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SD Makeup Artisty

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Hicksville, New York, US

Anyone had experiences with both? Im trying to decide which to get. Ive heard great things about both.  I think I may be leaning towards OCC because of the product formulation and vegan-ness of it lol.
Any thoughts?
And any suggestions for better machines would be appreciated. (:

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Neelam Saini

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same dilemma here!

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I do have the OCC system, not the current one, I have the sparmax with the sp 35 gun.

I recently took the Temptu intro class.

What I notice, the Temptu compresser is better.  You can use it with both.  As far as the makeup itself, I do like the temptu and OCC, for different reasons. I also use Graftobian.  OCC and Graftobian are more matte.

If you both have specific questions, I'll try to answer as best I can from a newbie airbrush artist's view. lol smile

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SD Makeup Artisty wrote:
Airbrush Machines: OCC vs. Temptu...   Anyone had experiences with both?

Stephanie the "machine" is typically an airbrush gun and compressor... which are you interested in? 

As for the medium vendor (OCC verses TEMPTU) which product?  I have used OCC water based and TEMPTU water based (aqua) and there is little discernable difference between the two.... both have a low viscosity, are easy to use and dry quickly to a matte finish...

That said, there is a marked difference between TEMPTU's silicone based product (S/B) which has a higher viscosity and thus is a tad more challenging to master... however I cherish it for bridal work...

As for guns... iwata makes amazing equipment... their guns and compressors are superb... I have both... TEMPTU provides its own hardware which is a good match for its product...  OCC for an extended period sold a Sparmax #1A Studio Compressor (1-30 PSI) with a Top feed, Dual Action Airbrush (.35mm nozzle)  they have now switched to a Grex Aeris I Compact Compressor and Grex Genesis XG Top Feed, Dual Action Airbrush... the moderator of this forum is a Grex rep, hopefully she'll lend her wisdom here...

There is no "correct" answer to your query without knowing your client mix... water base provides a wonderful matte finish... silicone base has a more dewy look and is tenaciously durable making it an excellent choice for bridal (they can't rub or cry it off)...

You would be wise to do a trade show and try each product there...

One thing you will ultimately discover with make-up artist, they are typically rather brand loyal... just like photographers and their camera vendor of choice... each like to have their personal choices validated by their peers... it is human nature...

Probably the hardest thing to master is maintaining objectivity in evaluating commercial product... there is so much vendor hype it becomes extremely difficult to see through marketing spin...

hope this helps...

And may the odds be ever in your favor...

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