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Alex Avalos

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San Pedro, California, US

Hi everyone,
I'm very exited about working with new people and learning from creative people that I know I will meet here. I say learning because I like to try things. If you have any sudgestions onhow to improve my work please let me know. I'm here to grow and become amazing.

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Makeup Artist

Lucky Face Makeup

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Los Angeles, California, US

Hello Alex! Im a new Makeup artist here. looking to build my portfolio. if you ever need an artist in the LA area look me up.

Lucky Face Makeup

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Long Beach, New York, US

Welcome to MM, Alex, best of luck to you. smile

Jimmy McNamara

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Leeds, England, United Kingdom

Welcome to MM.

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Jhono Bashian

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Cleveland, Ohio, US

Welcome to the Mayhem.  Have fun with it and keep smiling even if you get harsh reviews, it's the Mayhem machine!

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Alex Avalos

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San Pedro, California, US

Thanks you so much for the advise.
I have a great feeling about this new year, I want to work work work. Unfortunatly , I don't know if there is a procedure to follow when it come to collaborations .

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Tempe, Arizona, US


Welcome to MM!

I wish you the Best of Success in all of your endeavors out here!

Kindest regards,

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