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Daniel Cam

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London, England, United Kingdom

Hi everyone,
I'm a wannabe professional photoretoucher from Italy (but now based in London), a little bit of my work is on my profile although it is very old (I have newer, better works but I can't display it).

I'm looking for photographers in need of some hi end fashion and beauty photoretouching work, I'll offer it for free (for a limited number of images) but in exchange I'll ask the permission to use those pictures (if necessary with the originals) in my portfolio, website and for all other sorts of self-promotional purposes.

Obviously ALWAYS with the photographer copyright attached.

I don't know where I can post such an offer in modemayhem, anyone could give me any advice? Is there any board where I can post it publicly or a dedicated thread in the forum?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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MesmerEyes Photography

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Tyler, Texas, US

You can't advertise in the forums, try a casting call.

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M Pandolfo Photography

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Tampa, Florida, US

MM doesn't allow advertising so, as another has said, post a Casting Call.

You may find the Digital Retouching/Serious Retouching thread helpful. Very often photographers post images for retouch and allow everyone to edit the image and, with permission, credit the retouch work in their portfolio.

Sounds like your best bet for building up your images.

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