe Latex
-AM Statik Latex
-Hedony Design
-ASD Latex
-Merixco Designs
-Girl GUAP
-Ritual London
-Aya Morrison
-Jessica Latchman
-Paulina Bajalyte
-Elina Kuleviciute
-Rhona Anne
-Betsy Olive

Other projects:

- (2004) George Piper Dances: Contemporary Workshop.
- (2005) George Piper Dances: 2nd Contemporary Workshop.
- (2006) Ludus Dance: Contemporary Workshop.
- (2006) MTV One Interview: Sex: the dirty dozen (London)
-(2007) Graphic Design for ROCK event opening night. (Wales)
-(2008) Abandoned puppet shoot: Radio is Dead promo (Coventry)
-Toni & Guy London : Senior stylist presentation shoot + catwalk (2008)
-(2008) Scuzz TV: Ed Stone Calender shoot behind the scenes special (London)
- (2009) Online Interview w/ Fixe Magazine:
-GothX & Pamperd: (2009) Secret Nuclear Bunker Group shoot no.5.
-(2009) Online Interview w/ Fetish Cult Sirens:
-(2009) Dark Arts Alternative Modelling Agency: featured on
Main page -
- Rowbotham: (2009) Dance Stills Photographic workshop,
Cheltenham Film studio, UK.
- (2009) Kaz Studio's Lighting Workshop: Rayleigh, Essex, UK. x2
- (2009) An American Peyote Scribble [Blog] : Portraits of Demari ; Winterthur, CH. Read it here: … of-demari.
-(2010) Shooting the Psychotic Sister of the girl next door: American Peyote. Read it here: … next-door/
-(2010) Banana studio's Open weekender: Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK.
-(2010) Skin Two North Spring Ball: Victor Kurzweil - projected images from Nuclear Bunker group shoot no.5 w/ Ivy Grant.
-(2010) Devolution Magazine - February 10: Interview with Thamiel Kain - Photo and mention in interview.
-(2010) Featured Model of the Month : Boho Models (April 2010) -
-(2011) Kaizo Salon Promotional hair model - Promo material & website splash page
-(2011) UrbanJungleWear Launch Promo photo & video shoot
-(2011) Voice Magazine: Cover and feature for UrbanJungleWear promo - September 2011:
-(2011) Jane Doe Latex: Website catalogue:
-(2011) Applephoto Studio photography workshops 2 & 3
-(2011) BananaStudios Tribal Fashion Workshop - feature model
-(2011) InFashion Magazine: Kaizo Salon two page spread - Mysterious Girl
-(2012) Applephoto Creative Speedlight Photography Workshop
-(2012) iCandy Online feature: … i-vi-syth/
-(2012) Make Up Store (London) Halloween Promo and window Model
-(2012) Flavour Magazine - 'Couples' Fashion video and photo shoot:
-(2013) Tall Dark Friend - 'More than just mates (You & Me) Music Video :
-(2013) Luv Play's Sensual Summer Lingerie Show - Brixton, London
-(2013) Mary Kay cosmetics demo model for Consultant induction day
-(2013) Bizarre Magazine's Ultra Vixens: Ultra Vixen of the Week - 1st July 2013 … st-july-13
-(2013) Unshaken Photography : Portrait Photography Workshop w/ 5 photographers
-(2013) Guap Girl: ASOS commercial store test shoot
-(2013) Hair feature in December 2013 issue of Hairideas w/ Kaizo Salon
-(2014) XO Magazine : Winter 2013 Review issue #21 ~ Light as a feather editorial w/ Adam Rowney:
-(2014)RA International Model Contest - 2nd Runner up (February 2014)
It was the first female competition and I am honoured to have been ranked in the top 5.
-(2014) Girl GUAP : Street Pre-collection lookbook & ASOS market place photoshoot:
-(2014) Fashion Icon Awards - interview with Chuks Ineh:
-(2014) FASHIONgh TV: Model of the Week feature: … amp;type=1
-(2014) Torture Garden April Ball - Ritual London Latex Fashion show
-(2014) Hair tutorial for Black Ballad - Classic Evening look:
-(2014) Fashion Design Graduation photoshoot for Jessica Latchman
-(2014) Create To Inspire 'Halfway Home' music video shoot: … to-inspire
-(2014) Hair tutorial for Black Ballad - Daytime look: … xed-locks/
-(2014) Storm / X-Men Cosplay feature for All That's Epic:
-(2015) Rhona Anne 'Portraits of Elegance' designer collection photoshoot


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Beautiful female photos   157 pics
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Fantastic Art nudes   8 pics
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~Photos of ||Demari|| on MM   37 pics
Shots that make you LOL   6 pics
Talented Artists and Digital Artists   12 pics
The Controversial and the Unusual   11 pics
When things get steamy   3 pics

Casting Calls

Local Availability Notice
May 7, 2015 Experienced UK Based Model Available For Bookings In The Netherlands
May 7, 2015 Experienced UK Based Model Available For Bookings In The Netherlands
Travel Notice
May 7, 2015 Experienced UK Based Model Available For Bookings In The Netherlands



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