Lylia Chorosive

Model Female Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
My Website:
Mayhem # 147848

About Me

[b]Alternative model, performance artist, self-stylist.
Metalhead, pinup chick, gore & glamour gal, fierce with fashion.
Print, runway, gogo and feature.
Based in Canada, willing to travel.


i am foremost a performer, who has taken to modelling to capture my soul in stasis.
i have my own dance troupe [b][]CHOROSIVE DARK FUSION[/url][/b].

i am available to work with rock, heavy metal & industrial bands with a variety of talents: modelling merchandise, modelling for album artwork, styling for photoshoots, online promotions, selling merch, painting faces (corpse paint / frost paint), gogo dancing onstage, assisting with live show props and theatrics, playing synth.
i have worked with: [b]IDES OF WINTER[/b] (black metal), [b]EMBLEM[/b] and [b]SCYTHIA[/b] (folk metal), [b]DEAD JESUS[/b] (death metal), [b]VILLAINIZER[/b] (terrorist thrash metal), [b]IVARDENSPHERE[/b] (tribal industrial), [b]CHAOS THEORY[/b] (satanic industrial).

i've modelled runway, catalogue and print for designers in [b]Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal and Vancouver[/b], including walking at Western Canada Fashion Week multiple seasons. i've performed at medieval fairs, themed events, burlesque, metal, industrial, variety & fetish shows, including touring, and Festival Kinetik with iVardensphere in Montreal. i've had a few film roles (all horror), and I'd love to be a living mannequin for a fashion boutique's window.

overall, i hope to tour the world with bands as a performer, and model for artists & designers at each stop!


[quote]i have a long and varied arts background including theatre, classical training in music (vocal and instrumental) and movement. i am also a dancer - i perform fusion bellydancing with my own twists regularly; i am trained in bellydance, contemporary, breakdance, jazz, ballet, hoopdance, poledance, crazydance... i'm interested in unleashing my creativity as a designer and as a canvas.

i have a strong interest in styling, costuming and makeup artistry - i do most of my own styling. i prefer to do my own "decorative" make-up (as opposed to corrective), unless the artist has a strong vision. most of the makeup in my portfolio was done by myself.

[u]current stats:[/u]
[b]see sidebar for standard measurements[/b]
[b]corsetted waist:[/b] 20"-18"
[b]butt:[/b] 37"
[b]bra: [/b] 32E aka 34DD, band size taken in to 28"
[b]hair colour:[/b] black in the back; front is a lateral gradient, from [currently black to dark pink to bright fuschia to] black
[b]hair length:[/b] long, to the lower back. very long bangs in front, to the chest.
[b]hair type:[/b] naturally straight. does not take heat well. responds to a hydro bond.
[b]eye colour:[/b] green/blue/grey
[b]eyebrows:[/b] shaven. drawn on expertly by model.
[b]ethnicity:[/b] caucasian features, white skin, light freckles. natural hair colour is dirty blonde/light brown.
[b]tattoos:[/b] 7 small pink dots on my torso - 1 above my navel, 2 below, 2 on my crotch, on my tailbone.
[b]piercings:[/b] 12 body piercings (4 facial, 5 ear, 3 torso) 2 stretched.
-centre lip, double ring septum, both nostrils. (nostrils easily removed, lip preferred not, septum only removed under special circumstances.)
-6g lobe, two 14g lobe, spikey industrial. (stretched lobe removable but an open hole will be left. other piercings only removed under special circumstances.)
-only 1 ear pierced, so matching sets of pierced earrings cannot be worn.
-microdermal in centre of chest (not removable)
-navel, vertical nipple. (both may be removed)



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Credit Notes

[quote][b]photographers: [/b]
~jeremy reid & rebecca bartlett of whispering shadows ([url=]#1000385[/url]) {xlots}
~[b]renee robyn ([url=]#1357932[/url]) {xlots}[/b]
~warren gamache of devilmaycare [by proxy] ([url=]#141692[/url])
~chris barrett ([url=]#797526[/url])
~carl poirier & sandra iannuccilli of gypsy circus ([url=]no mm[/url])
~dean watkiss of brass edge ([url=]#1030396[/url])
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~vala grenier of blue magic ([url=]#775502[/url])
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(horrible morass of outdatedness)
~jeremy adshade ([]#330377[/url]) {xlots}
~samantha saturnine ([]#1820306[/url]) {x2}
~dave of maclovin ([]#2267881[/url])
~peter stock ([]#2362413[/url])
(more outdatedness)


[quote][b]designers/apparel: [/b]
~shirley potter costumes, now theatre garage ([url=]no mm[/url]) - live, print
~tattered rose boutique ([url=]no mm[/url]) - print
~gypsy circus (montreal) ([url=]no mm[/url]) {x2} - live, catalogue (web)
~ijc coppersmithing (calgary) ([url=]no mm[/url])
~dark knits ([url=]#1725058[/url]) {x2} - runway, catalogue
~demonika (calgary) ([url=]#159872[/url]) - live
~sweet carousel ([url=]#682037[/url]) - runway, live, web
~glitter bubbles ([url=]no mm[/url]) - runway
(horrible morass of outdatedness)
~salient7 ([]#2268016[/url]) - live, promo, web
~deadly couture (vancouver) ([]#1848781[/url]) - catalogue (web)
~ragnarok ([]no mm[/url]) - live
~deetz by visha loo ([]no mm[/url]) - live, catalogue (web)
~cherie howard ([]no mm[/url]) - live
(more outdatedness)


[quote][b]publications & sites: [/b]
~CTV's The Big Breakfast (2007)
~Edmonton Journal (2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2012)
~CTV News (2009)
~[u]Smuk Figur[/u] [url=](Beautiful Image) magazine[/url] for [u]Renee Robyn Photography[/u] (October 2010)
~[]Creepy Queen Magazine Issue 4[/url] for [u]Sweet Carousel[/u] (Summer 2011)
(horrible morass of outdatedness)
~[]Glam Rock Magazine Issue 11[/url] - winner of a 2011 Model Award - 'Most Outrageous' (Winter 2012)
~[]Radiant Inc. Magazine Issue 1[/url] for [u]Deadly Couture[/u] (Winter 2012)
~[u]Absolute Underground Vol 7-2 Issue 38, Vol 7-3 Issue 39[/u] for [u]Deadly Couture[/u] (Winter 2012)
~[]Culture Asylum Magazine[/url] for [u]Visha Loo[/u] (March 2012)
(more outdatedness)


[quote][b]models: [/b]
~sarah ([url=]#905480[/url])
~sandra iannuccilli of gypsy circus ([url=]no mm[/url])
~danailya ([url=]#864450[/url]) {x2}
~andrea champagne ([url=]#1685966[/url])
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(horrible morass of outdatedness)
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(more outdatedness)


~fluid salon, roberta (shirley potter's), erin winter, barbara larson, christina demeter, brittaney plante, yuni choi, honey dome, kristen ernst, vanessa petrola, marissa puff (no mm)
~sable smith ([url=]#532938[/url]) {xlots}
~rebecka pichoch (no mm)
(horrible morass of outdatedness)
~visha loo ([]#4299[/url])
~amanda dickens of ICE ([url=]#1188930[/url])
(more outdatedness)



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