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Robbie Wolf Photography

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Phoenix, Arizona, US

Based on the wording of the "About Me" and "Credits" section of my profile, is there anything that stands out that would hurt your chances of working with me?

Too little, too much?

As for credits, I already know I have a short list, especially for the time I've been here. I'm working on that. With luck will have three more by Monday. Let's face it, I've been in and out for the past seven years.

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I think it is good-you have all your information that helps your models.

I think this is a plus-
Can't think of anything? These are some ideas I want to work on.[email protected]/favorites/

A nice fast way to see what you would like to shoot and if the model is up for it.

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Keira Sibali

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I would definitely work with you! Your profile includes enough text to state exactly what you're all about, and it's organized really nicely as well. I also love that you have quite a few lists. Nothing is more frustrating than a photog asking a model to shoot and then having zero ideas (same goes for the opposite situation, I'm sure). So yes, you're good in my book!

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