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Which is your favorite and why? It seems I have been reading the best reviews for the Dinair Compressor, but I'd like to hear some purely professional opinions.

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MakeupByJerilyn wrote:
Airbrush Compressors... purely professional opinions.

Opinions?  without supporting parameters lack merit...
Professional?  a what level, looking for a Local 706 member?

that said, does a Cosmetology license and published editorials and print ads work?

If so, Dinair's Compressor is designed to work extremely well with Dinair's product... which it does fine with... albeit lacks a pressure gauge which initially has merit for learning the craft, however with time you'll not be looking at a gauge but rather listening to the hiss of the gun and the feel of the airstream on the soft skin on the underside of your wrist which is the most important feedback necessary to attain excellence in application...

However your BIO states you're primarily a bridal artist thus I would recommend you look at TEMPTU's S/B product... Why? bridals can't cry it off... it doesn't rub off on the grooms attire, it is tenacious in wearability and has a silky smooth dewy look...  When doesn't S/B work?  for clients with large pores I prefer a heavy cream product with the ability to spackle the pore surface smooth...

With S/B your want a compressor that can maintain a constant working pressure (usually half the advertised max) of approximately 20psi... anything less will frustrate your efforts to master the craft...

What do I use?  In my studio an Iwati Smart Jet Pro  this meets and exceeds the demands of my workflow...

On location?  TEMPTU Air with my 40% pro discount it's cost effective and a good match for my workflow...

btw, I have hundreds and hundreds of hours on both the aforementioned compressors and they preform flawlessly (when properly maintained).  bottom line?  both pay the bills, enough said...

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Granted, I am extremely biased when it comes to airbrush equipment.

But, the smaller and cuter the compressor, well.... let's just say that there IS a trade off for power and durability - especially for those that rely on equipment to be a workhorse.

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I would suggest checking out Temptu.  I've had friends who started out with Dinair but after awhile, upgraded their system.

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I have two compressors ... the Iwata silver jet which I keep in studio and the Iwata
ninja jet a little smaller but just as good for travel. The silver jet is a good one to start with because it has a psi gauge that you can see (like a speedometer)to adjust it as needed.

I also do a lot of bridal work and happen to love OCC water based makeup which also stands up well ... is sweat proof,tear proof and water resistant.

Good luck !!

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Thank you all so much for the informative replies!

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