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Dawn Cherri

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Houston, Texas, US

does anyone else new turn akward at shoots, does it just go away after awhile.

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Toto Photo

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Belmont, California, US

I frequently shoot new models, most start out quite awkward. For those who pursue the art about 50 percent improve.

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E e v a

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Nashville, Tennessee, US

Yes starting out is very awkward. But I promise it does get better with time as you get more shoots and the tension wears off a bit.

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Jacksonville, Florida, US

Time......I have had models say playing music helps them relax and or helps the mood when shooting, be yourself, have fun and relax, 80% of the time most models/ photographers too improve and photoshoots become more natural as they gain experience.

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Detroit, Michigan, US

I think it is like any other new job, your first few days at work are always a time when you are not relaxed or comfortable. It does get better once you are used to it.

I was offered the chance to model with one of my girl friends when we were around 19 or 20, but was too shy and afraid I would not do well, so I passed on a wonderful opportunity. The first time I did get the confidence to model was years later for a group of artists doing life drawing. My husband was modelling for them, and I dropped in one evening after work to see what it was all about. After a while, I made the decision that it was going to be now or never, since I had always wanted to model and always regretted not doing it the other time. So I modelled with him for two hours, I was nervous but the artists were simply wonderful and reassured me that I was doing fine. The next few times I modelled it became easier each time.

I think almost everyone remains a little unsure about what is expected from them in any new situation. I still wonder what is in the plans and how I am going to do, whether I am working with a new photographer or artist for the first time or working with someone for the tenth time.

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Rays Fine Art

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New Orleans, Louisiana, US

I know it's trite, but just relax.  It's an extremely personal activity on both sides of he camera, so the more you and your photographers can think of yourselves as a team, the more comfortable both of you will be.  Communication is your friend.

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Wigan, England, United Kingdom

sometimes photographers can be ogres and impatient - thats where your nerves kick in.  Fortch Im neither of those.
I play music, talk to my models, drink tea, hang out smile

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New York, New York, US

Yeah, modeling isn't easy.  That's why I have respect for those who do it well.

If you're going to do it just go for it.  It's similar to acting.  Assume a persona and be that character.

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Looknsee Photography

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Portland, Oregon, US

For many, experience cures awkwardness.

For others, attitude does the same.

To be honest, I started photographing nudes simply because I was scared to.  As an artist, I believe that you should always spend a little time dipping your toe in  And remember, your failures are more educational than your successes.

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Top Gun Digital

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Las Vegas, Nevada, US

Dawn Cherri wrote:
does anyone else new turn akward at shoots, does it just go away after awhile.

Generally speaking, with experience comes confidence and the awkwardness goes away.  It may also depend to a certain extent on the photographers you work with.  If you work with a few assholes that don't know how to deal with people on an interpersonal level it could intimidate you and make you feel unsure of yourself.  On the other hand, if you work with some nice photographers who are willing to work with you and help you, you will build confidence faster.

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Rochester, New York, US

i've been shooting for years and i still feel awkward!  but i am fairly sure it's a combination of how infrequently i shoot, and worrying about how i'll do.

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Chicago, Illinois, US

Dawn Cherri wrote:
does anyone else new turn akward at shoots, does it just go away after awhile.

Yes it goes away, music does help, and just talking, being yourself. I find I still come to a shoot with a new photographer all shy&awkward &end up dancing around and making faces my dorky self in minutes(-:

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Natural Means

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Uralla, New South Wales, Australia

Dawn Cherri wrote:
does anyone else new turn akward at shoots, does it just go away after awhile.

Read a book of bad jokes. Remember 4 of them and see if photographer can match you in a bad joke "shoot out" while your posing.

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Bristol, England, United Kingdom

1. Take that SECOND breath.
2. It's all in the mind.
3. There is a VERY thin line between shy and rude.
4. Go crazy, you only live once.
5. Enjoy, learn and make money. If none are in place, move on to better teams.

Humans tend to worry about what hasn't happened, not what actually has happened. 90% of your worries probably are unfounded. Some people like myself are on paper, totally unsuited to the role, I'm very introverted and shy and I like things like military history and games design, not the credentials for someone to work wonders with models. Sometimes shy people deal with it by being good actors, or funny extroverts. I just am funny most of the time.

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Austin, Texas, US

I was terribly awkward at first.

It wore off quickly though.

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Detroit, Michigan, US

The general awkwardness fades over time. The more experience you get, the better it gets usually. I think for some of us there are still times we might feel a bit awkward, even though we have a lot of experience.

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DMesser Photography

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Oceanside, California, US

This is also where the photographer comes in.  It is up to you to come to the shoot with the mindset that what your doing is fun.  It is also up to the photographer to keep the set comfortable and fun for you.   It will all work out.

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Fairfax, Virginia, US

Dawn Cherri wrote:
does anyone else new turn akward at shoots, does it just go away after awhile.

There are a bunch of reasons someone would be awkward at a shoot.  Sometimes, it's the photographer...I've heard stories of photographers (mostly GWC's) who said or did stuff that make the shoot atmosphere very difficult and uncomfortable.  Or sometimes it's a fit...the photographer wants the model to freeform and create all the poses, the model is looking for posing direction and is getting no feedback.

But yes, anytime you're new at something, it's likely you'll feel awkward.  Sometimes it goes away as your comfort level increases.  Sometimes it goes away b/c you do a better job of picking who to shoot with and what to shoot.  Sometimes it goes away b/c you get better.  Sometimes it goes away b/c you know what info you need from the photographer and know to ask for it rather than just wonder and worry.

If you feel awkward in your initial shoots, it may go away with time.  But far better to do your next shoot or two with a photographer who has a lot of experience with new models, who is positive, and will give you the kind of direction and pre-shoot communication that you seek.


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M Pandolfo Photography

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Tampa, Florida, US

DMesser Photography wrote:
This is also where the photographer comes in.  It is up to you to come to the shoot with the mindset that what your doing is fun.  It is also up to the photographer to keep the set comfortable and fun for you.   It will all work out.

Absolutely. Meeting someone new can be stressful. Meeting someone new and exposing yourself to photographs can be compound that. And being nervous in a setting where you know you need to feel relaxed to produce the best results can often exacerbate the nerves.

It's up to the photographer to recognize those signs (sometimes not a very difficult thing to do) and to become part of the solution.

I rarely meet a new model with camera in hand and start shooting. It's just too overwhelming for most new models. In fact, the camera usually doesn't even come out for until there's been communication and a comfort level established. Sometimes it happens more quickly than others.

I'll ask their blood type and if there's any history of heart disease in their family. At that time I'll inform them that the ice picks hanging from the rafters and the row of 6' freezers aren't there for body disposal anymore.

I have a lot of very brief shoots.

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Raleigh, North Carolina, US

Try finding a photog that fits your style, and work with them frequently.

It's much easier to work with the same person for awhile, until you build your comfort & confidence level.

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Salem, Oregon, US

i haven't really noticed that on my shoots for the most part. we crank up the music and usually the models say they had a good time (i try hard to engage them so they don't get bored/restless). if they were nervous i didn't notice. some models are more reserved than others so maybe that could be nerves but it's not like a model has ever stood on set shaking like a leaf or something. i guess i'm just not that intimidating sad

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Garlic Bread

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Sylvania, Ohio, US

Dawn Cherri wrote:
does anyone else new turn akward at shoots, does it just go away after awhile.

my first shoot i was waaaay awkward, now i walk in like i own the place. i learn pretty fast and knowledge is confidence, at least for me. i listen to fun music in my car on the way to shoots, that usually calms the butterflies, and then i have awesome songs in my head during the shoot that make me feel like dancing. i rarely get nervous, except for paid gigs, then i second-guess myself at times because i want to make sure i'm perfect.

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Amber Dawn - Indiana

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Salem, Indiana, US

Think its very common :-)

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