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Your links do not work, AND I got stuck in Flicker. Had to close my browser and log in to MM again.

Show your photos some way else or a lot of people will probably get mad.

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My opinion (in the interest of being helpful):

Of the three, the second one is the strongest, though I can't honestly recommend submitting any of them. 

From a photographic standpoint, the cropping is troublesome and the images are somewhat flat. 

Far more importantly, your energy itself is flat as well.  I don't get any kind of presence or connection, which isn't to say you have to look at the camera for that.  There's a little bit in your face in that second shot, which is why I picked it as the strongest, but the rest of you is just "there" from the neck down.  It feels like you're just kind of halfway between one thing and another - there's no real moment being captured.  That goes for all three of those shots, but your expressions in the standing shots don't work for me in addition to that.

I suggest studying models you admire and paying attention to the way they express and carry themselves in the shot.  Even if they're standing stock still with a blank expression (which isn't really blank, actually), or even with the most fluid posing styles or continuous action shots, the model's job is to hit those moments with everything she's got.  Try to find the difference between your work and theirs, and practice.

I know that's not really what you want to hear, but there's my feedback for whatever it's worth.  I do think you have a good commercial look and you can make it work for you.

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#1 - by far.  IMHO, it's shows the most complexity in posing.  Something different going on with each limb and it all comes together well.  Next would be #3, but it's not near as strong IMHO.

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Ted Wen

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Here is my take.

#1 in. #3 out. #2 maybe.

#3 is mainly because of the eye looking away from the camera, yet there is nothing it lead the viewer to.

#2 is a good nice photo, just a little weak on posing.

#1 has an interesting pose and still feel engaged.

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#2 is the least sucky.

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#2 in my opinion has the strongest pose and face out of all 3.

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#1 is best pose to me, but #2 is best face.  Cropping is not good on any of them.

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