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Carly Model

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Crawley, England, United Kingdom

Hi, i am thinking to change my hair colour...

i thought to myself, what hair colour would best suit me and would help most with my modelling, giving me the best chance with agencies?

please help and let me know what hair colour you reckon suits me best? smile

I was liking Millie Mackintosh from Made in Chelsea tv show?
But then i also really like blonde so was thinking should i go blonder?

any help would be much appreciated...i am terrible with making hair decisions anyway so would love others advice smile

Carly x

Nov 26 12 02:08 pm Link

Makeup Artist


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Carlsbad, California, US

I think you would look great even blonder, it brings out your eyes!  As far as what agencies want that's for someone more qualified to answer smile

Nov 26 12 03:00 pm Link

Hair Stylist

Danielle _ M

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Sydney, New South Wales, Australia

Most llamas keep their hair colour pretty close to their natural colour - within a couple of shades.
It is easier to maintain - less regrowth issues and the hair stays in better condition which means your hair is a lot easier to work with.

I dislike having to style really damaged hair - it looks damaged and it does not hold its style when doing waves/curls.

Nov 26 12 11:03 pm Link

Hair Stylist

rick lesser

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida, US

I like the pictures of you blond.  I think you look fresh and younger then as a brunette.  However too blond is ruff on your hair.  Up keep is expensive and time consuming.  And a must.  R-

Dec 01 12 06:07 am Link