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Bobby Pins N Blush

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Hello fellow makeup artist and hairstylists

I have a photographer that wants me to create a princess like look. Has any one ever done this type of a look. Can someone show me what this look is?


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Garlic Bread

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what kind of princess? like a disney princess?

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Thomas Van Dyke

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Lasting Impressions  wrote:
...I have a photographer that wants me to create a princess like look...

Did you ask for a storyboard and concept images BEFORE accepting this assignment?  It is incumbent on the AD for the session to provide creative direction for all team members... if the photographer is the creative director then they need to provide you with sufficient guidance to assure that their vision is achieved...

If you accepted the assignment without understanding what is required, then lesson learned... experience it a brutal teacher... 

My aesthetic would place this in the "Princess" category, albeit I'm certainly not the AD on the session...  best to ask the creative director, sound like the plan?

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Sara Perreira

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I have a few in on my mm profile I took fooling around with on of my friends. Im not sure how to link it here though.

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Amie Flanagan MUA

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i would go with soft pastel colours for the make-up if it was me, but also working with the models skin tone, not choosing things that will wash or drown out there skin-tone.
or like a very doll eyed make-up.

for hair soft curls, or in a low chignon or bun?

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