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How can I publish my photography work in fashion magazines and get paid?

I have many ideas in Fashion photography and how can I get paid by selling my photography fashion themes to the magazines companies, what the best way to go to them how it worked?

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1. Shoot good (might consider asking in the critique section if you need to know if your work is up to snuff...I haven't looked at your portfolio).
2. Network.  Go meet with them in person.  Bring your portfolio of at least 20 (or more) images that have been published in major magazines.  Be in the top 5 fashion photographers in the world.
3. Communicate in something other than run-on sentences, and with proper grammar and spelling.
6. Have a business license.
7. Have insurance.
8. Have a crew (MUA, stylist, retoucher, etc.) that can work at a high level.
9. Understand the artistic as well as the technical side of photography.
10. Understand what is trending now in the industry.
11. Have excellent taste and a load of talent.

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