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After leaving MM some time ago in an effort to re-evaluate which direction I wanted to take my photography, I finally came to a conclusion...I decided that I don't want to pigeonhole myself into one genre of photographic art. So I'm back (yeah...big deal huh), and I'm anxious to get back to photographing real people again.

A little about me:
Hey...I'm Roger, and thanks for checking out my profile. I'm a photographer in the NW suburbs of Chicago looking to work with others in the profession. I started out in photography as a sports photographer, then began shooting bands in the clubs after a local band asked me to come and shoot them playing. While I've enjoyed doing both of those types of photography (and still do), I've found that I really enjoy the interaction with real people as I photograph sure beats the hell out of taking photos from afar.

I'm also honored to be a member of
The LIST ~ a list of veteran MM photographers dedicated to helping newer models build their portfolios

A little bit about working with me:
Well, it's pretty simple...I like to have fun (wow, that's original hmm ). My shoots are very relaxed and easy going. I'll coach you if you need coaching, or I'll let you do your thing if you don't. I have no problem at all with escorts...they can sit in the next room and read a book...or clean tongue. If they do become a distraction, I will politely ask them to go get a cup of coffee or something, and check back in every once in awhile. I have plenty of references available if you feel you need them...I won't be offended if you ask. I treat everybody with professionalism and the respect they deserve.

A little bit about my "style":
Ummm...I don't have one. As I hope my portfolio indicates, I like to try everything...I get bored if I do the same thing too long. I like my images to look like photographs...not while you won't find any photoshopped fantasy images of a beautiful half naked dominatrix straddling the nose of a 747 in flight over Armageddon wielding a sword in one fist, a snake in the other, and a thorny rose clinched in her bloody teeth, you will find that the one common denominator in my portfolio is that I prefer to present the feminine side of beauty (but that doesn't necessarily rule out the goofy dominatrix concept...we'll just have to do it for real, cause I can't photoshop that shit...not yet) wink

A little bit about my goals:
My main goal is to make everyone I work with look absolutely fantastic...I will never post an unflattering or embarrassing photo of anyone...that's a promise. While I'm always happy to shoot standard "portfolio" shots for models who are starting out, my real ambition now is to work with people who aren't afraid to get daring, creative and stretch the imagination...I'm challenging me what you got...let's keep raising the bar smile

A little bit more about working with me (the fine print):
Yes, I will do TF work if I feel we can benefit each others' portfolios. For TF shoots, unless we have made another agreement ahead of time, you will receive five fully edited images of my choice from the shoot. These will be in JPEG format. You will get two copies of each full size/full resolution for printing, and one properly resized image for posting on the web. Please do not crop out my signature, as this is part of my "pay" for working with you for free. Please do not crop, edit or alter my editing in any way (unless, of course, you're buying the images...then you can do anything you want to them). If you'd like a different edit, just ask me...I'll be happy to do it smile You will receive your images (via download from a private password protected gallery created just for you on my website) within two weeks (sooner if possible, but please remember that editing the paid shoots get first priority). If we have a great shoot, and there are a lot of great images (this happens quite often), you will receive more, but I can't guarantee how many, or if you will receive the "bonus" images within two weeks...I'll get to them as quickly as possible...remember, they're bonus images wink

If you contact me asking for a TF shoot, I'll usually respond within a day or two (unless you've spammed the same message to every photographer in the entire area...we know about these things...then we don't feel so special anymore wink). Unless your request is specific (with what you'd like to shoot), I will tell you what type of work/style/theme I'm currently interested in shooting. I do reserve the right to not be interested in what you want to shoot tongue Please communicate back to me in a timely fashion (within a couple days) or else the deal is off. If I don't hear back from you within a couple days, I will take that as if you are a flake, or not professional, or both, and I will probably not be responsive when you contact me a month later saying you're sorry but you've "just been sooo busy". I'm sure you understand that my time is as valuable as yours, and nobody likes to be jacked around wink Most photographers are not ready to perform at the drop of a takes planning and forethought to put together a good shoot with a total stranger, and we both want a good shoot smile

If I contact you, its simple...that means I like your look and think we can help each others portfolios smile

Also, pleeease show up prepared for what we're shooting. I'd also like to hear your ideas. I want your input...I really really do...I want to work WITH you as a team, not just spew out directives to a puppet...I can do that, but I'd rather not...that's no fun...and remember, a team is capable of more creativity than an individual wink

Please don't show up grumpy or hungover...I want you giddy, excited to shoot, and ready to give great face wink

If you need to cancel, that's fine...stuff comes up...I understand...but please try to give me as much notice as least a week before the shoot (I may be able to salvage the day I reserved for you by shooting with someone else). Sometimes that's not possible...I know...but most of the time it's also the professional (not to mention polite) thing to do.

OK, enough of the business end of if you're ready to have some fun and make some great images...let's get to work big_smile

Some (but def not all...and in no particular order) of the themes/concepts I'm willing to work TF are:

Pin-Up (retro)
Figure Art
Urban Fashion/Glamour
Couples (M/F, F/F)
Rock-a-billy (maybe)

My intentions are to do all of the above concepts/themes in a style that is fresh and new, but I need your help. I have specific ideas for specific looks, so depending on each model's look and creative input, each concept/theme will truly be individual to let's take it to the next level!

Right now, I'm up for creating the above on a TF basis. If you have an idea for something not listed above, and it's something I may find beneficial to my port, I'll be happy to work on a TF basis for that it by never know until you ask wink This is a good opportunity if you're willing to be creative and work together...and looking to build up your portfolio with some nice images. I'm open to almost anything (I won't do gratuitous violence...there's already too much of that shit in the real world today as it is...we don't need to be making up more)...just shoot me a note if you're interested. I'd love to discuss our ideas big_smile


MM Models I've had the pleasure to work with:
Allie Khatt MM#2389051
Amanda Conyers MM#1841717
Amanda Mayorga MM#1046931
Ana Gomez MM#2136433
Ashley White MM#2325689
AuBri MM#1353218
ClassyKat MM#810061
Detlef MM#666787
Dominique MM#1657659
Elena MM#38898
Elisabeth MM#1717933
Emmy Elle MM#2821103
Eva Ka MM#848940
Fagan McKagan MM#647481
Ivy Lee MM#484449
Jasmine Michelle MM#1667993
Jessi June MM#1430220
JHeavEnly MM#1058888
Kalee Hooghkirk MM#2743776
Kasia MM#1918684
Kimberly Love MM#368454
Kristen Rice MM#1035410
Kylie MM#2294526
La Cattiva MM#1836679
Lilith Dark Moon MM#688512
Lindsay MM#1453700
Lindsay G MM#208418
Lola Sade MM#266793
LolaSimone MM#1172421
Mika MM#372461
Ms Andrea K MM#1473106
Mye Gabriela MM#2353164
Nahore MM#1056440
Naloved MM#1889230
Oksana Talentseva MM#872614
Sabrie MM#1503715
S Alan MM#2303508
Samantha MM#1259662
Sille Jilly MM#1662925
Sophia J MM#2817562
Stephanie MM#1439464
TabooModel MM#4013
Tara MM#874821
Tricia Bach MM#710485
and a whole bunch of non MM models

MM Makeup Artists/Hair Stylists I've had the pleasure to work with:
A Beautiful You MM#2118265
Christin C. MM#1075487
Faces by Denise MM#1739813
Fagan McKagan MM#1239349
Hairspray Revolution MM#1093893
Jazmin Isabel MUA MM#1504072
joyFACE MM#2648266
Kalee Hooghkirk MM#2743776
Makeup Artist Gerald MM#464989
Popping Colors (Katie) MM#3123473
Tarun Johnson MM#1889512


100% Genuine Drop Dead Gorgeous Best Smiles :)   8 pics
As beautifully feminine as it gets!   7 pics
Bold Fashion & Wicked Outfits   30 pics
Just some great shots!   33 pics
Killer Black and White   15 pics
Retro re-creations and Classic pin-ups   12 pics



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