Rayne O Reilly

Model Female Boston, Massachusetts, US
Laconia, New Hampshire, US
New York, New York, US
My Website: Rayne's Tumblr
My MM URL: http://www.modelmayhem.com/RayneO
Mayhem # 2529375

About Me

When it comes to creativity my passion is photography, modeling, and poetry. My life includes modeling driven by a love of the human form as artistry. Being a model brings me right to the center of the action allowing full immersion into the creative process. To see and hear everything, during a photo shoot, is an amazing experience: click of the shutter, flashing of lights, feeling of the wind/fabric/paint on my skin, the vibe on a set, the smells (old buildings, inner city, grass/flowers, deep woods), the chatter or silence around me, the emotion of the location but most of all the freedom of creativity. Modeling will never get dull when the human body is viewed as an amazing work of art so to capture my body in photograph allows me to take pause at how wonderfully beautiful the female form truly is. 
Although I love many genre's of photography I consider myself primarily a nude model, because being nude is a kick-ass feeling of freedom, where one's inner self can feel the peace and comfort of being natural.
Open to individual, private, public and group shoots. Very experienced with posing both clothed and nude for photographic workshops, individual photographers, and events. Always bring my friendly down-to-earth personality to any type of shoot, along with motivation, team work, and a great work ethic. Adaptable to being instructed in posing, and also know the art of self posing, offering the ability to pull off many different looks. Love the feeling of creativity and self expression so always like to add creative touches to an image if given that freedom.
A personal ongoing photographic project has been shooting self portrait artistic nudes, a wonderful fulfilling experience, that continuously helps further personal awareness/mindfulness about the art of working with my body for the camera, light, and environment.


My personal life is rich and lived abundantly, every moment counts and is meaningful. Living in New England brings amazing advantages: culture, food, architecture, history and people! Life is shared with a wonderful and supportive husband and family. My husband is my best friend and lover whom I adore deeply and feel wonderfully blessed to have his support for the art I love to live.

Obtained a masters degree in clinical mental health, class of 2015. Therefore, a professional with an artistic flare. My vision and goals are to offer nontraditional therapeutic approaches to enhance a person's well being through art, music, movement, freedom, nudity and mindfulness. Excited about how my love for the freedom of expression/art/nudism/spiritualism will be possibly combined with flavors of traditional therapeutic approaches. God will lead my path all I have to do is walk it.

Personality has many different traits: can be very witty, love to laugh, hard-working, corporative, extremely down-to-earth, drama free, clever, kind, calm, courteous, enthusiastic, gentle, inventive, diverse and so much more. Promise not to waste your time and would love the same consideration (that means that I show up on time and put my all into the art we will be creating. I DO NOT FLAKE and have an amazing reputation).

Work exceptionally well with relaxed and creative individuals, with no negative big egos (be proud, you should be of your work, just not conceited). Love working with and artistic open mind. The Priority is to create art and have fun in the process. Favorite images to create are timeless artistic fine art nudes, soft erotica, lingerie, some classy fetish, body-painting, playboy style nudes, older era images (vintage), casual portraiture, and images that express emotion. However my adoration and respect for photography makes nearly all genres enjoyed posing for. Devoted to doing both studio work and on location

Spiritually mindful person bringing a tremendous effort towards a holistic approach to modeling opposed to just showing up to pose. The team-work is about a friendship (even if only for a few hours), a presence and a celebration of the gifts we were given, and the individual people that we are, when combined equate to amazing art.
To your shoot I bring my spirit, energy, body, creativity, flexibility, laughter and passion. When I leave your photographic shoot, or project, my goal is that I left a positive artistical mark in your life as we achieved the fulfilling feeling that comes with the accomplishment of creating beautiful images.


Work to keep healthy and trim, striving to look my best for your shoot. Work-out by going to Cross-fit, Bikram and other styles of Yoga, the gym, and lots of fun activities. You will always work with me at my best (best attitude, best appearance, best mood), keeping any personal life cares at the door.
That insane model that will do anything to create "that-perfect" image: shooting in the snow and rain, underwater, up a tree, in the middle of the night, at that crazy location: top of a mountain, in a swamp, abandoned buildings or anything that would add flair to the art that is envisioned. For example if we shoot outdoors in the cold winter months, during when New Englanders say, "it is colder than a witches tit", I will still be physically/mindfully/emotionally present bringing my creativity, regardless of my comforts. (Hot chocolate wouldn't go amiss in cold situations though, with frequent breaks in a heated area, or warm blanket). Of course beach shoots in 95 degree weather is to "die for", he he.

My Reciprocal me
My reciprocal me
Is the girl opposite of what I used to be
She lives her life differently than me
She is everything I was and everything I’m not
Reciprocal me, opposite me, her pain I have
Not forgot
When my heart is warm her heart is cold
One girl, whose story was never told
I love the sun its rays and its beauty
Yet the dark is where my opposite dwells in comfort and pleasure
Her eyes knows no light
For her anger is beyond its measure
She hates when I love Loves when I hate
She is me, I am her….Opposite always
Do the math
Half pain….Half pleasure
Solitude, sociable at best
Affectionate, don’t touch me like that
Head spinning, mood changing mess
She failed its seems to pass the test
She is not me, she is my flesh
The same….she is my opposite you see
My unchanging Reciprocal me
~poem written 7/28/2010~


Absolutely will always model full frontal nude. Also will model some edgy concepts, which can include spread leg shots (classy erotica), if convinced that the images will be artistically tasteful with examples of prior work. Leg spread shots I reserve the right to refuse if feel there are no artistic reasons.
Nudity is natural and should be celebrated, not shamed. Sensuality can be involved if clothed or nude and nakedness does not always translate to erotic, although the freedom to be sensual is a marvelous feeling. ~There is a time for everything under the sun~


The camera can represent flesh so superbly that, if I dared, I would never photograph a figure without asking that figure to take its clothes off.
George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)

A few other quick business things:
1. Traditionally my location has been in New England however branching out towards traveling model. Check with me as I might be in a location near you soon.
2. The expectation is fun professionalism however for safety reasons will require viewing a valid state license before any nude/isolated location shoots (I will snap a picture of it and text it off). Also need to know the exact location of the shoot prior to arriving. If the location changes while on location I will communicate that via a text message. Not a paranoid person, but safety is a priority.
3. Require my model contract signed with agreed upon terms which will be fully negotiated prior to the start of the shoot, and of course expect the photographer to have there own contract to be signed as well.
4. As stated above will most definitely shoot full frontal nudes. I think we got that established. *If I get an email asking if I shoot nudes I now know you did not read my profile, he he.   
5. Will travel the globe for the right projects if the situation is safe and personal timing right (established references will be required). Also will require a non-refundable deposit if the travel is extensive to protect myself.   
6. Have three tattoos (my right shoulder, lower back, and lower right stomach). They are all small and can be easily removed post processing.
7. Will shoot some fetish work, as well as tasteful erotica, in fact enjoy it, if I feel safe and secure, and understand every aspect of the shoot before hand. Please inquire as I do not shoot all fetish sub-genre and I must see examples of prior work. 
8. Will not generally pose nude with a male model (will consider clothed concepts with a male model), always exceptions depending on the concept, so do not be afraid to present your idea nor be offended if the answer is, "this is not for me."
Will generally shoot artistic nudes with another female model.
9. Primarily only accepting paid assignments.
*Propose your concept for rates and availability.
10. Occasionally agree to select TF or TFCD work if we both feel comfortable that our portfolios will be enhanced and the photo shoot idea is creative, unique, and different...however I do this type of arrangement on a limited basis and when time permits. *TF shoots would require having all post-processed images in HIGH RESOLUTION within 30 days of shooting.
11. I ask that my real name not be credited when displaying images unless specifically agreed upon, and my model name Rayne O' Reilly be used.
*Bottom line is I passionately adore photography and modeling and the creative process so I will not disappoint you.
I am also a photographer which grants understanding for how involved snapping that perfect image is, so will respect our photo shoot with great passion. Some of my photography can be viewed at https://www.facebook.com/ImaginemePhotography (Still working on getting this site up and running.
Again I am a wicked (a New England word) chilled out, friendly, diverse, funny, easy to work with, energetic, passionate, intelligent individual so LETS CREATE ART

Although very experienced with modeling draw no conclusions that I do not offer a sense of newness and awe to each and every shoot, meaning yes I bring experience but ALSO TAKE DIRECTION WELL.

"the model is the bridge to the viewer and the emotions spent in front of the camera is the story"


1. https://www.facebook.com/RayneReillyModel
2. http://artisticgirl4life.tumblr.com
3. https://instagram.com/rayne_oreilly_model/


“You were an excellent model at our event this evening. All of participants enjoyed the session. To anyone in need of a model, I recommend Rayne. Rayne has a large repertory of poses and works well with experienced artists as well as beginners. I would definitely consider Rayne for future sessions.” ~David L. K. Trumbull~ (Boston, MA)

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with Rayne.  In addition to being a beautiful, versatile and expressive model she is very easy to communicate with with which is a must for a photographer like me who fits shoots in between all of life's other demands. I highly recommend working with Rayne!
- Nate, 4077 Photography.

"Hi, Rayne, Thanks again for a fantastic shoot! Have to say that collaborating with you was a joy and a true learning experience. In a world awash with amateurs, you are a consummate professional: fun, creative, spontaneous, completely at ease with yourself and the camera, quick to grasp the shot and committed to making every photograph count. On time ... wardrobe ... arsenal of makeup ... Wow! I look forward to working with you again -- soon! Steve" ~Mulberry Farm Photography~





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  • Photographer
  • Male
  • Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, United States

"Rayne is well known to have a great reputation. I can vouch for that. She's smart, beautiful and professional. Can't beat that."

See Sample Worked together 1 times; Most recent: December 2016

Gregory Woodland

  • Photographer
  • Male

"Rayne is a very experienced model with a great attitude. She brings a lot of posing expertise to the shoot, and has a very confident look. I would shoot with her again!"

Worked together 1 times; Most recent: April 2015

Galerie Dufour

  • Photographer
  • Male
  • Belfast, Maine, United States

"Skilled and bold."

See Sample Worked together 1 times; Most recent: July 2015

Thirteen Owls

  • Photographer
  • Male
  • Biddeford, Maine, United States

Worked together 2-10 times; Most recent: August 2015

Scott Peloquin Photography

  • Photographer
  • Male
  • Springfield, Massachusetts, United States

"Rayne is an outgoing and talented model who is a pleasure to work with. Highly Recommended !"

See Sample Worked together 2-10 times; Most recent: November 2015
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Credit Notes

References are available, feel free to ask. 

Here is a list of photographers, and corresponding model mayhem numbers, that I have collaborated with on this particular site, please feel free to contact any of them for a reference. This list is not all inclusive as I update it as time permits. Also many multiple shoots with listed/non listed photographers. *If you are a photographer I have worked with and do not see your name here, I apologize, and please contact me so I can add your name.

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Other Artist I have worked with from this site (including painters, other models, make up artists, etc.)

1. Ryan Honline (painter) 2476433
2. Boston Male Model (model) 274097
3. Funky Trunk Wardrobe 2496666
4. Carol Kalamity (model) 1775850
5. ShivaKitty (model) 369429
6. Jen Catalano 1508717
7. La Funkk (Lilia) La Funkk


Awesome Concepts   1 pics
Beautiful-Classic   4 pics
Great Poses   1 pics
Images I want to recreate   4 pics
Images that inspire me   2 pics
Images that move me   4 pics

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