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Lisbon, Lisboa e Vale do Tejo, Portugal

I always want to be a model finally after my graduation I decided to pursue my dream and be model. I have 30 years old (but I look younger than my age) and 160 cm.

So, I went to some agencies and most of them rejected me without even looking at my pictures and Portfolio which I made. They told me you are first short and second too old to be model.  I am devastated when I heard this.

I live in Portugal and most of agency prefer to have young and tall model.
I want to know if it's really through that with my age and height I can't be a model?! (any type I love to be magazine or print model)

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255 West

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So sorry to hear of your disappointment.
I think you look absolutely lovely.

Models of many different shapes, sizes, and ages are used SOMEWHERE. Not everyone is cut out to be a Vogue-style fashion model.

You can contact any agency, even ones who have rejected you, and ask them what other specialty agencies that might be more suited to you. There are models for catalog work, corporate, advertising, fine art, and, I'm sure, more than I know of.

Don't give up just yet, but educate yourself about places to contact that are more likely to hire you, or at least to guide you.

Good luck to you.

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Richard Majerski

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Certainly not to old-there are models on this site in their 40's and 50's who are quite lovely.Good luck.

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Commercial models are needed of every age, but your height is more of their issue.  In most cases commercial agencies who would sign older models expect expierence, they are not equipped to develop new talent.

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I see no problem with your looks and I hope that if I visit Lisbon again we could meet for a shoot.

But, there is always a but - agencies have strict criteria for fashion/catwalk etc, that you may not meet, but for commercial and other sorts of work - age should not matter.

good luck and I love your city.

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Lisbon, Lisboa e Vale do Tejo, Portugal

Thank you all for your messages. I really appreciate all smile

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