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My girlfriend has her hair black/brown. She wants to go back to her natural hair color which is a dirty blonde.

She used a color stripper, Color Oops. It pulled most of the black out but her tips are still black....

She doesn't wanna do a bleech to damage her hair... what options or products would you reccomend?

Thanks for the help!!!!!!

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She doesn't want to cut off her tips?  She can try doing a soap cap which is basically bleach/developer, diluted with soap, similar to a color stripper a little more invasive..  If she used black box dye to dye her hair, she may have to full on bleach it to strip the black.  Or just find a color to match her tips and be done with it.

Honestly though, you should really have her go to a professional, even a school.  Bleach is very tricky especially when you're trying to lighten from black.

I personally go to a Paul Mitchell school in San Diego and can say for the price PM Schools will provide the best options for her hair (without having to fry it off), and I highly suggest you have them fix the color and repair it with a conditioning treatment.

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I agree with the above. Doing your own color is never a good idea, but going from dark to light is notoriously tricky. My best advice: go to a professional! As the above poster said, even a school is preferable to doing it on your this case your girlfriend doing it on her own. At best, she'll end up with a funky color she doesn't want & can't get rid of, at worst, she'll end up damaging her hair past the point of redemption. It would basically be mush, if it doesn't break off first.

Go to a pro!
Good luck and let us know what happens!

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