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n e e c o l e

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Morton Grove, Illinois, US

Sorong green tree python
2yrs old, male, proven breeder
comes with exo terra tank (accessories included), light fixture with light, & heat pad


Dec 11 12 11:07 am Link


Sweet Surrender

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Nashville, Tennessee, US

Oh man!  I used to want one of these back when my ex and I had a greenhouse with many different reptiles!  How is this breed as far as aggression?  I know that the Columbian red tailed boa tends to be more outgoing personality wise and loves to be held and handled, while ball, reticulated, and Burmese pythons tend to be iffy.

Dec 11 12 04:16 pm Link


Tegan Lynn

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Kitchener, Ontario, Canada

Oh he's beautiful smile Wish I could add to my collection right now sad

Dec 11 12 04:31 pm Link