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Well this is my first attempt at asking for some help with some editing and I know that there will be someone on here that can help me.  I did a family shoot several weeks ago and it was a pretty good shoot besides the wind, people showing up late, difficult children and it was about 20 degrees outside!!!!  That just seems like a normal shoot nowdays

Anyway I got good individual images of everyone but the group shots are disastrous, so I need to create a good group shot using the individual shots .  It would be a total of 5 people that would have to be placed in the main image.  Of the 5 people there are 2 couples and they could be cut and placed together.  The setting is similar and so is the lighting.  The main image is a group of children sitting on a couch outdoors and I need the adults to be placed behind the couch.  I think it would be pretty simple for a good editor.

I am kinda embarrased about asking but I have 2 weddings to finish before Christmas and I just don't have the time to spend on it.  So if your interested just let me know and I can send the images to you via an email.  Also let me know your price for this type of edit   Take care...  Oh yea I would need it pretty soon too so it would have to be done tomorrow or the next day:)  The final images needs to be an 16x20

Any takers???

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George Cox

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I could help you out with that - I do that kind of work all the time. 

As for price, honestly I would need to see all the pieces before making a determination.  Any chance you could send me some small samples of the pieces so I can take a look?

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This thread will probably get locked, as it's a casting call item.  hmm

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