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So I'm struggling with my portfolio. I need to do some cleaning up and wanted to get advice on what images should stay in my port and which ones should go. For the ones that should go, tell me why? Is it lighting, pose, etc?
Also, let me know what you think I should do more of. What areas do I need to improve on? I'm really trying to get the next level.
Look forward to hearing the responses.

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Veit Photo

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Some great work here but a very inconsistent portfolio on the whole. You could be selling yourself a lot better than this.

I think this is a stronger avatar for you.
You have quite a bit of duplication: you duplicate ideas and models quite a bit. That's the first place to start.

This looks underexposed:

The arm and iffy BW conversion make this quite a mediocre nude along with its partner:

In this one my eye goes straight to the retouch on the guy's face - not too hot.

This works:

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